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Welcome to The Standup Podcast! A weekly, 15-Minute show about Agile & Scrum brought to you by two guys from different backgrounds in Software Development. Hernande Silva is an Agile Coach with over 15 years of experience helping organizations and teams navigate the waters of the various Agile frameworks. Eric Nusbaum is an executive with over 20 years of hands-on experience in software development and converting organizations to Scrum. Together they'll bring you various topics important to the Agile community such as Team Dynamics, Organizational Culture, Emotional Intelligence, and discussions around the artifacts as well as ceremonies in Agile.

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Episode 06 - Agile Sprint Planning

LISTENER REQUEST! Super excited to deliver our latest episode of The Standup Podcast where we talk about Agile Sprint Planning and more importantly, the artifacts and ceremonies you can do before Sprint Planning which will make a Sprint Planning session more successful. The goal here as Hernande says is, simply, come prepared. But this means different things to people in different roles. So we go over pre-Sprint Planning topics such as Backlog Refinement (STORY TIME!) and how these quick sessions can help make Sprint Planning much more effective since it enables so much communication early on. On the topic of Planning itself, we cover the different events that happen during planning including the topic of sub-tasking User Stories and methods teams can be productive and successful in this task. Hope you enjoy the latest edition of The Standup Podcast!


29 Aug 2018

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