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SPC086 - Plyometrics Training for Cyclists

Plyometrics are supposed to help with explosive anaerobic power, but what does the science say? Learn the ins and outs of plyo - and even if you should even bother adding to your training at all.


12 Mar 2014

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SPC091 - Increase Your Pain Threshold with Practice

Learn how to PROs deal with pain, and how you can start to understand your own relationship to pain. This episode explores the issue of pain and how cyclists deal with it differently than other athletes, and non-athletes. We also look into the pain cave, and how you can extend your time in there, and increase your pain threshold.


16 Apr 2014

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New Rider Rides, Training Motivation, & Cleaning White Bikes

Questions:Any recommendations for an inexpensive, trunk mount bike rack?Are Fixed-gear bikes good?If you could get one bike, that fits this description, what would it be? Budget is $6000Any tips for cleaning a white bike?!!How do you get over the boredom of riding the same roads over and over again?Free Giveaway! Win the Ultimate Cycling Training and Analysis Package and Make 2017 Your Best Season EverOne-year of Trainer Road ($99)One-year of Training Peaks Premium ($119)One license to WKO4 ($179)One Custom Season Training Plan by Semi-Pro Cycling ($250)Click the link to enter http://semiprocycling.com/giveaways/training


20 Oct 2016

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SPC136 - The Best Supplements for Cycling Performance

Do you believe there are supplements out there that will help you get to the next level? It seems it’s fairly entrenched into cycling performance culture.Believe it or not there are a small list of supplements that can enhance your cycling performance. Find out which ones they are on this episode.


29 Apr 2015

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SPC038 - The Cycling Lifestyle - Habits, Balance and Training

Using cycling as a lifestyle creates longevity for staying competitive and healthy. This show takes lessons from Tony Steward of joetoprocycling.com, who's life has been transformed by cycling and racing. We cover useful tips like balancing family life with cycling, the cycling mindset and dealing with beginners in the bunch.


3 Apr 2013

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Which Road Bike for $3500? Should You Ditch Strava for Training Peaks, & Should You Ditch Active Recovery in Zone 1.

Does Z1 power do anything?What road bike models should I check out in the $3500 price?Other than going and riding hills, can I make use of my flat commute to get more climbing training in?How much maintenance does your bike(s) need?Should I pay for Training Peaks?Bonus Question


26 Sep 2016

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When to Plan a Training Camp

We look at the only really two reasons, and appropriate times to place training camps. Plus I have a proposition for you...


16 Dec 2015

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SPC029 - Power and Coaching with Hunter Allen

We talk about the idea behind the The Power and Fatigue Profiles, how power meters help to work out your optimal training hours, why keeping a training diary is the most important part of training with a power meter, specific ways to get the best out of yourself during intervals, books for athletes wanting to understand training, their body and mind, and the future of cycling training technology in the next 5 years.


30 Jan 2013

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The ‘Online’ Road to Cycling Success

This is the story of how, apart from his obvious ability, Brendan Canty used social media to get a PRO contract with Pro-Continental team, Drapac Pro Cycling, two years after his first race.Brendan's, is a story about how his success is a result of social connectivity through social media such as Strava, Instagram and Twitter. It’s also a story about the consequence of the technology we embrace, and how cycling is no less affected by this.semiprocycling.com/online


15 Nov 2015

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SPC042 - Cleat Position: Getting Your Power to the Pedal with Steve Hogg

Where do you place your cleats, and why do you do it that way? Cleat position is usually done without much thought as to why. It’s well worth a revisit because you may be losing power. I got Steve Hogg on the show to discuss his ideas behind cleat position. Steve is a world leader in fitting riders to their bikes, and his advice on cleat position is spot on.


1 May 2013

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SPC140 - Finding Longevity in Cycling (How to Ride Forever)

It's hard to stay motivated once you stop racing. On the surface, this is about maintaining the benefits of cycling, things like, how do not put on extra weight after you stop racing, it’s also about moving away from goal-orientated thinking, and finally, it’s about still being competitive once your racing days are behind you.This the first of a 3-part series on longevity. Covering ways to stay motivated, healthy and get help through the process.Episode sponsor: To support the show please use this link for life insurance quotes that use the fact you are cyclist to get you a cheaper rates - http://healthiq.com/semiprocycling


28 Apr 2017

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SPC122 - Cycling Interval Training Basics

Interval training is the cornerstone for successful cycling training. I use them in all my training programs and I believe they are the most effective way to achieve great results. Find out what they are, why you should be doing them, and how to do them.


26 Nov 2014

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SPC056 - Criterium Racing: Tips, Tactics and Strategy

Whether you love or hate criterium racing it's best done with a plan to attack or sit in and sprint. This episode is all about the options you have when riding for the win. Learn the where and when to get a jump on the pack to give yourself the best chance possible at the win.


7 Aug 2013

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SPC030 - Holistic Bike Fitting: What It Is and Why It Matters

Correct alignment of your body on the bike is secondary to correct alignment off the bike. Up to 25% of your training plan should be dedicated to maintaining and improving your bodies functional movement and structure to enable a more aggressive position on the bike. Or adjust the bike to your structural realities. That's holistic bike fitting.


6 Feb 2013

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A Stair Step Approach to Improving Your Sprint

We look at how to identify your sprinting weaknesses by putting together a Sprint Profile. Then learn how to train each of the 3 parts with a stair step approach.


22 Oct 2015

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SPC085 - Surviving Sportives and Epic Rides with Matt de Neef

Sportives and epics create the perfect environment to challenge your physical and mental limits. Finding ways to survive any epic ride your about to do will not only increase your chances of enjoy it more, but finishing the ride in the first place. This show focuses on the Scody 3 Peaks Challenge in Australia, but the lessons apply to any epic adventure you set out to conquer.


5 Mar 2014

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SPC031 - Cycling With Your Eyes Closed : Visualisation Techniques

Two visualisation techniques to get more out of yourself, train your mind and prepare for new situations. Picking your number and practising an event before you actually race. They both work under the idea that visualising new situations will increase your confidence and give you more control of your training, racing and life in general.


13 Feb 2013

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SPC130 - A Users Guide to Fueling with Fat and Carbs

The impact diet has on performance is huge. We look at the latest recommendations for carbohydrate use, and how to increase fat oxidation.


18 Feb 2015

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SPC117 - Pedal Forces, Vibration and Performance

This episode looks at optimising the mechanical forces on the pedals in different situations to produce a higher power output. In every cycling environment there are opposing forces that change the force on the pedals compared to the input. The problem with pedalling is that it is impossible to have an effective force throughout the entire cycle. Understanding these forces better will help you make adjustments on the fly.


23 Oct 2014

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SPC082 - How to Manage Your Stress Budget by Jesse Kropelnicki

How you handle stress on and off the bike are a major determining factor in progressing your natural cycling talents. Ideally you want a year over year increase in the amount of training stress you can handle. All while minimising life stressors, and understanding how the two go together. This episode looks at managing your stress as a whole by making adjustments in high stress times, and assessing how you currently manage your stress.


12 Feb 2014

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