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119 Ministries only exists for one reason ~ a strong desire to seek and then teach the Truth of His Word to believers and the nations. Everything on this site is intended to serve and support that purpose and to equip others to do the same. We hope that this site is a blessing to you and your household. Please feel free to explore many of the free teachings on this site and join us as we all learn more of His truth together. 

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Brit Hadasha: Part 1 - His Sacrifice

Yeshua our Messiah is said to be our sacrifice. The TANAKH, or the Old Testament declares that our Creator is against human sacrifice. Now we have a problem, or do we...Welcome to the opening teaching of the Brit Hadasha series, in which we take the Brit Hadasha, the New Testament, and begin to Test Everything...119 Ministries - Test Everything


6 Apr 2013

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TE: It Was A Matter of Self-Offense

Have you ever been offended, by someone or something... What does the Bible say about forgiveness... Even our Savior taught that this is certainly no light matter.


14 Jan 2014

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Answering Your Questions: Transfusions, Wearing Pants, Pig Enzymes, Gelatin, and more!

In this video series we want to look at the most common things asked and publicly begin answering your questions for the benefit of everyone to hear and to test themselves. In this presentation we are going to respond to the questions:Are blood transfusions allowed?Why did God kill so many people in the Old Testament?Why are you called 119 Ministries?Can you explain Deuteronomy 22:5 about women wearing pants?What's your take on pig enzymes and gelatin?How should I answer the question "Are you a Christian?"


25 Oct 2019

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TE: Eye for an Eye

An “eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” is a misunderstood Hebraic idiom. Did our Messiah change this commandment, or simply clarify it?


4 Feb 2015

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Life After Death: Part 1 - What Are We?

There are so many questions that get asked about Scripture, but one of the oldest and most common has to do with life after death. But we’ve found that in order to answer that, we must first answer the question, “What Are We?”


16 Aug 2019

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TE: Fasting

Fasting is a topic that is rarely taught on. But what did our savior say about fasting? Join us in this short teaching as we examine what our attitude and desire should be on this topic from a Biblical perspective.


3 Jun 2014

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TE - Discipleship in the Great Commission

How many have lost sight of the true message Messiah was communicating in the Great Commission? The common understanding is that we are to go out and spread the gospel, but is that all?


28 Jul 2017

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TE: Narrow Minded

What does it mean to be on the narrow road? Just how narrow is it? After all, it seems that everyone believes that they are on it. Since this is the case, how can we find the definition of the narrow road? Biblically speaking that is. Join us as we dig into the scriptures to find the Narrow Road.


23 Dec 2013

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TIME: The Timing of the Sabbath

There is no little dispute about when the Sabbath Day occurs. One of the largest questions is whether or not Saturday is really the correct 7th day and the day that Messiah kept when he was alive. Join us as we look to see if the day of Saturn (Saturday) is on the Sabbath or if the Sabbath Day was moved to be on Saturn’s Day.


5 Dec 2017

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TE: Testing the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch is one of the most popular among the extra-biblical texts in existence. Doctrines are made out of what it contains, the Enoch calendar comes from it too. When compared to Scripture and history, however, how does it stand up? It’s time a testing of the Book of Enoch is done.


21 Jun 2019

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TE: Rest For Your Souls

In Matthew 11, Messiah said that we should take His yoke for it is light, and that He will give us rest for our souls. Just what would these phrases have meant for His audience and what do they mean for us today?


3 Aug 2018

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Messages: Close, But Yet So Far Away

We should never give up in following what the Father tells us to do in our everyday life. Even when you may think that it’s of no use. Even when it seems that everything you’ve done up to that point has gained you nothing. Even when you may feel you’ve hit a dead end. ... Don’t give up on what the Father is doing in your life. Stick to it. You may be closer to a victory than what you think.


25 Sep 2014

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TE: Tradition and the Ways of Men

Sometimes in our desire to win people for YHWH, or to honor Him, we may do something he strictly forbids. Is the Creator okay with us doing something to honor Him even if it contradicts His Word? Since YHWH knows our hearts and intentions, does that make everything okay?


20 Jul 2018

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TE: Acts 15 - Obedience and Legalism

Does Acts 15 teach that we are not to still obey the Law of God as written by Moses, or just that we can not be saved by observing the law? To answer this, we need to know the debate and the groups involved. You may have always been told what to believe about Acts 15, now...let's test it.


10 Dec 2013

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TE: Acts 10 - Peter's Vision

Little do they know that this text has NOTHING to do with food. This video is critical for anyone who thinks Acts 10 is about God redefining His dietary instructions. DVD also available at TestEverything.net


29 Mar 2013

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TE: This Little Light of Mine

Do you let your light shine? Or do you hide your light? Before you answer, does it not make sense to Biblically define light first? What did our Messiah say about believers who hide their light? What happens to them? What happens to those who let it shine? This teaching goes well beyond the popular Sunday school song and enters the territory of practical application.


26 Dec 2013

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TE - Judaizers

A Judaizer in the Scriptures is not what many today seem to think they are or were. It’s time to unpack the historical context and discover who true “Judaizers” are.https://www.119ministries.com/helping-119/supporting-119/Follow the above link to partner with 119 Ministries and support ongoing free teaching production:If you would like to discuss this video with us, we invite you to join the discussion on the teaching page found on our website here: http://119ministries.com/judaizers or reach us privately through the Contact Us form on our website: http://119ministries.com/contact-usThank you so much for your continued and prayerful support. May YHWH bless you and keep you.Shalom


4 Apr 2019

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TE: Twisted

Paul's words have been misunderstood for some time. Peter even warns of others taking Paul's words and taking them to mean lawlessness. So was Paul a hypocrite in what he taught compared to what he lived? Or are believers today just not paying attention to Peter?


26 Dec 2013

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TE: Colossians 2

Many refer to Colossians Chapter 2 to say that the Feast days and Sabbath are no longer applicable for believers today. Join us as we examine the verses often cited for their defense.


18 Dec 2013

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TE: Hebrew vs Greek Thought

Many have used the phrase "it's Greek to me" to mean that they don't understand it. What if we take that phrase and look at the Greek mindset versus the Hebrew mindset? How well can we understand the Hebrew mindset of the Scriptures if we think like a Greek? What is the difference between the Hebrew thinking and Greek thinking anyway?


5 Dec 2017

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