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is about taking care of you skin naturally. Using the best ingredients to create the natural glow that you skin crave for!

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Naturally Nurturing Beauty Blog

Naturally Nurturing Beauty - blog is about sharing natural beauty tips and ideas along with the newest Nurturing Beauty product. The purpose here is to spread information about using and enjoying natural ingredient for skin care. This blog will share information to help you create your own definition of beauty “naturally”. It also shares information to promote health, inner peace and beauty. Through these posts my goal is to provide useful information to encourage and empower you to share with others.www.naturallynurturingbeauty.com/blog

21 Jan 2009

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December Podcast Show

Great saving at Nurturing Beauty!

29 Nov 2008

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November Blow Out Clearance Sale

STOCKING STUFFERS ALL BODY BUTTERS 2 OZ ALL BODY&HAIR OIL 4 OZ ALL HAIR BUTTER 2 OZ $5.00All three for $10.00 or mix and match for $10.00. Please visit our website www.naturallynurturingbeauty.com

3 Nov 2008

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October Saving and Fall Skin Care Tips

This month our show covers Fall Skin Care tips and great sales at Nurturing Beauty. Enjoy!

2 Oct 2008

Rank #4

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Nurturing Beauty First Podcast

Sheya Chisenga is the CEO and founder of Nurturing Beauty. After years of direct marketing experience Sheya was ready to take the step toward her passion by creating natural products that heal, sooth, and regenerate the body. The Nurturing Beauty brand does just that! Some of the main ingredients are shea, avocado, mango and cocoa butters. These tender ingredients are the soul of Nurturing Beauty’s Body Sugar Scrubs, Body Souffles, body Butters, Hair Butters, Hair Oil, Handmade Soap, and Creamy Cocoa Butter.            You will not find store synthetic ingredients such as: parbens, sodiume lauhyl sulfates, phthalates, propylene glycol, petrolatum, artificial colors, animal derived ingredients or testing. In addition, Nurturing Beauty is an eco-friendly company which selects natural products that are gentle on the skin and the earth. All of the products are packaged by hand using eco-friendly and sustainable materialsPlease visit our website www.naturallynurturingbeauty.com and blogspot www.nurturingbeauty.blogspot.com

3 Sep 2008

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Nurturing Beauty Podcasting Preview

Hello Everyone, I am the process of creating a new podcasting show for Nurturing Beauty. This podcast will be dedicated to creating beautiful skin "naturally”.  Also this podcast  will be filled with great interviews with from skincare experts on which ingredients are best for your skin. Also will be included Nurturing Beauty product updates, opportunity to win prizes, discount and much more will also be included. Stay tuned for what’s to come.Our first scheduled show will be September 1, 2008.

12 Aug 2008

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