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Discada Cooking – How To make a Plow Disc Cooker

Discada Cooking is a unique experience and we jumped into the game chicken first!  Watch as we visit John Haney of Alveron BBQ co. in South Carolina with a harrow disk / plow disk and he shows us how he makes it into a discada cooker.  Then Jack proves there’s enough heat by frying up some chicken and waffle tacos.   click and >>> WATCH IT HERE http://gratetv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/discada_1.mp4

2 Apr 2016

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BBQ Spice Making – Chili Powder

Just updated a quick video on making your own chili powder… It’s a real trick to help you win a competition.  Too may people lean on the mass produced power from the grocery store.  Fresh makes a huge difference. Originally posted HERE (full text recipe) it breaks down an easy way to get the edge on your next chili cook off. Watch HERE – Chili Powder http://barbecuetricks.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/chili_powder_small.mp4

14 Jun 2015

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Halloween Stuffed Pumpkin

How about a Halloween Stuffed Pumpkin recipe to fuel your October Trick or Treat activity? This is basically an acorn squash on the grill or smoker.  It’s good enough to do in the oven as well. This is a quick version of Acorn Squash we did last year using Jack’s Hog Balls / Sausage Balls recipe.    See that – and the step by step – here. To continue our fall cornucopia on the grill -try tossing a head on and grill lettuce for a grilled salad.  Here’s How For the Hog Balls or Sausage Balls recipe we use for the pumpkins watch HERE –>>http://youtu.be/lq1LrxdT8aY http://gratetv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/pumpkin_small.mp4

26 Oct 2014

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Loaded Potato Salad Recipe

We love this potato salad recipe. When it comes to perfect pairings potato salad and BBQ go hand in hand. In fact it’s the perfect subject to add in to our #starchmadness series of carb loaded super sides. There are a lot of version of potato salad out there (almost as diverse as BBQ) but we love this Loaded Potato Salad recipe best of all. It hits all the notes of a good steakhouse loaded baked potato without the hundred dollar price tag. Don’t forget to show your support for the show by subscribing or a simple comment or rating. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LOADED POTATO SALAD RECIPE on GrateTV CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE Loaded Potato Salad Episode Small loaded_potato_salad_small http://gratetv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/loaded_potato_salad_small1.mp4

23 Mar 2014

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Smokey O’Malley’s – Starch Madness – GrateTV

Our GrateTV series on Carb loaded BBQ sides continues and this week it’s an Irish themed Potato popper! Jack has deemed them Smokey O’Malleys (watch to find out why). Please take a moment to Sub / Share / Comment (THANKS!) Full Recipe Blog Posted HERE in Jack’s place. WATCH IT  via YOUTUBE  >>click HERE<< http://gratetv.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/potatosmall.mp4

9 Mar 2014

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