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Cosmic Cousins is a ritual podcast released every New and Full Moon. Hosted by Jeff Hinshaw, Cosmic Cousins is dedicated to honoring the interconnectedness of our universal family through: embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning.

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S6, E13: Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon blessings to you! On this podcast episode we dive-deep into soul-centered Sagittarius. We enjoy a meditation with the Gaitri Mantra Chant – Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung by Yogi Amanbir. Then, we found out this Superconscious Fire Sagittarius episode by connecting with the Sagittarius Tarot Cards: Temperance, the Wheel of Fortune, Page of Wands, and Queen of Wands. ____________________________ Sign-up for Mailing List – Newsletter. Book an Astrology Reading with Jeff Hinshaw. Book a Tarot Healing Session with Jeff Hinshaw. Instagram for Cosmic Cousins.


26 Nov 2019

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