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Meet Mental Note – a podcast highlighting both the work and the beauty of mental health recovery. Stories will span a variety of mental illness struggles from eating disorders to depression, OCD and Bipolar. We will introduce you to relatable personalities, and dive deep into how they choose health amidst daunting illnesses. At the end of it all, we will provide hope that recovery is possible—and worth it.

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1 – A New Angle

Nicole had big plans from an early age – excel at school, take the Ivy League world by storm, and never stop exploring. But when an eating disorder prompted her to drop out of high school, she was left wondering if she'd ever dream again. Join Mental Note for our inaugural episode as we follow Nicole on a 10 year journey discovering recovery, entrepreneurship, travel, and healed relationships.  Hosted by Ellie Herman, Produced by Sam Pike, Sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health. Check out Nicole's work at nicolegriswold.com Music by Melodium, Podington Bear, and Jean-Luc Hefferman


17 Oct 2019

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33 - Addiction & Substance Use Disorder: A Family’s Journey

Kim Offner grew up with a best friend under the same roof — her sister Kristy. The two remained close all the way up into early adulthood when their dynamic took a tragic and confusing shift. Kristy fell into a losing battle with opioid addiction. Her family had no idea where to find the right help.  In today’s episode, we hear the often forgotten story of family members loving someone with substance use disorder. Kim shares about loss and healing, what she wishes she knew about addiction treatment at the time, and how she honors her sister today. Also featuring Linda Lewaniak, Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Certified Advanced Addictions and other Drug Counselor with over 25 years experience. Resources: SAMHSA - www.samhsa.gov Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting - https://bit.ly/3c82oOd Insight Behavioral Health Centers and Eating Recovery Center — (877) 411-9578 for a free consultation  Our website – mentalnotepodcast.com 


1 Jun 2020

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4 – Gorge

How often do you associate binge eating with trekking to the top of the highest peak in Africa? We thought so... Join us as we talk with Kara Richardson Whitely, author of the book Gorge, about her lifelong journey towards recovery from Binge Eating Disorder and it's ramifications in her life. She'll take us from the roots of her disorder, all the way up to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro as we dig into this highly misunderstood disease.  http://www.kararichardsonwhitely.com/


25 Sep 2017

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28 - Dr. Aldridge Answers Eating Disorder Questions

Today’s episode features the trailblazing expert on difficult to treat cases of eating and mood disorders, Dr. Delia Aldridge. We’ll discuss your questions for her about why diets don’t work, how self-harm and eating disorders are connected, what treatment looks like, and the long term complications of restrictive eating - so please pass this along to anyone you know who will benefit from her knowledge! Learn more at mentalnotepodcast.com To speak with a trained therapist about what you're going through, please call 877-411-9578. Mental Note is brought to you by the Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. It is produced by Sam Pike, Edited by Josh Wright and Sam Pike, and hosted by Ellie Pike.


12 Nov 2019

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21 - Obstacles in Recovery: How to Cope with Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Have you ever felt crippled by anxiety and the traumatic effects of life? If so, join us for this enlightening episode as we hear from McCall Dempsey (you may remember her from episode #14). She shares the process of choosing to stay in eating disorder recovery even in the midst of depression, trauma, and PTSD. Cultivating the art of coping allowed her to thrive in extremely difficult situations and shows us all that recovery is a process of living fully. McCall’s Website: southernsmash.org Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. For a free consultation with a licensed professional please call 877-411-9578. Mentalnotepodcast.com 


11 Mar 2019

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14 - Smashing Scales: Turning the Tables On Weight Loss

There once was a 14-year-old girl named McCall who didn’t know how to fit into her own body. Her resulting sadness launched a 15-year long journey through the pitfalls of dieting pills, along the cliff edge of weight loss to the point of an eating disorder diagnosis, down the narrow path of making a choice to recover, and into the breakthrough of discovering an antidote to shame. Along the way, we'll chat with Dr. Ovidio Bermudez about the dangers of diet pills, Adderall, and laxatives.  Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. For a free consultation with a licensed professional please call 877-411-9578. For more information on McCall, check out mentalnotepodcast.com and southernsmash.org.


27 Jul 2018

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15 - More Than My OCD

Sunnie never knew she had OCD. Rather, this mom of six simply soldiered on – doing her best to ignore the disturbing voices in her head. That is until a diagnosis finally opened her eyes to a whole new world where she could be free from her mental prison.  Join us as we journey with her through the process of dividing her own identity from that of the disorder. Along the way, we'll discover just how good life can be.  Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers


17 Aug 2018

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7 - Living with Bipolar

Ana Agarrat fills up the room. She’s bubbly & gregarious—the type of person that, upon meeting her, you assume she’s one of those people who has it all together. Yet, perceptions are misleading. Discover the upending world of Bipolar and learn how Ana has found a new sense of equilibrium and purpose in her life through a strong support system, letting go of perfection, and cultivating valuable skills to navigate uncertainty. 


2 Jan 2018

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5 – Up From "Down Under"

Robyn Cruze has lived an adventurous life to say the least — an actor from an early age, she’s chased big dreams, failed in even bigger ways, and not only survived but has discovered a fullness of life she never thought possible. Now in recovery, Robyn is a published author, invested Mom, and recovery advocate living in Denver, CO. Her journey teaches us about the comorbidity between substance use and eating disorders, how coping mechanisms and life passions provide alternatives to destructive behavior, and that there’s no “perfect time” for recovery — the sooner, the better.


17 Nov 2017

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11 - Special Episode: #myrecoveryletter

On this special episode, we listen to you in celebration of Eating Recovery Day on May 1st! The responses we got from your gratitude letters were simply too good not to share and we wanted to present them back to you, allowing their power to speak for themselves. You are truly incredible and we love being part of the recovery community.  Also, if you would still like to join in the #myrecoveryletter project, it's not too late! simply go to myrecoveryletter.com and follow the prompts."  Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. For a free consultation with a licensed professional please call 877-411-9578. For more information check out mentalnotepodcast.com. 


30 Apr 2018

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25 - Do Sports Cause Eating Disorders?

Most people assume athletics and healthy bodies are synonymous. But the truth is much more complicated. For researcher Traci Carson, sports were her world - from elementary school through college she excelled at soccer, track, football, and women’s rowing. But a dark side of competition prompted her to get off the field and into a doctoral program for epidemiology to study the link between female athletes and eating disorders. Her story of recovery and research are the focus of today’s episode — giving you the information needed to find balance in athletics. For a male perspective on the connection between sports and body image, check out episodes 8 & 19 with former Seattle Seahawk Patrick Devenny, and former Seattle Mariners catcher Mike Marjama. Discover more about Traci at mentalnotepodcast.com  Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers 


8 Aug 2019

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30 - The Secrets of BT Harman

Growing up gay, Christian, and the son of a church pastor in The South, author and podcast creator BT Harman knew how to suppress his own voice in order to fit in. Yet, at what costs? Anxiety, depression, and deep loneliness seemed to follow him at every turn.  We travel with BT as he mines the secret journals of his early life in order to share with the world the liberty of authenticity. His story is relevant to anyone from any background looking to declare freedom from shame and make this the year that they own their truth.  Mental Note Podcast is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers.
You can reach a trained therapist to see if treatment is right for you by calling 877-411-9578. Learn more about our storytellers, the music we use, and who we are at mentalnotepodcast.com. We’d also love it if you left us a review on iTunes! Follow BT and discover his amazing stories: btharman.com - Get to know more about B.T.’s life as a speaker, storyteller, and consultant. Catlick.com - B.T.’s latest podcast is a historical true crime saga set in Atlanta in the early 1900s. bluebabiespink.com - B.T.’s original blog/podcast which has been called “the Netflix of blogs” for it’s addictive nature. the54321.com - B.T.’s semi-weekly newsletter designed for kickass millennials.  Social Media: IG & Twitter - @bt_harman FB - facebook.com/bt.harman.writes Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/bt-harman/


14 Jan 2020

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9 - Baby Body?

We all see the dramatic photos of celebrities looking toned and thin immediately following the birth of their child... Is that really what we should strive for? Join us as we talk frankly with Lauren Hill about her experiences with body image and pregnancy. We'll discuss what's most important for our bodies and our family during and after birth, how partners, friends, and family can support us best, and how to navigate this unique time with love.  We also get the perspective of Kate Daigle, a Licensed Professional Counselor who is currently writing a book on fertility and eating disorders.  www.katedaiglecounseling.com www.mentalnotepodcast.com 


16 Feb 2018

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6 - Good Grief

The holidays are not always Hallmark-card-perfect. Sometimes they are just as much a reminder of who we have lost in our lives as those we are grateful to have. Join us as we talk with Laura and her Mom, Mary Ellen, about how to honor loss and make space for hope in our holiday celebrations.


15 Dec 2017

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16 - Diets No More: A Binge Eating Recovery Story

Binge Eating Disorder is grossly underdiagnosed and can leave dramatical devastation in its wake. So how do you find your way in a culture that makes it so difficult for us to rise above diets, shame-based choices, and self-hatred?  We sit down with Andy McLoughlin and talk about his lifelong journey to shed the darkness of his disorder and embrace a fulfilling life.  Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioural Health Centers. You can call 877-411-9578 for a free assessment to speak with licensed professionals who know how to help.


3 Oct 2018

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13 - Parents Make all the Difference

We often deal with firsthand stories on this podcast and what happens when a person finally decides to tackle a seemingly insurmountable mental health illness. But what about those who walk alongside such a person in struggle? Where’s their story?   Well, on today’s episode, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day by talking with a pretty amazing dad. David Bachman is the father of 2 boys, one of which began battling Anorexia Nervosa at age 12.    His story illuminates the role a father can play in eating disorder recovery, the importance of self, marriage, and family care, & how discovering a “new normal” is critical for long-term success.   Produced by Sam Pike, edited and mixed by Meredith Turk and Erica Prather.    Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. For a free consultation with a licensed professional please call 877-411-9578. For more information on David, check out mentalnotepodcast.com.


15 Jun 2018

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New Mini-Series: QuaranTimes

Welcome to QuaranTimes - a special series by Mental Note Podcast about the big worlds we inhabit in our suddenly smaller daily lives. Each episode will give a new perspective on mental health, social distancing, and coping with isolation. Our first episode brings us to the digital stage of our favorite drag queen, Eric Dorsa aka Fonda Koxx. We discover the importance of expression even when the audience is invisible. Mental Note is brought to you by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. They are available during this unique time - see if treatment is right for you by calling 877-411-9578. mentalnotepodcast.com


25 Mar 2020

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8 - Trouble in the NFL

Professional athletes gain or lose potentially millions of dollars based on the way their bodies look and perform. But what happens when the pursuit of perfection shipwrecks your life? Patrick Devenny walks us through how he suddenly found himself — a 6'3", muscled, and fine-tuned athlete — facing a diagnosis of bulimia… and how he was able to dig his way out. Along the way we talk with Rebecca McConville, a registered dietician, board-certified sports specialist, eating disorder clinician and co-host of the podcast Phit for a Queen. Further Links: mentalnotepodcast.com beccamcconville.com


22 Jan 2018

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17 - A Parent's Journey in Supporting Recovery

What happens when your child is diagnosed with an eating disorder? Where do you go for help? How does it affect your community? When Beth Ayn's daughter received a diagnosis of anorexia, she set out on a journey that led her to unexpected places. Eventually, she took those lessons and turned them into Stay Strong Virginia - a non-profit that helps other parents in similar circumstances.  Mental Note is sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and Insight Behavioral Health Centers. For a free consultation with a licensed professional please call 877-411-9578. Mentalnotepodcast.com 


25 Oct 2018

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22 - Cheryl Strayed - Why Your Story Matters

What if your story has the potential to reshape the world? Cheryl Strayed is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Wild, the New York Times bestsellers Tiny Beautiful Things and Brave Enough, and the novel Torch. Her books have been translated into nearly forty languages around the world and have been adapted for both the screen and the stage — winning numerous awards along the way. Cheryl recently sat down for a Q&A with Mental Note where she shared special insights on why it’s so critical to be the author of your own journey. www.cherylstrayed.com www.mentalnotepodcast.com For a free mental health consultation, please call 877-411-9578


22 Apr 2019

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