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Swole Patrol Podcast is a comprehensive and unflinching look at the world of health and fitness. Hosted by board certified Physician Dr. Drew Pinsky and unashamed meat head Michael Catherwood. No topic is off limits and no agenda is pushed. Swole Patrol podcast is for the weekend warrior and the elite athlete alike.Find it all on Drdrew.com. #SwoleIt

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Swole Patrol 04: Dr Shawn Baker

Meat eating prominent docs Doctor Shawn Baker (@sbakerMD), Dr Drew here having a cerebral swole with host Mike Catherwood. Dr. Shawn Baker's "Carnivore Diet" flies in the face of traditional beliefs about nutrition. Baker, a board certified orthopedic surgeon and weight lifting world record holder, discusses the benefits of eating an all-meat diet and why science that disputes its health benefits is wrong. Get it now first when you subscribe. #swolepatrol #itunes #podbean @SwolePatrol Podcast Sponsored by Hydralyte & Bergamet. Go to drdrew.com banners for discounts! 

1hr 26mins

14 Mar 2018

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Swole Patrol 07: Mark Bell

Mark "smelly" Bell is a full fledged fitness icon!  He is a power lifter and owner of SuperTraining Gym. Mark invented the popular "slingshot" and shows Dr. Drew the way to do chest press correctly in the Swole Compound with this device! Check it out on drdrew.com. He authors ”War on Carbs,” as well as founder of Super Training Gym. As a pro powerlifter, he's totalled 2601 at 275. Check Mark out at howmuchyabench.net, @MarkSmellyBell on Twitter/ Instagram and @supertraining06 on YouTube! #swolepatrol Sponsored by BergaMet Sport. Go to the banner on Drdrew.com for discounts today! 


25 Apr 2018

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Swole Patrol 03: Matt Vincent

Two-time Highland Games World Champion Matt Vincent (@ihviiimattvincent) shares how he combined training, diet and mental strength to make it to the top of his sport.  He also talks about being a "washed up thrower," professional knee re-habber, barbell enthusiast and amateur adventurer. Get some Bergamet Sport and Hydralyte on drdrew.com and save.

1hr 1min

28 Feb 2018

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Swole Patrol 18 : Dave Feldman

Mike and Dr. Drew are joined by Dave Feldman, a software engineer who discovered that a lo-carb, high fat diet dramatically shifted his cholesterol numbers without using drugs or supplements. We get into the Cholesterol Code, the Feldman Protocol, statins, and Ketogenic diets. Correction from Dave at 29:50: "I meant to say there’s no ‘primary prevention’ trial for statins that showed a statistically significant drop in all cause mortality, save Jupiter."  Sponsored by Hydralyte.


5 Sep 2018

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Swole Patrol 13 : Thinking About Getting Swole

On this @swolepatrolpod, @Drdrew & @MikeCatherwood talk without a guest, as they dive deep into their personal training & diets. The boys get into 5x5 strength and German volume training. Plus they talk about traditional low carb diets & cyclical ketogenic approaches. This episode is sponsored by TruNiagen.


12 Jul 2018

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Swole Patrol 15 : Abby Pollock

Mike joins co-host Vinnie Tortorich (in for Drew) to discuss a non carnivore approach to weight loss. Abby Pollock is a mechanical engineer with a vision to bring accessible education to this fitness space one info-packed video at a time! #TFNFAM is for Transformationnationtv.com. Follow her @ampollo on intstagram Snapchat: @ampollo: Free Facebook Group: @AmPolloTFNFAM  YouTube: Abby Pollock Thanks go out to the special people at Hydralyte.


31 Jul 2018

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Swole Patrol 06: Jackie Bowen

Lead, mercury, arsenic and much more. All the not so fun stuff that can end up in your protein powder. The cleanlabelproject.org is looking out for you and we talk to Jackie Bowen about what was found in thousands of different protein powders they tested. We dive into the smartest choices for you the consumer. Plus Drew and I seemingly find a solution for his dieting woes. drdrew.com


11 Apr 2018

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Swole Patrol 05: Natalie Jill

Natalie Jill tells Mike and Drew her story of how she lost everything all at once: her marriage, her job, her retirement and her home.  At rock bottom with a new baby, she turned her life around by implementing self-accountability, and used fitness and nutrition as a lifeline.  At 46, she is in the best shape of her life and uses her motto, “Excuses or solutions…YOU decide,” to empower others.  She was recently named as one of the “West Coast Fitness Gurus You Need to Follow on Instagram” (@nataliejillfitness) in the L.A. Times!  Sponsored by Bergamet.com 10off/code DRDREW, and Hydralyte.com/drdrew with 30 off/code DRDREW18 today! 


27 Mar 2018

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Swole Patrol 08: Vinnie Tortorich

Fitness Confidential host Vinnie Tortorich returns to introduce his upcoming project, "Fat: A Documentary" (www.fatdocumentary.com). Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew give Vinnie the lowdown on the recent successfull Meat Diet Drew has experienced as a recommendation from Mike, and Vinnie makes a personal request for Drew to be in his new documentary with a panel of Doctors. This episode is sponsored by Bergamet. Great for heart health and fatty liver disease. 

1hr 5mins

8 May 2018

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Swole Patrol 14 : Evan DeMarco

Here today your #SWOLEPATROL with Mike Catherwood and Dr. Drew to discuss CBD and Omega 3s. Evan Demarco of Omax Health  and omaxcbd.com, a clinical researcher, sports medicine and nutrition expert, and creator of Phyto-Max, the CBD fusion platform. We talk to Facebook questions about how CBD can work for their ailments.  Sponsored by Hydralyte & Bergamet.

1hr 1min

18 Jul 2018

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