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Micheal & Andrew are back! It’s the 2021 analysis and NOTHING is off the table. Spoilers Ahoy for EVERYTHING! Plus, ill considered opinions, Christmas Presents and incessant mockery of “Visionary Filmmakers!” Merry Christmas! https://twotruefreaks.com/podcast/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/HEY-KIDS-COMICS-XMAS-SPECIAL-2021.mp3

26 Dec 2021

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 38 – THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN

10 years ago, 2 clueless chancers started their online ramblings about funny books and were promptly accused of crimes against seriousness. These men refused to become po-faced and retreated to the Internet underground. Today, still refusing to take any of this too seriously, they return as uninformed as ever. If you want to hear how little they’ve changed, if no one else is quite as inept and if you can get them together, maybe you can listen to HEY KIDS, COMICS IS 10! HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN https://twotruefreaks.com/podcast/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Hey-Kids-Comics-10th-Anniversary-Special-1.mp3

1 Nov 2021

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 37 – Emails 2020

It’s a second BONUS episode! Remember the old DC COMICS Annuals that would have emails about last year’s annual? That’s what this is but separate from the show for people who skip the e-mail section! Some explicit language. HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN https://twotruefreaks.com/podcast/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Hey-Kids-Comics-Xmas-2020-EMAILS.mp3

1 Nov 2021

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 36 Xmas 2020

Andrew & Micheal are BACK! Celebrating the year of the pandemic in fine form! The 2 Northern Chancers Return with an episode designed to infuriate and delight in equal measure. Discussion of Christmas Presents, The behind the scenes shenanigans on the Justice League, the future of cinema, Grant Morrison’s Batman, The History Of Japan and, of course, Star Wars! HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN https://twotruefreaks.com/podcast/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/Hey-Kids-Comics-Xmas-2020.mp3

1 Nov 2021

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 35 – THE RISE OF HEY KIDS, COMICS!

It’s Time To Rise! The Rise Of Hey Kids Comics! Micheal and Andrew are back from the dead – HOW will remain unexplained – to discuss Christmas Swag, Comics and a SPOILER FILLED CHAT about THE RISE OF SKYWALKER! But that’s not important. What is? THEY’RE BACK! HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN http://twotruefreaks.com/media/podcasts/heykids/mp3/HeyKidsComicsXmas2019.mp3

26 Dec 2019

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 34 – Easter 2019

Raucous holiday fun as MICHEAL and ANDREW return! Lots of discussion about the new Super Hero Fil-ums thats bound to cause consternation, emails, off-colour gags and a discussion about the recent DETECTIVE COMICS #1000! HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN http://twotruefreaks.com/media/podcasts/heykids/mp3/34HeyKidsSpecial34-EasterSpecial2019.mp3

18 Apr 2019

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 33 – Winter Special 2019

Micheal and Andrew reunite for their annual trip through what they got for Christmas. On the way, they mock Eminem, rank some of their favourite comics they read this year and couldn’t care less about the Preacher TV show. HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN http://twotruefreaks.com/media/podcasts/heykids/mp3/33HeyKidsSpecial33-AnnualSwagBag2018.mp3

26 Dec 2018

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 32 – Summer 2018

The 2 Northern Chancers return for a summer special of joy and delights. Micheal and Andrew are back with another installment of their critically ignored and financially unsuccessful series HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPERMAN. This time around the new MAN OF STEEL series is thrown under the spotlight. Is it any good? Tune in and find out. HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN! http://twotruefreaks.com/media/podcasts/heykids/mp3/32HeyKidsSpecial32-HappyBirthdaySuperman09.mp3

19 Jul 2018

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 31 – New Year 2018

Andrew and Micheal are back! NOTES: SPOILERS ALL THE WAY THROUGH for THE LAST JEDI, BLADE RUNNER 2049, DR WHO – TWICE UPON A TIME and everything else we talk about. Samira Ahmed is a respected journalist and broadcaster who I quite like when I’ve seen her. She is not A MAN as I keep referring to her in this show! HEY KIDS, COMICS! WILL RETURN http://twotruefreaks.com/media/podcasts/heykids/mp3/31HeyKidsSpecial31-NewYear2018.mp3

4 Jan 2018

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Hey Kids, Comics! Special 30 Summer 2017 – Identity Crisis

Micheal and Andrew return with a late summer special! This time out, in addition to playing catch up and dealing with emails, the Northern Chancers take an in-depth look at the 2007 DC COMICS mini series, IDENTITY CRISIS! What did they make of this divisive series? The answers may surprise you! But probably not. HEY KIDS COMICS WILL RETURN! http://twotruefreaks.com/media/podcasts/heykids/mp3/30HeyKidsSpecial30-IDENTITYCRISIS.mp3

28 Aug 2017

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