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Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce

Want help for your real-life relationship problems? We address issues that couples face every day and provide tools to deal with: affairs, limerence, sexual rejection, lying, communication issues, and much more. If you want to know how to make your relationships stronger - this podcast is for you. https://www.MarriageHelper.com

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How to Reconcile Marriage (It's Tougher Than You Think) - The Dr. Joe Beam Show

What do you do when you've had major problems in your marriage and now want to try to reconcile?It's tougher to accomplish than most people think.It's great when a couple decides to put a marriage back together. However, without a valid understanding of what caused the trouble (and that usually means MUCH more than the final issue that became the focus of the marriage problems), many couples who try to reconcile run headlong into a wall of pain and frustration.For example, if the marriage hit crisis because of an affair, ending the affair doesn't necessarily mean that the underlying issues have been healed. What led to the affair? What weaknesses exist in either spouse? What relationship dynamics helped create the vulnerability? (This isn't to justify something such as an affair; it's to point out that some people think things are now fine because the affair ended BUT THERE ARE STILL ISSUES that haven't been dealt with.)That same principle applies to much more than affairs...it applies to control and domination, selfishness, in-law problems, sexual problems, and much, much more.In this program, Dr. Joe Beam guides you through a process of discovering and dealing with the real issues and then following a proven plan to make reconciliation actually work so that the marriage becomes better after the problem than it was ever before. Dr. Beam will also take calls with specific questions about reconciliation. The program airs beginning at 9 p.m. Tuesday, April 5. If you wish to Dr. Beam during the program call 646-378-0424.

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6 Apr 2016

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How to Reconnect After a Major Relationship Problem - The Dr. Joe Show

Not every relationship or marriage has a major meltdown...But when it happens, how do you put things back together?How do you get past the hurt? The broken trust? The fear that something else is coming...especially when one partner developed a deep emotional relationship with someone else, but has decided to try to make your relationship work again...How does the straying partner get over the emotional connection with that other person?How can s/he learn to love you again...and you learn to love him/her again with the security that your relationship will last a lifetime?There are things to do when reconciling a relationship. There are things NOT to do. There are also "gray" areas where you have to use your wisdom. (Knowing the right principles helps tremendously with this.)In this program Dr. Joe Beam explains why relationships fail and how they can be put back together again. He explains the principles of reconciliation and the specific do's and don'ts that can make or break the process. He addresses both the straying spouse and the standing spouse.Call during the live broadcast if you wish to ask questions or make comments. (Please make your questions or comments about this subject...but Dr. Beam will take other relationship questions as well.) Call 646-378-0424 during the program to listen via your phone. If you wish to speak to Dr. Beam press 1 when you hear the menu. Of course you can listen via your computer or tablet at www.MarriageRadio.com or on BlogTalkRadio.

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7 Sep 2016

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Can a Marriage Recover from an Affair? YES, It Can.

There are a ton of "what ifs" that go through someone's mind when their spouse is in love with someone else.What if the affair doesn't end? What if the affair does end, but my spouse still doesn't come home? Can I trust again? Can we make it work?On this show, Kimberly Holmes, CEO of Marriage Helper will interview Richard and Petra. Richard and Petra saved their marriage after his affair, but it wasn't easy. Some days it looked like it wasn't ever going to be saved.But it happened.Learn more about their story and get hope from this awesome couple on this show.

1hr 4mins

23 Nov 2016

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When To Stop Trying, Approaching A Spouse With An Addiction and Handling Problems Alone On This Week's Marriage Helper LIVE!

Live Caller Q&A With Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Holmes. Call in and ask us a question about your marriage!

1hr 18mins

14 Jan 2019

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How Your Personalities Affect Your Relationship - The Dr. Joe Show

Ever wonder why your spouse is so weird? Whys/he doesn’t think like you, act like you, want the same things you want?Maybe one of you is spontaneous and the other is cautious. Maybe one is an introvert and the other an extrovert. You have different ideas, wants, or needs when it comes to how you handle money, discipline the kids, how to spend your time together. Maybe your differences are even evident in the bedroom.In this program, Dr. Joe Beam shares basic principles of how to understand your own style and the style of your spouse in ways that help you in all these ways:FinancesParentingSocial settingsEmotionsSex….and much more.It begins at 9 p.m. Central. Call 646-378-0424 during the program to talk live with Dr. Beam about your relationship.

1hr 22mins

4 May 2016

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What If My Spouse Has Had Multiple Affairs? - The Dr. Joe Show

What does it mean - and what do you do - if your spouse has had more than one affair? Does that indicate there is no hope? That you should end it and get away as fast as you can? Or is it possible to save your marriage...and save your spouse from any further infidelity?What do the affairs say about your spouse? Is s/he a sex addict? Serial adulterer? Maybe. But perhaps there is something else going on that can be addressed and, if you spouse has a conscience, it can be fixed.In this program Dr. Joe Beam discusses what he has learned by working with straying spouses over the years. The ones who strayed once and never again. The ones who strayed more than once. The ones who strayed many times.Rather than taking questions as he normally does, Dr. Beam encourages anyone who is in an affair or has had an affair - especially those who have had more than one affair - to call him during the program. If you call, you will be treated with respect and dignity. Dr. Beam would like to hear your story. He would also appreciate the opportunity to ask you questions...not to make you feel guilty or chastise you...but to learn from you and just maybe help you learn something about yourself. Call live during the program at 646-378-0424. It begins at 9 p.m. Central time.Whether you have strayed...or your spouse has strayed...this will be a program that will give insight and understanding to the causes...and, if you desire, to the cures.


12 Oct 2016

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Three Stages of Being "Madly In Love" (Limerence) - The Dr. Joe Show

There is a difference between that feeling of love and being "madly in love." If you long for that magically amazing love that is the focus of so many  movies, TV shows, and novels, you may indeed experience it...but not forever. Love that is deep and long-lasting isn't an overwhelming ecstasy but something much deeper...something with roots that dig deeply into your heart, your mind, your soul.Yet that "madly in love" feeling is truly amazing when experienced. In the social sciences we have a word for it; limerence. More than just identifying it, researchers dig into it to understand it better...including how long it lasts...and factors that either prevent it, diminish it, or end it.In this program, Dr. Joe Beam explains what he has witnessed in thousands of people "madly in love" and discusses the three phases of limerence he has identified.  If you are "madly in love" this program is for you. You may feel that the intensity of your current emotion for the other person will last forever just as it is now. Dr. Beam explains how it will change, and how understanding that change can help prevent consequences that you don't yet see coming.If you are married to someone who has fallen "madly in love" with another, this program is for you. If you wish to save your marriage but think it impossible because your husband or wife is in limerence with another, Dr. Beam's explanations of limerence, especially understanding the three phases, can guide you in the process of saving your marriage. As he says, "If anything works, this will work."If you wish to speak with Dr. Beam during the program, call 646-378-0424. When you hear the menu, press one to get into the queue.Whether you listen live or later, don't miss this program.

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17 Aug 2016

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[SUCCESS STORY] Marriage Saved After 7 Years of Decline and an Affair

It was a slow decline. 7 years ago is when Brandon and Carrie’s marriage started experiencing troubles, but they didn’t realize it yet. Over the years, they grew apart. Even though they were living in the same house. Work, kids, and the daily occurrences of life started tearing them apart from each other until one day, it seemed like everything came crashing down all at once. What did they do next and where are they now?That’s what we are going to explore in this week’s episode of Marriage Radio.At Marriage Helper, we believe in saving marriages and strengthening families. The main ways we do that are through our live workshops and online courses. Visit marriagehelper.com for more information, or call us at 615.472.1161 or 866.903.0990.


14 Mar 2017

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When Marriage Hurts: How to Stay Positive with Kimberly Holmes and Tina Coleman

Sometimes, marriage hurts. Sometimes that pain lasts longer than seems bearable. What can you do when marriage hurts? How can you overcome the pain? We'll teach you in this episode.Joined by Tina Coleman, a Marriage Helper Save My Marriage course member, a volunteer community manager for the Marriage Helper online communities, and an all around amazing person. Tina will share her amazing attitude and spirit. We will hear what happened in her marriage, how she handled it, and what made all the difference in the world.The information in this podcast is the difference between a strong, bright future or giving up all hope...in the end, the choice is yours. But we want to teach you how to make the choices to have a BETTER future. Listen live on Tuesday nights at 9 pm, or subscribe on iTunes.

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5 Oct 2016

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Rebuilding Intimacy, Forgiveness, & more, Marriage Helper Live 12/19/18

Live Caller Q&A With Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly HolmesIn this podcast, Dr. Joe Beam & Kimberly Holmes address these topics:“I’m struggling with trying to study every single detail that happens between me and my husband. I want to put my marriage back together, but everything I do seems to pull it further apart. How do I change my negative behaviors and do positive things instead?”“My wife and I have struggled with intimacy for the last 12 years. How do I rekindle intimacy between us?”“My husband and I are trying to reconcile. Does the workshop help with reconciliation?”“My wife and I are struggling financially through our divorce process. I do not feel like selling our house is a good option, but it would alleviate our financial stress. What do you advise on that?”“My wife is struggling to forgive me. I want her to go to the workshop, but how do I get her to attend without her feeling controlled?”“When my daughter left home my husband completely changed and then had an affair. He keeps blaming me for everything. I don’t know what to do.”

1hr 11mins

17 Dec 2018

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Diving Deep: How the Save My Marriage Course Works

You've heard about the Save My Marriage Course that Marriage Helper offers...but is it right for you? How does it really work? Listen to this for some great insight.We talk about how the course came to be, what kind of marital situations it works best for (and what situations it DOESN'T work for!), and how the course works.Hint: you get lifetime access ;)Join the course by October 31, 2016 and get 50% off with code MH50. Go to www.marriagehelper.com/savemymarriage for more info.


27 Oct 2016

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How to Heal From the Loss of Love (and more) - The Dr. Joe Show

When you love deeply, it hurts to lose that love. Whether the person you love dies, abandons you, cheats on you, turns on you, or continues to live in the same house but with no love shown, you will find yourself in the powerful grasp of grief.We see it with people whose spouses fall in love with another. We witness it in a straying spouse who decides to come home but now has to deal with the loss of the other relationship. We feel our hearts break when it is a child struggling to understand why a parent isn't there any longer. We hurt for the parent who loses a child to death.Is there hope? Can life be good again?Yes. There is a process. It works.In this program, Dr. Joe Beam brings on special guest David Matthews. Along with his wife Debbie, he founded Spark of Life (www.sparkoflife.org) in 2008. Spark of Life exists to instill hope that, though life can never be the same after loss, life can be rich and fulfilling. Among other resources, they offer Grief Recovery Retreats to those who have experienced loss.David and Debbie are also certified leaders of Dr. Beam's intensive weekends for marriages in trouble.During this live call-in program, David will explain the process for dealing with loss of love so that life can again be full. He and Dr. Beam will also take callers who are dealing with the loss of love...from losing a spouse, to losing a parent, to losing a child, to losing a lover...or whatever loss you are experiencing or have experienced. Call live beginning at 9 p.m. Central time, Tuesday, November 15 by dialing 646-378-0424.If your children are suffering loss just as you are - (for example, the other parent has left) - invite them to listen to the program with you. After the program, you can find the recording on iTunes by subscribing free to Marriage Radio. Share the recording link with anyone you believe will benefit from this.


16 Nov 2016

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What Would You Like To Ask About Relationships (Open Mic) - The Dr. Joe Show

Rather than starting with a theme or subject as he usually does, in this program Dr. Joe Beam opens the mic for callers on any subject or area of relationships.Love, sex, dating, rescuing lost love, salvaging a troubled marriage, parenting, or any other subject that you wish to discuss.If you are a regular caller to this program, we ask that you allow new callers first chance to ask their questions or make their comments.The program begins 9 p.m. Central time tonight, October 25, 2016. You can call during the program at 646-378-0424. You may listen on your phone or press 1 to signal that you wish to speak with Dr. Beam. You may also listen on www.MarriageRadio.com.

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26 Oct 2016

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Building Positive Communication, "Standing" Spouse, Marriage Helper Live 2/11/19

Live Caller Q&A With Jim Pourteau. Call in and ask us a question about your marriage!In this Episode, Jim Pourteau speaks about how to build positive emotions and have positive communication with your spouse. He also explains how to approach SMART contact and being a "Safe Place" correctly. Throughout this episode, Jim speaks with spouses who are "standing" for their marriages and gives helpful insight for their specific situations- which can help you too!How to go about SMART contact"How do I interact with my husband who is in limerence?"" I feel "stuck" in where my marriage is at with my husband. How do we move forward?""How can I be a "safe place" without endorsing my wife's behavior?""I learned I'm controlling. I've changed and want to save my marriage...but my husband doesn't want much to do with me. What do I do?"

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11 Feb 2019

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Forgiveness vs. Reconciliation, Power Of Emotions, Marriage Helper Live 3/11/19

On this episode of Marriage Helper live, you'll hear Dr. Joe Beam and live callers speak about:The difference between reconciliation & forgivenessWhat it means when a spouse says, "I'm done."How to (patiently) implement S.M.A.R.T. ContactMental disorders & how they affect reconciliation/repairing a marriageYou'll also learn how to build trust over time with consistency in your actions (not perfection) and how to understand your spouse's emotions. Dr. Joe Beam explains "logic cannot overpower emtions...but you can overcome emotions with time and consistency in your actions."


11 Mar 2019

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How To Trust Again: Reconnecting After A Relationship Problem

You’ve never felt this way before. Anger, pain, fear, doubt, and helplessness are holding you hostage.Your spouse broke your trust.Is forgiveness possible? Can the marriage be rebuilt? You want to work towards reconciling your relationship but have no idea where to start. Can trust be repaired once it’s been destroyed?In this episode of Marriage Helper Live, Dr. Joe Beam explains how spouses can learn to trust again and three crucial principles that can open the door to healing. This program airs live from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. (central) on Monday, October 28, 2019.if you wish to speak to Dr. Beam about your situation, call 657-383-0812 during the program or watch live at https://www.facebook.com/MarriageHelper/.


28 Oct 2019

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Affair Suspicions, Saving A Marriage Post-Divorce, Marriage Helper Live 1/14/19

On this episode of Marriage Helper Live, Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Holmes respond to calls from Canada & New Zealand & MORE!"We're divorced, but still best friends. At what length of time do you give up?""I just learned that my wife spent the weekend with my friend, and my son was there. How do I tell my wife that it isn't acceptable for her to do this with my son? She doesn't know that I know...""If you suspect your spouse is having an affair, at what point do you approach them about it?"It’s important to know whether your spouse is having an affair versus other problematic behaviors. i.e.: Thinking it's an affair, when it's actually a ography addiction."My husband is in an affair with an old high school girlfriend. When he's drunk, he exposes the issues with his affair partner, and gets mad at her. Should I attempt this intervention? Or should I put up with his drinking."Drinking is a dangerous habit. We do not advise that she lets it continue. “My wife denies her emotional affair. How can I get her to confess it?”“Why does my husband reach out to me and then back off?”On this episode, you'll also hear:If your spouse is in a limerent/emotional affair, logic is the last thing that will work. Every time you try to combat emotion w/logic, logic will win every time.If you made a decision you regret- know that what you did is what you did. Looking back at "should haves" doesn't benefit you in any way.And, what if you're divorced? Don't let your status define what you believe in/what your hope is.

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14 Jan 2019

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WHY People Control Others and HOW They Do It - The Dr. Joe Beam Show

Are you being controlled in your relationship?Has your partner accused you of being controlling?In this program, Dr. Joe Beam introduces a new way to understand control. He will explain and demonstrate WHY one person tries to control another and HOW that control manifests itself. He clarifies three different motivations that cause a person to control and exposes the methods they use.To help you evaluate whether you are being controlled...or if you are the one who is controlling...Dr. Beam introduces an acronym that you can use immediately to identify controlling motivations and behaviors. With that knowledge you can stop being controlled...or stop controlling.PLUS: Because Dr. Beam works with many marriages in crisis, he will explain how control works when one spouse wants to end a marriage and the other tries to save it. If your partner wants out and has accused you of controlling because you are trying to save your relationship, Dr. Beam will help you determine whether that is accurate.- Could your partner be right? Are you trying to control? If so, what do you change?- Could your partner be trying to manipulate you to stop you from standing for your marriage? If so, what do you NOT change?During this program, Dr. Beam will help you evaluate your actions and your spouse's actions. If you're brave enough to hear his honest opinion, call in live at 646-378-0424 to tell him what you're doing and ask if he thinks you are controlling...It begins at 9 p.m Central, Tuesday March 29, on www.MarriageRadio.com.

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30 Mar 2016

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Marriage Helper LIVE

Call in!

1hr 5mins

2 Mar 2020

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I'm In Love With Another Man - A Wife's Story - The Dr. Joe Show

What does it feel like? How does a person get into this situation? Why does she love a man other than her husband?In this program, a brave woman who is with her husband but still "deeply in love" with another man tells her story. She is willing to answer questions and talk about her situation.She wrote, "I have been madly in love with a man I work for four years now and even though I ended things in March and asked my husband to move back, I still feel as much in love as ever. Not a single day has gone by in four months that I haven't cried missing him and then feel overwhelming grief...I wouldn't wish this feeling of helplessness on my worst enemy!"Because of the sensitivity of this program - and to protect her from callers who may not be kind - no calls will be taken during this program. Instead, you can ask your question or make your comment by emailing AskJoe@MarriageHelper.com before the show airs. (Make sure your comments or questions are emailed at least one hour before the program begins at 9 p.m. Central time.)If you are a regular listener to this program, you've hear Dr. Beam discuss limerence. In this program you will hear from someone in limerence with another person than her husband about how it feels, how it begins, and how strong an impact it has.Listen live at 9 p.m. Central time on www.MarriageRadio.com or on your phone by calling 646-378-0424.

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24 Aug 2016

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