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At Psychedelic Parenting, we talk how our experiences with altered states of consciousness influence our family lives. We are committed to the creation of new family traditions and developing rites of passage grounded in the unity consciousness touched by Psychedelic Medicines.

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Episode #29: The Way of the Mushroom: Talking Fatherhood and Martial Arts with Kilindi Iyi

In this episode, Jonathan talks with fellow Michigander, Kilindi Iyi. Born and raised in Detroit, Kilindi is the head instructor and technical adviser of Tamerrian Martial Art Institute. A world traveler and mycologist, Kilindi has presented on the subject of psilocybin as far north as Norway and as far south as Australia. His exploration and research centers on high-dose psilocybin magic mushrooms. Jonathan and Kilindi met at Psychedemia in 2012, and have appeared together at many conferences around the USA and the world. They are currently both speaking at Beyond Psychedelics in Prague. Join Jonathan and Kilindi as they talk about the role of mushrooms in the secret history of martial arts, about the lessons Kilindi has learned form his 40+ years of symbiosis with the mushrooms, and about why he prefers the title "explorer" over "shaman," "medicine man," or "healer." Also discussed is the upcoming Detroit Psychedelic Conference, October 28-30 at the historic First Unitarian Church of Detroit on Cass. Full Program Notes can be found at: http://www.psychedelicparenting.org/podcast-29/

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1 Oct 2016

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Psychedelic Parenting Episode 3: "Honesty is the Best Policy" with Martin W. Ball

In this episode of the PsychedelicParenting.org Podcast, Jonathan talks with Psychedelic Iconoclast and genuine nice guy, Martin Ball. Conversations discussed include Martin's encounter with Radical Honesty on the Playa of Black Rock City in 2007 and the aftershocks in his life and his relationship with his daughter.  Jonathan talks about his own healing though Ayahuasca, and how profound it is to be in a workplace where you can be yourself. Martin also discusses his upcoming Exploring Psychedelics Conference (Thursday and Friday, 6/4-6/5) at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR. Exploring Psychedelics is 2 days, 19 speakers, 1 movie, and 1 night of music, all FREE of charge! Jonathan will be speaking about the "5 Psychedelic Family Values" via Skype at 9:00 AM PST on Friday. Also featured in person will be a friend of PP.org, and EPIC Michigander, Kilindi Iyi , on "Psilocybin Mushrooms for Exploration." Towards the end of the conversation, Jonathan asks Martin about the issues of safety and maintaining the integrity of the family in the face of the threats posed by the DEA and Child Protective Services, and whether it's worth the risk to be a public advocate for these medicines. Martin had this to say: "The State has the power to destroy your life. There's absolutely no question about that, and so the state is incredibly dangerous in that sense. And it's vindictive, it's misguided, it's built on illusion upon illusion upon illusion. The problem is that these illusions can still come to get you, even if they're illusions. It's a difficult call that ultimately people have to judge for themselves. But other other side of that is this: If no one stands up, nothing's going to change. Somone's got to do it. Personally, reality is more important than anything I might want to protect, such as my own personal well-being or comfort, so I'm not going to hide myself in any way. Although there are certain details I'll avoid discussing on podcasts. But if they really wanted me, the data is all right there. I'm all-in at this point. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and the last thing I want would be to be separated from them, and although prison would profoundly suck, I'm not going to edit myself in order to avoid something that I don't have any real certainty is actually going to happen. Reality will always win, eventually." Martin's new book, a memoir, is entitled "Being Infinite - An Entheogenic Odyssey into the Limitless Eternal: A Memoir from Ayahuasca to Zen" is both self-published or avalible for download on the Kindle or at Scribd. Read it to get the full story of Martin's 2007 encounter with Radical Honesty at Burning Man, his dramatic life and personality changes that resulted, and the long journey of healing with his now-teenage daughter that was the aftermath. Links discussed in this show: Martin Ball's Facebook Page Martin's Website Martin & Jessalynn's band Fractal Love Jam Exploring Psychedelics Main Page Santo Daime  The Temple of Awakening Divinity


3 Jun 2015

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Episode 18: Psilocybin Saved My Life, but Synchronicity Saved my Soul; with Jon Bridge

We apologize to our listeners for our show being late this week. We are coming to you directly from the Exploring Psychedelics Conference at Southern Oregon University, and preparations and travel have slowed down the release of this week's episode. On Today's Episode of the podcast, Jonathan talks with Jon Bridge. Jon is  a 34 year old father of two. from Canada. The two met through a Facebook Group, The Terence McKenna Experience, thanks to Jon's willingness to share his inspiring story of hope and healing. Jonathan felt called to respond almost immediately after the posting appeared on his feed, and the two connected to share Jon's story. Jon's experience of the failure of standard  psychiatricpharmaceutical drugs  and his journey back to health with the help of psilocybin mushrooms and a clear understanding that the conditions that ailed him for years did not have to be permanent, or simply "managed" with ill-understood collections of molecules. Jon [I was on] daily doses of high strength, high dose pharmaceutical garbage. I was supposed to be a customer for life. Although I have no credentials behind my name I have a story of healing and hope. I had been a long time sufferer of mental illness but thanks to psychedelic medicines I have discovered a new, better self. My journey into psychedelic healing has just begun and I hope to be able to inspire someone to help themselves. Jon's "before" picture, on the let, is dated March 20, 2010, exactly 6 years before the date of his Facebook post..Looking in the eyes, it feels possible to almost see the changed interior landscape behind them. This is a story that our listeners will not want to miss. (None of Jon or Jonathan's remarks should be interpreted as psychiatric advice. Neither is a licensed therapist. Changes in medicines should be done with the partnership of a qualified professional.) Thanks to everyone who "Liked" Psychedelic Parenting on Facebook and helped us reach our goal of 1000 page likes by the end of March. As of 3/31/16 at 11:59pm, we had 1017 page likes! Thanks again to all who clicked, shared or clickshared... And, as always, if you like what you see and hear, please consider a tax-deductible contribution to the work. Help us keep the podcast streaming and the website improving! Click the purple button below to contribute to Psychedelic Parenting via MAPS Click HERE to join our mailing list or become a part of our "Secret" Facebook discussion group. TOPICS AND WEBSITES DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Exploring Psychedelics Conference Home Page Facebook Page Grateful Meds Dispensary, Talent, Oregon Home Page Oregon Cannabis Connections: "Third Grateful Meds Dispensary Opens in Talent" Pharmeceutical Products Cyprolex (Generic: Escitalopram) Tryptophan Lithium Seroquel (Generic: Quetiapine) Wellbutrin (Generic: Bupropion) Citalopram (Brand Names: Celexa, Cipramil) Divalproex (Valporate) Stopping Psychiatric Drugs  For specific dangers and symptoms and helpful guidelines for coming off psychotropics, see Coming off Psychiatric Medication  Ketamine Erowid.org page WebMD: "Ketamine: The Future of Depression Treatment?" ClinicalTrials.gov: "Rapid Antidepressant Effects of Ketamine in Major Depression" Vice.com: "I Used Ketamine to Treat My Depression" Ketamine Advocacy Network: "Provider Directory" Dextromethorphan ("DXM") Erowid.org: "DXM Vault" Psilocybin Erowid.org: "Psilocybin Mushroom Vault" Vice.com: "What it Feels Like to Treat Depression with Magic Mushrooms" New York Times: "Can Mushrooms Treat Depression?" The New Yorker: "The Trip Treatment" By Michael Pollan Mixing Psilocybin and Cannabis (as Jon describes in his story) Shroomery.org forums: "Cannabis and Mushrooms" Erowid Experience Vaults: "Rendered Eternal, Mushrooms and Cannabis" Santa as Shaman When Santa Was a Shaman: Ancient Origins of Santa Claus and the Christmas Tree  by Tony van Renterghem NPR.org: "Did 'Shrooms Send Santa and his Reindeer Flying?" Reality Sandwich: "Shaman Claus: The Shamanic Origins of Christmas" Plenty of Fish (POF) Free Online Dating Service


7 Apr 2016

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Episode #9: Raising Medicine Children with Harmony Haynie

On this episode of the podcast, Jonathan talks with Harmony Haynie, author of the upcoming book Medicine Children. Harmony is the mother of two adult children, and is a former public school teacher, with a Master's Degree in Education. She has over 20 years of experience as an educator, mentor, and facilitator for young people, and has been deeply engaged with the entheogenic plant medicine traditions of Columbia for over a decade. She is also a musician, with a published CD of ceremonial music to her credit, called Opening to Ceremony. Harmony's book Medicine Children discusses the potential role of plantsacraments in the lives of children and teens, and the struggles of parents like us working to chart new cultural paths with our families. The book will incorporate Harmony's own personal experiences, as well as her research with families and children. She also discusses inappropriateness of current drug scheduling for psychedelics and plant medicines, and why our culture of addiction both resists and seeks healing through these substances. Harmony is currently exploring Doctoral programs in Entheogenic Studies, and hopes that her book will broaden the conversation about plant medicines and their role in family life in the modern Western world. She is also currently seeking anonymous subjects to include in her research. If you have a story you'd like to share for her book, she can be reached via email at:  harmonysue23(AT)gmail(DOT)com. If you would like to support her research, she has a GoFundMe page. LINKS AND TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Harmony's Research Blog Harmony's music and personal website Medicine Children GoFundMe Page


30 Nov 2015

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Episode 20: Growing Up Leary, with Zach Leary

Zach is the host of the “It’s All Happening” podcast, an infrequent blogger/writer, a seasoned digital marketer and brand strategist, and the son of psychedelic pioneer, Dr. Timothy Leary . Zach is also a practitioner of bhakti yoga.  Through the practice of bhakti yoga he has found keys that unlock doorways that allow the soul to experience it’s true nature of being eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. In this conversation, Jonathan and Zach talk about what it was like being raised by one of the pioneers of the psychedelic movement, about how this effected Zach’s early encounters with LSD, and his relationship with substances generally. They also talk about Zach’s long relationship to his spiritual teacher and lifelong family friend, Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), and Zach’s feelings on the 12 steps, and it’s relationship to the psychedelic experience. Visit www.psychedelicparenting.org/?p=1218 for Full Program Notes with Links!

1hr 12mins

15 May 2016

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Episode 28: Fungi on the Family Tree, with Eric Osborne

In this episode, Jonathan talks with father, facilitator, and mushroom farmer Eric Osborne. With a Master’s Degree in Education Eric Osborne taught middle school language arts for seven years. In 2009, he left education to open a gourmet mushroom farm Magnificent Mushrooms in Indiana and the first State recognized Wild Mushroom Expert in Indiana allowing him to legally sell wild mushrooms. Eric is founder and facilitator at Myco-Meditations, a psilocybin retreat center in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Listen as Jonathan and Eric discuss his family's incredibly intimate relationship with fungi, how he turned a legal setback into a healing journey, and how he is changing lives with his Myco-Meditations mushroom retreats in Jamaica. For Full Program Notes, go to http://www.psychedelicparenting.org/podcast-28/ ‎

1hr 9mins

10 Sep 2016

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Psychedelic Parenting Podcast Episode #5: Unfurling the Roots of Childhood with Dr. Neal Goldsmith

On this episode of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast, we talk with Dr. Neal Goldsmith, clinical psychologist and author of Psychedelic Healing: The Power of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development. Neal is also the father of a 16 year-old-son and the Speaker Curator and MC for the Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference, which will be held this weekend, Friday-Sunday October 9-11 in New York City, where your humble webmaster will be speaking on the topic of "Reclaiming Religious Freedom and Family Values." Neal will also be speaking on the topic of "Psychedelics and Death: A Brief Introduction". During this conversation, Neal discusses his own history with Psychedelics, how an experience with LSD in middle age awakened his own understanding of how we are shaped by childhood interactions and how they can be a powerful tool for uncovering the true self. He also discusses his own experiences as a dad, and how he "came out" to his son as a cannabis user. Websites and topics covered in this podcast: Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics Personal/Professional website of Dr. Neal Goldsmith Psychedelic Healing: The Promise of Entheogens for Psychotherapy and Spiritual Development (at Powell's) More information on "Nesting Agreements:" "Nesting: Will it Work for You?" "What is 'Bird's Nest Custody' and How Does it Work?" "How to Implement a Bird's Nest Custody Arrangement: 6 Steps" Liveblogging a Nesting Divorce (nestingdivorce.blogspot.com) Imago Relationship Therapy Wikipedia Entry Imago Relationships International It's Just A Plant (at Powell's) Erowid.org: Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans and Psychoactives

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5 Oct 2015

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Episode 10: Talking to Your Teens and Testing Your LSD with Emanuel Sferios

0n this episode, Jonathan talks with DanceSafe founder and director of the upcoming documentary MDMA: The Movie, Emanuel Sferios. Emanuel founded DanceSafe in 1998 with a goal of providing fact-based drug education and harm reduction at raves and parties. After a number of years working as an environmental activist, he has returned to the world of drug policy reform and education with this documentary project. Jonathan and Emanuel discuss drug policy, drug education reform, how to talk to your teen about their interest and use, and why testing is so much more critical in today's drug climate than it was back in their day. Emanuel also weighs in on our BIG questions right now: "How to talk to your children with integrity about substances," and "How to come out to your parents about psychedelics." Emanuel also spends a great deal of time discussing the many popular substances out there right now, how they may differ from the party climate we grew up in, and how to help our kids make the informed choices about their use or non-use of plants and chemicals. Jonathan also talks about the ongoing Psychedelic Parenting GoFundMe fundraiser, and announces 2 BIG pieces of news: Robert Barnhart, producer of A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin, (who will be joining us on an upcoming episode) has pledged a $2000 matching gift to the fundraiser, which means anyone giving now will have their donation DOUBLED by Robert's generous gift. Also, Psychedelic Parenting is now being fiscally sponsored by The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), which means our supporters can now make tax deductible donations to our efforts though MAPS! We would like to thanks everyone who has already given, David, Dasha, and Bodhi Gaian and the team at Pharmazonia. Dennis McKenna, and our anonymous donors TJ, Matt, SC, JYN, and VR. We are honored by your support and email messages.  TOPICS AND WEBSITES DISCUSSED IN THIS PODCAST: Psychedelic Parenting GoFundMe campaign MDMA: The Movie DanceSafe DARE program  (critical analysis) Danforth et' al Research on MDMA and autism DOPE Movie IMDB Roger Ebert.com Review Nobody is putting Ecstasy in your kid's Halloween candy! (Free Range Kids) Drug Testing Supplies DanceSafe Shop (instant answer reagent testing) Bunk Police (appears to be down at the time of this posting) Ecstacydata.org (mail order gas chromatography) A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin (Robert Barnhart's film, mentioned in the introduction) Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Substances discussed (all links to Erowid.org) MDMA ("Ecstasy," "Molly") LSD ("Acid")  25I-NBOMe ("2C-I-NBOMe," "N-Bomb," sometimes sold as "Acid, but is not LSD) Cathinones ("Bath Salts," "Cat," "Qat," "Khat," sometimes sold as "Molly," but is not MDMA) MDPV ("Flakka," "Bath Salts," sometimes sold as "Molly," but is not MDMA)

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17 Dec 2015

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Episode 14: Yes, Mom Took Acid, with Mariavittoria Mangini, PhD

This week's guest is Mariavittoria Mangini, PhD, FNP. Dr. Mangini is a member of the board of directors of the Women's Visionary Congress, and has been a family nurse midwife for twenty five years. She has written extensively on the impact of psychedelic experiences in shaping the lives of her contemporaries, and has worked closely with many of the most distinguished investigators in this field. Her current project is the development of a Thanatology program for the study of death and dying. Jonathan was alerted to her work and her resonance with Psychedelic Parenting when a listener passed along a digital copy of her 2000 PhD dissertation entitled Yes, Mom Took Acid: The Sociohistorical Influence of Prior Psychedelic Drug Use in Adults. We soon discovered that not only was she a WVC board member, but also working in a family practice that incorporated cannabis as a regular part of their work. In this talk, Jonathan and Dr. Mangini discuss the upcoming Women's Visionary Congress NYC Salon (where the Psychedelic Parenting Away Team will be tabling), the role of psychedelics in the history of the baby boomer generation, the growth of interest and understanding of death in American culture as the boomers "run out of runway," and Dr. Mangini's role in the resurgence of Psychedelic Studies though her efforts, with George Greer and Charles Grob on the 1998 Monograph Edition of The Journal of Psychoactive Drugs As always, we ask that if you find value in this work, that you consider making a tax-deductible donation to Psychedelic Parenting through our Fiscal Sponsor, MAPS, using the button below: donate-button TOPICS AND WEBSITES DISCUSSED IN THIS PODCAST: Women's Visionary Congress NYC Salon Tickets Psymposia's "Visionary Women" afterparty event Dr. Mangini's Bio (WVC board members) Speakers at NYC Salon Allyson Grey Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) Katherine MacLean, PhD Julie Holland, MD Moody Bitches The Pot Book (editor) The Trips Festival Wikipedia entry The Trips Festival DVD The Merry Pranksters Wikipedia Entry Stanislav Grof Erowid Character Vault Personal Website Joan Halifax Wikipedia Entry Upaya Zen Center Bio Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 1998 Monograph Issue Betty Eisner Erowid Character Vault Wikipedia Entry The Trip Treatment by Michael Pollan Shpongle Ecofarm Conference The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead Tobacco: A Forgotten Healing Plant Dr Frank Lucido Alice In Wonderland Statue in Central Park Map LSD: Problem Child and Wonderdrug (Albert Hoffman 100th Birthday Symposium) Thanatology Order of the Good Death Smoke Gets In Your Eyes and Other Lessons from the Crematory by Caitlin Doughty Ask a Mortician YouTube Channel Undertaking L.A. Death Salons Mutter Museum in Philadelphia Getty Villa Museum in L.A. The Giver 1993 book by Lois Lowry 2014 Film starring Jeff Bridges Wikipedia Entry


9 Mar 2016

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Episode 21: Father, Brother, Student, Friend: Finding our Place in the Psychedelic Community, with Danny Litin

Danny is a father to a magical 3-year-old son, is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota, the Executive Administrative Assistant to Dennis McKenna at Symbio Life Sciences, a music enthusiast and producer, artist, psychonaut, and explorer. In this episode, Jonathan and Danny discuss music, their mutual love of the Promega Bioethics Forum, teaching gratitude to their children, and how they have both been influenced by their relationships with Dennis McKenna and other giants of psychedelic studies. They also discuss Danny’s work with Symbio Life Sciences, the incubator company that Dennis is currently starting. We hope you will enjoy this conversation with one of the shining young faces in psychedelic studies today. Visit www.psychedelicparenting.org/?p=1254 for Full Program Notes with Links!

1hr 5mins

30 May 2016

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Episode 27: Transmuting the Darkness Together; Talking Gumbo and Ayahuasca with The LeCompte Family

In this episode, Jonathan talks with Ryan, Lisa, Sean, and Gabrielle LeCompte. Ryan is the founder of Veterans for Entheogenic Therapy (VET), and a graduate student at Naropa University, studying Transpersonal Psychology and recently brought his family along with him as he accompanied a group of veterans to a healing experience with Ayahuasca in Florida. The LeCompte family talks about their collective healing experience, how their Cajun roots created space for forgiveness and reconnection through food, and how Lisa's gumbo is so good that it even makes vegans give up their vows! Ryan also talks about how childhood trauma makes some vets more susceptible to PTSD, and what's next for VET. Get Full Program notes at: : http://www.psychedelicparenting.org/podcast-27/

1hr 1min

18 Aug 2016

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Episode 23: After the Heartbreak, Happiness: Finding Our Soul Purpose with Mindy West

Mindy is a Soul Coach and Life Purpose Guide. She started her journey to find and live her higher purpose at the beginning of 2014. While going through a painful divorce and a career crisis, she was introduced to Life Purpose Coaching. In this conversation, Jonathan and Mindy talk about her road to recovery, the role of Ayahuasca in her life, and her desire to open a retreat center in Mexico that will be kid- and family-friendly. We look forward to hearing more from Mindy in the coming months and years. Read the full Program Notes with Links HERE


20 Jun 2016

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Episode 19: "I'm Your Faerie Goddessmother," The Art of Psychedelic Mentoring, with Zoe Helene

After a long break while Jonathan decompressed from a life-transforming experience with Martin W. Ball, in Ashland Oregon at the 3rd Annual Exploring Psychedelics Conference, We are BACK with another episode of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast! This week's show is the 1st half of a 2-part interview with Zoe Helene of Amherst, MA. Today's show was recorded over a couple days last week, on 4/20 and Earth Day with Zoe Helene. Zoe is the founder of Cosmic Sister, which is dedicated to recognizing and elevating feminist voices in the growing Psychedelic Renaissance, and to supporting visionary women in the exploding world of Cannabis business and studies. Zoe is also the wife and partner of ethnobotanist and writer Chris Kilham, and is the manager of the web presence for his site The Medicine Hunter, and has accompanied Chris on many trips to the Amazon and elsewhere, looking for healing plants and soul-transforming experiences. Zoe is an artist, writer, journalist, and visionary explorer in her own right, and has been featured in Boston Magazine, Forbes, Boston Globe, AlterNet, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, MIT Technology Review, Utne Reader and Fast Company. In this episode, Jonathan and Zoe discuss the art of "Psychedelic Mentoring"as an important part of the emerging plant medicine culture in this country, and how even those without their own kids have an important job to do in raising the future members of the Psychedelic Society. They talk about the "Faerie Goddessmothers" who were instrumental in Zoe's life, and how she has embraced her role as "Psychedelic Faerie Goddessmother" to the children of her friends and siblings.  Zoe also discusses Earth day and how her Ayahuasca experiences in the Amazon have galvanized her as an environmentalist and animal-rights activitst, and her view that "a baby is a baby," whether they be human animals or non-human animals. She also discusses her deep relationship to the Maui's dolphin of New Zealand, which is currently on the verge of extinction. If you weren't able to make it to Ashland for Exploring Psychedelics this year, Martin Ball will be releasing Jonathan's presentation from that event on The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast in the coming weeks. We will inform you when it goes live. In the meantime, you can check out Jonathan's presentation on Prezi by CLICKING HERE. Tune in next week Wednesday (5/4/2016) for the second 1/2 of Jonathan's interview with Zoe, when we'll be back on track for our weekly Wednesday podcast releases. If you're in Los Angeles this weekend for May Day, Jonathan will be remotely presenting a talk called "Envisioning Psychedelic Summer Camp" at May meeting of the Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society (LAMPS).  For more information, contact chairperson Brad Adams: BAdams(at)mednet(dot)ucla(dot)edu. If you can't make it and are interested in seeing the slideshow from this presentation, CLICK HERE to view it on Prezi.com As always, if you find this podcast valuable and would like to support our work, consider a tax-deductible gift to Psychedelic Parenting though our non-profit fiscal sponsor, The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. (MAPS) via the button below. TOPICS AND WEBSITES DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: This Week's Sponsors: Cypress C (via GoFundMe) Attendees of Exploring Psychedelics, who donated and bought stickers Chris Benett  Cannabis and the Soma Solution Harmony Haynie Matt Vogel Martin Ball and Jessalynn Jones Church of the Holy Light of the Queen Padrino Jonathan Goldman Brad and Jennifer Cosmic Sister Twitter Page (@CosmicSister) Recipients Mentioned Neşe Devonot Chemical Poetics Psychedelic Parenting Podcast #16 Susan Sheldon Rachel Carlevale Ganjasana Chris Kilham Wikipedia Entry www.MedicineHunter.com Fox News archive Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (1963) Yellow Submarine (1964) "Turn on, Tune in, Drop Out" "Flow State: Wikipedia: "Flow (Psychology)" zenhabits.net: "The Hidden Art of Achieving Creative Flow" Mrs Mindfulness: "How to Enter the Flow State Any Time: 4 Simple Steps" "Medicinal" Alcohol during Prohibition Era NowIKnow.com: "The Prohibition Prescription" Tampa Bay Times: "'Medical' Alcohol Made Mockery of Prohibiiton" The "Harry Potter Generation" BoingBoing.net: "How Harry Potter Shaped a Generation" Mugglenet.com: "Defining the Harry Potter Generation" Shakespeare's Miranda of The Tempest Wikipedia Entry "Discovering Miranda" lecture by Bruce Pattinson (YouTube) The Tempest (Full Text at Project Gutenberg) The School where Zoe was raised University of North Carolina School of the Arts Wikipedia Entry Zoe's "Faerie Goddessmothers" Rainbow Sari Sarah Sugihara Patricia Ziprodt Late Stage Capitalism medium.com: "The Pain You Feel is Capitalism Dying" medium.com: "The Mental Disease of Late-Stage Capitalsim" Dolphins New Zealand Dept of Conservation: "Maui's Dolphin" (also known as "Hector's Dolphin") National Geographic News: "China's River Dolphin Extinct" IquitosTimes.com: "The Legend of the Pink Dolphin" WorldWildlife.org: "5 Myths About Amazon River Dolphins" Ayahuasca Centers Discussed Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual Temple of the Way of Light

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28 Apr 2016

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Episode 22: We'll Discover The Wonders of Nature, Foraging a Family with Antler

This episode’s guest asked to go by the pseudonym “Antler” to protect his family and career, and we are happy to share his story. “Antler” is an aspiring herbalist and proud parent of two young children.   He and his partner recently welcomed their son into the world with a challenging premature birth after the mother’s water broke at 32 weeks. In this episode, Jonathan and “Antler” discuss the ReWilding movement, the Pro-Child approach to parenting, and how psilocybin should be seen as a component of “complete nutrition” and how mushroom tea helped “Antler” and his partner conceive, hold a connective space while his premature son was staying in the NICU, and come to terms with the difference between their plans for a natural home birth, and the reality of their circumstances. Visit www.psychedelicparenting.org/?p=1329 for Full Program Notes with Links


14 Jun 2016

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Psychedelic Parenting Podcast #6: Because I Said I Would with Stephen Gray

On this episode of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast, Jonathan talks with Stephen Gray, author, speaker, and "emerging elder." Stephen is the organizer and MC of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, which will be held next weekend, October 24 & 25, 2015 at the University of British Columbia's Buchanan Building, Room A101, Vancouver BC, Canada, where Psychedelic Parenting host Jonathan will be speaking on the topic of "Reclaiming Religious Freedom and Family Values."  Stephen is the Author of the book Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for Emerging Reality. He also has many years of experience with plant medicine ceremonies in both the Native American Church tradition, as well as the Santo Daime religion. Tickets for Spirit Plant Medicine Conference can be purchased HERE. In this conversation, Stephen and Jonathan discuss the possibility of an emerging distinct medicine tradition for white North Americans, about the role of the sacred feminine in family and religious life, and of taking on the mantle of "elder" as one enters the latter part of life. The highlight of this interview is Stephen's story of the powerful commitment of a friend and respected NAC Roadman whom Stephen calls "Kanucas." Kanukas made a promise to Stephen to attend and speak at the launch event for his book, and even though he was met with a great deal of personal hardships around the time of the launch, Kanucas fulfilled his promise to Stephen. The story is also recounted HERE on Stephen's blog. Enjoy. TOPICS AND WEBSITES DISCUSSED IN THIS PODCAST: Stephen Gray Blog Spirit Plant Medicine Conference Order Returning to Sacred World at Powell's Books The Native American Church Wikipedia Entry Oklevueha Native American Church NAC and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act Santo Daime tradition Wikipedia Entry English Language Homepage Short video on Church of the Holy Light of the Queen The Jubilant People: a support and after-care community for medicine seekers in BC Chogyam Trungpa Rimpoche Founder of Naropa University Annie Oak Founder of the Women's Visionary Congress Founder of the Full Circle Tea House/Camp Soft Landing at Burning Man Author of The Manual of Psychedelic Support Kilindi Iyi Founder of the Ta-Merrian Institute Author of "African Roots in Asian Martial Arts" (Journal of African Civilizations) "Africa, Transhumanism, & The Magic Mushroom" (Khanyisa Psychoactive Plant Conference, 2013) "High Dose Mushrooms--Beyond the Threshold" (Breaking Convention 2013) Dr Bruce Damer Host of The Levity Zone Podcast Co-Creator of the Palenque Norte lectures at Burning Man Founder of The Digibarn Computer Museum Conscious Living Radio Stephen's recent appearance on Martin Ball's Entheogenic Evolution Podcast

1hr 12mins

19 Oct 2015

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