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NOTE: This show will now be aired as part of DeAnna On Design, also heard here on blogtalk radio!Feng Shui Fabulous is all about Feng Shui & using it to make you & your space FABULOUS!Tips from eco-shui designer DeAnna Radaj & guests from other Feng Shui experts discussing all 3 schools of Feng Shui, & other schools including Wabi Sabi & Vastu.

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Feng Shui Fabulous: Feng Shui for Valentine's Day

Hi All!! I decided, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel, that I'd just put up a replay of last year's Valentine's Day show...there was such fabulous gems shared.  Enjoy! And as always, don't forget to connect w/us on Facebook (/bantedesign) & Twitter (/bantedesign).


8 Feb 2012

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Feng Shui Fabulous: Creating a Healthy Mind-Set for 2012

In our end-of the year episode, we're joined by Alicia Cramer, certified hypnotherapist & owner of Wausau Hypnotherapy to discuss the importance of setting clear goals, having a vision for what you want to create in the new year & some great tips to help you create a fabulous 2012!Alicia Cramer is an certified hypnotherapist, author, speaker, coach, mentor, and an authority on business mindset mastery. Her powerful approach to business coaching includes a variety of proven techniques for rapid transformation. If you have a burning desire to take your business to the next level, Alicia will help you do that. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and even more passionate about creating massive confidence and income for her clients. The difference between Alicia and conventional business-life coaches is that she utilizes her unique knowledge and skill set (including Hypnotherapy, EFT, NLP, Coaching, Metaphysical Science, and Spirituality) to make profound shifts at and inner and outer level. And she does it with compassion, empathy, and enthusiasm. Alicia is one of the expert guest hosts on the Living Consciously TV Show, she does workshops, seminars and is guest speaker on various radio shows and speaking events. To book Alicia for your event email: aliciacramer@hotmail.com or call (715) 298-0165.


10 Dec 2011

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Feng Shui Fabulous: the 9 Life Areas

We're baaaaaaacccckkkk!!!! In this episode, I'm going to address THE #1 question I get regarding Feng Shui...HOW will applying Feng Shui help me in my life.  So, the 9 Life Areas, what they are, where they are & why they matter will be discussed. (For a history of Feng Shui & the Bagua Board, re-listen to our inaugural episode).


23 Oct 2011

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Simplify Your Life to Design the Life of Your Dreams in 30 Days

This episode will act as the "kick-off" to our latest program offerings. In Simplify Your Life to Design the Life of Your Dreams in 30 Days, find out HOW you are holding your self back from reaching your goals & even health implications, HOW your environment affects you & HOW making simple "tweaks" can make a huge difference in your health, your outlook & becoming more empowered in creating the life of your dreams. Using simpls & easy-to-apply philosophies & tips, creating a Vison Board to help with defining your goals to some design advice that you can implement to create a healthy & supportive space.This episode will talk a bit about the program, some teaser tips & how you can get started (either in a group or private offerings).


17 Feb 2011

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Feng Shui Fabulous: Setting New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2011!!! In this episode, we'll look at tips to help you set & KEEP your New Year's Resolutions. From de-cluttering tips, to some questions to help you define what it is you TRULY want to achieve & then tips on how to use Feng Shui to help you "activate" those Life Areas.


15 Jan 2011

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