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Anxiety, Stress and ADHD Recovery including Mental Health Support

We are a collaboration of former sufferers helping people with panic attacks, stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD. We share what has been proven to work amongst our community.

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More Ways to Replace Bad Habits or Unwanted Behaviors with Healthier Ones

In this podcast, we continue to provide additional tips and strategies you can use to support your replacement of bad habits or unwanted behaviors with healthier and more satisfying ones. This podcast is well worth listening to.


28 Feb 2019

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What To Do if You are Anxiety Prone Even Over Small Things

Those with Anxiety and ADHD often worry about the little things very frequently. And the natural response of others to such worrying is unhelpful. We cover what you can do about this tendency so that you are not only held captive by it and instead convert it into something very meaningful.


4 Nov 2018

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Temptations are Particularly Bad for Anxiety and ADHD

In this podcast, we discuss why temptations are so bad for people who have anxiety or ADHD. We then provide some solutions that you can get started working on today.


31 Mar 2019

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Self-esteem and Anxiety

Self-esteem can affect your anxiety and affect your life. However there is much you can do to help your self-esteem, anxiety and overall mental health. Learn more by listening to this podcast. You won't be dissapointed.


16 Oct 2017

Rank #4

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Breathing Exercises for Anxiety not only help with Stress

This podcast discusses breathing exercises for anxiety and panic attacks. However, breathing exercises are one of the most overlooked things you can do to feel better, and quickly.


18 Feb 2010

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The Happiness Hack: How to Deal with Anxiety

This study revealed is that the key to happiness is different than what many people may think in general. But the key message shows you how to deal with anxiety but this is also something that can help everyone.


30 Aug 2010

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Personal Anxiety Experience and Recovery from Panic Disorder

This podcast discusses my personal journey through panic attacks from sufferering to recovery.


18 Feb 2009

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Anxiety Help: Use Your Surroundings

In this episode, I would like to provide anxiety help by covering why you should consider simplifying and organizing your surroundings in life. Then I will provide suggestions on how you can become relaxed and in the process achieve your goals and become focused in life on what really matters.


27 Nov 2017

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How To Deal With ADHD and Anxiety By Managing Competetivness and Goal Accomplishment

In this podcast we discuss overgeneralization and competitiveness and how it can affect anxiety, ADHD sufferers, and anyone for that matter. This podcast episode tackles these issues and more.


27 Jan 2019

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Anxiety and Depersonalization: Learn How It Can Help

When you have anxiety do you feel detached? Detaching can actually be a good thing, in the right circumstances.


25 Jul 2010

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Preventing Anxiety Attacks by Not Trying To Please Others

Sufferers of anxiety tend to spend their time worrying about getting everything done or trying to find time to please others, which means they are not likely taking the appropriate time for self care to address stress levels.


25 Apr 2009

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Thinking about Thinking: Why it's Important

In this episode, I would like to discuss why solutions for anxiety and panic attacks when employed are not always successful for sufferers. It will be important to discuss some pitfalls that all of us have. Then I will tell you what you can do about some of these tendencies.


15 Nov 2017

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Confirmation Bias, Anxiety, and its Effect on Your Life

Have you heard of confirmation bias? In this episode, I will explain what it is, why you need to learn more about it, and what it can mean for your anxiety and life in general. I will then explain what you can do about it. Learn more by listening to this podcast.


30 Oct 2017

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When Things Get Personal

We have discussed how often anxiety and ADHD sufferers blame themselves for how others treat them. What do you do when people treat you differently than others? Why do upstanding people do bad things sometimes? Is there a breakdown in society? This episode tackles these questions and more.


3 Dec 2018

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Benefits of Omega-3: 1 of the Natural Supplements for Anxiety?

Anxiety omega 3 fatty acids? Yes omega 3 essential fatty acids can be very helpful for folks suffering from anxiety, panic attacks.


5 Aug 2009

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A Handicap that No One Can See: Anxiety Attacks Solved

This podcast discusses yet another example of how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can work through and solve the handicap of anxiety and panic attacks.


22 Feb 2010

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Why Worry about Others is a Form of Anxiety

In this podcast episode, we discuss the tendency to worry about others and how it represents a form of control and anxiety. Moreover, ways to deal with this behavior are provided to listeners.


31 Aug 2018

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Feeling Good by David Burns and Your Recovery from Panic

How applying the principles of the book Feeling Good by David Burns you can recover from panic attacks, panic disorder, anxiety, and agoraphobia - today!


7 Sep 2009

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Getting Unstuck and Problem Solving

IDo you ever find yourself engaged in a task or project where you hit a roadblock or a problem you simply cannot solve in the moment? No matter how much you try, you just feel stuck. Naturally, you probably find this to be incredibly frustrating. This experience can make one go from feeling bad to worse very quickly. In this episode, I want to provide some quick tips on how can get unstuck and in the process make their day flow better.


6 Jul 2018

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Insecurity - How it can be Driving Many Behaviours in your Life

In this episode, I discuss how security can be driving many behaviours in your life. I then explain various things you can do to address this problem.


24 Jun 2018

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