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Learn about all things data, with a focus on geospatial. Webinars hosted by Safe Software, the makers of FME. Watch our webinar series at http://fme.ly/podcast

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Automating Data for Smart Cities

A "smart city" uses technology like sensors and smart phones to improve urban life. We discuss the benefits and challenges, plus real examples.

12 Dec 2017

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Containerization (and why everyone loves Docker so much)

What containerization is, the appeal of it, and how people use it to their advantage. At Safe we use Docker internally and as a way to deploy FME Server.

4 Dec 2017

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Awesome Stories of 3D Printing

3D printing is permeating every industry from architecture to filmmaking. Here are some of the latest commercial uses, including rapid prototyping, customized objects, mass production, reconstruction... and some pretty weird use cases. We discuss how the technology works and how you can 3D print something, and the important steps involved in a 3D printing workflow. Plus, learn about a real example of how Oslo converted terrain and building models and printed a scale model of the city.

28 Nov 2017

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The State of Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality vs. Mixed Reality, and how are these technologies impacting different markets? We discuss how the devices work, where this technology is today, and what’s currently being prototyped around the world. Learn how you can get started putting your data into an AR/MR device, and hear how Sweco uses FME to bring data types like CAD, BIM, and GIS into the Microsoft HoloLens.

20 Nov 2017

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How Indoor Mapping Providers Work

Indoor mapping is being adopted by venues around the world, including airports, malls, universities, and museums. Not only does this help the public navigate large venues, but it also offers venue owners business intelligence by tracking foot traffic. Learn about various indoor wayfinding solutions and how the technology works.

13 Nov 2017

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Machine Learning and Geospatial Data

Imagine being able to train your GIS to perceive and understand the world, and give you insights based on your data. Today, geospatial experts use machine learning for predictive & big data analytics. Listen to episode 1 of the Talk Data To Me podcast with @mapgirll and @tianawarner

6 Nov 2017

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Deep Dive into FME Desktop 2017

Audio from webinar. To watch the webinar and to download demos, visit http://fme.ly/tcg. | FME Desktop 2017 in action. Learn how you can take advantage of the top new features, formats, and transformers to solve more data challenges even faster.

14 Feb 2017

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Revealing the Magic that is FME 2017.0

Audio from webinar. To watch the webinar visit http://fme.ly/5jn. | Join Co-Founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz for the unveiling of FME 2017, including an overview of new formats, transformers, interface upgrades, and functionality.

18 Jan 2017

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Leveraging Autodesk Products with FME: AutoCAD to GIS is Only the Beginning

Audio from webinar. To watch the webinar and to download demos, visit http://fme.ly/6hg. | Go beyond AutoCAD to GIS and achieve more with FME. Learn how to leverage several Autodesk solutions including AutoCAD Civil 3D, Revit and A360 with other applications in your organization.

16 Dec 2016

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AWS and FME 2017 – Your Questions Answered

Audio from webinar. To watch the webinar visit http://fme.ly/vve. | We want to help you with your Amazon Web Services challenges. We’ll give a sneak peek at enhancements to AWS capabilities included in FME 2017, showcase new ways to integrate and leverage AWS solutions like Earth on AWS, and offer insight with a real world example.

24 Nov 2016

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