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Join Alex and Seth every Monday as they discuss and rank the entire Bruce Springsteen catalogue.Every episode, they talk about whatever Bruce-related things are on their mind in "Loose Ends," cover the song of the week with an in-depth analysis, update the name-drop count in "Gave It a Name," rate the track against the rest of the tunes they've discussed in "The Ranking" and determine the next week's song at random with "Roll of the Dice"!Visit on Facebook at facebook.com/springsteensongoftheweek and Twitter at twitter.com/SpringsteenSOW!

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Episode 118 - Because the Night

Alex and Seth discuss "Because the Night," a Darkness on the Edge of Town outtake from 2010's The Promise!soundcloud.com/springsteensongoftheweek facebook.com/springsteensongoftheweek twitter.com/springsteensow1. Backstreets 2. Thunder Road 3. New York City Serenade4. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)5. Born in the U.S.A.6. Prove It All Night7. My Hometown8. It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City 9. The Price You Pay 10. Badlands 11. Long Walk Home 12. For You 13. Kitty's Back 14. Meeting Across the River 15. Nebraska 16. Candy's Room 17. This Hard Land 18. The E Street Shuffle19. Dancing in the Dark 20. Blood Brothers 21. Because the Night22. Take 'Em as They Come 23. Streets of Philadelphia 24. Loose Ends 25. One Step Up 26. My Father's House 27. Jackson Cage28. Johnny 9929. Livin' in the Future 30. Tunnel of Love31. Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?32. Lovers in the Cold 33. Lonely Night in the Park34. None But the Brave 35. American Skin (41 Shots)36. Tougher Than the Rest 37. Evacuation of the West 38. You Mean So Much to Me 39. Streets of Fire 40. Something in the Night 41. Chevrolet Deluxe 42. The Losin' Kind 43. Two Hearts in True Waltz Time44. Open All Night45. Drive All Night 46. Youngstown47. Pink Cadillac48. Devils and Dust 49. Real World 50. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) 51. Human Touch 52. Lion's Den53. The Little Things (My Baby Does)54. Gotta Get That Feeling 55. Ramrod56. Fade Away 57. Devil's Arcade 58. Richfield Whistle 59. Cowboys of the Sea 60. Roll of the Dice 61. Maria's Bed62. Leap of Faith63. I'll Work for Your Love 64. Meet Me in the City65. TV Movie 66. Living on the Edge of the World67. Out on the Run (Looking for Love)68. Bring on the Night69. Jesus Was an Only Son 70. Secret Garden 71. Winter Song 72. Rockaway the Days 73. Don't Back Down74. Jack of All Trades 75. Mary Queen of Arkansas 76. Gave It a Name 77. Matamoros Banks78. Linda Let Me Be the One79. You'll Be Comin' Down80. Straight Time 81. The New Timer 82. City of Night 83. The Big Payback 84. One Way Street 85. Walk Like a Man 86. Fugitive's Dream 87. Highway 2988. Little White Lies89. Shackled and Drawn 90. Happy91. Crazy Rocker92. Find It Where You Can93. Down in the Hole94. Goin' Cali 95. Two for the Road 96. One Love 97. Spanish Eyes98. When You're Alone 99. Reno100. Ain't Got You101. 57 Channels (And Nothin' On) 102. American Beauty 103. Working on a Dream 104. Book of Dreams 105. Mary's Place 106. This is Your Sword 107. Love is a Dangerous Thing108. It's a Shame109. The Brokenhearted 110. My Best Was Never Good Enough 111. Waitin' on a Sunny Day112. The Long Goodbye 113. The Big Muddy 114. Sad Eyes 115. Man's Job 116. Gloria's Eyes117. Surprise, Surprise118. Queen of the Supermarket

1hr 51mins

24 Jul 2018

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