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Cosmic Cousins is a ritual podcast released every New and Full Moon. Hosted by Jeff Hinshaw, Cosmic Cousins is dedicated to honoring the interconnectedness of our universal family through: embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.

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S6, E13: Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon blessings to you! On this podcast episode we dive-deep into soul-centered Sagittarius. We enjoy a meditation with the Gaitri Mantra Chant – Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung by Yogi Amanbir. Then, we found out this Superconscious Fire Sagittarius episode by connecting with the Sagittarius Tarot Cards: Temperance, the Wheel of Fortune, Page of Wands, and Queen of Wands. ____________________________ Sign-up for Mailing List – Newsletter. Book an Astrology Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Book a Tarot Healing Session with Jeff Hinshaw. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins.


26 Nov 2019

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Season 5 Finale: Queen of Aries; 'Journey through the Wands' Interview w/ Tarot Teacher Lindsay Mack

Season 5, Episode 15 FINALE!!! Hey Cousins! Welcome to the Season 5 Finale of Cosmic Cousins. Today on the show, we honor our Final Four Aries: Gloria Steinem, Selena, Maya Angelou, and Lady Gaga. One of these four women we will crown our first ever, “Queen of Aries.” After we crown our Queen, we will then do a brief reflection and tribute to all 12 of our zodiac queens for your listening pleasure.  If you'd like to skip ahead for the second part of this episode, goto 1:13:00 To close out Season 5, I sit down with my soul-sister-best-friend, Lindsay Mack, host of the podcast “Tarot for the Wild Soul” podcast.  In our conversation, we talk about all of the Wands cards in the tarot.  We start at the Ace of Wands, and move all the way to the 10 of wands, through the Court Cards of the Wand suit, and we end on the Emperor.  We talk about: -Aries connection to the Fool + Magician, as well as Uranus and Mercury. -Birth Cards and Lindsay's transition from the Tower card to the Star card. -The intense magnetism between the Aries + Scorpio Attraction -Early childhood trauma,  -Advice for male or male-identifying Aries -How Aries moves through burn-out and taking on too much. It is a truly spectacular interview. We laughed our asses off! So stay tuned to the last portion of this episode for Lindsay Mack. Sign-up for Newsletter. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Book a Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Mentorship opportunity with Jeff Hinshaw.

2hr 32mins

18 Apr 2019

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S6, E11: Scorpio New Moon; Tarot Read for the Collective; Interview w/ Chase Voorhees the creator of the 'Tarot of the Holy Spectrum'

Happy Scorpio Season to you! The Scorpio New Moon is this Sunday, October 27. So on this week's episode we talk about this New Moon energy. I also offer you a 5 card New Moon tarot spread with a message for all of us. If you would like to see the image of this New Moon Spread, along with the questions for reflection, check them out on my tarot instagram account @brooklyntarot.  And then after that, I had the honor to sit down with the incredible Scorpio artist Chase Voorhees, the creator of the Tarot of the Holy Spectrum.  In our conversation we talk about all things Scorpio, including: fear as an artist, putting your work out in the world, creative transformation, and therapy. We also touch base with a lot of tarot cards, including the Scorpio tarot cards, Death, Judgment (which chase renames to Awakening), the Tower, and the King of Cups. To check out Chase's work and to stay up-to-date on the release of his channeled tarot deck, be sure to sign-up for his newsletter through his website, and follow him on instagram. ____________________________ Sign-up for Newsletter. Book an Astrology Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Learn more about the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey 2020. Pre-order Aries Book by Jeff Hinshaw. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins.

1hr 37mins

25 Oct 2019

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Season 3, Episode 2: Scorpio Full Moon; Barbra Streisand's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Adriana Rizzolo

First up on this sensual Taurus episode, we have a mini intro to understanding Taurus. But because the Scorpio Full Moon is this week, on Sunday, April 29, we mainly will be exploring how Scorpio is a polar energy to Taurus. We talk about what the full moon invites us into over the coming week. And focus on the soul-centered aspect of the balance between Taurus and Scorpio.  Then, we honor the great legend, Barbra Streisand, Taurus Sun, who's birthday is on April 24. We cover Taurus Sun, Aries Rising, and Venus in Pisces in the 12th House.And then to round this sensual episode off, we get a chance to talk to Adriana Rizzolo.  In our heart-felt conversation, Adriana explains how being a Taurus has been a painful and pleasurable well-worth journey of coming back home to her body. It’s also a convo very in alignment with the energy of the Scorpio Full Moon, including: shadow work, deep transformation through sexuality, sobriety, and healing her relationship with her father after his death.  Again as always, I am a soul-centered astrologer, and I offer readings and private lessons. You can find out this information on my website at astrologycousins.com Thank you for being here as always. Now let’s tune in1

2hr 1min

25 Apr 2018

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S7, E1: Saturn-Pluto Capricorn Conjunction; Cancer Full Moon Eclipse

Cancer Full Moon Eclipse I remember. I nurture. I feel. The world is moving through structural transformations. You are likely sensing this both within and without. Major shifts and outdated patriarchal constructs are being worked through at this time. Our collective relationship to government, authority, responsibility, business, and the environment is changing. You may feel the pendulum swing from "fear and contraction" as you cling on to old modes....with an equal swing toward "expansion and release" as you surrender to the new and unknown.  This Cancer Full Moon brings to the surface the emotional undercurrents taking place underneath the surface of the structural changes. Dreams or thoughts are likely to be very heightened this week, particularly ones that connect you to your grandmother or the matriarchal line of your family. Be open to messages from the subconscious realms. Invite peace into your heart around themes of family, home, mother, and ancestral healing. If your body is achey, ask yourself, "is this mine or am I holding on to ancestral pain?" Either way, both serve as an invitation to drop in with self-care and breathe deeply. Cancer teaches us to love the pain of the past and present with all our heart. The oyster transforms an irritant into a magnificent pearl. And so it is.... On this week's episode we explore the invitation of the Cancer Full Moon Eclipse by connecting with the tarot cards associated with Cancer: the Knight of Cups, The Chariot, and the High Priestess. We also go in deep on the Saturn-Pluto conjunction taking place this Sunday, January 12, 2020. This planetary alignment occurs only once every 36 years, starting us off on a brand new cycle around Capricorn themes. ✨🦀🐚🌝🏠🌊✨ Cancer Full Moon blessings. _________________________________ Gift yourself an Astrology Reading -or-  Tarot Healing Session. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Twitter for Cosmic Cousins.


10 Jan 2020

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Season 3, Episode 14: Mercury Rx Meditation; Frida Kahlo's Birth Chart; Princess Diana's Birth Chart; Cancer Panel; Queen of Cancer

I am so excited to be here with you all, as always, but particularly this week because it is the finale of Season 3.  We’ve now reached up to 50,000 downloads, and this season has averaged more downloads per episode than the previous two seasons.  So we are growing here together..So let’s go ahead and get into it.  What we have lined up for you today, it’s  a really special episode.  We are going to first just kinda touch base about the current transits, and also what the next 6 weeks has in store for us, because it is Mercury Retrograde. And so if you are newer to the show, Mercury Retrograde marks the end of a season here on this podcast.  Which is why today is the finale, because mercury goes retrograde next wednsday.  July 25.  So we’ll break down mercury retrograde first..Then second, we are looking at our final 2 cancer queens birth charts.  We are gonna look at and honor the life of Frida Kahlo’s by looking at her birth chart.  She is a cancer sun- taurus moon- Leo rising..And then, we are gonna honor the life of and look at the birth chart of Princess Diana.  She is a cancer sun- Aquarius moon- sagittarius rising..And so even just by looking at their triple tier, we can really feel how differently their flavor of cancer is expressed.  Frida’s coming in through the earthly taurus and vibrant Leo.  And Diana’s coming through the lens of humanitarian Aquarius and visionary sagittarius.  So beautiful. So yeh, we will honor both of these incredible cancer legend’s lives today..And then finally, to round this very heart-felt episode off, y’all better get your tissues ready, because we are sitting down with three soul-centered Cancers.  And my heart literally melts when I think about the conversation and dialogue we created.  These three Cancer’s are a true living embodiment of the resiliency and strength of the Crab.  It’s a very diverse panel, and all three have experienced their own adversity throughout life, but have manage to rise above, becoming more embodied and compassionate than before.. On our panel we Jungle Julia who is the founder of Goddess in Recovery, Doug Peck who is multi-genre musical director and runs a free summer musical theatre program for high school-age artists. And Katie McCarthy a Cancer survivor, mother, and makeup artist based on the Big Island of Hawai’i who just lost her home to the recent volcanic activity.  .And so, just by these slight introductions, you can probably already sense that our conversations revolve around some deeply personal and healing topics.In our time together, we talk about the following:Cancer’s relationship to Health, Food, and the BodyBlood as a symbol of Cancer and how it links us to all women and the pastCancer + Mommy Issues“Kinky Crab;” Dispelling Myth’s around Cancer's SexualityCancer as a Cardinal SignPele the Volcano GoddessPrivilege + Access in ArtHow Cancer is Recharged through GivingThe Moon + Mysticism of CancerQueen of CancerVirtual Cancer AltarA led Emotional Freedom Technique MeditationWe also listen to two very Cancer themed songs during our time together.  One of which Doug arranged for the stage version of Disney’s The Jungle Book.  And the other song, Katie’s husband Drew wrote recently, about their home being taken by the lava. I literally can not wait for you to listen to this panel. It’s so deeply rich..Then of course at the end of our convo, the Cancer Panel casts their vote for the Queen of Cancer. And then at the end of this episode, we will crown either Princess Diana or Frida Kahlo, the first ever queen of cancer.Again,  I am so grateful to have the podcast as a creative outlet, to channel my energy towards something that may be bringing benefit to you and your life. So let’s go ahead and get into it!Patreon Instagram Book a Reading Mentorship Retreat Workshop

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18 Jul 2018

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Season 4, Episode 4: Understanding Chiron; Alice Coltrane's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Virgo Queen Tatianna Tarot

Today on the show, we are doing a deep dive into the dwarf planet Chiron and how chiron can be used as the ruling planet of Virgo.  We talk about Chiron in my chart, Michael Jackson's, Amy Winehouse's and Beyonce, and how that has shaped their expression of Virgo.  We also talk about Chiron Retrograde in Aries heading back for Pisces, and how that is effecting us all this virgo season. Then, we are honor the life of legendary spiritual leader and musician Alice Coltrane, who through her life and work, gave us some high vibe Virgo service devotion.  We look at her Neptune in Virgo, and how that really shaped her offerings as a teacher and musician.  We also explore her Chiron in Gemini in the 10th house and how that is balancing her Sagittarius North Node, creating a bridge between Detroit gospel music and more traditional music of India. What an honor to look at her life! And then finally, to round off this deep-felt reverent earthy episode off, we sit down with the incredible tarot therapist and ritualistic, Tatianna Tarot.  If you don’t know Tatianna, you wanna stick around for this, she drops some mad truth bombs, and gives us such an incredible embodiment of what it means to be a bad ass working Virgo mama. In our conversation we cover topics such as: Connection to Health + Body as a Virgo Life as a working mom business owner Life as a Virgo Mother to a one-year old Libra Her relationship to her Pisces Father Enforcing the word “no” Living organically Identifying Orishas in the Tarot New Moon in Virgo Virgo's Connection to Onyx Why a Virgo is most likely to call a Cancer for help The Akashic records ***And Special shoutouts to 'Holistic City Lyfe', Marcella Kroll, and 'Black Girl in Om' who we shout out during this covnersation.  And then a few ittle updates and announcements from me I am leading a 12-week astrological immersion both online and in-person.  If you are interested in a deep dive into astrology, soul-centered astrology, and wanting to better understand the cycle of evolution, by carving out time each week, then this gathering is for you. Mondays (online) and Tuesday (in Los Angeles) October through December. Starts October 1 and goes until December 18. Click Here to find out more. Patreon for the show. Instagram for the show. Book a Reading with me. Mentorship opportunity with me. Pre-Order a Queen of the Zodiac t-shirt. Take a 12-week course with me in Los Angeles. Tatianna Tarot's Instagram Tatianna Tarot's Website Alice Coltrane's Short Documentary I quoted

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12 Sep 2018

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Season 3, Episode 1: Understanding Chiron in Aries; Tejano Singer Selena's Birth Chart; Aries Panel w/ Georgia Marcantoni, Peyton Sandler, and Naama Noach

We have an incredible episode for you this week.  If you are new to the show, the way it works is that each episode, we dive into the current transits, explore the birth chart of a famous woman, queer, or radical human ushering in the New Age, and round out with a deep conversation with an artist, mystic, musician, or healer who’s celebrating their birthday solar return. So for today’s episode, we are going to be exploring this major transit that just occurred, Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer, moved into Aries today, April 18, 2018.  So we’ll talk all about this, and how this is BIG news for all of us, especially if your Sun Moon or Rising is in Aries or Virgo. I’ll explain that on the show. And then the second part of this episode we honor the life of the great legend, Selena, the famous Tejano singer. She’s an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Aquarius Rising. We go into this triple tier’s invitation, and also talk about Neptune and Jupiter in the 10th, as well as South Node in the 7th House.  To check out her birth chart, goto @astrology.cousins. And then to round this episode off, we have a steamy Aries panel, with three bad ass Aries women: Georgia Marcantoni, a holistic interior designer who uses astrology in her practice; Peyton Sandler, an akashic records practitioner fairy school teacher who was recently interview by Vogue; and Naama Noach, a radical film maker from Tel Aviv who is new to the astrology world. In this panel, we go over what Aries needs in a relationship, the physicality and sexuality of Aries, as well as the soul-centered higher octave of activating from a place of compassion as a Love Warrior. Also, there's a new MEMBERSHIP DRIVE for Season 3. if the show is a weekly part of your life and practice, and you have the space in your life for a financial commitment,  then perhaps the Cosmic Cousins Membership would be of interest to you. By purchasing a Cosmic Cousins Membership, you will receive the following:A weekly e-mail updating you on the Current Transits Access to special offers, webinars, and discounts only available to Cosmic Cousins Members.And then, this is the coolest part, you will also receiveA personalized, in-depth, soul-centered interpretation of the month ahead, specifically just for you.  So each month, in your e-mail, I will share with you the 3 most profound transits based off of your Birth Chart, and provide you tools for embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.So this is $25 a month. And you can sign up by clicking this link. this is a reoccurring autopay, it’ll come right out of your account each month, but you can also cancel at anytime. So if you wanted to try it out, and see if it resonates with you, then check it out. There’s about 5 episodes a month, so that averages out to $5 per episode, and in addition you also receive weekly email and monthly emails based off your chart, and also access to other goodies. Love you cousins!

2hr 7mins

18 Apr 2018

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S5, E9: Understanding Soul-centered Pisces

This week on the show we talk about Mercury Retrograde and how that is a complimentary energy to Pisces Season. Then, enjoy a meditation for embodied health the Pisces New Moon. We also dive deep into soul-centered Pisces, talking about Pisces connection to Cosmic Water, Collective Water, and Mutable Water; we talk about Pisces’ connection to dreams, movies, and karmic patternings. We also honor the life of Pisces Queens Kesha, Queen Latifah, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Lupita Nyongo.  Sign-up for Newsletter. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Book a Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Mentorship opportunity with Jeff Hinshaw.

1hr 20mins

6 Mar 2019

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S6, E12: Taurus Full Moon; Taurus + Scorpio Polarity and the Tarot

Scorpio Season has been offering us a time to intuitively honor death and rebirth.  Today, as I record this it is 11:11 – November 11, which is a powerful day in the New Age community to take a moment of silence for global peace. It’s also the Cazimi, which is when Mercury passes over the Sun. This is the moment where lessons from the Mercury Retrograde click into place. So this week on the show we cover all of this, and talk about how all of it is illuminated and amplified by the Taurus Full Moon. We also dive deep in about the Taurus–Scorpio Polarity, and connect with the tarot cards associated with these signs. Here are some links to clips of Queen of Scorpio – Georgia O'Keeffe talking about her life and work; and Queen of Taurus – Cher Breaks Down 22 Looks From 1965 to Now. By honoring these two legendary women's lives and work, we can deepen our connection to and understanding of Scorpio and Taurus. ____________________________ Sign-up for Newsletter to stay up-to-date. Book an Astrology Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Book a Tarot Healing Session with Jeff Hinshaw. Learn more about the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey 2020. Pre-order Aries Book by Jeff Hinshaw. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Brooklyn Tarot.

1hr 9mins

11 Nov 2019

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Season 3, Episode 11: Capricorn Full Moon; Understanding the Cancer-Capricorn Polarity; Cyndi Lauper's Birth Chart; Interview w/ City Witch Tess Giberson

Sun is in Princess Diana. And the moon is in Michelle Obama. That’s right, you heard me. Sun is in Cancer and Moon is Capricorn, Full moon early this Thursday morning, June 28. And so we talk about this Full Moon in Capricorn Energy, and in addition we explore the polar energy of Cancer-Capricorn. How Cancer allowing themselves to leave their shell for the qualities of Capricorn brings this crab from a hard shell to a beautiful cherished pearl. Then, we explore the incredible legend, feminist, humanitarian, and singer songwriter Cyndi Lauper’s birth chart. Cyndi is serving us all kinds of cancer feels with four planets in this emotionally crabby, yet nurturing sign. So we look at her birth chart, honor her life, and talk about her triple tier Cancer Sun-Scorpio Moon- and Aquarius Rising, and how that has manifested through her life and work. And then, to round this deep-felt, but also fierce episode off, we have the opportunity to sit down with Tess Giberson, City Witch, a nonbinary anarchist tarot slinging witch from Canada serving us some double Cancer, sun and moon, Aries Rising high vibes. So it’s a packed out episode as always, SUCH an honor to be here.

2hr 13mins

27 Jun 2018

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S5, E3: Capricorn + Inner-Father Healing; Understanding the Sea-Goat; Capricorn/Cancer Polarity

Hey Cosmic Cousins! Happy New Year 2019! And Happy Eclipse Season! Capricorn energy is connected to father and the patriarchal line. You may have remember if you’ve been listening to the show regularly, during Cancer season, we talked about mother and the matriarchal. So today on the show, we are going to be honoring father through a guided meditation for inner-father healing. Then, feel into the depths of Capricorn as we explore the symbol of the Sea-Goat, and how Capricorn incarnated to bring us magic through ambition and depth of emotion, also symbolized by the Unicorn. We also explore the importance of the polarity between Earth and Water by looking towards the polar signs Capricorn and Cancer.  This week's episode is shorter than normal as I am transitioning back from my cross-country road trip, so thank you for your very Capricorn-like patience.  We should be back to normal episodes starting next week.  Sending you all love during this Eclipse Season. Take sweet care cousins, and remember...deep breathes. Sign-up for Newsletter. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Book a Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Mentorship opportunity with Jeff Hinshaw.


10 Jan 2019

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S5, E6: Understanding Uranus + Saturn (Aquarius's Co-Rulers); Celebrating Aquarius Yoko Ono + Delilah Rene; Interview w/ Erin Smith of 'Vardo Tarot'

We have an exciting and jam packed episode for you this week. First enjoy a meditation for embodied health.  In this meditation, we talk about Aquarius's connection to joints and the ankle, as well as holding space for feeling as connected to friendship and humanity at large. We also explore Aquarius’s ruling planets Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius is really a fascinating sign when it comes to planetary rulership, because it is co-ruled by two planets. Saturn, the planet of authority and commitment, and Uranus the planet of revolution and change. So it’s quite a juxtaposition that Aquarius energy is inviting us into. We will also being honoring the life of legendary performance artist Yoko Ono (Saturn in Aquarius/Uranus in Aries) and the syndicated radio show host Delilah Rene (Saturn in Capricorn/Uranus in Leo) both incredible examples of the Aquarian spirit.  And we will look to both of their charts to see how Uranus and Saturn are activating.  And we also have an incredible high-vibe Aquarius on the show today, Erin Smith of Vardo Tarot, who with a flash of inspiration conceptualized a tarot sanctuary on wheels, which is a tarot van that travels around to different areas in Los Angeles, California.  In our conversation, we talk the Star card in the tarot and its connection to Aquarius, as well as the King of Swords, and the Ace of Swords.  We also talk about the Queen of the Zodiac of course, and she also shares that Aquarius is most likely to go to a Libra for advice, to find out why tune into the end of the show.   Sign-up for Newsletter. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Book a Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Mentorship opportunity with Jeff Hinshaw.

1hr 45mins

6 Feb 2019

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Season 3, Episode 5: Uranus in Taurus; Queen of Taurus Crowned; Cher + Coretta Scott King's Birth Chart; Taurus Panel Discussion

When Uranus enters a new sign, it indicates transformational shifts in our lives, both in our individual lives and on a collective scale. We will be talking all about this new huge transit that only happens once every 80 years or so, of Uranus entering Taurus. I'll introduce you to this planet, this transit, and we’ll talk about it’s deeper meaning, and what this means for you and for the collective.Also, on this episode, the first ever Cosmic Cousins: "Queen of Taurus" is crowned!  The Final 2 Taurus Queens are Cher and Coretta Scott King, and it’s literally neck and neck. The winning Queen won by ONE VOTE. #canyoubelieve? Anyways, we look at both of their charts and honor both of these great legends on this episode! But you will have to wait until after the Taurus panel to hear who wins!!! On our taurus panel, we have three earthy cosmic cousins, Jordyn, a hedgewitch, herbalist, and tarot reader from Forida. We have Michael, a composer, avid gardener, and astrologer from Los Angeles, and incredible spoken word poet, performer, and permaculture enthusiast, Jasper from Amsterdam.  ..On this panel we listen to ""Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. Permaculture ASAP" a spoken word performance by Jasper, and we are graced with a beautiful song composed by Michael on the piano called "2nd House Slow Down." We also go deep, covering Taurean budget advice, Taurus’ connection to nature, depression and shadow work, Uranus in Taurus, Venus as Taurus’s ruling planet, and many more topics. It's a long panel discussion, and we joked that Taurus like things to linger. And to be sure, this convo not only lingers, but it’s super cozy and warm, we talk about food and home, giving us the Taurus feels before we move into Gemini Season next week.

2hr 32mins

16 May 2018

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Season 4, Episode 1: Understanding Leo; Queen of Leo; Viola Davis's Birth Chart; Whitney Houston's Birth Chart; Leo Panel

OH MY GODDESS Y’ALL! Is it Season 4 already?  This show has almost been out for an entire year!We have an exciting Season Premiere for you all. We will be first talking about the Archetype of Leo. Everything you ever wanted to know about Leo and probably more. We will also be talking about the soul-centered aspects of Leo, and of course there's a guided meditatoin for embodied health! Then, we will be honoring the life of our Final Two Leo Queens. So the followers on the instagram account for this show, narrowed 16 Leo Queens, down to our Final 2. And I gotta tell you it’s been one hell of a wild, dramatic, and competitive ride! I’m not gonna lie! Our final 2 Queens, we have the great Viola Davis...and, the legendary, Whitney Houston. Who is our Leo Queen? You will find out today! But first, we will be honoring both of these incredibly fierce women’s lives, looking at their birth charts. And then to round this dynamic episode off, we have the wonderful opportunity to sit down with three incredible Leo women, for our Leo Panel. On the panel we have Alyson Thompson, who is the founder of Mixed Feelings a meet up for mixed folks in St. Louis, Missouri. Here is a link to Alyson's Instagram and LinkTree. Minneapols based Amy Kuretsky, host of podcast “health fuels hustles” and leader of wellness retreats for mind, body, and business. Here is a link to Amy's Instagram and website. And Kristi Prokopiak, tarot teacher and practitioner and the creator of the “illest tarot” based out of Long Beach, California. Here is a link to Kristi's Instagram and website.Thank you for being here as always cousins!Patreon for the show.Instagram for the show.Book a Reading with me.Mentorship opportunity with me.Pre-Order a Queen of the Zodiac t-shirt.Take a 12-week course with me in Los Angeles.

2hr 29mins

22 Aug 2018

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S6 Holiday Bonus Episode: Capricorn New Moon Eclipse

Capricorn New MoonI build. I commit. I complete.Connect with the 'Spirit of the Mountain'.  Honor the building that shelters you.  Step up to the podium of your own authority.  Use your resources to empower yourself and others.  Build a bridge between tradition and sustainability.  Pay attention to the elders in your life.  Offer up your respect, while maintaining clear boundaries.  Realign with your most responsible, public-oriented self.  Offer blessings of peace to the world. We need you now more than ever.Capricorn New Moon blessings.  On this episode, we explore the Collective Earth feels of Capricorn. We talk Capricorn as the Unicorn and the invitation of the Solstice and Eclipse Season. We also go in deep on a meditation to help realign with the spiritual invitation of Capricorn. I hope you enjoy! Looking for a ritual for New Year's Ever? The 2020 Cosmic Download is a 2-hour deep-dive podcast episode intended to facilitate and guide you as we enter the New Decade. During the first 90-minutes, enjoy a meditation for embodied health, as we explore major transits for the year 2020. The final 30-minutes is geared specifically towards your Zodiac Sun sign. This horoscope offers you a specialized approach to realign you with your soul-centered invitation in the New Year. To learn more about this offering, click here. Pre-order the 2020 Cosmic Download Gift yourself anAstrology Reading -or- Tarot Healing Session. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Thank you, as always for being here Cosmic Cousins. Take sweet care,-Jeff Hinshaw


24 Dec 2019

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Season 4, Episode 2: Understanding Virgo; Michael Jackson’s Birth Chart; Interview w/ Astrologer Anne Ortelee

We have another incredible episode for you this week cousins.  Enjoy a Virgo meditation for embodied health, and then listen in as we go on a deep dive into Understanding Virgo from a soul-centered perspective! We talk about the Page of Pentacles and Queen of Pentacles as representations of Virgo in the tarot.  We also talk about Virgo as a Mutable Earth and Subconscious Earth sign. Then, we honor the life of the great legend Michael Jackson, who’s birthday is today, if you’re listening live, August 29. Michael was a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, Pisices Rising.  I announce the top 16 Virgo Queens for our Queen of Virgo tournament!! And then, to round out this Virgo episode off, I am so excited and honored to have the well-renowned astrologer, Anne Ortelee on the show today.  (Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, Aquarius Rising). I am a huge fan of Anne’s work and offerings to this world. You might already know Anne reporting to you LIVE from her bright red desk in the Upper East Side every Sunday with her astrology podcast “Weekly Weather.” Anne has been a teacher to me for many years, and without her podcast, I would not be where I am today. In our conversation we go over some incredible topics:-How Anne's journey to astrology began with a break-up 💔-How Anne checks-in daily with her planets ✅-Her new book, “If it’s in Your Heart, it’s in Your Chart” 📚-An explanation of the Virgin energy of Virgo 👰-The Mythology of Virgo as the Temple Priestess 🧝‍♀️-Explanation of why Washington DC was laid out in the constellation of Virgo. 🏛-Why "Virgo’s can be snotty” 💁‍♀️-Why Virgos love finger-foods 🍿-Precession of the Equinoxes. 🔭-The backstory behind her logo 🛸-Why she predicts #LilyTomlin vs @beyonceFinal 2 for #QueenofVirgo 👑-And wait until you here her on the ‘Cosmic Slip ‘N Slide’ 🔮🏄‍♀️Also, for announcements: if you are in Los Angeles, I am leading a 12-week astrological ritual immersion. It will be taking place at Yogala Studios in Echo Park.  And so if you are interested in being in community, and learning from me! You can find out more information on my website, astrology cousins.com or you can send me an email at jeff@brooklynfool.com There’s also “Queen of the Zodiac” t-shirts available for pre-order, which you can find at astrologycousins.com Oh and speaking of the queen of zodiac. I’m so stoked to announce a new collaboration! Wolf Marnell (@tarotwolf) creates beautiful tarot collages that deepen our connection to the archetypes by utilizing cultural figures. This is very similar to the work I’ve been doing with astrology in the ‘Queen of the Zodiac’ series. So we’ve decided to join forces!!  He made an epic Viola Davis as Strength tarot collage. Patreon for the show.Instagram for the show.Book a Reading with me.Mentorship opportunity with me.Pre-Order a Queen of the Zodiac t-shirt.Take a 12-week course with me in Los Angeles.

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29 Aug 2018

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Season 2, Episode 12: Understanding Aries; Current Transits Meditation; Maya Angelou's Birth Chart; Interview w/ Aries Zac Monday.

Hey cousins! Welcome back to another week of soul-centered astrology. It’s a big week for us all, as the cosmic wheel turns and brings us right into the beginning of the new cycle with Aries season.  So Happy New Year! Happy Equinox! And Happy Aries Season. For the season finale, we first start off touching base with the theme for Season 2, Saturn in Capricorn, and how that influences this Aries Season, as Aries Ruling Planet Mars is also in the productive and resourceful Capricorn. Then, you’ll enjoy a meditation for embodied health based off the current transits for the next month, which will be a super grounding way to come into this season. Then, we’re gonna talk about the Spring Equinox, Aries Season, and the soul-invitation of Aries, as well as what it means to be an Aries Sun, Moon, and Rising.  We will talk bout what transits will be happening over the coming weeks, including Full Moon in Libra and Venus entering Taurus. And of course, we all know, Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow, Thursday March 22. So we’ll dispel the fear round Mercury Rx, and talk about practices you can integrate into your life during this transits. Then, after we’ve grounded our ass, we’ll be looking at the birth chart and honoring the life of the great Dr. Maya Angelou.  Maya Angelou is beyond an inspiration as a living embodiment of the pioneering energy of an Aries Sun. Her birth chart is an incredible representation of this, so I can not wait to get into the astrology components of her life. And then we round this episode off, with a steamy conversation with the double fire, water rising Zac Monday. Zac @monzeez is an Aries Sun on the Pisces Cusp, Aries Moon, and Scorpio Ascendant. We talk about how an Aries on the Pisces Cusp might differ from another Aries; what it’s like to date an Aries, Taurus, and Geminil; and cover the following astrology topics: Pluto on the Ascendant, Aries Moon, Scorpio Rising, Aries as the Emperor + Magician in the tarot, and what it means to have your Sun and Moon in the same astrological sign. We also enjoy two hot tracks by Zac. All of this and more! And if you stick around towards the end of the episode, I announce the new theme for Season 3, which will premiere on Wednsday, April 18. If you'd like to book a reading, or work with me one-on-one in mentorship for the Spring-Fall cycle, or if you are interested in private astrology or tarot lessons, visit astrologycousins.com or email me at jeff@brooklynfools.com.

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21 Mar 2018

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S6, E1: Gemini New Moon; Understanding Venus as Gemini's Esoteric Ruling Planet; Jewel's Birth-chart

'Cosmic Cousins' is back with Season 6 of the show! And it’s a full on maturation and deepening of our normal astrological flow! Get ready to go even deeper than before. I feel so much more grounded and rejuvenated after taking some much needed time off since the “Queens of the Zodiac” project. And now I am feeling so ready to dive in, with more of a focus on the Esoteric, mystical, and moon-based side of astrology. To reflect that, this will now be a bi-monthly podcast, released on both New and Full Moons. On this episode, we talk about the Gemini New Moon, and I also lead you through a Gemini New Moon Shadow-work Meditation for Integration. We discuss Gemini’s esoteric ruling planet Venus. We cover Gemini’s cards in the tarot: Page + Queen of Swords, The Lovers, Magician, and Empress. Then, to round out this Mutable Personal Air episode, we are graced with reflection of the great folk-singing oracle, Double Gemini, Jewel! One of my childhood favorites! I hope you enjoy...New Moon Blessings!  12-Week Astrology Course. (Starts June 10) Sign-up for Newsletter. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Book a Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Mentorship opportunity with Jeff Hinshaw.

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3 Jun 2019

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S5, E10: Understanding Pisces’s connection to the 'Queen of Cups’ + ‘Page of Cups;’ Interview w/ Marcella Kroll; Honoring of Rihanna, Erykah Badu, Gurmukh, and more!

On this episode of Cosmic Cousins we dive in deep to the Piscean Waters.  We have a heart-felt conversation with Marcella Kroll, creator of the The Sacred Symbols Oracle and The Nature-Nurture Oracle. We cover near death experiences, shutting off sensitivity as a child, imaginary friends, maiden-mother-crone, angelic visions, surrender and relaxing into the flow, escapism, self-sabotaging, how to align both the Queen of Cups and Page of Cups sides of Pisces and loneliness.  Also on this episode we honor so many Pisces Queens, including Diane Arbus, Erykah Badu, Liza Minelli, Gurmukh, Drew Barrymore, Etel Adnan, and Rihanna!  Hope you enjoy! Big Pieces Love to you all! Sign-up for Newsletter. Patreon for Cosmic Cousins. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins. Book a Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Mentorship opportunity with Jeff Hinshaw.

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14 Mar 2019

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