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About pipes: smoking, buying, trading pipes, revewing tobacco, interviews with carvers, tobacconists, collectors and pipe smokers. This is all about the hobby, and educating new pipe smokers as well as entertaining anyone interesting in smoking pipes.

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Chris Morgan · episode 52

It was my pleasure to chat with the very talented American pipe carver Mr. Chris Morgan for episode 52. With an artist's mind and a serious drive it's always interesting to see what Chris will come up with next. I hope you enjoy. 

27 Sep 2013

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The Oom Paul shape debate · episode 60

It is with great pleasure that I present to you a very interesting delve into the Oom Paul shape debate written by none other the Mr. Ben Rapaport. Ben's very interesting paper on the pipe shape and it's twists and turns is read by Venessa Sylvester. I hope you enjoy!

5 Jun 2014

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Rokstarpipes.com · episode 61

I truly had a great time interviewing Jay from Rokstarpipes.com. He is easily one of the funniest guys I know. With a real passion for pipes and history, take a listen to an honest American and good friend of mine. I hope you enjoy!

23 Oct 2014

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Scottie Piersel · episode 58

For episode 58, it was my pleasure to chat with up and coming pipe maker from the Kansas City area, Scottie Piersel. With lots of energy and a drive geared towards traditional shapes, I think you'll like what you find coming from Piersel's workshop. I hope you enjoy!


21 Mar 2014

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Jonathan Townsend · episode 57

I stumble upon a really neat site, and the next thing you know I find pressed clay pipes for sale! Take a listen to Jonathan Townsend talk about this really interesting family business that involves everything from tricorn hats to chatelains. Oh, and pipes!

10 Feb 2014

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Gio · episode 54

It was my pleasure to chat with the very talented Canadian Carver you may already know simply as Gio. If you don't know Gio, you soon will. I suggest you get your hands on a Gio pipe sooner rather than later. Beautiful work here, no two ways about it. Gio is an incredibly nice guy with an eye for beauty and hands capable of bringing those beautiful pipe ideas, thankfully within reach. I hope you enjoy! 

8 Nov 2013

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Briar Bird · episode 51

For episode 51, it was my pleasure to chat with Jason Cochey, the man behind Briar Bird pipes. I've been following Briar Bird pipes for some time on Instagram, so it was nice to finally chat with the man producing these nice pieces. I hope you enjoy.

5 Sep 2013

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Trever Talbert · episode 56

It was my pleasure to chat with legendary pipe maker Trever Talbert. He is truly one of the most influential makers out there and has been making work that spans from traditional to fantastically artistic for quite some time. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into a bit of pipe history as much as I did.

4 Jan 2014

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Wayne Teipen · episode 55

It was my pleasure to chat with American pipe maker Wayne Teipen for episode 55. Wayne is a meticulous pipe maker and great guy, but that's not all. There's that Smokey the Bear story, too. Enjoy!

22 Nov 2013

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Nate King · episode 59

It was great chatting with American pipe carver Nate King. What a talent he is. Looking for a twist on the traditional? Looking for something totally and completely different? Find both and much more coming out of Nate's shop. Take a listen!

13 May 2014

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