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Keyword is the only podcast made to help Amazon merchants that delivers authoritative content exclusively from former and current Amazon employees. Keyword is the source of truth for 3rd party and 1st party sellers alike. Gain an edge on the competition and accelerate your business by learning things like “How to write Jeff Bezos” or “How to work with Seller Central” directly from those who know Amazon the best, the “Amazon insiders.”

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Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 034 - Removing Risk from Your Amazon Business with Alex Sklar, Payability

Building a business is never completely risk-free but there are ways you can mitigate risk in your Amazon business. Alex Sklar, with Payability, joins us to discuss the ways sellers can prevent risky situations. --- This episode's sponsor: Payability. ---


20 Nov 2019

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Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 005 - Comprehensive List of Software Tools and Products Sellers Can Use to Improve Customer Service on Amazon with Tygh Walters and Michael Melgar, SellerSmile

We’re going through a comprehensive list of tools and software products that sellers can use to improve their customer service and overall Amazon business. SellerSmile founders have compiled this list from some of their favorite tools that they use to help their customers. There are no affiliate partnerships with SellerSmile and these companies nor with Keyword and these companies.  A full list can be found at http://keywordpodcast.com Sponsor: http://kabbage.com/amazoninsider


17 Apr 2018

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Keyword: the Seller Stories Episode 001 - 5 Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make with Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard has grown and sold multiple Amazon businesses.  In this first episode of Seller Stories, we talk about the five mistakes she sees sellers making that hurt their chance for sustainable success.


6 Mar 2019

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Episode 103 - Ask Me Anything Webinar with Peter Kearns

Peter Kearns, Former Amazonian and VP at 180Commerce, tackled a lot of seller questions and issues covering everything from running out of stock issues to dealing with non-authorized sellers. --- This episode's sponsor: Payability. ---

1hr 7mins

11 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 011 - Making your Big Picture Dream a Reality with Tyler Jefcoat, Seller Accountant

What’s your goal? What’s your dream? Why are you selling on Amazon? In this episode, we’re giving you ideas and tools to help you achieve the end game you’re looking forward. Tyler Jefcoat, with Seller Accountant, gives his own perspective as someone who has built and sold a company.


23 Aug 2018

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Keyword: Extras 003 Three Essential Optimization Principles Plus Some Advanced Techniques with Andrew Swearengen, Merkato

We’re discussing three key optimization principles and how to add them into your Amazon marketing plans. Former Google employee, Andrew Swearengen, gives us his insight on applying media overlap and attribution. Sponsor: kabbage.com/amazoninsider


23 Mar 2018

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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Episode 015 - Vetting and Hiring Consultants to Help with Gabe Ray, Jaguar AI

Hiring and using consultants can help you grow your Amazon business but you have to know the right process to go about hiring them. Gabe Ray with Jaguar AI, has done some consulting work. He walks us through ways to vet consultants and red flags to look out for. 


18 Oct 2018

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Keyword: the Extras Episode 028 - Building a Business to Sell Series Part 4 - Finding the Right Partner to Help Your Amazon Business Sell

When you’re building a business with the endgame of selling it in mind, you need to partner with the right intermediary to help you achieve that goal. Joe Hogg, with Global Wired Advisors, talks with us about what you can look for in a partner and how early you should start working with them.  Show links: Webinar: Aspects of Selling a Business. Value estimator: How much is your business worth?? Schedule a free consultation with Global Wired Advisors.


10 Jun 2019

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Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 023 - Building a Professional Marketing Strategy with Andrew Swearengen, Merkato

A professional marketing strategy is key to make your business grow and ultimately make you more money. Former Googler and Merkato Founder Andrew Swearengen joins us to discuss the process he follows with his own clients to develop a professional marketing strategy. Andrew is also working to build exclusive content breaking down the process coming to the Keyword Podcast website soon. If you’d like to take advantage of a promotion being offered by Merkato, head to gomerkato.com/keyword


22 Feb 2019

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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 079 - Finding and Using Social Media Influencers to Promote your Products with Emily Murray, Cascadia

A great way to increase the reach of your brand is to bring in Social Media Influencers and enlist them to promote your brand. Former Amazonian, Emily Murray with Cascadia, tells us how sellers can find the best influencers for their brands, how to reach out to them and best use them to increase your reach.


17 Jul 2018

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Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 030 - Three habits of profitable Amazon Sellers with Tyler Jefcoat, Seller Accountant

There are few things successful sellers are all doing to maximize and improve growth on the Amazon Marketplace. Recently, Seller Accountant surveyed a bunch of sellers to determine factors that profitable sellers have in common. Tyler Jefcoat with Seller Accountant breaks down three habits he finds profitable sellers doing. Webinar link: https://events.genndi.com/register/818182175026315583/8c38e7d7ee


4 Oct 2019

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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 078 - Sponsored Products Ads for Prime Day 2018 with Mike Ziegler, Marketplace Clicks

Prime Day 2018 is a week away. Last minute changes and listing optimizations are being finalized but you’ve got to make sure your Sponsored Products strategy is going to bring lots of traffic to your listing. Former Amazonian Mike Ziegler with Marketplace Clicks, shares a strategy to help get the most traffic to your listing and a couple mistakes you want to avoid.


12 Jul 2018

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Keyword: the Extras Podcast Episode 006 - Why Sellers Should Consider Outsourcing Customer Service with SellerSmile

The whole goal and focus for the month of April has been on customer service. We’re hoping that at the end of the month sellers can create a solid customer service strategy to improve your Amazon business. The founders of SellerSmile are joining us again to discuss reasons why sellers should consider outsourcing customer service. We’ll cover when sellers should look at outsourcing and how long that transition can take. Plus, we’re breaking down some of the costs associated with hiring someone or outsourcing customer service.


23 Apr 2018

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Episode 102 - Amazon’s newest tool, IP Accelerator and should you use it_ with Peter Kearns, 180Commerce

Amazon has launched a new tool for Sellers called IP Accelerator. It’s advertised as a free tool that connects you with law firms that specialize in Intellectual Property. Sellers then pay the law firm to file for a trademark application and Amazon will give those sellers access to Brand Registry, before the United States Trademark and Patent Office approves the trademark. Former Amazonian, Peter Kearns, 180Commerce, gives us his take on the program and if he thinks it’s worth it. This episode's sponsor: Payability.


5 Nov 2019

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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 057 – Four Ways to Grow in 2018 with Peter Kearns, 180Commerce

It’s a new year and if you’re looking to grow in 2018, which you should be, there are four things you should be doing to make that happen. One is a crucial step to growth and sales. Peter Kearns with 180Commerce breaks down what you should start doing now.


30 Jan 2018

Rank #15

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Keyword: the Seller Stories 003 - Three Key Components Every Listing Needs with Daniela Bolzmann

Daniela Bolzmann wanted to figure out how to launch products and be successful on Amazon. So after a failed Indiegogo and a successful Kickstarter, she gave it a shot. She’s discovered that there are three things that every listing needs to be a success, no matter what the product is. Episode sponsor: Payability.


19 May 2019

Rank #16

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Keyword: The Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 069 - Creating Eyecatching Product Photography with Rachel Greer and David Johnson, Cascadia

Pictures are worth a thousand words but a bad picture can cost you thousands. Good product photos will capture shoppers’ attention, help them fully understand the product and decrease returns.  In this episode, we’re talking with Rachel Greer and David Johnson from Cascadia about ways to create eye-catching photos that showcase your products and help increase clicks and conversion. 


26 Apr 2018

Rank #17

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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 059 - Finding Hidden Keywords with Mike Ziegler, Marketplace Clicks

Successful Sponsored Product campaigns hinge on bidding on the right keywords. Find the right keywords and sales increase. If you use the wrong keywords, you can end up wasting a bunch of money.  In this episode, Mike Ziegler with Marketplace Clicks gives us insight on finding the best keywords for your product.


17 Feb 2018

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Keyword: the Amazon Insider Podcast Episode 083 - Amazon Storefronts with Rachel Greer, Cascadia

If you’re a brand owner selling on Amazon, there’s a feature that you definitely need to be using, Storefronts. Amazon Storefronts allow third-party sellers to create their own landing page with images and videos to showcase the details and stories about the products and brand. Rachel Greer with Cascadia shares with us some examples of good storefronts plus the best ways you can use them. 


14 Sep 2018

Rank #19

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Keyword: Extras Episode 001 Understanding Ads Marketplaces with Andrew Swearengen, Merkato

We’re discussing Ads Marketplaces with Andrew Swearengen of Merkato. We’re talking about what they are, how they work, and what phase Amazon Sponsored Products is in. The information can help Amazon merchants determine the best ways to use Sponsored Products to compete on the Marketplace.


1 Mar 2018

Rank #20