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The Solopreneur Hour Podcast with Michael O'Neal

Michael O’Neal chats with other unemployable people like himself to learn how to take your skills and hobbies and turn them into a business.

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613: How to Become Profitably Unemployable – The Epic 4-Year Anniversary Show!

On today’s show, celebrating 4 years of The Solopreneur Hour since we launched August 23, 2013, I break down step-by-step how to become Profitably Unemployable™.   This is a pretty epic show, if I do say so myself. I’d love to hear back from you about this (and any other) episodes: Twitter: https://twitter.com/solohour Instagram: https://instagram.com/solohour […]


23 Aug 2017

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780: Reprogramming Your Brain for Happiness & Success w/ Andy Murphy (BEST OF)

Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP as it’s commonly called: what is it and why the heck does it matter for your business and your life? You may have heard of it or perhaps you’ve even tried it, but do you know how impactful it can be on your solopreneurial journey? Our guest for episode 780, Andy […]

1hr 26mins

10 Jun 2019

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720: The Number One Way To Grow Your Brand And Business

You’re a podcaster…you just don’t know it yet.  Statistically, podcasting is on a hockey stick rise of adoption.  It also remains the most “bang for the buck” in terms of building brand authority.  Today I share my podcasting origin story…see if your life sounds familiar. Right this second, go to https://eventualmillionaire.com/solohour and subscribe to Jaime’s […]


9 Jul 2018

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696: Stephen Warley On How To Begin Your Solopreneur Journey

Stephen Warley is the former co-founder of Unstuckable.  His new business is https://lifeskillsthatmatter.com/  where he’s helping 9-5’ers become Solopreneurs.  On this chat, we talk about the pivot from Unstuckable, and how he had to come to grips with his true calling, which is teaching people how they can pivot from their 9-5, start working from home, […]

1hr 6mins

30 Apr 2018

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724: TODAY You’re Learning How To Invest in Real Estate, with Rod Khleif

Today’s show is with Rod Khleif, multimillionaire and real estate investor. He breaks down exactly what we need to do to learn how to invest in Real Estate. Website Address: www.RodKhleif.com Find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rodkhleiffan/ https://multifamilycommunity.com The Lifetime CashFlow through Real Estate Podcast https://rodkhleif.com/lifetime-cashflow-podcast/ Chicago Multifamily Bootcamp https://rodkhleif.com/bootcamp August 24-26 Free Book: Text “rod” […]

1hr 6mins

25 Jul 2018

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624: Love Over Metrics – How To Grow A Community And Your Business by CARING, with Jadah Sellner

I finally got a chance to catch up with Jadah Sellner on today’s show.  Jadah and her partner Jen saw huge success with the launch and growth of Simple Green Smoothies, writing a bestselling book and garnering hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Facebook. On today’s episode, we share how to use challenges to grow your business […]

1hr 2mins

20 Sep 2017

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655: How YOU Can Build A Business From Your Existing Skillset (Find Your Swing™ Episode 1) Best Of | The Solopreneur Hour Podcast

In this replay of this inaugural episode of “FIND YOUR SWING™”, Dawnmarrs.com and I review 6 listener submissions, and try to help them figure out how they can build a business, scale themselves, or break out of the 9-5.  In this show, we touch on the arts and crafts world, the music industry, the programming/computer industry, […]

1hr 3mins

11 Dec 2017

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691: Affiliate Marketing MasterClass with Matt McWilliams

Affiliate Marketing.  What is it?  Should you do it? How do you make any money?  Do you need to have money to make money in affiliate marketing?  How long does it take?  How large should my list be?  We answer all these questions and more on today’s episode of the Solopreneur Hour! Find Matt McWilliams […]

1hr 3mins

16 Apr 2018

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647: Productivity and Life Hacks with Hugh Culver (Best Of)

Ever notice how the most successful people also DO the most with their days? Hugh Culver is no exception. (2017 Note: Be sure to check out Hugh’s new brand which is “Business of Speaking” on https://hughculver.com) He spent 18 years growing a successful coaching, speaking and consulting business, Hugh is also a seminar leader and […]

1hr 13mins

13 Nov 2017

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748: Creating a Six-Figure Side Gig, with Dr. Mark Costes (best of)

As solopreneurs making the transition from doing what we know to teaching and sharing our knowledge is typically the difference between burnout and bliss. To start that transition we often create a side gig. The man who has made multiple six figures doing just that: taking side gigs and turning them into multiple streams of […]

1hr 4mins

13 Nov 2018

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636: How to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN with Steve Sims

When it comes to “making things happen“, Steve Sims is THE man! I met Steve a couple of years ago, and was fascinated by his story from a modest East London upbringing, to working his way up as a door guy in various Hong Kong clubs. That evolved into a high-end a concierge service for […]


18 Oct 2017

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598: Solving Your Money Problems with Jordan Goodman (Part 2!)

Today we chat with Jordan Goodman once again, by popular demand (See episode 590) and talk about how to solve all of your money problems.  This episode is once again packed with resources, so get your Evernote ready to rock for this one! Some of the stuff we talked about: How to establish credit. Where to register […]

1hr 1min

17 Jul 2017

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779: Influencer Marketing, Thinking Big, and Social Media Like the Pros with Arron Shepherd of The Goat Agency

Today we chat with Arron Shepherd, co-founder of The Goat Agency, the biggest influencer marketing agency in the world.  We chat about how he came up, and dig into some strategies Goat uses for their clients that can translate into the solopreneur world.

1hr 12mins

5 Jun 2019

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714: What To Do with Your Million Dollar Idea, with Stephen Key (best of)

If you’re reading this you’ve probably had the idea for an invention. Have you wondered what’s the best way to take your idea and make it into a viable product? Our returning guest for episode 359, Mr. Stephen Key, can help you. Stephen is an inventor extraordinaire as well as an author and a speaker. […]


20 Jun 2018

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638: How To Badass Your Brand with Pia Silva

Brooklyn native Pia Silva (https://worstofalldesign.com/) stops by the show today to talk about your brand…and how she loves it.  Her new book, Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit helps us create a unique brand out of your unique skillsets (kinda like we do around these parts). We dig into all […]


23 Oct 2017

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620: Creating Your Own “Agency” & Traveling The World with Hannah Wiley

For years I ran a digital agency from my laptop.  I’d sign on a new client, give them a proposal, then outsource 90% of the work.  The job got done faster, and I was able to handle more clients.  It was a great system! On today’s show, internet marketer extraordinaire Hannah Wiley shows us how […]

1hr 8mins

12 Sep 2017

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590: Mastering Your Finances Once And For All, with Jordan Goodman (part 1)

No matter what level of your solopreneur success, managing your finances needs to be high on your priority list.  Now, I was never properly trained in the world of finance, so everything has been “learn as I go”.  This episode was ABSOLUTELY eye-opening.  So eye-opening, in fact, that I’m going to have Jordan on for […]

1hr 11mins

26 Jun 2017

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719: Launching Your Podcast, How To Price Yourself, How To Allocate Your Time, and More…

Today’s FCF is brought to you by the PLG – Podcast Launch Group.  Get 50% off until June 10! https://podcastlaunchgroup.com


7 Jul 2018

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801: Building a 1 Million Subscriber YouTube Channel, with Sean Cannell from Think Media

Sean Cannell from Think Media and I sat down in the lobby of the Mirage Hotel during CES 2020, and dug into how Sean is on the brink of 1 million subscribers on YouTube.  Sean gives SUCH tremendous value on all of his YouTube videos…you often can’t believe that they are free! Think Media on […]

9 Jan 2020

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628: Public Speaking Tips, and Podcast Recording Without A Recorder (Free Coaching Friday!)

Free Coaching Friday from The Solopreneur Hour! If you’re new and don’t know how this works here goes: once a week I ask you to send me your questions and I answer them on Friday. If you want to be part of the fun for next week’s Q&A show join us in the Facebook group here or […]


29 Sep 2017

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