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All McCartney: a podcast exploring the musical legacy of Paul McCartney - created by Paul's fans, for Paul's fans. Hosted by the husband and wife team of Andy Nelson (a professional musician and music educator) and Amy Nelson (an art historian specializing in Modern and Contemporary art of the UK). Email: allmccartneypodcast@gmail.com, find us on Twitter (@allmccartneypod), Facebook (All McCartney Podcast) and at http://www.allmccartneyposcast.com

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All McCartney, Ep. 21: Musical Gems of the 1980s

From a listener's request, we discuss some of the musical highlights from the decade which many believe to have been McCartney's most problematic. On a professional level, Paul McCartney's career reached a difficult point in the 1980s. Possible explanations could be that he was trying too hard to be commercially successful, or that he was trying to hard to remain relevant as he entered into middle-age, or that he was shellshocked by the death of John Lennon. Nevertheless, the 1980s weren't entirely bad, and in this episode we discuss his "hidden" musical gems from that decade, in particular deep album cuts and lesser-known unreleased songs that aren't generally considered amongst the canon of McCartney's compositions. The songs we will discuss include "Footprints," "Distractions," and "Yvonne," among many others. allmccartneypodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @allmccartneypodFacebook: AllMcCartneyPodcastwww.allmccartneypodcast.com

1hr 25mins

1 Sep 2018

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All McCartney, Ep. 20: Paul's Most Controversial Songs

If you enjoy politics and profanity mixed in with your sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, then this is the episode for you! We discuss the songs that have caused Paul to get into varying degrees of trouble over the course of his career, whether they be songs that have been widely criticized by fans and critics, songs that have caused legal troubles, or songs that had been banned from various media outlets. McCartney's most controversial songs include "Helter Skelter," "Hi Hi Hi," "Big Boys Bickering," and many others.allmccartneypodcast@gmail.comTwitter: @allmccartneypodFacebook: AllMcCartneyPodcastwww.allmccartneypodcast.com

1hr 11mins

21 Jun 2018

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