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Team VTAC PodcastWelcome to the Team VTAC Show with Sergeant Major (RET) Kyle Lamb. He is a world renowned adventurer and Special Operations Soldier who brings years of experience and leadership to his listeners. This podcast is about living in the real world, fighting real enemies. He is also the author of several books to include Leadership in the Shadows. In this show Kyle talks with operators, outdoorsman, and leaders from across the warrior spectrum. SGM(R) Lamb isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and dig deep so listeners can learn from his guests as well as his broad range of past experiences.

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Episode 85 Jason Gatliff from Muzzleloader Magazine and Ehrin Ehlert aka Kasper Mansker

We start out with a surprise guest who happens to be over 250 years old, Kasper Mansker. Jason Gatliff from Muzzleloader Magazine and his buddy Ehrin Ehlert join the podcast for discussions on history, old time guns, and how having a good publicist can help make you famous. God Bless America!!

1hr 33mins

21 May 2020

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Episode 84 Kyle answers your Tactical and Shooting questions from Instagram and Facebook. God Bless America!!

Kyle answers your Tactical and Shooting questions from Instagram and Facebook. God Bless America!!

1hr 19mins

12 May 2020

Rank #2

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11 John Lovell The Warrior Poet

Hanging out with Thee Warrior Poet himself, former Ranger Battalion dude, John Lovell. Drinking Black Rifle Coffee, shooting guns, talking smack. We discuss Leadership, Training, Perceiving Time, Perceiving your Sights, and History. God Bless America!

1hr 28mins

11 Jun 2017

Rank #3

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Episode 28 Ryan Cleckner Ranger, Writer, Lawyer, author of Long Range Shooting Handbook

Former 1st Ranger Battalion soldier Ryan Cleckner Esquire the 3rd Junior(just kidding) and author of Long Range Shooting Handbook. This dude isn’t just another pretty face. He is a lawyer, teaches Constitutional Law, Long Range Shooter, and was a VP at Remington at one time. Lots of fun picking his brain. God Bless America!

2hr 25mins

6 Mar 2018

Rank #4

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Episode 49 Mark OZ Geist from the movie 13 Hours

It was an honor to sit down with Mark Geist, known as OZ to many people across America from the movie 13 Hours. He is a great Patriot and I am honored to know him. Enter to win a SIG M17. God Bless America!!

1hr 44mins

17 Jan 2019

Rank #5

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Episode 68 Forged in Fire's Doug Marcaida, "This knife will cut, this knife will KEAL."

“This knife will cut this knife will KEAL!” Doug Marcaida Forged in Fire judge. DougMarcaida.com Not only is Doug a talented talent… he is an awesome martial artist with Filipino roots and living the American Dream. He is also a fellow veteran. I am proud to call this joker my friend. God Bless America!!


26 Oct 2019

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Episode 53 Rob Leatham, Team Springfield, The greatest action shooter of all time.

Rob Leatham, the winningest action pistol shooter (some people say that isn’t a word, they don’t know Rob) of all time. He lays it down. His story is fantastic, from school kid to World Champ. We break down the grip, trigger squeeze, trigger reset, and why people suck. Seriously I wish I would have videoed this one, Rob is an animated dude and I had a blast. Thanks to Springfield Armory for letting us use their booth at SHOT 2019. Thanks Rob. God Bless America!!

1hr 27mins

11 Mar 2019

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Episode 21 NightFighter with Todd Edmiston and Ricardo Uribe, two interesting cats.

Have you been held hostage before? Headed to Florida for a Night Fighter course, sat down with Ricardo Uribe, former non-hunter turned Elk hunting machine and Todd Edmiston a dude I was in the 82nd Airborne Division with. We discuss hunting, shooting and what it’s like to be a hostage in Columbia. The most important question is..Do you like Beets?

1hr 41mins

17 Jan 2018

Rank #8

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Episode 70 CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program, Mike Hawkins and Lukas Lamb

Mike Hawkins from Indiana and Lukas Lamb swing by, Mike talks CMP Civilian Marksmanship Program and rifles of the past. We do discuss and screw up the description of a historical firearm. Mike and I are dyslexic I believe. Anyway, CMP is a great program that the left hasn’t shut down yet. Lukas scoots early, he had a date with destiny…God Bless America!!

1hr 12mins

22 Dec 2019

Rank #9

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Episode 25 Parkland, Florida School Shooting Discussion with Wayne Black and Melynda Lamb

Wayne Black from WayneBlack.com discusses the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Wayne is a former Law Enforcement officer from south Florida. We also have Melynda Lamb giving us the teachers perspective. We need to do something about these cowards attacking our children. Melynda, Wayne, and Kyle discuss what works and what doesn’t. How much it costs? How much our children are worth? The resilience of kids in America. God Bless America!!


18 Feb 2018

Rank #10

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Episode 69 Sensei James Williams and old buddy Brian Williams, we talk about the modern Samurai

James Williams, knife designer and lead Sensei at The System of Strategy. We also have his illegitimate son, Brian Williams, straight outta Nashville. Brian’s long lost Dad won’t let him get a word in edgewise but we have a great discussion about knives, Samurai’s and mindset. Check out James’s designs at www.systemofstrategy.com God Bless America!!

1hr 12mins

6 Dec 2019

Rank #11

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Episode 82 Battle of Shiloh with Matthew Bucella

Matt Bucella, who helped Kyle orchestrate Leadership in the Shadows comes to Tennessee to visit the Shiloh Battlefield. History is amazing, keep reading, listening, and watching. God Bless America!!

1hr 40mins

26 Apr 2020

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Episode 78 Larry Vickers and Scott Reidy, two men who know the gun world

Larry Vickers, from Vickers Tactical and Scott Reidy from Sig Academy. Larry and I served together for many years, this is a question and answer podcast of things I’ve been wanting to ask Larry. Scott gets in the mix as well, having been a friend of Larry’s for many years. Larry is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to firearms design and history. Enjoy. God Bless America!!

1hr 5mins

30 Mar 2020

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Episode 83 Daniel Winkler, Winkler Knives

From Drug Store Cowboy and dancing Tin Man to a world-renowned knife and axe maker. Daniel made many of the tomahawks and knives for the movie Last of the Mohicans. In the real world he is the man behind most hatchets, hawks, and knives that Special Operators carry around the battlefield. God Bless America!!

1hr 11mins

3 May 2020

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Episode 58 "Victory or Death" General Washington Crosses the Delaware to kick some Hessian behind

“Victory or Death” 26 December 1776. Grab your kids, this one is for the whole family. Victory or Death was the password that General George Washington chose for the crossing of the Delaware and the ensuing Battle of Trenton, Assunpink Creek, and Princeton, NJ. Lukas and I decided that history has been well received on our podcast, we wanted to try a 100% history podcast to see what you think. If you like it the beatings will continue. Lukas and I had fun, it was nice to be able to sit down with my son and learn together. God Bless America!!

1hr 49mins

26 May 2019

Rank #15

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Episode 32 SGM retired Alex Racey, Special Operations Soldier, Crossfitter.

SGM retired Alex Racey. Special Operations Soldier, Crossfitter, man of many hats and one of my dearest friends. Alex is new to the civilian world and has some great advice to those who are getting out or retiring from the military. Hey sometimes you have to get a J-O-B. Had a great time seeing Alex and his tribe again, his son Luke became my new little buddy and we laughed more than allowed. God Bless America!

1hr 9mins

4 Apr 2018

Rank #16

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Episode 56 US Army Marksmanship Unit shooter, SFC Brandon Green, SFC Josh Richmond, SFC Joel Turner

US Army Marksmanship shooters, SFC Brandon Green, SFC Josh Richmond, and SFC Joel Turner. Brandon is a winning member of the United States Palma Team and has won every thing possible with a Service Rifle. Josh Richmond has competed in International Shotgun competition to include shooting in the Olympics several times, also winning a ton of matches. Joel Turner is a former US Army Ranger and one of the top 3-gun shooters in the world. I feel a little outgunned on this show, these young men proudly represent all of the United States of America on the shooting world stage. Humble soldiers who are the best in their craft. God Bless America!!

1hr 17mins

17 Apr 2019

Rank #17

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Episode 38 Tom Spooner from Warriors Heart and Darren Weeks from Black Rifle Coffee Canada

Warrior’s Heart Founder Tom Spooner and Black Rifle Coffee Canada boss Darren Weeks join me at the Warrior’s Heart compound in Bandera, Texas. Tom and I served together for many years, he is a tactical wizard and shooter extraordinaire but his true passion is taking care of soldiers. Along with Lisa and Josh Lannon, Tom helped launch Warrior’s Heart, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that helps Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders who have addictions and Post Traumatic Stress. Darren has worked for many years with Josh and Lisa and has helped to raise capital to start this great facility. This is a fun podcast but in the end please send us your broken Warriors so we can bring them home. God Bless Warrior’s Heart and God Bless America!!

1hr 39mins

14 Jun 2018

Rank #18

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Episode 42 Pararescue Dude Butch McCumber, Cool Guy Surfer Tony Cross and Combat Controller Greg Pittman

Butch McCumber our ring leader and retired Air Force Para Rescue, Tony Cross the teller of truth, born beside a road in Boston and now living in Wyoming, Greg Pittman, retired Air Force CCT Combat Controller. Just finished up 12 days carrying a canoe on our heads in the Quetico Wilderness of Canada, drove all day and now I am making them podcast. God Bless America!

1hr 14mins

22 Aug 2018

Rank #19