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103 – Mastering habits

(duration 15:41) In this episode we discuss the nature of habits and how we can formulate enriching strategies that can last a lifetime. This entails learning how to meet needs without the usual costs or sacrifices. This is our third and last part in our series covering the mental aspects that lead to life transformations. …


17 Jan 2016

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116 – Self-leadership

(duration 30:09) In this episode we offer a summary of the nature of internal critical parts via the Internal Family Systems perspective. They can be viewed from the standpoint of managing exiled wounded aspects of us that got overwhelmed or harmed a long time ago. In turn, when others are critical of us and our …


12 Apr 2017

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119 – Liberation from shame pathways

(duration 43:57) We’re finally back in the saddle (apologies for the delay!). As we’ve let the show age like a fine primal wine, we share news that Kevin is departing and that Wes will continue solo (sometimes w/ guests) for at least the next year. In this episode we explore parts of a couple informative …


23 Nov 2017

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102 – Finding your motivation

(duration 10:04) Another short episode (2 of 3 in our series), in which we cover some of the possibly overlooked aspects of motivation. We’ll be exploring these vital aspects much more in our new course called Burn Fat For Life. Stay tuned for the next two episodes… Please Like our new page on Facebook! http://facebook.com/burnfatforlife …


16 Jan 2016

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76 – The nature of self-control

(duration 22:42) In this show we discuss the process of staying focused on your healthy lifestyle choices. It’s not a matter of using either sheer will power or “tricks” to stay on track with your dietary goals. Having a “Zen-like focus” isn’t as important as getting in touch with your feelings and needs, so that …


12 Jul 2011

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66 – Weight loss behaviors and mindset

(duration 24:12)This show we start out with a discussion of natural movement from my recent hiking experiences, and then we delve into an article by SciAm about behaviors that do and don’t contribute to weight loss. It’s important to find foods that are tasty substitutes for the not-so-healthy foods we typically grew up eating; that …


5 Mar 2011

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93 – Grocery shopping and eating your veggies

(duration 29:58)In this show we discuss a trip to the grocery store, providing some insights regarding such things as coconut milk, meats, and peanut butter. As far as vegetables go, studies have shown that they’ve declined in micronutrient content over the last few decades. So, don’t skimp on them and preferably look for slightly healthier …


16 Jun 2012

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47 – Losing weight steps and missteps

(duration 16 min) In this shorter show we cover the challenges of being an olympian and the nature of self-identification, followed by a critique of a mainstream article on losing weight. Again, the calorie theory of weight loss rears it’s ugly head. We once again note the insulin factor in fat gain and storage. I …


10 Sep 2010

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56 – Man v. food, metabolic advantage

(duration 16:06) In this show, we follow up with last week’s episode discussing the junk food diet and calories. We also explore excessive calorie consumption in relation to Adam, the host of Man v. Food on the Travel Channel. Needless to say, “getting the t-shirt” takes a toll on the body. Did paleo humans eat …


21 Nov 2010

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104 – Focusing on emotional well-being

(duration 11:46) In this episode we discuss our new burn-fat-for-life program, which reflects our renewed focus on the mental aspects of living well and being well. This involves an inner true-self revolution that honors your emotions and self-esteem. It’s vital to take time-in for yourself, so that you can connect with internal parts that need …


8 May 2016

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51 – Tech devices for fitness, avoiding healthiness self-sabotage and happiness anxiety

(duration 24:23) In this show we discuss weight scales, heart monitors, and robots that are being used in the health community. Should we turn to technology to help us with our weight loss or fitness goals? Well, it’s important to measure body fat on occasion rather than stepping on the scale frequently. And unless you’re …


10 Oct 2010

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52 – Is orthorexia a problem

(duration 25:48) In this show we discuss the nature of having “rigid” rules for eating. Is there a downside to eating healthily all the time? Further, are there any upsides to not caring much about what you’re consuming? We explore whether healthy eating might become an “obsession” for some and why some view it as …


19 Oct 2010

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79 – Entering The Zone with Dr. Barry Sears, part 1

(duration 31:15) This is the first half of our interview with Barry Sears, PhD, in which we discuss the nature of eicosanoids and in particular arachidonic acid in relation to metabolic health and overall health. Excessive carbohydrate consumption (which is terribly easy to do in our culture) coupled with excess omega 6 fatty acid consumption …


5 Sep 2011

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55 – The Twinkie diet and the mistaken calorie theory

(duration 27:26) In this show, we discuss the controversy over the so-called junk food (or twinkie or snack-cake) diet done by Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University. What looms large in this news item is the calorie theory of weight loss, which has been invalidated by the clinical and empirical …


13 Nov 2010

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53 – Paleo bites the potato

(duration 18:04) In this show we discuss a couple news items dealing with what paleolithic humans ate and what this means for low-carb eating, or not. Regardless of what group ate what particular foods, in the weight loss journey it’s key to recognize the role that insulin plays in fat storage. We also address an …


27 Oct 2010

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57 – Tis the season to challenge eating myths

(duration 17:59) In this show, we address some of the myths surrounding foods and eating during the holiday season. From gaining weight to so-called food “comas,” the primary culprit is over-doing the carbs, not simply the portion sizes. Beware the marshmallow toppings and all the other sweets, which can really throw off your carbs-to-protein and …


28 Nov 2010

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69 – Sex for health and fitness

(duration 19:30) In this episode we explore the topic of sex, specifically its health benefits, both physically and mentally. Hormones such as oxytocin and DHEA are fostered in the process. Immune and longevity benefits are also noted. It’s important that sex be integrated with the mental side of things for optimal benefits to be derived. …


19 Apr 2011

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68 – Body image issues

(duration 26:17) In this show we discuss  various psychological patterns in body image issues found on bodyconfession.com, a new site by Diana Spechler, whom we’ll be interviewing in a few weeks about her upcoming novel. Body image is affected adversely by comparison contests in your mind. Self-acceptance–i.e., owning those disowned parts of yourself–is key, as …


5 Apr 2011

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70 – Getting Skinny with guest Diana Spechler, part 1

(duration 27:57) This is part one of our two-part interview with author Diana Spechler, author of Skinny, her latest novel. We begin by discussing the nature of body image issues. As we noted a couple shows ago, various psychological patterns can be found on bodyconfession.com, one of Diana’s sites. Mental inertia can be self-sabotaging, of …


5 May 2011

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98 – Choices to be healthy

(duration 24:29)In this episode we discuss keeping healthy during such candy-laden times as Halloween. Dark chocolate and coconut shavings “toasted” in either butter or coconut oil are great alternatives. Since we live in a culture that doesn’t wholeheartedly embrace healthy lifestyles, it can be challenging to navigate social relations. Once again, nonviolent communication, which entails …


4 Nov 2012

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