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Highly Intuitive People - 7 Steps to Purpose

Highly Intuitive People: Finally feel understood. This is a must-listen for those who are driven to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of their life. Based on Heidi Sawyer’s 17 years of experience, Highly Intuitive People provides a guide for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed as a result of their natural intuitive abilities and wants to know how they got them, what they’re for and how best to use them. This podcast will help you to understand your talents and how to unleash them in an empowering way for deep self-development.

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START HERE : Inner Nurturance and the 'Nurturance Gap'

Season 1 Step 1 Episode 01 : In order to have a sensitivity to the levels you do as an Intuitive-Sensitive, there has to be somewhere along the line a strong issue to do with nurturing


8 Feb 2015

Rank #1

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02 : The Basis of Your Intuitive Nature

Season 1 Step 1 Episode 02 : Your Intuitive Nature is a refined extra sensory perspective. As an Intuitive-Sensitive Person you are more refined in your intuitive sense


8 Feb 2015

Rank #2

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03 : Key to Unblocking the Blocks

Season 1 Step 1 Episode 03 : Learn how as an Intuitive-Sensitive Person to solve it when something comes up in your life that you are feeling is blocked


8 Feb 2015

Rank #3

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04 : The Journey to Mind Management as an Intuitive-Sensitive Person

Season 1 Step 2 - As an Intuitive-Sensitive you work to 5 years ahead over everybody else. How you were 5 years ago is how others feel today


16 Feb 2015

Rank #4

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05 : Shame: The Pain of the Broken Vase & The Beginning of Mind Management

Step 2 Episode 05 : Imagine everyone's inner world contains a porcelain vase, a prized vase you protect. Your porcelain vase is your vulnerability. 


18 Feb 2015

Rank #5