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Named a Best Podcast By The New York Times, Time Magazine, Real Simple and MSNBC Host Farnoosh Torabi is Editor-at-Large of CNET Money, an award-winning financial strategist, TV host and bestselling author. So Money brings inspiring money strategies and stories straight from today's financial leaders, bestselling authors and entrepreneurs. One day, hear an intimate money conversation with industry greats like Queen Latifah or Margaret Cho. Another day learn about the basics of cryptocurrency and its impact on our wallets. On Fridays, tune in as Farnoosh answers our most pressing financial questions. Advice and insights always delivered through a lens of equity, inclusivity and the changing world we live in.

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1035: Fitness Guru Shaun T on Building Wealth, Investing in People and Minding Your Health

Shaun T is a world-renowned health and fitness motivator, husband, father of twins, TV host and social media influencer (over 3 million followers). On today's episode Shaun T shares his financial experiences from childhood, how he built his fitness empire and his advice for staying motivated and focused on health in these challenging times.He is the creator of the best-selling fitness programs INSANITY, HIP HOP ABS, FOCUS T25, INSANITY MAX:30, CIZE, SHAUN WEEK and his new record breaking mega-hit, TRANSFORM :20. – a 20 minute dynamic step workout that will transform you physically and mentally.Through personal appearances, his SAFE SPACE online support group and academy, his podcast Trust and Believe with Shaun T, and his self-help memoir T IS FOR TRANSFORMATION, Shaun T is focused on affecting positive life changes in people around the world and proving that becoming the best version of yourself is attainable.Learn more about Shaun T on his website and be sure to check out Farnoosh's interview on his podcast, Trust and Believe, today. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Apr 2020

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Bonus Ask Farnoosh: How to pay off debt while saving and paying bills?

In this bonus episode Farnoosh and her co-host tackle your latest money questions, including, how to pay off debt while trying to save, the differences between index funds, ETFs and mutual funds, how to benefit from employee stock purchase programs, and much more.Special co-host is Tiffany Dolby. Tiffany manages Schwab’s branch in Winnetka, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. She has been with Schwab for almost eleven years and started her career right out of college. She received her bachelor’s degree in economics from Purdue University.As many of you know, I’m working with Charles Schwab to help spread financialliteracy to the masses and it's been a really great collaboration so far. I'm a Charles Schwabcustomer and have been for many years. Before we get started, I just want to thank CharlesSchwab for helping get this financial education content to you.To learn more about Schwab and how to work with them, visit Schwab.com/SoMoney. Schwab offersa range of services for people looking to invest and plan for their future, whether you want to investon your own with the help of do-it-yourself tools and educational resources, get some periodicguidance from a professional, or work with someone in a branch. Find it all at Schwab.com/SoMoney.Disclosure: Farnoosh has been compensated by Charles Schwab. Farnoosh is not affiliatedwith Schwab and the views she expresses may not necessarily reflect those of The Charles SchwabCorporation or its affiliates. Farnoosh is a client of Schwab. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Jun 2019

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993: The Man Who Solved the Market Author Gregory Zuckerman

When we think of extraordinary investors, names like Warren Buffett, George Soros, and Ray Dalio might come to mind. But how about Jim Simons, founder of Renaissance Technologies? He's referred to as the greatest money maker in modern financial history, generating over $100 billion in profits....yet his life story has been a relative secret to many.In his new book, The Man Who Solved the Market, author Gregory Zuckerman looks into the world of Simons, who is now 81 years-old, and how his data-driven, algorithmic approach to investing has had unexpected, and far reaching implications on our world. Zuckerman is a Senior Writer at The Wall Street Journal and a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb award.Learn more about Zuckerman on his website GregoryZuckerman.com and connect with him on Twitter @GZuckerman. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Jan 2020

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991: Financial Scarcity and Striking Out on Your Own with Entrepreneur Shanna Goodman

Our guest today shares an unexpected story about how a childhood growing up on a family ranch inspired her to get outside of her comfort zone and strike out on her own. It's a compelling and relatable story about trusting nobody but yourself to create financial security in your life.Shanna Goodman is the creator of AMP'D, which helps small businesses build million-dollar brands. AMP'D was developed with Shanna's 15 years of business development experience, including five years as a brand strategy agency owner. She comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, often learning business strategy at the dinner table as a child. She contributes regularly to Business Insider, is an influencer on Mogul.com, and is the mother of two very independent daughters. To access Shanna's free resources for small business owners, ampdnow.com/podcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Jan 2020

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886: Ramit Sethi, Author of I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Ramit Sethi, author of the New York Times bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich, has become a financial guru to millions of readers in their twenties, thirties, and forties.After the massive success of his first book, I Will Teach You to Be Rich, he's back - ten years later - with a second edition, updated and expanded for a new age.In our latest conversation (Ramit was on previously - check it out), we discuss:The additions and omissions he decided to make in the new version of his book - and why.The untold realities of executing a prenup with your partner-to-be. Ramit shares details from his own experience.The current attacks on financial experts who believe in personal accountability.Ramit started his website, iwillteachyoutoberich.com, as a Stanford undergraduate in 2004, and he now hosts over a million readers per month on his blog, newsletter, and social media. Sethi grew up in Sacramento, the son of Indian immigrant parents who taught him the art of negotiating—his father once spent five days negotiating with a car dealer, only to walk away over a set of floor mats.He wasn’t the smartest kid in his class, but he loved building systems, which ultimately earned him over $200,000 in scholarships, which he used to get bachelor’s and master’s degrees in technology and psychology at Stanford.His understanding of human behavior and money led to him creating innovative solutions in self development. Ramit and his team of dozens of employees build premium digital products about personal finance, entrepreneurship, psychology, careers, and personal development for top performers.The IWT community includes 1 million monthly readers, 400,000 newsletter subscribers, and 35,000 premium customers.Visit Ramit at www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com for more information. Follow him on Twitter (@ramit) and Instagram (@ramit) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 May 2019

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764: Ask Farnoosh: How to Build My (DIY) Financial Plan?

We have a special theme for Ask Farnoosh this Friday: Prioritizing your financial goals.Special co-host Eric Roberge is a certified financial planner and has found that people tend to get stuck on how to use their money... and many times, end up procrastinating to their own detriment because of it! They are trying to make the right decision when all they really need to do is avoid making a bad one.We have a lot we want to accomplish with our money and know we need to save, invest wisely, and watch our cash flow... but we seem to struggle when it comes to (confidently) knowing which of our goals to focus on first -- or how to balance them if they're going to work on more than one thing at a time.If you'd like to learn more about Eric visit www.beyondyourhammock.com or follow him on Twitter @BeyondFinances. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Aug 2018

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671: Ask Farnoosh, How do I save for retirement AND pay off my student loans? (rerun)

Should we use most of our cash savings to pay off our credit card debt? My biggest challenge is budgeting… should I open a bank account with a major bank to help save and budget? How do you deal with both saving for retirement and paying off student loans?Answering these questions of yours and more on this week’s Ask Farnoosh with special co-host and business money strategist Justin Krane.This episode originally appeared on Friday, September 29, 2017 as episode 632.To learn more visit www.somoneypodcast.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


29 Dec 2017

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953: Ask Farnoosh: I'm $25,000 in credit card debt. Is debt consolidation a smart move?

This Friday, Farnoosh Torabi and special co-host Priya Malani, a founding partner of Stash Wealth, help answer listeners' financial questions. Today's topics range from prenuptial agreements to debt consolidation, as well as advice for those seeking to pursue a career in finance and financial consulting. What is the future of the industry? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


18 Oct 2019

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954: Personal Finance for Grad Students with Emily Roberts

There’s personal finance advice out there tailored to pretty much every category you can think of. But what about graduate students and PhDs? Where can they turn for financial advice to help them not graduate with a mountain of debt after so many years in school? Our guest Emily Roberts graduated from college with $17,000 in student loan debt. She decided to continue her education and get her PhD but realized that she was facing a difficult financial situation: living on a small stipend from her university. Rather than continue to rack up more debt, she began to learn about personal finance. After she and her husband both spent over six years getting their PhDs, they finished their program with over $100k in net worth. Now Emily is determined to help other graduate students take control of their financial future, no matter what their income.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 Oct 2019

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647: Ask Farnoosh, I can't pay off my credit card debt... help!

The podcast makes me rethink my relationship with money, yet I still can't seem to pay off $14,000 worth of credit card debt. What's a good first step?My employer gives 53 cents back for every mile when I commute to and from work using a rideshare service. Should I just fight for a full refund?Answering these questions of yours and more on today's Ask Farnoosh. Have a question of your own you'd like to share? Submit a question by visiting www.somoneypodcast.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


3 Nov 2017

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637: Eric Roberge, Certified Financial Planner

Back by popular demand, Eric Roberge is in the house. If you listened to last Friday’s episode of Ask Farnoosh, you know Eric was my esteemed co-host. I wanted to bring him back for a 1:1 interview. As a certified financial planner and founder of his own virtual financial planning company, Eric has a great grasp on all the issues young professionals are facing when it comes to money and personal finance. A little more about Eric: His financial planning firm is called Beyond Your Hammock.He previously worked for State Street and JPMorgan before starting his own business at age 33. Now, he helps people in their 30's and 40's make strategic decisions with their money to achieve financial independence. Eric has been named one of Investopedia's Top 100 Most Influential Advisors. He frequently contributes to Forbes, Huffington Post and Money Magazine.So, should you hire an advisor? How much does it cost? What are some of Eric’s greatest financial tips for the current generation?If you'd like to learn more about Eric visit www.beyondyourhammock.com or follow him on Twitter @BeyondFinances.For more information visit www.somoneypodcast.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


11 Oct 2017

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914: Ask Farnoosh: How Much is "Enough to Save for Retirement?

Farnoosh and special co-host Annie LaCroix, founder of Brainy Boss, answer the latest questions from listeners...including how to invest in Socially Responsible Investments, how to improve one’s credit, how much is “enough” to save for retirement and what to do with millions of dollars earned through a settlement. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Jul 2019

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605: Ask Farnoosh, How much of my income should I allocate towards savings, investing, real estate, etc.?

My husband just inherited $100K and we're not sure where to invest the money... any suggestions? Would love your opinion on target date funds... thoughts? How much of a six-figure income should be allocated toward investing in stocks, real estate, savings and so forth? Answering these questions of yours and more on this week's #AskFarnoosh.For more information or to submit your own question for an upcoming episode visit www.somoneypodcast.com and click on "Ask Farnoosh." Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


28 Jul 2017

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812: Ask Farnoosh: Investing 101, Side Hustles and More

How to make the most of your side hustle income? What are some great books on investing? If you applied for a job and didn't get it...should you try again? Farnoosh answers your top money and career questions. To send her your questions be sure to visit www.somoneypodcast.com and click on "Ask Farnoosh." You can also send her a message on Instagram @FarnooshTorabi Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


23 Nov 2018

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722: Ask Farnoosh with Sandra Grahame: What's the best way to invest $1,000?

For more information visit www.somoneypodcast.comI’ve got baby fever really, really bad. I’ve been thinking that after we finish paying off our credit card debt, we can start trying to expand our family while working on building our savings up. Is that practical or are we being irresponsible? Can you talk more about income producing assets, that you can start with $1,000 or less and scale up? Answer these and more questions with special guest co-host Sandra Grahame, co-founder of Smart CookiesVisit smartcookies.com/spendingawarenessguide for your free guide. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Apr 2018

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878: Ask Farnoosh: Which is more important, paying down student loans or investing?

This week on Ask Farnoosh, host Farnoosh Torabi answers you money questions related to retirement investing, student loans, controlling emotional spending and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


26 Apr 2019

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839: Ask Farnoosh: Best Way to Save for a House?

Special co-host Grant Sabatier, founder of Millennial Money and author of the forthcoming book Financial Freedom, joins Farnoosh to answer your biggest money questions. This week: how to afford a home, the best ways to save for retirement, discussing money with your partner, and the smartest ways to pay down debt.Here's where you can purchase Grant's book.   For people outside the US go here to find out where to buy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


25 Jan 2019

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626: Ask Farnoosh, How do I save money while still being social?

How do you teach kids to invest? How can I save money while trying to be social? How much should I budget for eating out and miscellaneous expenses when I travel?Answering these questions of yours and more on this week's Ask Farnoosh with special co-host Naomi Hattaway, a licensed realtor and founder of the networking platform, I Am a Triangle.To leave a question for an upcoming Ask Farnoosh Friday episode, visit www.somoneypodcast.com and click on 'Ask Farnoosh' on the top righthand corner and record or write-in your question. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Sep 2017

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Bonus: Preparing for Retirement with Teresa Hassara

Raise your hand if you have a 401k at work and wondering if you’re making the most of it? Or, if you’re not investing for retirement…yet…and wondering how to get started?We have a special BONUS episode brought to us today by Mass Mutual. I’ve recently partnered with them to help spread literacy on the issues related to saving for retirement. We’re going to unpack a lot of learning today with Teresa Hassara, who leads the Workplace Solutions business at MassMutual, providing comprehensive financial wellness services, including retirement plans, to over 30,000 companies and about three million plan participants.Teresa holds a B.A. from Vanderbilt University and earned her M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  She is a member of the Board of Directors for Jobs for the Future and an active supporter of a variety of organizations focused on mentorship for women and young people in under-resourced communities. She is also passionate about women’s leadership and investing.To complement this interview, I also have a piece at www.somoneypodcast.com on how women can financially secure their futures. For more check out www.massmutual.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


21 May 2019

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719: Ask Farnoosh, Help! I'm terrible at trying to save money and prepare for the future.

Help! I'm terrible at trying to save money and prepare for the future.As a female entrepreneur considering marriage, what are the basics I need to know about pre-nuptials, how do you approach it?Can you explain the difference between credit (FICO) and "auto credit score" or "car credit score"?Answering these questions of yours and more with co-host Leanne Wong.Learn more about Leanne by visiting www.leannewong.com or follow her on Twitter @leanneawong.For more or to share a question for an upcoming Friday episode visit www.somoneypodcast.com. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Apr 2018

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