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Welcome to the Living Superhuman Fitness Podcast where we take you inside our gym CrossFit Palm Beach each week. It’s here that we are creating new Superhumans every day; transforming peoples’ lives, helping them reach a level of health they never knew possible. We strive to answer your most burning questions on fitness, health, nutrition, training, motivation, mindset, lifestyle, and more. If you have a question, please email us at info@crossfitpalmbeach.com. You can also learn more on our blog LivingSuperhuman.com. And if you have a moment, we’d love a review from you on iTunes. Alright it’s time, let’s stop being average, and start living superhuman.

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Ep. 29 - How To Eat For Your Goals

Nutrition is such a broad subject, yet it is an integral piece of our fitness journey. It is especially important as it pertains to individual fitness goals. In this episode we talk about bringing an awareness to HOW we are eating, as well as what nutrition works best for different goals whether its eating for performance, aesthetics, etc.  We go into the specifics of food being fuel, and how to fuel yourself appropriately based on your individual primary goal. We also talk about true effort when trying a specific nutrition program, and how being 100% compliant, consistently, is KEY to getting/seeing/feeling results. DISCLAIMER: we are not dietitians, we are referencing our own experience with nutrition plans. 


15 May 2017

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Ep. 63 - How To Eat Around Your Workouts

In Episode 63, "How To Eat Around Your Workouts", we look at the best (and worst foods) you can eat pre-WOD and post-WOD. Let's first say that nutrient timing is somewhat of an advanced skill that should come after you've dialed in the quality of the foods you're eating. Also eating balanced meals in the right quantities and macronutrient ratios. Only then will timing those macronutrients be beneficial to your performance in your workouts and the results you achieve. We also want you to approach this from a goal to improve performance, soreness and recovery from workouts, and long term body composition, not short term hacks to burn belly fat.  We get a lot of questions on this topic, especially from our earliest risers at our 5am class and our post-work crew coming in at 7pm. We try to address each approach as best we can and give our best tips. Some topics we cover... Why 24-36 hours before a workout matters as "pre-workout"? How what you eat on rest days affects workouts? Do I have to eat before a 5 or 6am workout? Why does dinner the night before matter? What is the optimal pre or post workout window for gainz? How much carbs, fat, and protein should I have around workouts? What do you guys, the coaches, eat before and after workouts? Should I eat after a workout if I'm not hungry? Is it worth taking an electrolyte supplement for workouts? What are some quick go-to's that are easy to digest before an intense workout? Why Perfect Bars aren't great around workouts but Fuel For Fire is Should I use a preworkout supplement or caffeine? Can I eat a full meal after a 7pm workout? Are carbs at night bad? Why CrossFit works best with carbohydrates What types of proteins are best to take?


20 May 2019

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Ep. 49 - Your Top Nutrition Questions Answered

Welcome our newest addition to our coaching staff, Danielle M, to our podcasts! In this episode we all discuss and answer questions posed by YOU, our members, about nutrition. Nutrition is not a one size fits all, but we have some basic guidelines that marry all the different aspects and perspectives around nutrition. We go over questions like “how often should I be having a cheat meal?, what are the best things to consume pre and post workout?, should I be concerned with nutrient timing?" and more.


19 Jul 2018

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Ep. 66 - Why Food Quality Matters

Why Food Quality Matters! We dive into WHY it's so important to eat clean. So many people focus solely on weight loss, but eating quality food has much more to give us than just good looks. Energy, mental clarity, stamina, and gut health are all related to the quality of food we eat. Find yourself struggling in your workouts or recovering from the tough WODs, we're going to help you dial in the quality of your food to upgrade the quality of your workouts and recovery. We also talk about how to find which foods work for you. Certain foods have a different effect on everyone. What might be considered healthy may not feel great in YOUR gut. That's ok and you have to find what foods make you feel Superhuman.


15 Jul 2019

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Ep. 21 - Do I Need Active Recovery and Rest Days?

Why do we need them? Mental reset. Critical for the mental aspect. Never want training to feel like a chore. Physical reset. You may not be hitting workouts as hard as you can because you haven’t let your body rebuild to get you ready for the next wod. Take a rest day before you know you need a rest day.  It’s almost too late if you wait to use a rest day when your body really needs it. Longer term approach to CrossFit and avoids burnout. Avoiding injury. Letting nagging injuries heal and rebuild. Don’t let the little tweaks or strains become big problems. Listen to your body and learn your body. It’s an invaluable tool for any athlete. What are the differences between “Rest” and “Active Recovery” days? What is a Rest Day? Do nothing for the whole day. Just relax and stay outside the gym, reset yourself mentally. What is an Active Recovery Day? Low intensity aerobic work just to get a sweat, higher heart rate but still easily able to hold a conversation. Will often last 20-40 minutes. Can be inside or outside the gym. In south Florida we should try to stay outside the gym and find a physical activity we can enjoy in the sun. Take the gym outside. Grab a rower and kettlebell and take it outside into the sun. Get some vitamin D and a nice sweat on. Keep your heart rate under 150. Sometimes you can sweat more in an active recovery workout, just keep your heart rate down. Great opportunity to work on a skill, or take on a weakness. Just remeber to keep overall volume down. Do some monostructural movements like running, rowing, biking, burpees, jump rope. Let your CNS, central nervous system, relax and work very little on these days. Can also be a stretching or yoga session. Do a ROMWOD session. Downsides to Rest Days: If you do nothing, you can feel tighter the next day at your workout. Rest days can lead to more rest days. Where as active recovery days can keep you on top of that daily routine. Downsides to Active Recovery Days: You can overdo an active recovery day. Don’t let them turn into a training day.  Resist the temptation to join the class WOD. Programming is often put together with recovery days built in. Athletes like Katrin Davidsdottir, who follows CompTrain programming, knows she will leave Thursday and Sunday as active


31 Oct 2016

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How Your Body Transforms Through Different Workouts

We're constantly asked questions about programming and workouts, and the "method behind the madness".  Why are some days really hard and others not so hard?  Why do some days focus more on strength and others more on cardio?     In this episode, Coach Austin and Coach Andrew break down why there is so much variation among the workouts that you see in CrossFit and BeachFit, and how embracing the purpose of different days can help you lose weight, get stronger, and perform better inside and outside the gym.


28 Jan 2020

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Ep. 36 - How To Maximize The 10 Minutes Before And After Every Class

The 10 mins before class or between class is referred to a time "when the magic happens". This is a time where members get to know each other, and build on the camaraderie that creates the Crossfit community. This is also a period of time where you can really elevate your fitness to really MAXIMIZE your hour long Crossfit Class. We know--you know how to foam roll--but do you know how to prep your body in a way that primes your nervous system and prevents the cause of injury? This episode dives into some simple but effective tools to add to your toolbox for those 10 mins before class.


1 Oct 2017

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Ep. 46 - The Death Of RX

In this episode we go into the many reasons why we change the labels of SCALED, RX, AND RTG (as far as prescribed weights and movements) in our WODs. We dive into what our number one goal for all of our workouts is, and how these new labels Fitness, Performance, and Sport support that goal. We want all of our Crossfit and Beachfit athletes to be in a lifelong pursuit of improving their fitness; and with this change in terminology we feel we can provide a new sense of ownership to class programming so every member feels they are in it for the long game specific to their goals.


25 Apr 2018

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Superhuman Fitness Podcast - Ep. 25 - How To Build Mental Toughness In CrossFit And Life

Being mentally tough has been a part of the Crossfit persona since "Pukie the clown" had originally reared his ugly head. However, most people understand mental toughness as "who can withstand the most pain?". In this episode we dive into why this isn't necessarily the case when it comes to being mentally tough, and why being mentally tough has more to do with being in the present moment and what you're focusing on.  We dive into what we learned coming off of a weekend of training with Katrin Davidsdottir, Brooke Wells, and Ben Bergeron at the Competitors Training "Competitive Excellence" Camp, and talk about some insight Ben shared with us on how the best in the sport work on their "mental game". 


14 Mar 2017

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Setter Better Resolutions

It's the beginning of a New Year, and the new year's resolutions are in full force.  While some people hate on others who set New Year's resolutions, assuming they will inevitably fail, we are a fan of anything that can potentially create a catalyst for change that transforms someone's life.     So rather than knock on people that set resolutions, we would rather give you the tools to set better resolutions, and to actually develop a plan of action, that will almost guarantee you will be successful.     This episode covers some of our favorite tips for setting goals, developing habits, and changing your mindset, along with examples of how we have incorporated those ideas into our own lives.


3 Jan 2020

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CrossFit Programming Focus for Dec2019/Jan2020

This podcast covers the key areas we will be focusing on for the next 10 weeks of our CrossFit programming.  We discuss the 'why' behind the programming and provide insights into how you can get the most out of your workouts over the next 2+ months.  


27 Nov 2019

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Ep. 65 - The Power List

Welcome to our gym CrossFit Palm Beach, where in today's episode we discuss the "Power List" - a tool that we adapted from Andy Frisella's MFCEO podcast. The Power List is not your everyday to-do list.  It's a list that moves the needle for what you want to accomplish with your life. We talk about how to create a power list, how we've created one for ourselves and staff at CFPB, talk about who could benefit most from using it, and the benefits of implementing this in your life. Get more out of each day and do stuff that matters by creating a power list today. Grab a copy of the one we've created to get the most of our days, for free here http://www.sevenfigurebox.com/powerlist/


24 Jun 2019

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Ep. 40 - The Importance Of Knowing Why You Workout

Goals and Goal setting, are two terms we often hear tossed around in conversation especially when it comes to working out. Goals are part of a bigger picture, which can be your WHY. Your intention [that is meaningful to YOU] for working out. We talk about each of our personal WHY's in this podcast, as they vary between the coaches. We also talk about having some fluidity within our goal setting, and with our WHY. As life changes and evolves goals and intentions should take shape along with it, especially for health and fitness. Why also go over being accountable to our WHYs, having our actions match up with what our WHY is and what to do if they aren't in alignment.


28 Dec 2017

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Ep. 34 - Bulletproof Your Shoulders With Dr. Z

Dr. Jordan Zabriskie from Elite Therapy & Wellness joins us to talk about shoulder health. Dr. Z's website http://pbelitewellness.com/ In this episode we cover... How shoulder injuries develop over time How to spot precursors to injury How emailing and texting has shortened our pecs How to sleep for safe shoulders Preventing pain in certain CrossFit movements What is shoulder impingement and how do we remove it Correcting deficiencies and strengthening your shoulders Stretching, foam rolling, and lacrosse ball work The art of A.R.T (Active Release Technique) and how to mimic it with a lax ball Exercises you can do at your desk to improve shoulders When to know to back off of shoulder pain or go see a specialist Thank you to Dr. Z for teaching us about shoulder health. To see instructional videos from Dr. Z on the movements mentioned in this podcast check out our YouTube Channel CrossFit Palm Beach. 


14 Aug 2017

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Ep. 43 - The Habits Challenge: How To Make Habits Stick

In this episode we welcome our newest coach Katy Richardson, AND we are talking about HABITS. We've just wrapped up a Habits Challenge with our members. We want to build our habits so they are building blocks to achieving our long term goals. Coming into the new year, we want these habits to STICK and have a more permanent roll than a typical 30 day challenge where old habits and behaviors take over. We talk about the habits being "small" but not to mean insignificant. Habits can be broken down to the most do-able action. For example, a habit for a goal of reading a book could be, I read 1 sentence every day. One sentence seems do-able on any day, and will typically lead to more than one sentence being read. We also go into how to keep the momentum of habits rolling throughout the year.


1 Mar 2018

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Ep. 35 - How To Stay Healthy Traveling and What to Bring With

We have a lot of athletes from our gym who travel for work or vacation and always ask about staying on track while on the road. In this episode we break down our tips to a healthy trip into nutrition and workout tips. We think it's possible to actually come home healthier than when you left, and will give you all the tricks we use. We talk about the "must have" food and snack items you should bring and the things you should stay away from. Our best tips to staying on track when eating out. What to do first in your new city upon arrival. How to find a good CrossFit gym to drop into. Workouts you can do in your hotel gym or on your own. How to use the local atmosphere, playgrounds, parks, etc. Mobility tools to bring and tips to keep from having injuries What supplements we bring to help keep us healthy ...and more! If you have a moment please leave us a review on iTunes and hit SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out on any future episodes we release!


4 Sep 2017

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Ep. 28 - The 5 Tools Of A Competitive Crossfitter

The ideal Crossfit athlete is someone [we'd consider] that is the swiss army knife of athletes. They are someone who has all 5 of these tools, and can use them all at an above average rate. The 5 tools are as follows: 1. Strength, 2. Skills, 3. Conditioning make what Ben Bergeron calls the "three headed monster"  4. Flexibility and 5. Mental Toughness. In this episode we talk about these 5 tools as a framework for thinking about yourself as an overall athlete and what areas you'd like to improve. We talk about our opinions of the most important tool; and also go over why the 5th tool, mental toughness is the glue that binds the 5 tools together, creating the ultimate competitor. 


2 May 2017

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Nutrition Q & A - How to Tackle Holiday Events


17 Dec 2019

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Ep. 15 - How To Survive And Excel In Your First Year Of CrossFit

The first year of CrossFit is filled with unique challenges that most people don't really expect.  Lots of people come into CrossFit with a ton of motivation, but can become discouraged if they don't have a good understanding of the effect CrossFit can have on their body, and the results they can expect to achieve from it.  Each step along the way presents requires a different mindset and approach in order to be successful.  In this episode, we show you what you can expect from your first day, week, month, and year of CrossFit so you can better overcome challenges and maximize your experience inside and outside the gym.  


10 Sep 2016

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Ep. 44 - The Difference Between Taking Ownership Of Your Fitness vs. Cherrypicking

Crossfit is known for being 'prepared for the unknown' as far as training goes. How does 'cherry picking' workouts then come into play? At Crossfit Palm Beach we allow our athletes (both on the Beachfit and Crossfit side) to view our week of workouts for each day. We want our athletes to use this as a tool to take ownership of their fitness and help prepare them for the workout (i.e. injury specific warm ups, proper attire for rope climbs etc.) There are some times when cherry picking, or choosing a particular workout to attend, might be appropriate and benefit your fitness, but there are also times when this "cherry picking" habit can be detrimental to your overall improvement. In this episode we dive into both of these scenarios, and the pros of cons of "cherry picking". We also dive into the process of our programming for both Beachfit and Crossfit, and how to really get the most out of your training.


25 Mar 2018

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