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Costa Rica Confidential - A Guy's Guide to Women, Sex, & Nightlife in Costa Rica

Stories and tales revealings topics that are normally left unspoken about the darker side of Costa Rica. Rico (Costa Rica Confidential) and Dan (Costa Rica Guy's Trip) talk each week about sex, women, dating, and what is takes to get laid in Costa Rica.They will go through the when, where, how and what it will cost to find yourself company in Costa Rica, be it for a night or for a relationship.This show will reveal why more and more men are selecting Costa Rica for a Guy's Trip or Bachelor Party.

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Should I Marry a Costa Rican Woman?

Dan and Rico talk about getting married to a Costa Rican woman and why it is not such a great idea for gringos taking a trip to the land of "Pura Vida".Although you may be looking for that traditional marriage scenario in most cases this is not what you are going to find.If you are trying to take a fish out of water (a Costa Rican woman out of her country) she is very likely going to end up back in the ocean she came from....


27 Jan 2015

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Relationships in Costa Rica

Dan and Rico talk about relationships with guys coming down to visit Costa Rica and the mistakes they make in thinking they are going to find something long term.Love, Lust & Passion. Although you might be looking for love it is best to stick with the other two and when you leave Costa Rica, take your heart with you.Remember Spring Break rules apply....have fun but don't look for anything long term.


20 Jan 2015

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Partying in Costa Rica - San Jose vs Jaco

Dan and Rico are ready to hit another hot topic for guys coming down to Costa Rica. Jaco Beach or San Jose.Both places have so much to offer, but what are the differences and which would be better for you and your friends? Rico and Dan address these questions so you know where you might want to set up shop for your visit to Costa Rica.


13 Jan 2015

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Does the Hooker Really Like Me

Dan and Rico are back for 2015 and ready to talk more about dating and relationships in Costa Rica.Does the Tica really like me? That is a question that many men ask themselves when "dating" a woman in CR. There are some obvious signs that will tell you yes or no. Remember in most cases you are just an ATM and you might not want to fall in love.


6 Jan 2015

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Picking Up "Women" in Costa Rica

Dan and Rico are back and in prime form. They talk about picking up women in Costa Rica, and when we mean women we are talking about both working girls and "normal" girls....but don' all women require a little investment?They go over the when, where and why in both San Jose and Jaco. The Del Rey, Sportsmens Lodge, Hotel Cocal, the Old Beatle Bar, and others.....You want to find women they will push you in the right direction.


30 Dec 2014

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