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How are consumer brands reaching new audiences through digital storytelling? Where is content programming going next? Technology is changing the way people view and connect with brands across the globe. Each week, our experts discuss killer content strategies, mapping out content by audience demos, storytelling success measurement, influencer partnership strategies, and talk about building in-house cultures of content.

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Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Matlin – Beautiful Content and Fat Mascara

An in-depth discussion about the ways that content and media shape our understanding of emerging beauty companies and trends, through the lens of two beauty directors… Jennifer Goldstein (Beauty Director and Features Editor, Marie Claire; Host of Fat Mascara Podcast) and Jessica Matlin (Beauty Director, Harper’s Bazaar; Host of Fat Mascara Podcast) join “Beauty Is Your Business” hosts Karen Moon (CEO and Co-Founder of Trendalytics) and Abby Wallach (Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Scentinvent Technologies), along with Content Is Your Business host Amber Mundinger (SVP, Live Media & Strategic Partnerships, Rolling Stone Magazine) as part of a MouthMedia Network Live event recorded in front of a live audience at Experience Knotel. The interactive space ia located in the heart of Noho in New York City (666 Broadway) and designed to showcase the experience of working in a flexible, adaptable, always energized environment. Sponsored by Knotel – Your agile business deserves an agile space. Knotel will find, customize, and operate your ideal office while you focus on your business. Discover more at www.knotel.com. In this episode: There’s something lush about a print ad How the “Fat Mascara” podcast got started, telling more of the story than print or digital publications will do Picking shea nuts in Ghana, Goldstein and Matlin meeting each other Knowing the difference between editorial content or branded content, and being clear The use of “Presented by…” and what consumers and readers are used to seeing now Who does native content well, smart content Consumers are smarter, writers need to tell stories very well New rules are changing things, how readers can tell the difference The need for education for the consumer Fact-checking A higher standard to abide by Can’t promote things that aren’t science as a writer The era of “fake news” A recent scandal – influencers are paid to speak negatively about other brands, and one who is reported to have said she won’t speak negatively if she is paid by that brand Mistrust of media and journalism A code of ethics Is there really no bad press? The call for a governing body for influencers? Social media’s Achilles heel for accuracy and truthfulness and abuse Scotland, a good lip product, hair like you got off a motorcycle, algae and seaweed forests, a perfume school wish, a migraine, partnership give and take and the rhythm of constant communication The post Jennifer Goldstein and Jessica Matlin – Beautiful Content and Fat Mascara appeared first on Content Is Your Business.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


17 Sep 2018

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