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Radio Sweden Weekly: Primary schools still in session, Valborg's canceled and are Swedes following the rules?

More than one month ago, universities and high schools sent students home but younger children are still in the classroom. Hear parents and health officials on Sweden's unusual approach. In business news, the economic fallout from the Covid-19 virus continues to mount with a new report warning that GDP will shrink significantly this year. Plus, the Valborg holiday this week would normally bring tens of thousands to the university town of Uppsala. But officials there underscored that the party's over thanks to the pandemic. And are Swedes listening to health advice on keeping their distance? A new poll says they are and tells us who is cutting down on their physical contact with others the most. Frank Radosevich frank.radosevich_ii@sverigesradio.se


30 Apr 2020

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Radio Sweden Weekly: Comparing Sweden's COVID19 strategy to its neighbours, Gotland tells visitors to stay away

We hear how medical experts in Sweden's Nordic neighbours see Sweden's strategy to deal with the corona virus pandemic, and also how one Baltic island has seen visitors fall by 90%. We also get the latest details on the "corona budget" to support the Swedish economy through the expected downturn. Presenter: Loukas Christodoulou Producer: Kris Boswell


16 Apr 2020

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Over a thousand covid-19 deaths, head teacher suspended, Corona-rules stop seasonal workers

Radio Sweden brings you a round-up of the main news in Sweden on the 14th of April 2020. Producer: Kris Boswell Presenter: Ulla Engberg


14 Apr 2020

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No date on lifting of corona restrictions, antibody tests not recommended, SAS to lose 5,000 jobs, Swedes not getting physical

A round-up of the day's news from Radio Sweden on Tuesday 28th April 2020. Producer: Kris Boswell Presenter: Keith Foster


28 Apr 2020

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Radio Sweden Weekly: no-shows at coronavirus test centres, volunteers rally to make up for PPE shortage, Swedes mark World Press Freedom Day

Drive-through test centres have been set up as part of the government's plans to scale up testing for Covid-19. The problem is, hardly anyone is showing up. So far, Sweden has carried out roughly 120,000 tests for the coronavirus, but the government has vowed to scale up testing to 100,000 per week, primarily for frontline and critical workers. They need a referral from a doctor or nurse to get swabbed at a drive-through test centre, but Radio Sweden visited a facility where the staff have very little to do. Also, care workers have raised the alarm over a shortage in personal protective equipment. Now, Swedes are mobilising to produce everything from visors to facemasks. Radio Sweden has visited one of two pop-up factories in southern Stockholm where hundreds of volunteers have made 25,000 plastic gowns. Plus, the campaign to get the Chinese-Swedish book seller and writer Gui Minhai released from a Chinese jail continued this week, as Swedish publishers and writers petitioned the Chinese embassy for Gui's release. The demonstration was timed to coincide with World Press Freedom Day and Gui's birthday. Radio Sweden was there. Those stories and more, in this edition of Radio Sweden Weekly. Nathalie Rothschild nathalie.rothschild@sr.se


7 May 2020

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Radio Sweden Weekly: Should Sweden be learning lessons from its Nordic neighbours on handling Covid-19 spread?

We speak to one of the leading experts at Norway's Public Health Institute as Sweden's neighbour emerges from lockdown. Also, 'He was a very loving man' - Mirrey mourns her father who died from Covid-19 and asks why stricter limits on public gatherings weren't introduced sooner. Presenter: Dave Russell Producer: Kris Boswell


21 May 2020

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