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ILTV’s Zion News main daily broadcast. Bringing you the real Israel.

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ILTV’s Zion News main daily broadcast. Bringing you the real Israel.

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By Dream5863 - Aug 09 2019
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Great reporting on so many subjects: culture, music, daily news, politics, travel. I listen every day to stay connected. Just love this podcast!

It's amazing how much leftists lie

By AGT1201 - Jun 29 2019
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By Dream5863 - Aug 09 2019
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Great reporting on so many subjects: culture, music, daily news, politics, travel. I listen every day to stay connected. Just love this podcast!

It's amazing how much leftists lie

By AGT1201 - Jun 29 2019
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Rank #1: UK To Slap Iran With Sanctions After Ship Seizure | 7/22/19

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Labor & Gesher Parties Merge

  Left Wing Parties Decry Merger While Bennett & Shaked Discuss ‘New Right Party’ Pt. 2

Ayelet Shaked Will Head The New ‘New Right’ Party

How Will The Recent Political Shake-Ups & Unions Affect September Elections? Attila Somfalvi is joining us via Skype To Discuss.

UK To Slap Iran With Sanctions After Ship Seizure

  Britain Claims Iran Violated Int’L Law; Germany Demands That The Crew Be Released

US Moves Army Forces To Prince Sultan Air Base

  Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry Reveals Details Of The Basing Plan On Friday

Israel Katz Poses With Bahraini Counterpart

  Rare Photo Demonstrates Growing Ties Between The Two Middle Eastern Countries

PM Netanyahu Vows To Crush Hezbollah

  Harsh Warning Issued During Ceremony For Fallen Soldiers Of The 2Nd Lebanon War

IDF Breaks Up Hamas Money-Transferring Network

  Gaza Travel Agency Is Revealed To Be A Front For Terrorist Money Laundering

Israel Will Not Deny Entry To Congressmembers

  Us Congresswomen, Omar & Tlaib, Will Be Allowed To Visit Next Month As Planned

Israeli City Of Elad Bans Dogs

  Rabbis Sign Edict Declaring That Dogs And Those Who Own Them Are ‘Accursed’

IAA Discovers One Of The Earliest-Known Mosques

  Modest Ancient Prayer House Likely Used By Farmers Is Revealed In Bedouin Town

Jul 22 2019



Rank #2: UK Labour Party May Split Over Anti-Semitism | 2/5/19

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  1. 2 suspects neutralized for throwing bombs at IDF

The IDF neutralized two Palestinian suspects Monday night, who reportedly threw explosives at soldiers by the Jalameh security crossing near Jenin.

  1. Likud primaries begin

The Likud party primaries are today, meaning that 113 polling stations across the country will now be buzzing as 142 candidates scramble to make the top 30 list

  1. Israeli politicians support ‘Nahal’ movement

Dozens of right wing senior ministers and Knesset members lawmakers sign a declaration in support of the Nahal Movement which seeks to promote settlement expansion in the west bank.

  1. Left-Wing media bias exposed?

Lahav Harkov, Senior Contributing Editor for the Jerusalem Post, speaking at ILTV studio about media left-wing bias

  1. Gantz gains in popularity

Benny Gantz’ Israel resilience party is still a major threat to the Prime Minister’s Likud expected to take 22 seats to the Likud’s 30.

  1. UK Labour party may split over Anti-Semitism

The British Labor party led by MP Jeremy Corbyn, is now looking to split, over issues of Anti-Semitism and other disagreements led to internal motion passed demanding detailed list of actions addressing the issue.

  1. Massive drill at Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires

ILTV'S Joy Gavillon joins us to speak about Argentinian security forces stage a major surprise hostage-taking scenario at the Embassy in Buenos Aires.

  1. Supreme Court rules on tobacco taxes

The Israeli High Court of Justice has taken another step towards reducing the rate of tobacco consumption in the country.

  1. Uber & Moovit announce new partnership

Uber will soon offer public trans services for a ‘one-stop-shop’ experience and partnering up with Israeli transit technology brand Moovit

  1. Bryan Cranston cast as lead in Showtime remake

Showtime announced Thursday, the start of production for a remake of ‘Kvodo’ a hit legal drama from the Israeli ‘Yes’ network starring Bryan Cranston

  1. Madonna may actually come for Eurovision 2019

According to Ynet reports on Sunday, international pop-icon Madonna is practically confirmed to perform at the Eurovision competition in May.

12.Shalva Band Israel pushes EBU to change policy for Sabbath

One of Israel's top choices for Eurovision are facing some scheduling issues, the mandatory rehearsal falls on the Sabbath and they are pushing for an exception.

  1. Hebrew word of the Day: HERGEL | הרגל = HABIT

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is ' HERGEL'

Feb 05 2019



Rank #3: Alexandria Ocasio - Cortez in Hot Water Over Concentration Camp Statement | 6/19/19

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  1. 1. Iran May Target Israel Amid Conflict With US

  Experts worry that Israel may be dragged into the Iranian-US war of words



  1. 2. IAEA Recognizes PA; Allows It To Join Organization

 Israel responds, calling the recognition a “violation of international conventions” 



  1. Egypt To Pay Israel $500 Million Over Gas Dispute

 Agreed-upon payments are set to be made in installments over the next 8.5 years 



  1. 4. Police Extend Investigation In Child Rape Case

 Unanswered questions leave investigators wondering if they got the right guy



  1. AOC In Trouble Again

NY representative compares us detention facilities to Nazi concentration camps.

We are joined in the ILTV studio with Heather Stone, Chair of Democrats Abroad, Israel and Davidi Hermelin, President of the Int’l Center for Public Diplomacy in Israel 



  1. Senate Passes Bi-Partisan Bill On Anti-Semitisim

 Senators Ted Cruz (R-Texas) & Tim Kaine (D-Virginia) spearheaded landmark measure



  1. 7. Israel Fertility Treatment Results On The Rise

 Despite progress, success rates for women over 40 years old are still low



  1. 8. Ancient Military Watchtower Discovered

 Observation point overlooks Hebron mountains, Judean plains, and Ashkelon area



  1. The Spy Behind Home Plate

 New documentary sheds light on the pro-baseball player-turned-spy; Moe Berg



  1. Today in History

June 19 1995, Jewish cartoonist Hilary Price’s cartoon strip, Rhymes With Orange, appeared in syndication for the first time.



  1. The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy and warm, with a low of seventy-two or twenty-two degrees Celsius. Then tomorrow you can expect clear and sunny skies with a high of eighty-six or thirty degrees Celsius.


Jun 19 2019



Rank #4: ‘No; Jesus Of Nazareth Was Not A Palestinian’ | 7/7/19

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Iran Ups Enrichment To 5%; Violates 2015 JCPOA

Europe Scrambles To Save The Nuclear Deal That May Finally Be On Its Last Legs

Daycare Provider Arrested For Child Abuse

Carmel Mauda Under Investigation For 18-Counts Of Child Neglect And Abuse

No; Jesus Of Nazareth Was Not A Palestinian’

Here To Discuss About The Recent Comments Made By Linda Sarsour Is Davidi Hermlin, The President Of The International Center For Public Diplomacy In Israel.

Alleged Car-Ramming Leaves 5 Idf Soldiers Injured

Security Forces Arrest Car-Ramming Suspect & His Father After Brief Manhunt 

Ethiopian-Israeli Protests Set To Resume Monday

 IDF Reprimands Nco For Threatening Ethiopian-Israeli Recruit With Police Shooting

Adalah To Sue Education Ministry Over ‘Hasbara’ Test

Israeli-Arab Advocacy Group Says Required Exam Is ‘Racist, Outrageous, And Illegal’

Former PM Barak Names New Political Party

With His New ‘Israel Democratic Party,’ Barak Vows To Restore Hope & Unity To Israel 

It’s Really, Really Hot Out There!

New Un Report Describes Record-Setting Heat-Waves; Says Millions Of Jobs Are At Risk

Massive Swarm Of Jellyfish Hits Israeli Shores

Marine Ecologists Say There’S No Reason To Panic Over The Tens Of Millions Of Jellies

Cruising Israel With Emanuelle Kadosh

A Short Inside-Look At The Desert Resort Of Kfar Hanokdim

Israeli Locksmith Gets G.O.T. Actor Into His House

Shahar Efraim Comes To The Rescue As He Helps Nikolaj Coster-Waldu Out Of A Bind

Today In History - July 7, 1887

Sub Headline: Birthday Of Jewish, Russian-French Artist, Marc Chagall

Jul 08 2019



Rank #5: Tensions Remain High in Israel | 8/27/19

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  1. IDF on high alert in the north

 Reprisals are expected following IAF’s weekend strikes against Iran and Hezbollah



  1. Tensions remain high in Israel's north

  IDF on high alert of possible reprisals following IAF’s weekend strikes against Iran and Hezbollah. Joining us in the ILTV studio to discuss the current situation is MK Yoav Kisch, Chairman of Interior the Committee and member of the Likud party.



  1. US steps away from Israel over attack in Iraq

 Netanyahu calls on international community to act immediately against Iran & its proxies



  1. Trump is willing to meet with Iran’s Rouhani

 Israel fears that the west will capitulate to Iranian demands



  1. Israel foils bombing attack in West Bank

 IED found along west bank highway – days after deadly bombing attack



  1. Likud pressures right-wing parties to drop out

 ‘Otzma Yehudit and Zehut should bow out in fear of “wasting” right-wing votes’



  1. Israeli toddler mauled by leopard in Thailand

 Big cat escapes after victim’s grandfather mistakenly leaves the door open



  1. Israeli toddler mauled by leopard in Thailand

 Incident sparks larger debate about humane treatment of animals in captivity. Sophie ben-David, a wildlife rehabilitator in the Israeli Wildlife Hospital at the Ramat Gan safari joins us over the phone to discuss this topic in depth.



  1. Israeli team develops way to predict disease

 Algorithm can be used for better detection; treatment in illnesses like tuberculosis



  1. Israeli tech tackles Lake Chad water crisis

 Amazing device by ‘Watergen’ pulls fresh drinking water from thin air



  1. The best startups in Tel Aviv

 WIRED magazine sifts through thousands to compile a ‘best-of’ listing. ILTV'S Natasha Kirtchuk is here to review the list



  1. Israeli artwork shines in Chinese desert-symposium

 Dina Merhav's 720-cm-high installation is one of 46 installed in the Suwu desert



  1. The weather forecast

Tonight will be partly cloudy and hot, with a low of seventy-eight… or twenty-six degrees Celsius. and tomorrow is expected to be more of the same, with a high of eighty-eight… or thirty-one degrees Celsius


Aug 30 2019



Rank #6: Egypt Won't Sign Peace Plan Until Palestine Does | 6/5/19

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  1. Pompeo talks peace plan with Jewish groups
    Secretary of state adamant that PA must listen to plan before rejecting it outright



  1. AJC releases survey of Israeli, US, & French Jews
    Dr. Ilana Stockman, Deputy Chairman of The Democratic Party Of Israel, and Rabbi Ariel Konstantyn, Founding Rabbi at the Tel Aviv Int’l Synagogue are in the ILTV studio to discuss a survey showing wide disparity over feelings towards trump’s treatment of Israel



  1. Egypt won’t accept peace plan rejected by the PA

President Sissi says he’ll support Trump peace deal only if Palestinians do 



4 Bennett denies forming alliance with URP

Technical alliance is not out of the question, but new right cites many differences



  1. 1st Lady Nechama Rivlin laid to rest in Jerusalem

She is remembered as a beloved advocate for the disabled, a lover of art, nature and beloved by all



  1. Get ready for Shavuot!
    Join ILTV for the low-down on the best dairy in Israel



  1. Ramadan comes to a close with Eid Al-Fitr
    Muslims around the world clash over when the holiday truly begins



  1. ‘Sex and the City’ star lands in Israel
    Sarah Jessica Parker to tour the country with her family



  1. 23 LGBTQ couples marry in protest
    Mass wedding is held in Tel Aviv just ahead of Israeli gay-pride week



  1. Today in History

June 5th, world environment day.



  1. The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy and warm, with a low of seventy-two or twenty-three degrees Celsius. Then tomorrow you can expect clear to partly cloudy skies and a slight rise in temperatures. The high will be about eighty-six or twenty-nine degrees Celsius.


Jun 06 2019



Rank #7: Hamas curbs violence on Gaza border - 5/16/18

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  1. Hamas curbs violence on Gaza border
    Yesterday was the final day of the Hamas-sponsored ‘march of return’ protests. Earlier this week, these rallies hit a bloody climax coinciding with the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The army responded with live fire to contain tens of thousands of Palestinians at the border who erupted into violence.
  2. A portrait of terror

The dust is only just beginning to settle in the wake of these Hamas-sponsored demonstrations along the Gaza border. Much of the international community has accused Israel of abusing lethal force against Palestinian protesters but shocking new I-D-F footage released from Monday’s rally, tells a much different story.

  1. Guatemala opens Jerusalem Embassy
    Two days ago, the United States made history as the first nation to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move its Embassy accordingly to the Holy City and today Guatemala is opening its new Embassy in Jerusalem, too.
  2. Israel & Turkey’s latest tit-for-tat
    Dr. Col. (Ret.) Reuven Berko, Middle East Expert and Amb. Yosef Livne, Former Israeli Ambassador to New Zealand speaking at ILTV Studio about the response of the U.S. Embassy move, and how Turkish President Tayyip expelled the Israeli Ambassador.
  3. E.U. & Iran discuss fate of ‘nuclear deal’
    Last week U.S. President Donald Trump defied international consensus and withdrew the United States from the Iran ‘Nuclear Deal.’  Israeli leaders hailed the decision, while others accused trump of putting the world on a path to war with no ‘plan b’.
  4. Nazi descendants heal old wounds

Well all this week, Israelis across the country have been celebrating history in the making as Israel celebrates her 70th birthday. Now, about two thousands tourists from over forty countries have just marched to proclaim their love for the Jewish state and they’re actually all descendants of Nazis.
7. Sodastream auctions limited-edition royal bottles
In just three days, the royal wedding of the century is about to take place and one Israeli company has already found a way to celebrate the festivity. The sparkling water business soda-stream has just launched a series of limited edition bottles related to the wedding.

  1. All we need to know about the royal wedding
    Speaking of other ways that Israelis are involved in the royal wedding, little to no details have been spilled on anything involving Meghan Markle’s dress - which has been rumored to be designed by Israel designer Inbal Dror.
  2. Hebrew word Of The Day: CHATAN | חָתָן = GROOM

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "chatan" which means "groom"

  1. The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be clear and warm with a comfortable low of sixty-seven, or nineteen degrees Celsius. Tomorrow you can expect more sunny skies and a rise in temperatures to a high of about ninety-two, or thirty-three degrees Celsius.

May 16 2018



Rank #8: Five Dead Sea Scroll Fragments found to be Forged | 10/24/18

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  1. Qatari fuel to Gaza resumes as violence subsides
    Defense Minister Lieberman made a vast shift in his policy towards Gaza over the last few days, from Monday where he stated that Israel’s only option was war with Hamas to last night where Lieberman declared the resumption of sending Qatari-funded fuel into the strip.

2.Qatari fuel to Gaza resumes as violence subsides
Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of the IISS speaking at ILTV Studio about the policy changes towards Gaza.
3. HRW reports: Palestinians torture systematically

According to a 2-year investigation by the human rights watch organization, both the Palestinian authority and Hamas have been routinely torturing Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza strip.  The report, called “two authorities, one way, and zero dissent” focuses on the torture of Palestinians by Palestinian security forces.

  1. Brazil enters second round of general elections
    The second round of general elections in Brazil is around the corner as the ballot is scheduled to be held next Sunday the 28th and while the population is divided between the two candidates, frontrunner far-right Jair Bolsonaro, did at least make some comments suggesting Israel as a model.
  2. Head of German Jewish community not Jewish?
    Wolfgang Seibert, who has been the head of the Jewish community in Pinneberg, Germany, since 2003, has publicly stated that he is a reform Jew. But apparently, it’s false. It’s now been reported that 71-year-old Seibert, for reasons still unknown, has been falsely claiming he of Jewish heritage.
    6. Sodastream helping to collect plastic

Israeli company Sodastream is now continuing it’s campaign to reduce plastic ocean waste across the globe, this time taking initiative to collect plastic refuse from the waters off the coast of Honduras and ITLV’S Doriel Mizrachi is here to give us the details about it.

  1. Personalized weight loss at the touch of a button

Lilia Shwartsman, CEO of Wis2biz speaking at ILTV Studio about WIS2BIZ that revolutionizes the weight loss industry and helps people stick to their goals.
8. Google maps launches bike navigation in Israel

Alright speaking of smart tech, pay attention bikers because cycling across Israel just became way easier! Google maps has launched a bike navigation feature this week so from now on, users will be able to get recommendations for the best route to ride back home or get to that meeting on time.

  1. On the hunt for ‘real’ Israeli food

If there’s one thing that people can’t deny when they come to this country it’s that the food in Israel is some of the best in the world. But what exactly is Israeli cuisine? Well a new Israeli Docu-series is now out searching to find the answer and ILTV’S Emanuelle Kadosh has the scoop.

  1. 5 Dead Sea scroll fragments found to be forged

In a very surprising move, the museum of the bible in Washington is now removing 5 Dead Sea scroll fragments from their display. The removals were announced Monday after the fragments were proven to be forgeries.

  1. Hebrew word Of The Day: LENAVETTE | לנווט= TO NAVIGATE
    Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "lenavette" which means "to navigate"

Oct 24 2018



Rank #9: Mark Zuckerberg Joins Israeli Online Community | 11/14/18

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  1. Tentative calm returns to southern Israel
    After over 460 rockets fell from Gaza into southern Israel in just 25 hours, Israeli officials and Gaza terror groups have come to a shaky yet holding, ceasefire. There have not been any reports of Rocketfire from Gaza since Tuesday evening, allowing some semblance of normalcy to resume in the south.
  2. Defense Minister Lieberman resigns over ceasefire

Following the two days of Rocketfire in the south, many ministers, Knesset members, and civilians alike are today criticizing the Israeli government’s willingness to end hostilities with the terror groups in Gaza. In a protest against what he called a “capitulation to terror”, Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has today, resigned from his post.

  1. Defense Minister Lieberman resigns over ceasefire

Naphtali Bensimon, Likud Party speaking at ILTV Studio about the government that is in crisis as coalition heads clamor over vacant defense ministry post.
4. Southern Israelis protest the lack of ‘follow-thru’

41 year old Lt. Col. Mem was laid to rest yesterday, leaving behind a wife and two children. But LT. Col. Mem wasn’t the only victim of Hamas’ indiscriminate attacks. A Palestinian husband and father of 6 was also killed in Ashkelon when a rocket landed on the apartment building he was in.

  1. U.N. Security Council meets over Gaza crisis
    Meanwhile, the UN security council met behind closed doors yesterday to discuss the conflict for themselves. The council meeting was initiated at the request of Kuwait, Bolivia, and the PA’S U.N. envoy.
    6. Jewish groups boycott Roger Waters; BDS
    Former Pink Floyd Frontman Roger Waters is one of the most outspoken and controversial faces of the anti-Israel B.D.S. Boycott movement. But now in Argentina, as the musician is touring Latin America, local Jews have started a campaign against him. ILTV’S Joy Gavillon is here to tell us more.
    7. Einstein letter sells at auction for $39,360
    A letter written in 1922 by a then 43 year old Albert Einstein has just sold at auction for a sizeable 39-thousand dollars and in the letter addressed to his sister, the famous physicist details his fears regarding the rising Anti-Semitism and Nazi presence in Germany.
    8. Israeli innovation for diabetic patients
    Diabetes is a major public health issue and it can often take over the lives of those who suffer from it but a new Israeli innovation is fighting the global diabetes epidemic in very different way and just in time for today’s global diabetes awareness day! ILTV’S Doriel Mizrachi joins us with more.
  2. T.A.U. reveals breakthrough tissue implant
    Israeli scientists have now announced that they’ve discovered a way to engineer tissue implants using a patient's own cells. But that’s not all, Tel Aviv researchers say their fully personalized tissue implant could pave the way towards developing any kind of tissue implants, from just one small fatty-tissue biopsy.
    10. Mark Zuckerberg joins Israeli online community
    It’s safe to say that anything and everything that the Facebook CEO & Co-Founder - Mark Zuckerberg does on his social media platform - doesn’t go unnoticed. And his recent joining of the popular Facebook group - Secret Tel Aviv has definitely turned some heads now, as well and ILTV’S Emanuelle Kadosh has the details.
    11. Hebrew word Of The Day: L’HITPATER |
    להתפטר= TO RESIGN
    Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "l'hitpater" which means "to resign"

Nov 14 2018



Rank #10: New Tax Agreement Signed | 8/28/19

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1.  Sagi Muki takes gold at Judo World Championships

 Iranian competitor throws semi-final match to avoid fighting Israeli judoka



  1. Gaza fires four mortar shells towards Israel

 Overnight incident is latest example of rising tensions between Israel and the strip



  1. Israeli cabinet approves 3 million NIS aid deal

 Money is intended to support food-industry businesses in Gaza border region



  1. Israel and PA sign new tax agreement

 Ramallah will now collect its own taxes on fuel imports to the West Bank



  1. Israeli election breakdown

 How do different parties address the issues Israel faces? Adv. Ran Bar-Yoshafat, Israel activist and Uri Zaki, founder of the Front for the Protection of Democracy are in the ILTV studio to explain the complex political system



  1. Israel girds for reprisals in the north

 ‘Drone strikes in Beirut set Hezbollah missile program back a full year’



  1. VR-program trains soldiers to fight terror tunnels

 3-y.o. program prepares soldiers to navigate passages created by Hamas and Hezbollah



  1. IDF launches social media accounts in Farsi

 Israeli army already translates accounts into English, French, Arabic & Spanish



  1. Campaign to save ancient synagogue-mosaic begins

 Activists start crowdfunding to the preserve symbol of booming, Greek-Jewish life



  1. Israeli start-up uses AI to best treat depression

 ‘Taliaz’ uses sophisticated algorithms to produce customized treatments



  1. Top five Israeli pet products

 ILTV’S list of the best, must-have products for any pet-owner



  1. The Dogist is in Israel

 Instagram dog photographer captures Israel’s cutest pups



  1. Israeli start-up cuts down restaurant food waste

 SpareEat lets users buy fresh & heavily discounted meals that otherwise get trashed



  1. The weather forecast

Tonight should be cloudy and warm, with a low of seventy-eight… or twenty-six degrees Celsius. then tomorrow you can expect more of the same, with a high of eighty-eight… or thirty-one degrees Celsius. 


Aug 30 2019



Rank #11: Iran headed for collapse? - 6/28/18

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  1. Prince William prays at Kotel

Well today is the final day of Prince William’s historic trip to Israel. Wrapping up the journey, the Duke of Cambridge visited the Holy City of Jerusalem where he overlooked the mount of olives, and of course, prayed for peace at the sacred Western wall.

  1. Iran headed for collapse?

Col. (Ret.) Dr. Ephraim Kam, Senior Research Associate at INSS speaking at ILTV Studio about the anti-regime protests in Tehran gaining speed and U.S. sanctions soon to resume and how many are questioning just how much longer Iran can hold out.

  1. Haredi M.K. threatens to Boycott El Al
    An Ultra-Orthodox member of the Knesset has just promised a boycott of Israel’s ‘El Al’ airlines if the company removes any male Haredi passengers for refusing to sit next to women. This is the latest development in the massive debate of religious freedom versus gender discrimination engulfing Israel’s national airliner.
  2. Miri Regev follows her ‘conscience’
    Speaking of gender discrimination, culture and sports Minister Miri Regev announced that she is no longer willing to approve the planned Western wall egalitarian prayer section. Regev, who oversees the construction of the pavilion as chairman of the planning committee wrote on Facebook that she will not approve the plans due to her ‘guilty conscience.’
  3. Children of war
    Just a few days ago the world commemorated the International Day in support of victims of torture and now a disturbing new report has just been published by the United Nations. The U.N. says that last year alone over ten thousand children were either killed or maimed in warzones across the globe in addition to countless others who were forced to become child soldiers, raped and violated in horrific ways.
  4. White Night Tel Aviv; Black Night Balfour
    Yonatan Jakubowicz, Israel Immigration Policy Center and Gabriel Sod, Community Organizer at the Achoti Movement of South Tel Aviv speaking at ILTV Studio about the Anti-Aslyum Seekers Protest outside P.M. residence in Jerusalem
  5. A love chiseled in stone
    Birds do it. Bees do it and yes, even eleven thousand years ago… humans made love, too. How do we know this for sure? Well for one thing, sexual intercourse is literally how our species reproduces but about eighty years ago, archeologists found the first ever piece of evidence that yes, lovemaking was happening back in ancient times too.
  6. Israeli child feeds himself for 1st time
    Get your tissues ready my friends because this story is definitely a tear jerker. 8 year old Yusuf has never been able to eat on his own because of severe disabilities affecting his hands but now, all thanks to a non-profit hospital in Jerusalem, the little guy has finally been able to take control.
  7. Top 5 Israeli swimsuit trends
    Summer is here in all its sweltering glory. That’s why ILTV’S Emanuelle Kadosh is here with the top five new Israeli swimsuit styles to help you find the perfect tan line.
  8. Hebrew word Of The Day: LIKNOT | לִקְנוֹת = TO BUY

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Liknot" which means "to buy"

  1. The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy but warm, with a low of seventy-six or twenty-four degrees Celsius. Then over the weekend temperatures are expected to drop slightly to a high of eighty-three or twenty-eight degrees Celsius.

Jun 28 2018



Rank #12: Gaza kite-bombs fanning flames of war - 6/6/18

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  1. Argentina cancels Israel game

Argentina’s national soccer club has just canceled its friendly match with Israel this weekend buckling under what appears to be intense international pressure, as well as security concerns. That means superstar Lionel Messi won’t be coming to Israel after all and apparently not even Prime Minister Netanyahu himself could salvage the game.

  1. Argentina cancels Israel game

Joy Gavillon, Noury Lizarraga, Gil Barak, Journalist at the Sports Channel Ltd. and Benny Cohen, Partner at Rimon Cohen & Co. speaking at ILTV Studio the cancellation of the Argentinian- Israel game due to death threats.

  1. Netanyahu meets macron in Paris
    Prime Minister Netanyahu continues his European tour today, after meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris. Netanyahu is on a mission to rally European leaders to follow President Trump’s example and drop the JCPOA Nuclear Deal with Iran but European leaders have reaffirmed that they are committed to staying in the deal.
  2. Gaza kite-bombs fanning flames of war
    In an increasingly popular and effective trend, Palestinians from Gaza are regularly flying homemade kites over the border and dropping fire-bombs on Israeli soil. Combined with the summer heats, these ‘incendiary kite attacks’ have erupted into massive fires that have engulfed over two thousand acres of Israeli fields and tens of thousands of acres of nature reserves.
  3. Israeli man chugs cannabis oil at Knesset meeting
    Proponents of medical cannabis have long petitioned that the plant is not only harmless but holds immense promise as a clinical drug. Well one Israeli man has now quite literally put his money where his mouth is to prove it. During an open Knesset health-committee-hearing to discuss medical cannabis, an Israeli man recited a short blessing, then proceeded to chug a whole bottle of cannabis oil in front of the entire room.
    6. Little boy ‘runs out of battery’
    This next story is both a bit concerning - and when you think about it - adorably hilarious. A little girl who cared so much for her brother - that she replaced his batteries, when they ran out, just like her toys. Makes sense no? ILTV’S Emanuelle Kadosh has the details.
  4. ‘Answers to everything in seconds’
    Zohar Frankor, Product Manager, KMS Lighthouse and Ilay Rennert, VP Sales, KMS Lighthouse speaking at ILTV Studio about the company that opens a new world in customer experience.
  5. The mother of all cookies
    A Jewish community in Atlanta has just broken a Guinness world record that we didn’t even know existed! They’ve just made an enormous Israeli flag – using roughly 117 thousand blue-and-white cookies, shattering the previous record-holder in Pakistan, by nearly thirty-two percent.
    9. Hebrew word Of The Day: UGIAH | עוגייה = COOKIE

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Ugiah" which means "Cookie"

Jun 06 2018



Rank #13: Israeli-American robot turns heads at CES 2019 | 1/22/19

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1 Israel; Ukraine sign ‘Historic’ free trade deal

Israel and Ukraine have just signed a massive free trade agreement that is set to dramatically change the future of relations between the two countries.

2 To delay; or not to delay?

Netanyahu’s lawyers are still reportedly pressuring attorney General Mandelblit, to delay his recommendations in cases against the prime minister until after elections.

  1. Israel successfully tests Arrow-3 defense system

The Israeli arrow-3 missile defense system was successfully tested on Tuesday morning in central Israel.

  1. Arrow-3 missile defense test marked a success
    Col. (Res) Avy Har Evn, former Dir. General of the Israel space agency speaking at ILVT studio about the Arrow-3 missile defense system test.
  2. Germany bans Iranian airline from its airspace
    The German Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that it has revoked the license of Iranian airline, Mahan-Air, to operate in German airspace
  3. Palestinian suspect killed in attempted stabbing
    A Palestinian man attempted to stab Israeli soldiers Monday evening near Nablus in the west bank.
  4. Body of Aiia Maasarwe to be repatriated Tuesday
    The body of Aiia Maasarwe, the 21 year old Arab-Israeli who was raped and murdered in Australia last week, will be flown home to Israel from Australia for burial today.

8 Israeli Navy rescues French sailor

The Israeli navy has just rescued a French sailor...that had been adrift in the Mediterranean Sea for several weeks.

9 Rio-Jewish Federation suing Brazilian cartoonist
According to a JTA report, the Rio Jewish Federation in Brazil is now suing a local cartoonist over a drawing where Prime Minister Netanyahu and the newly elected Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro are hugging into the shape of a swastika.

    Twitter user Umar shows us all how coexistence is supposed to look.
  2. Ramat Gan safari welcomes newest baby rhinoceros

The Ramat Gan safari announced on Monday the birth of a brand new female baby rhinoceros.

  1. Israeli-American robot turns heads at CES 2019

Israeli-American company, Temi Global seems to have stolen the show at CES in Las Vegas earlier this month.

  1. Hebrew word Of The day: MESHARET | משרת= SERVANT
    Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is ‘Mesharet’... meaning ‘Servant.’

Jan 22 2019



Rank #14: ‘War in Gaza is an Iranian trap’ | 10/17/18

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  1. Gaza rocket falls in Be’er sheva
    War with Gaza has seemingly never been closer over the past four years than it seems to be now following an early morning rocket attack from Gaza. Palestinian terrorists fired two rockets one which fell into the Mediterranean off the central Israeli coast and another that landed just outside a Be’er Sheva home.

2.‘War in Gaza is an Iranian trap’
Dr. Col. (Ret.) Reuven Berko, Middle East Expert speaking at ILTV Studio about the rocket attack this morning and the sharp rise in tensions it initiated.
3. U.N. votes to give Palestinians extra rights  

As Israel weighs responses to Palestinian escalations, the UN General Assembly has just placed the Palestinian authority at the head of the G-77 group, a UN block of 143 nations. 146 states voted in favor of this resolution while only 3 countries opposed, the US, Israel, and Australia.

  1. Israeli top courts to hear Lara Alqasem’s appeal

Just hours before her scheduled deportation, Palestinian-American Lara Alqasem appealed, yet again, to the high court of justice in pursuit of gaining approval to enter the country. There has been heavy debate over whether or not democratic values have been compromised and if this decision against Alqasem is ultimately hurting Israel’s image more than it could ever have helped.  

  1. Making top notch events in a snap
    Tom Shelly, Product Marketing Director Of Bizzabo speaking at ILTV Studio about the Israeli company that has now made a cloud based solution for organizing professional events.
    6. Christian media summit 2018 in Jerusalem
    And now, let’s turn to ILTV reporter Yael Shir who joins us from the Annual International Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem.
    7. What’s the big deal?
    News anchor and TV Journalist, Lucy Aharish and actor and prominent media personality, Tsahi Halevi got married just last week - and Israel has been buzzing with opinions as if it were the royal wedding, ILTV’S Emanuelle Kadosh is here with the details on Lucy response to the media.
  2. Hebrew word Of The Day: L’AHR’EHR | לערער  = TO APPEAL / OBJECT / SUBVERT

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "l'ahr'ehr" which means "to appeal"

Oct 17 2018



Rank #15: Israel Lands in Top Ten Most Powerful Nations on Earth | 3/6/19

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  1. AG bars Otzma head from running in elections
    Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit has now ruled that Otzma's leader, Michael Ben-Ari should be disqualified on the grounds of incitement to racism and violence.



  1. AG bars Otzma head from running in elections
    Adv. Nati Rom, Israel Advocate & Founder of Lev Haolam in the ILTV studio speaking about elections and otzma.



  1. 3. Home of Ori Ansbacher’s killer set for demolition
    The home of terror suspect Arafat Irfaiya was officially slated for demolition Wednesday morning



  1. WAQF calls for more protests on the Temple Mount
    Tensions are mounting this week on the Temple Mount, as the Israeli courts and the Jordanian Islamic WAQF continue to butt heads over the closure of the gate of mercy.



  1. 5. Belgian carnival float condemned for antisemitism

Float depicts Nazi-era puppet caricatures of Jews holding bags of money



  1. Indian technology leaders land in Israel

Hi-profile delegation of business heads arrive for innovation conference



  1. Israel named 8th most powerful nation on earth

Despite its small size and population, Israel still nabbed the #8 slot on the us-news-and-world report’s most powerful countries list.



  1. Beresheet spacecraft sends back first ‘selfie’
    Historic lunar lander is back on schedule, following technical glitches



  1. Hebrew word of the Day: Lefashell | לפשל = to screw up
    Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is ‘LEFASHELL’ which is a nicer way of saying ‘to screw up.



  1. The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy and cool, with a low of fifty-one or eleven degrees Celsius. Then tomorrow will be mostly the same, with a high of about sixty-four or eighteen degrees Celsius.


Mar 07 2019



Rank #16: Me-Too Continues in Israel | 8/25/19

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  1. Israeli teen murdered in terror bombing

 3 Palestinian suspects are arrested; victim’s father & brother remain hospitalized



  1. IAF jets preemptively strike Iran in Syria

 IRGC forces were reportedly planning to attack northern Israel with armed UAV’S



  1. Hezbollah: ‘2 Israeli UAV’S came down over Beirut’

 Israel says nothing and analysts claim the drones may have actually been Iranian



  1. IAF jets preemptively strike Iran in Syria

 IRGC forces were reportedly planning to attack northern Israel with armed UAV’S. With us in the ILTV Studio is Dr. Mordechai Kedar, chairman of the professors for a strong Israel, to discuss the pressing matter



  1. Iran’s new missile defense system

 Regime says their Bavar-373 system is comparable to Russia’s s-300 model



  1. ‘Me-Too’ continues in Israel

 How have the rates of sexual assault changed in the wake of the movement?  Shlomit Aharoni Lir from The Center for Israel Studies; Ben-Gurion Univ. in the Negev is in the ILTV studio to discuss this current trend



  1. MK Oded Forer calls for cams in Arab voting booths

 Left and Right call Yisrael Beiteinu party head, Lieberman, a ‘homophobic opportunist’



  1. Say hello to the ‘Hug Association’

ILTV correspondent, Elad Samocha, is in studio to discuss meeting the emotional needs of the nation’s most vulnerable



  1. Tarantino & Daniella pick are expecting

 World-famous director and his Israeli-actress-wife are pregnant with their 1st



  1. Israeli company 3D prints prosthetic hands

ILTV correspondent Nittany Mason is here to discuss the nonprofit lets kids choose favorite superhero theme for bionic arms



  1. The weather forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy and warm, with a low of seventy-five… or twenty-four degrees Celsius. then tomorrow you can expect mostly sunny skies and a slight rise in temperatures; to a high of about eighty-nine… or thirty-two degrees Celsius


Aug 26 2019



Rank #17: The Future of the Temple Mount | 8/11/19

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  1. Clashes Break Out On The Temple Mount

  Holiday Prayers Turn To Riots As Police Open Holy Site To Non-Muslims



  1. The Future Of The Temple Mount

How Should Israel Respond To Clashes At Holy Site?

Joining Us To Discuss The Controversy Surrounding The Temple Mount...Is Dr. Mordechai Kedar– Middle East Expert From The Begin-Sadat Center And Dr. Martin Sherman, The Founder And Executive Director Of The Israel Institute For Strategic Studies.



  1. Suspects In West Bank Stabbing Attack Arrested

  Hamas Praises Murder Of Israeli Teen, But Does Not Claim Responsibility



  1. 5 Hamas Fighters Shot Down On Israel-Gaza Border

  IDF Neutralizes Gazans As They Attempt To Breach Fence With Weapons



  1. Accused Sex Trafficker Jeffery Epstein Found Dead In Prison Cell

  Epstein Hot Button Topic In Israeli Elections Over Ties With Former PM Ehud Barak



  1. Israeli Donates $9,000 To Uk Teen In Allegedly Phony Rape Case

  Hundreds Donate To Briton’S Gofundme Campaign Set To Cover Her Legal Fees



  1. Israeli Tourism Booming In Odessa, Ukraine

  Real Estate Company Greenpark Launches Luxury Project



  1. 18 Couples To Propose In Public For Jewish Holiday Of Tu Be’Av

  Tel Aviv Municipality To Broadcast Love Stories In Tel Aviv’S Rabin Square



  1. Will The Miss Universe Pageant Be Held In Israel?

 Israeli Producers In Talks To Host Event In The Holy Land



  1. Weather

Tonight Should Be Partly Cloudy And Hot With A Low Of Seventy-Five; Or Twenty-Four Degrees Celsius. And Then Tomorrow We Can Expect Temperatures To Rise To A High Of 91 Degrees Or 33 Degrees Celsius.


Aug 12 2019



Rank #18: New Election Could Cost Billions | 5/29/19

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  1. Deadline determining if Israel goes to polls is tonight

Netanyahu, Liberman still in standoff; attempts to broker last-minute compromise



  1. Has Avigdor Lieberman backed himself into a corner?

The Yisrael Beiteinu head refuses to back down from his demands. Joining us in the ILTV studio to discuss, are

Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of the IISS, Gad Harel, Journalist, Media Personality, Hod Karovi, Political and Strategy Advisor for The Labor Party, and Ziv Maor, Former Editor in Chief, Mida.



  1. New election to cost billions of NIS

Experts warn second round of voting will be an extreme burden on economy 



  1. Kushner, Greenblatt to visit Israel, Jordan this week

Middle East envoys visiting region to drum up support for anticipated peace plan 



  1. Qatar to build new powerline in Israel for Gaza

New powerline most likely result of ceasefire negotiations



  1. German Anti-Semitism head backtracks, urges all Germans to wear kippahs

Klein previously told Jews not to wear kippahs due to rise in antisemitism



7 Pitzer College Pres visits U of Haifa in defiance of calls for Israel boycott

President used his veto to overthrow BDS resolution to cancel Haifa program



  1. Shalva band founder to be honored by Bar Ilan University

Kalman Samuels, Gadi Eizenkot and Miriam Adelson included in lineup of honorees



  1. $100M investment in Israeli food tech

New incubator to launch in town of Kiryat Shmona 



  1. TAU study shows bats who eat together, stay together

Study on fruit bats reveal compelling “food-for-sex” trade between mating bats 



  1. The Weather Forecast

Skies are mostly sunny in Tel Aviv today with a high of 31 degrees Celsius, or 88 degrees Fahrenheit. tomorrow is expected to get even hotter with temperatures reaching 32 degrees Celsius or 89 degrees Fahrenheit.


May 30 2019



Rank #19: 1,000-year-old Islamic stone found in Jerusalem - 6/14/18

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  1. U.N. passes resolution condemning Israel

The United Nations General Assembly has just passed a resolution condemning Israel for using quote “excessive, disproportionate, and indiscriminate” force during the recent clashes at the Gaza border. The assembly is now calling on U.N. Chief Antonio Guterres to recommend a so-called “international protection mechanism” for Palestinian territory.

  1. Palestinians protest against P.A. in West Bank

Palestinian protesters took to the streets of the West Bank last night, not to speak out against the Jewish state, but rather to criticize P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas’s sanctions on Gaza. Palestinian authority police tried to stop the protests, by banning them before they even began, but things didn’t work out the way they expected.

  1. Women of the wall ‘Rosh Chodesh’ protests continue
    Linda Avitan, Board Member of Women Of The Wall, Rabbi Meir Azari, Beit Daniel, Tel Aviv, Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth, Chairman of Ve’ahavta TLV Jewish Experience and Rabbi Dov Halbertal, Former Head of the Office of the Chief Rabbi of Israel speaking at ILTV Studio about the recent threat of Attorney General to arrest members of the women of the wall organization for praying outside are designated to them.
    4. Justice Minister presents bill to fine ‘johns’
    For decades, female Israeli lawmakers have been trying to criminalize the purchase of sex services in Israel and now Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked has just presented a draft of a bill that would fine johns who hire prostitutes.
  2. 1,000-year-old Islamic stone found in Jerusalem
    The next time you’re in an Israeli parking lot, you may want to give the ground a closer look. That may sound like the strangest piece of advice you’ve ever been given, but you never know what you could find. Israeli archaeologists can you tell you this themselves, they’ve just discovered a rare piece of clay that’s centuries old.
  3. Dancers turn into human sculptures in Jerusalem

A group of local dancers have decided to make the Israeli capital a bit more colorful by turning their bodies into rainbow colored human sculptures.

  1. 3 Jewish-Arab Org’s awarded for peace efforts
    Three pairs of Jewish Israelis and Arab Muslims have just been awarded for their incredible work towards advancing peace in the region. They’re recipients of the 14th Annual Victor j Goldberg Prize for Peace in the Middle East, meaning they’ve just taken 30 thousand dollars home collectively.
    8. Top 5 most famous Israeli actors & actresses   
    Gal Gadot may have made it to Hollywood, but she is not the only one. ILTV’S Emanuelle Kadosh is here with the top 5 of the week.
  2. Hebrew word Of The Day: YOKRATI |יוקרתי = PRESTIGIOUS

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "Yokrati" which means "Prestigious"

  1. The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy, and with a rise in temperatures to a low of seventy, or twenty-one degrees Celsius. Over the weekend, you can expect an additional rise in temperatures, and clear to partly cloudy skies. The high will be nearly ninety-eight, or thirty-seven degrees Celsius.

Jun 14 2018



Rank #20: Snail Mail Opened After 8 Year Delay | 8/23/18

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  1. Israel Approves 1400 Settlement Homes

The Israeli government has just advanced construction plans for some 1400 new Jewish homes to be built in the West Bank. Many of these sites will be added to augment existing settlement communities in the occupied territories.

  1. What Follows The Age Of Abbas?

Dr. Martin Sherman, Founder & Executive Director of THE IISS speaking at ILTV studio to discuss what will become of peace if and when PA President Abbas is no longer president.

  1. P.M. Heads To The Baltics

Prime Minister Netanyahu is embarking on a historic trip to the Baltics, the first-ever trip of its kind for a sitting Israeli prime minister. First he visits Lithuania, followed by stops in Latvia and Estonia in an effort to build new alliances in Eastern Europe.

  1. Broken Bridges And Delayed Train Lines

After many years of delay, the train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv will officially open for service next month. However, the long-awaited Jerusalem-Tel Aviv line will only make it from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport.

  1. Kirchner Properties To Be Raided

Argentina’s Senate has just approved raids on the properties of former president and current Senator, Cristina Fernández De Kirchner. The ex-president is implicated in cases of money laundering, fraud, and allegations that she helped conceal the bombing of the Jewish community center by Iran in 1994.

  1. Snail Mail Opened After 8 Year Delay

Thousands of Palestinians have been waiting nearly a decade for their snail-mail to arrive. After an 8 year delay, Palestinians in the West Bank finally received an unlikely delivery: over 10 tons of long-lost mail.

  1. How Sweet!

The Petah Tikvah-based firm ‘Doux-Matok’ creates sugar-reduced food products that don’t taste sugarless. ‘doux-Matok’ says that they’ve found a way to reduce sugar in some foods by almost 40 percent in a way that doesn’t sacrifice taste or texture.

  1. A Smarter Way To Connect

Yaniv Cohen, Chief Executive Officer, 7twenty speaking at ILTV studio about 7Twenty that puts customers and business in touch for the digital age.

  1. Lana Del Rey Rebuts BDS

Lana Del Rey is once again bucking calls to boycott the Jewish state. Del Rey has just announced that in an effort to promote peace for both sides, she intends to play her concert next month in Israel as planned and then extend her trip to visit the Palestinian Authority.

  1. Top 5 Nightclubs In Tel Aviv

ILTV’s Emanuelle Kadosh introduces top 5 nightclubs in Tel Aviv.

  1. Hebrew word Of The Day: MO’ADON LAILA | מוֹעֲדוֹן לַילָה = NIGHTCLUB

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "mo'adon laila" which means "nightclub"

Aug 23 2018