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The Society for Applied Microbiology provide benefits and resources online to raise awareness and knowledge of a diverse range of applied microbiology issues such as climate change and biofuels, food poisoning outbreaks and hospital acquired infection. The Micropod podcast, is an interesting podcast featuring interesting people. Some are microbiologists, some aren't scientists, but they all have one thing in common: everything they talk to us about is relevant to the lives of microbiologists across the globe.

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Micropod Episode 6 - An update on MERS-CoV

A brand new respiratory virus is circulating in the Middle East and of 80 cases, 44 people have died. MERS-CoV, as it has become known, is a coronavirus with close relatives in bats. In this podcast, experts speaking at a recent Public Health England conference talk about what we know so far and the important questions still to answer. We hear from John Watson, head of respiratory diseases at Public Health England; Brian McCloskey, director of global health at Public Health England; Monica Galiano, head of genomic sequencing at Public Health England's Virus Reference Department; and Ab Osterhaus, head of the Virology Department at the Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands.


26 Jul 2013

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Micropod Episode 3 - Microbiology for all

The winner's of the 2012 SfAM Communication Award talk to us about the novel ways in which they engage with diverse audiences on a huge variety of topics, especially microbiology. Artist Anna Dumitriu explains how she's made a 'MRSA quilt' which members of the public can add to while they chat with her about infectious disease. PhD student Vicky Young describes her sparkly uterus through which sperm race. She uses this as a hook to discuss endometriosis with people at a music festival.


13 Nov 2012

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The rising tide of deadly Vibrio vulnificus - SfAM Winter Meeting

Micropod's Nancy Mendoza grabs a few minutes with two of the speakers at the SfAM Winter Meeting at the Royal Society in London. First, Professor James Oliver and his colleague, Dr Craig Baker-Austin, explain the growing threat from Vibrio vulnificus, which is found in oysters. Then Dr Frances Lucy explains how bottom feeding organisms are protecting our recreational waters.


29 Jan 2015

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Journal of Applied Microbiology Lecture 2014

On the evening of 30 June 2014, in Brighton, the SfAM Summer Conference began with the annual Journal of Applied Microbiology Annual Lecture, chaired by SfAM President, Professor Martin Adams. Professor George Macfarlane speaks on the topic of 'bacterial metabolism in the large intestine and its consequences for the host'.

1hr 1min

30 Jun 2014

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Micropod Episode 1 - Prof Anne Glover

Professor Anne Glover is the Chief Science Advisor to the President of the EC and in this interview she discusses science in Europe, following her passions and the role of communication in science policy. Delegates at the SfAM Spring Meeting tell us about their highlights of the day and we hear a brilliant microbiological joke!


17 Aug 2012

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