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Like a real-life Phantom of the Opera, Southern California local theater actor Daniel Wozniak lured his victims, Sam Herr and Julie Kibuishi, in the attic of a theatre, where he would kill and dismember them before performing on stage the very same night. As of now, Wozniak alone sits on San Quentin's death row. But is there room for more? Is Rachel Buffett, a former Disney Princess and Dan's ex fiancee, an accomplice in the murderous scheme? Simultaneous to the launch of SLEUTH, today began Rachel's trial for accessory after the fact . Will justice prevail or will she completely walk free from her role in the crimes. Should she have been charged with murder? Investigative journalist and host of Sleuth Linda Sawyer, follows this story till it's ultimate conclusion, so that the victim's families finally learn the whole picture of what happened to their loved ones.

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17. Meet Dr. Vonda Pelto, Psychologist to Some of the Most Famous Serial Killers in Modern Day.

17. In this episode, we invite Dr. Vonda Pelto to the program.  If you recall from episode one, I describe how my investigative journey first began on this case at Dr. Pelto’s Southern California home.  It was early December of 2015, and I was commissioned to report and write a profile piece on Dr. Pelto who enjoyed a colorful career as a psychologist with an office in the Los Angeles Men’s County Jail. It was there, she treated her patients who just happened to be some of the most prolific serial killers that terrorized Los Angeles residents back in the eighties. After our interview, Dr. Pelto included me in a small gathering of her neighbors for a Christmas celebration at the house.  On that evening, I met local theatre owners Jeff and Nancy Hathcock, where Daniel Wozniak performed as the lead for their musicals.  It was also the same location where Daniel killed and dismembered his first victim Sam Herr in the attic of their Liberty Theatre.  From that moment, I never returned home, and thus began my odyssey in uncovering the details of this case.  We now welcome Dr. Pelto.  Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com


30 Nov 2018

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