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In-House Legal covers a variety of issues pertinent to the general counsel and in-house legal departments of small, mid-size, and large companies. Host Randy Milch, former general counsel for Verizon, discusses the latest developments, trends, and best practices for this very busy and often complicated area of law. Hear from top legal minds, industry experts, and other special guests on topics like ethical duties, corporate governance, employment law, and management.

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Taming the Litigation Beast

At the first sniff of a claim or a lawsuit against your company, the in-house legal department must take charge of a case and not let go. Join In-House Legal, host Paul D. Boynton Esq., with trial attorney, Barry Weiner, from the law firm Ruberto, Israel & Weiner, as they discuss how to tame the litigation beast and share thoughts and insights on how in-house lawyers can effectively control their litigation budgets.


10 Feb 2009

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Skills for Success as a General Counsel

In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch interviews Mark Roellig, General Counsel of MassMutual, about the skills lawyers need to go in-house or become a general counsel, how to properly manage an in-house team of attorneys, and why diversity is important in business. Roellig explains that lawyers seeking a general counsel job need to gain legal experience above and beyond their current position in addition to the knowledge of business, communication, and other non-legal skills. He discusses how to choose the right team of employees, make sure your department adds value to the company, and the proper way to achieve success with diversity. Tune in to learn how to lead a corporate legal department successfully.


19 Mar 2015

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CVS Thomas Moriarty on Whether Law Firm Experience is Needed for General Counsel

As new lawyers enter the legal marketplace it can be challenging trying to decide which job opportunities are best to gain the professional experience needed to advance one’s career. In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch talks with CVS Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel Thomas Moriarty about his current role, his occupational journey, and whether the experience of working for a law firm is vital for attorneys striving to be in-house counsel. Thomas Moriarty is Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel for CVS Health.


12 Dec 2016

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The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and Saving through E-Discovery

Join In-House Legal, host Paul D. Boynton Esq., as he brings two important legal topics to the table. In our first segment, Paul welcomes Maria Rodriguez, a partner with Winston & Strawn LLP in Los Angeles, to discuss the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 and how it affects employers. Paul will also talk to Richard Stout, director of the Litigation Support Division for Counsel on Call and Dennis McKinnie, executive director of Counsel on Call’s Atlanta office, about how your legal department can save money through e-discovery.


11 Mar 2009

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Patent Filing Rules Boosted by Federal Court

The Federal Circuit recently sided with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruling that the USPTO did not overstep its authority in adopting new rules that some companies and patent lawyers claim will stifle innovation and fundamentally alter patent practice. Join In-House Legal host Paul D. Boynton Esq, as he welcomes Attorney James E. Hopenfeld, a partner in Ropes & Gray's Intellectual Property Group, to discuss the immediate impact of this federal ruling and how patent practices and industries could be affected in real-world practice.


7 Apr 2009

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Cybersecurity in Regulated Industries with AMEX GC Laureen Seeger

As a naturally competitive person, Laureen Seeger thrived throughout her career as a litigator. After law school, she clerked and was offered a job in the Atlanta-based law firm of Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP. In the South during the 1980s, there were virtually no women in courtrooms and she had to fight hard for first chair privileges. 14 years later, she went in-house and eventually became general counsel at McKesson, a massive healthcare supplies provider. Now she is general counsel of American Express in another highly regulated industry requiring strong cybersecurity measures. So what advice does she have to offer from her experience as GC for these two major companies? In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch interviews Laureen Seeger about her path to AMEX, industry regulation and cybersecurity, and the importance of brand trust. It is important, she says, for small- and medium-sized firms to invest in security measures, which often involves educating staff on encryption and best practices. Seeger discusses the regular audits American Express administers to their third party affiliates, the benefits and downfalls of cyber insurance, and how her department prepares the AMEX board of governors with the cyber security  information they need to govern properly. She explains how cyber breaches can be much more expensive than periodically assessing business environment, putting protections in place, fishing internally for employees that need training, and encrypting information. Laureen Seeger is executive vice president and general counsel of American Express Company, a position she assumed in July 2014.  As the corporation’s chief legal officer, Seeger oversees the law, government affairs and corporate secretarial functions for American Express and its subsidiaries. Prior to American Express, Ms. Seeger served as executive vice president, general counsel and chief compliance officer of McKesson Corporation and was with the Atlanta law firm of Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP from 1992 to 2000.


17 May 2016

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How General Counsels Drive the Legal Profession

Bill Ide’s resume is packed with impressive positions, not the least of which includes ABA President and general counsel of Monsanto. In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch interviews Bill Ide about his career path, the decisions he made along the way, and what it truly takes to be a leader in the legal industry. In-house lawyers can gain insight from his experience with corporate governance and the future of the profession as a whole.


7 Oct 2015

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Thomson Reuters' Deirdre Stanley: Being Interested and Getting Ahead

Despite not being 100% sure of her desired practice area when she graduated from Harvard Law School, Deirdre Stanley, now general counsel of Thomson Reuters, was certain of two things: she wanted to work in business and wanted to do so in New York City. During her tenure in Biglaw doing mergers and acquisitions, Deirdre found her calling working alongside in-house counsels. She realized that in order to advance, she would need to diversify her experience, so when the opportunity to head business development at USA Network came up, she took it. That off-path experience eventually paved the way for an offer from Thomson Reuters to head their legal department. In this episode of In-House Legal, host Randy Milch interviews Deirdre Stanley about her path to the top. Together, they discuss her background, pivotal decisions along the way, and how being interested in multiple disciplines is the key to high level positions. Tune in to hear her advice for lawyers in today’s market and about her daily duties to maintain a free press worldwide. Deirdre Stanley is the executive vice president, general counsel, and board secretary at Thomson Reuters. Prior to her current role, she held various legal and senior executive positions, including deputy general counsel at IAC (previously USA Networks, Inc.). From 1997 to 1999, Deirdre served as associate general counsel for GTE Corporation (a predecessor company to Verizon), where she headed the mergers and acquisitions practice group. She currently serves as a vice chair on the Board of Trustees of the Hospital for Special Surgery and is a member of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the Executive Leadership Council.


2 Dec 2015

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Vertical Promotion is Not Always the Route to General Counsel

In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch interviews Louise Parent about her ambitious path to general counsel of AMEX, how she successfully dealt with AMEX’s battle with Visa and Mastercard in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, and how the role of general counsel has changed since 1993. She discusses how she started in state legislative affairs but migrated to typical corporate practice by taking on more complicated tasks as available. Parent then decided to become general counsel of a subsidiary, at best a lateral move. In that position, however, she learned to show value to the sales process as a lawyer, she learned how to work with an executive team, and was confronted with a wide variety of legal issues. After discussing the litigation with Visa and Mastercard, Parent then reveals how technology and regulation has changed the role of a general counsel. It is now imperative to become involved in the business as a whole, be familiar with the global legal climate, and understand the expectations of regulators.


5 May 2015

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Verizon’s Randy Milch on Being General Counsel and Running the In-House Legal Department

In-House Legal returns with new host Randy Milch, the executive vice president and strategic policy advisor to the chair and CEO for Verizon Communications. Formerly the general counsel for Verizon, Randy has worked nearly his entire legal career in the telecom industry. In this episode of In-House Legal, Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews host Randy Milch as he takes the reigns of the show. Together, they discuss Randy’s path to becoming Verizon’s GC, the importance of having talented attorneys on your team, and the challenges faced in regulatory environments. In addition, they talk about the cost of patent trolls, the necessity of support staff, and relentlessly weathering pressure and uncertainty. Tune in to hear what Randy’s plans are for the show’s future as well as his advice for in-house legal departments. Randy Milch is the executive vice president and strategic policy advisor to the chair and CEO for Verizon Communications. Prior to that, he was the company’s executive vice president and general counsel. Mr. Milch has worked a career in the telecom industry and brings decades of legal experience to the In-House Legal show.


25 Feb 2015

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Yahoo GC Ron Bell on Privacy vs. Security

In this episode of In-House Legal, Yahoo General Counsel Ron Bell joins host Randy Milch for a conversation about national security vs. online privacy. For companies that provide access to online content worldwide there can be a fine line between freedom of expression and unlawful content. Just because something is legal in the U.S. does not mean that it’s allowed in other countries. And furthermore, if something is lawful does that mean a company has to provide access to it? In addition to providing access to content, Randy asks Ron about his path to Yahoo, which had some interesting stops along the way. Originally starting as an associate at Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal in Illinois, Ron set his sites on Silicon Valley fairly early in his career. Without being licensed in California or even an available position to apply for, Ron asked for a meeting at Apple Computer, Inc. As it turned out, a position opened during his visit and he was hired shortly after. Tune in to hear more about his story and what it takes to ascend to the top. Ron Bell is the general counsel, secretary, and vice president at Yahoo. Prior to that, he served as deputy general counsel for several regions of the company as well as other legal positions as he advanced through the ranks. Before beginning his career at Yahoo, Ron served as senior corporate counsel at Apple Computer, Inc. and as an associate at the law firm of Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal.


24 Feb 2016

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Google GC Kent Walker on Internet Disruption and Censorship

As we all know, the internet continually disrupts society on aglobal scale. It has become a platform for the internationalexchange of ideas and, more importantly, brought hundreds ofmillions of people out of extreme poverty. But with this disruptiveplatform comes challenges of safety and security, access toinformation, and censorship within multiple legal systems. How canwe appropriately apply the legal standards and expectations fromevery country in the world to the internet which is, by nature, aninternational platform? In this episode of In-House Legal,Randy Milch interviews Google Senior VicePresident and General Counsel Kent Walker abouthis path to general counsel of Google and the current legalchallenges the multinational technology company faces. Walkerexamines internet disruption and censorship and talks about howGoogle approaches the legal balance between personal privacy andthe government’s need for access to information. Walker begins by talking about his path through the U.S.Attorney’s office, AirTouch Communications, Netscape (which becameAOL), eBay, and then ending up in his current position at Googleand how different sources of training gave him the experience to bea successful general counsel. Through his history in techcompanies, he has interacted with the evolution of information lawin privacy and defamation, jurisdictional questions, intellectualproperty definitions, the limits on patents and copyright, and newquestions about antitrust in a digital economy. Milch and Walker then transition into a discussion on threatsarising to the internet as it is today. As Google is intimatelyinvolved in the balance between necessary encryption and governmentaccess to information, Walker discusses how his legal departmentapproaches this fine line. Discussion inevitably turns tocensorship and the “right to be forgotten,” a misnomer actuallymeaning the right to be delisted from the search engines. They talkabout self-censorship within tech companies like Facebook andTwitter, collaboration in Silicon Valley after the SnowdenRevelations, and the international goal of access to informationand freedom of expression. As general counsel and senior vice president for legal, policy,trust, and safety at Google, Kent Walker isresponsible for managing Google's global legal team and advisingthe company's board and management on legal issues and corporategovernance matters. Before joining Google, Walker held senior legalpositions at a number of leading technology companies. Earlier inhis career, Walker was an Assistant U.S. Attorney with the UnitedStates Department of Justice, where he specialized in theprosecution of technology crimes and advised the Attorney Generalon management and technology issues.


29 Apr 2016

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Ford’s GC David Leitch on Leadership During Crisis

David Leitch is no stranger to crisis. During his career, he was chief counsel for the Federal Aviation Administration during the September 11th terrorist attacks where he was responsible for closing the skies to commercial flights, recruiting qualified Air Marshals, and turning airport security over to TSA. In addition, he was Ford Motor Company’s group vice president and general counsel during the auto industry bailout, when the survival of vital suppliers and General Motors was in doubt. Fortunately, his in-and-out government employment armed him with the tools to manage the legal affairs of our country’s largest and most important institutions during critical times. In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch interviews David Leitch about his career path, crisis management, and leadership. Tune in to hear his opinions about GM’s bailout and bankruptcy as well as facilitating an ethical company culture.


30 Oct 2015

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Cyber Security: Using Insurance to Motivate Technology

The public and private sectors are equally struggling with cyber security issues. Despite the development of innovative problem-solving technologies and systems, many small, medium, and large companies are still at great risk of a cyber attack. In this episode of In-House Legal, Randy Milch interviews Peter Beshar, executive vice president and general counsel of Marsh & McLennan, about his path to becoming general counsel and how businesses should approach the issue of cyber security. Beshar discusses cyber security risks and how they affect the private and public sectors. He explains Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): technological innovations coupled with cyber insurance which drives and modifies people’s behavior. Additionally, he says, the government should interact with private businesses to share cyber threat indicators and provide widespread information about preventing cyber attacks.


14 Apr 2015

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The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering and the Discovery Process

Join In-House Legal, host Paul D. Boynton Esq., as he welcomes two great guests. In our first segment, Paul welcomes Jim Durham, a former in-house lawyer and veteran law firm marketing consultant to discuss his book The Essential Little Book of Great Lawyering. In the second segment, Paul welcomes Attorney Marty A. Mazzone, vice president and associate general counsel in the legal department of Fidelity Investments in Boston, to explore the discovery process.


20 Mar 2009

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