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This is a podcast for fans of racing, all kinds of racing. Hosted by Bradley Brownell (Hooniverse Motorsport Editor/FlatSixes.com), Eric Rood (BangShift.com/HotRod/Roadkill/LeMons Judge/Numbers Guy), Stef Schrader (Jalopnik/BlackFlag/Puffalump Enthusiast/#1 Coco), and Pat Hoffstetter (Hooniverse/Formula 1 Fanatic/All 'Round Good Guy). Every week, we'll provide you with the best in motorsport coverage, or we'll at least make it listenable. For everything you need to know about stock cars, open wheel, sports cars, rally, and bike racing, tune in to The DFL Show podcast every Wednesday Morning!

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Ride or Die

The joy of having six hosts is that when four of them are busy there can still be a show. Pat and Eric sit up close to their mics to discuss the week's events. You'll probably like it, you know, assuming you like our show. There is Indycar, IMSA, Formula 1, and Blancpain race recaps and plenty of news to discuss. I have it on good authority that this was a fun episode. 

1hr 37mins

7 Jun 2017

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Delete Your Account

This week on the DFL Show, Brad went to Long Beach, Stef drove a Formula E car. Joel has been stupid busy with things, Eric has things to say, and Pat rants at some stuff. This one went a little long, and we lost Joel for the final few minutes during the awards ceremony, but hopefully you can power through it, because we had a lot of fun, and you'll like it. This episode is brought to you by Hunziker Design, for more information visit nicolashunziker.com.


12 Apr 2017

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Last Minute Deal

Sorry this episode is late. I (Brad) am on the road in the middle of a very long road trip, and I didn't know my co-hosts had recorded an episode this week, so I didn't edit it together for a few extra days. I don't honestly know what they talked about, but I assume some racing, and other stuff?Hopefully it's good. 

1hr 17mins

14 May 2017

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The DFL Show at the AAP Sportscar Showdown: Troy Flis

Pat interviewed Troy Flis, the boss of VISIT Florida racing, about the new car, the new season, and the weekend so far.


5 May 2017

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Do It Live

We started this week's episode with four hosts, but we're down to just two by the end of it. Joel had to take off a bit early to catch a plane, and Stef's audio dropped out just before we got to the week's awards ceremony. Luckily Brad and Eric are still around to entertain. We talk Formula 1, WEC, TCR (Go Duncan!), ELMS, and the 6-hours production race at Bathurst. We discuss Scott Tucker's Level 5 stuff being liquidated at fire-sale prices, we discuss the new LMP1 project from Ginetta, some Supercars news, and a hypothetical question about Alonso and his career. This week's episode is brought to you by Hunziker Design. Check out their awesome products at nicolashunziker.com. Also, if you want to bring a race car (or street car) to a really cool 80s and 90s automotive festival, check out Radwood.co. 

1hr 27mins

20 Apr 2017

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One Year Later

Brad is off at a GRC race in Indianapolis and Eric is dead stick from a Lemons race and Duncan is racing and Joel is on a photo shoot. That leaves just Patrick and Stef to carry the torch for us on this anniversary episode. There was some good racing this weekend, including F1 and IMSA and other stuff. Enjoy. 

1hr 28mins

10 Jul 2017

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I Forgot This Show Existed

Welcome to The DFL Show, Episode 99 I am your host, Eric Rood. On this episode, we talk about motorcycle tracks, Brad's bike flip, Luftgekuhlt, our racing fantasies, and, um, well some more racing fantasy. Joining me this week are my host(s): [Bradley Brownell] and [Pat Hoffstetter]]. DAMMIT 

1hr 9mins

27 Apr 2018

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Pat's In Charge

Everybody else was unavailable so I decided to grab my buddy Ryan and do the show myself. I also had to edit this episode, so apologies that it's uh, a bit rough. We talk about a lot of F1, we talk about how good F2 is this year, and all the rest of the news. Also, we gush about the 919 EVO and what China might be up to. I had fun, and I hope it comes across in the show.

1hr 18mins

14 Apr 2018

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Avoid The Barber

Eric and Brad are around to discuss the various goings on in the world of motorsport. We have recaps of the 12 Hours of Bathurst, as well as a bit of Formula E. Eric has some stories from the Lemons Rally and the race at Barber, which sounded awesome. Then a bit of news from most of the series in the world. Good stuff. Also, a hearty congratulations for Hurley Haywood on his coming out. We'll discuss representation in motorsport a bit more next week when the full team is around to talk. Thanks for listening!

1hr 18mins

8 Feb 2018

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Squoooard Before the 24

This week Eric is in charge, and he's corralling cats with Pat and Stef. We finally announce the winner of our contest, then it's off to Recap land with Dakar, Roar, 24 Prototypes, etc. In the news, we've got Formula 1 stuff, Formula E stuff, Indycar, IMSA, Touring Cars, and Bathurst 12 news. If that sounds like your idea of a good time, check it out! Thanks for listening, everyone!

1hr 53mins

12 Jan 2018

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We've returned for our sixty-nineth episode. It's Brad, Pat, Eric, and occasionally Stef chiming in for a great episode. We talked about some news, some race recaps, and had another round of Robin Miller MadLibs. Unfortunately, Stef's audio dropped recording right before the game, so... Anyway, we hope you can enjoy it regardless. Thanks for supporting us through 69 awesome episodes. 

1hr 16mins

21 Sep 2017

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DFL with Racers AKA, the Ryan Eversley Interview

That's right! Pat somehow convinced Acura factory driver, podcast host, and tire salesman, Ryan Eversley, to sit down for nearly three hours on the record, going all over the place in terms of topics. It was a really good chat, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. 

2hr 34mins

1 Sep 2017

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Is It In Western Europe?

Our 60th episode, a mini-milestone in itself. Brad, Stef, and Eric talk about a lot of things. Brad got to see a couple of cool racing-related documentaries. Eric went to some vintage drag racing. We discuss safety on the two-year anniversary of Jules Bianchi's death. Indycar news, some scoops, and lots of awesome racing discussion from races none of us watched. 

1hr 28mins

18 Jul 2017

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Livin' In A Van

On this episode of The DFL Show, Eric, Brad, and Pat sit around to talk about the weekend's action. Eric and Brad were both at the Sonoma Lemons race, and Pat was watching Formula 1. The VLN race kicked ass, and there was also some NASCAR and bike racing action to discuss. It was a pretty great weekend for racing, actually.This episode is brought to you by nicolashunziker.com.

1hr 17mins

29 Mar 2017

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Life, The Universe, And Everything, Plus One

Oh boy, what a show we have for you this week! Stef, Brad, and Eric are all sitting around the mics this week to give you the pop culture references and lists of things wrong with their cars that you all crave. What? Racing? You wanted us to talk about racing? I guess we do that, too...Stef kicks off the show with a list of things wrong with her Parshalump race car, then we give a decent breakdown of all the racing from the weekend, most of which could not be watched at all. Brad gives an excellent unpaid advertisement for MTOD, We did get a chance to see the Supercars racing from Adelaide, but Trans Am at Sebring was untelevised, we just know it was a shitshow, and the Mint 400 was also untelevised, we just know it was awesome. Some NASCAR news, IndyCar testing news, still silly season in a few championships, there's some new F1 stuff, St. Pete GP is this weekend and looks to be pretty damn awesome. Check your local listings. 

1hr 34mins

9 Mar 2017

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Special Edition - Race Director

On this special edition of the DFL Show, our man in Australia Joel Strickland talks with the Race Director of the Bathurst 12 hour race, James Taylor. They talk through James's role and what it entails, they also chat about some of the challenges with the role. 


1 Feb 2017

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NASCAR Or Adult Film Star?

This week on the DFL show we have Brad, Pat, Stef, Eric, and Joel, which makes for some excellent conversation. We have a ton to talk about, even though the racing season is pretty much over. Don't worry, though, because we're only a couple of weeks away from IMSA's pre-season test, and a couple weeks after that is the Daytona 24, so we won't have much downtime. The only race of any note this weekend was the Gulf 12 Hours, and Eric has a quick report from that event.After that, we have some Audi LMP1 news, a bit of F1, some NASCAR title sponsor news, Indycar, WEC's new regulations, IMSA's new regulations, DTM schedule clash with Le Mans, And some Aussie Supercars news. Pat says if the Merc seat doesn't go to Bottas, he'll eat Stef's old jar of Vegemite (fingers crossed they hire Wehrlein)! We actually have a few listener questions, plus a listener-submitted game we're lovingly calling "NASCAR or Porn Star" (thanks Bill!), then we give away only one award this week, and leave to celebrate Christmas. Enjoy!

1hr 27mins

21 Dec 2016

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DFL Quick Hits - Interviews With Steven Richards & Mark Winterbottom

Our friend Joel Strickland recently attended a launch event for this new Bathurst 12 Hour BMW effort, and while there he was given the opportunity to get a few quick words from legendary drivers Steven Richards and Mark Winterbottom. We all hope you enjoy this little diversion from your work week.


18 Dec 2016

Rank #18

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This week it's Brad, Pat, Stef, and Eric sitting around discussing the week's news. Motorsport had some neat and interesting stuff happen this week, and we do our best to unprofessionally discuss it. There was racing in Super Formula, European Le Mans, MotoGP, DTM, WTCC, VLN, Runoffs at Mid Ohio, Some Trans Am, even. In the news, Ligier launched a new LMP2 car, Formula E says they're going to run in New York City, We discuss "The Incident" at Mid Ohio. We talk about a Volkswagen streamliner diesel speed record set in 1980. BMW is coming back to WEC. Ford says they might sell GT customer cars in 2018. The Electric GT World Series is going to run Tesla GT cars. We answer some listener questions, Eric has a quiz, we give our awards, and we talk about what's coming up next weekend. That's a show!

1hr 39mins

28 Sep 2016

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The DFL Show at Lone Star LeMans: Santino Ferrucci

Santino Ferrucci, Haas F1 development driver, was nice enough to sit down with me for a few minutes to talk about his GT car debut here at COTA, racing in GP3, and his junior duties with Haas F1. 


22 Sep 2016

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