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Two Girls One Mic: The Porncast

Everyone's a critic, even with porn. Alice Vaughn and co-hosts, discuss the holes and the plot holes of your favorite porn. They're joined by comedians, porn stars, scientists, authors to review films, discuss the industry, and topics that are porn/sex adjacent. Support us:Patreon.com/twogirlsonemic

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#34- Avengers XXX

After Hulk rampages through the city of Las Vegas, porn-"Nick Furry" assembles the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to capture him. That said, not much else happens because our heroes get a little...distracted. Alice and Yvette review the superhero film with the help of comedian, Brendon Burns (@brendonburns).  http://www.thebrendonburnsshow.com  Don't forget to leave us a review! Support us on Patreon


24 Apr 2019

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