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Two fiber and craft obsessed individuals chat and explore what it means to live in a DIY Nation. We will explore what it means to be a knitter, crocheter, a crafter and explore the world of fiber and craft in our own little corner of the world in the Pacific Northwest.

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Episode 3: Knitting Traditions

This is a very delayed release of our podcast. We begin our pondering about Traditional Knitting at the Dublin Bay knitting store in the Pearl District, Portland, Oregon. We adjourned again to our "mobile" recording studio (my car) during the Craft Philosophy segment just because it became a bit boisterous in the shop :).  Thank you again to Dublin Bay for allowing us to record on the premises. Do check out their lovely collection of yarn, fiber, and knitting resources for the knitting Anglophile. Podcast 3 Notes- Dublin Bay Penny Dog Sweater Turn a Square Hat Breakfast at Cafe du Monde fingerless gloves Dr Who Scarf Amelia Sweater Freyja Sweater Selbuvotter mittens Tunisian Crochet Purse Tunisian Crochet Class Gladys Thompson - Patterns for Jerseys, Guernseys, and Aran Sweaters Country Weekend Knits Isager - Japanese Inspired Knits Correction - my bad. The sweater is called Summer in Tokyo. Janet Szabo Knitted Lace of Estonia Music featured- Bing Crosby & the Andrew Sisters - Accentuate the Positive Barrell House Annie - Ain't Gonna Give It Away Natalie's Ongoing Grey Pseudo Fair Isle Project (Knit with Kauni)Rachel's Jamieson Pullover


21 Feb 2010

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Episode 31: Sock Summit - A Knitter's Jamboree

It's all about the Sock Summit 2011, but it's not just about knitting socks. Sock Summit was one heck of a big party for knitters, spinners and fiber enthusiasts. Rachel & Natale talk at the sock summit Sock Summit Craft Lit Podcast Petite Purls Sweet Georgia Yarns Pomegranate Sierra Summer Lace Cardigan Wrap (PDF) World’s Largest Sock Portland Yarn Store List Sweet Georgia Yarns Director Park Downtown Portland OR Sweet Georgia Yarns Shop Sweet Georgia Yarns Sweet Georgia’s Ravelry Group Felecia’s Twitter ID: @HeySweetGeorgia About Knitting & Spinning with Silk Hankies Tactile Fiber Arts Tactile Fiber Arts Ravelry Group Maia’s Twitter ID: @MaiaSpins Fleece to Foot Bethany Hendrickson and Fleece to Foot Kuelap Fingerless Gloves BethanyHendrickson.com Fleece to Foot play by play from Oregon.Live.com Happy Knits Happy Knits flickr.com/happyknit Sweet Georgia Yarns Pomegranate PhotoPodcasting tool kit at the Sock Summit PurpleYarnQueen's hand spun sock yarn in all it's purple glory! Me waiting in the sun by the Bell before the No Po walking trek The long line during the opening day of the MarketplaceThe World's Largest Sock (WIP) at the Sock Summit. It was like knitting a yurt!

1hr 6mins

7 Aug 2011

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Episode 30 - Support Your Local (Knitting) Businesses

Music Featured: Andrew Sisters - Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Woogie Beat Big Joe Turner - Rock the Joint Links: Nautillina Lanesplitter Skirt Poems Yarn Fibre Company Canopy Yarn The Naked Sheep Knit Shop Article: Ravelry Beats Facebook Supportland Happy Knits (website) Happy Knits (raverly group) Ravelry Group on Sock Summit Little Red in the City Knitting America Monmouth Cap Short History of the Monmouth Cap Ryeland Sheep Donna Druchunas Arctic Lace Successful Lace Knitting Oregon Live Knitting Blog Sock Summit Walking Tour Thread (Ravelry) Sock Knitting SegmentWorksheets:1.) Designing Your Own Toe Up Sock Pattern2.) Vanilla Sock Pattern3.) Heel Flap Extension Correction: I mentioned the Inuit people in referencing the "Arctic Lace" book. This is incorrect as the book covers the traditions of the Native or Indigenous Peoples of Alaska. Inuit actually refers to the Northern Native Peoples in Canada & Greenland. Lanesplitter Skirt Panel Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Sewn Bindoff (Video)


17 Jul 2011

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Episode 29 - Shetland, Wheels and the Grand Ol' Fourth

Report out from 2011's Blacksheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon. I find the wheel of my dreams. A little about our lovely national holiday and knitting during the American Revolutionary War. Music Featured Bugle Rag Call - Glen Miller Links McTavish Farms (Contact Tom for more info on McTavish Wheelworks and his fabulous spinning wheels)Dicentra Designs on Etsy / On RavelryStitchJones (On Etsy)Dudelace Group on RavelryGood Reads Book List on US HistoryiCivicsNo Idle HandsMonmouth Hat PatternSock Knitting SegmentWorksheets:1.) Designing Your Own Toe Up Sock Pattern2.) Vanilla Sock Pattern 3.) Heel Flap Extension


4 Jul 2011

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Episode 28 - A Hike in the Woods

Cave behind the South Falls at Silver Falls State ParkIn this episode There’s a bit about a hike in the woods and knitting socks in nature Something about lace for dudes. Mention of podcasts I love from across the pond. and the continuation of the sock saga. Erosional ChimneySeabuckthorn Plant (WIkipedia)Sea Berry Plant (One Green World Catalog)Exploring Shimada’s Sock Class (Class is taught by Gayle Roehm)Purl District in Silverton, ORKnitting ThimbleDudelace Group on RavelrySock Summit Group on RavelryI Am Addicted (Natalie’s Blog)Natknit DailyOn twitter you can find me as: @CloudynatknitSock Knitting SegmentWorksheets:1.) Designing Your Own Toe Up Sock Pattern2.) Vanilla Sock Pattern3.) Heel Flap ExtensionOther Tutorials and SupportCome to Silver’s Sock Tutorial - Short Row Heel Part ICome to Silver’s Sock Tutorial - Short Row Heel Part IIJudy’s Magic Cast OnTurkish Cast OnPodcasts from Across the PondElectric Sheep A Playful Day Caithness Craft CollectiveSock Pattern LinksMore Photos from the HikeMusic used:Shake that Little Foot - Lark in the Clean AirCave


21 Jun 2011

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Episode 27- Riding the New Sock Wave

Socks from my handpainted sock yarnThis is the one where I knit socks, socks and more socks... and try the Starmore sweater one more time!Music FeaturedBallad of the Black Chihuahua - Jon RauhausSwim Out - The Toothaches (sorry I featured them last time but I’m on a New Wave kick)Inventio #2 in C Minor (Bach) - Learning MusicBeach KnittingAlice Starmore’s LochinverDyeing TutorialsHow to Handpaint Roving - great tutorial Dyeing Silk Roving More on Dyeing Silk Roving Cascade Eco WoolFire on the Mountain#knitchatString & Beans BlogMake1Inc’s SiteUpdatesBlack Sheep Gathering in Eugene June 24-26Black Sheep BingoContest Thread - Help me figure out what to do with this yarn!Information about the No Po informal walking tour (Ravelry) - I’ll be updating this more...Sock Pattern LinksWorksheets:1.) Designing Your Own Toe Up Sock Pattern2.) Vanilla Sock Pattern3.) Heel Flap ExtensionCome to Silver Sock TutorialsCat Bordhi’s Tutorial on Knitting on Two Circular Needles


15 Jun 2011

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Episode 25 - Fiber Love Madness

In this episode Natalie tells all about her day at the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival as well as her spinning adventures during the month of April. Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival Dicentra Designs on Etsy / On Ravelry Tussah Silk Artfibers Tantra A Verb for Keeping Warm Duncan Fiber Enterprises Cherry Hill Alpacas Sincere Sheep Pico Accaurdi Dyeworks Falkland Wool Black Sheep Gathering Sock Summit Blue Faced Leicester Frabjous Fibers (didn't purchase from the festival) Imperial Stock Ranch (fibers) The cat that ate the business card sitting on my Columbia wool!Sample skein of purple yarn made from Columbia fiberHand spindle with Blue Faced Leicester from Frabjous Fibers80% Merino & 20% Silk with Terroir fiber from Sincere SheepSuri Alpaca Lace.


9 May 2011

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Episode 22 - Art for Fiber's Sake

Sorry Explicit this time because I used the S-bomb.... but only once. This one is all about art. Music & Sound Featured: Istanbul - Ella Fitzgerald & Bing Crosby Classic Routine - Jack Benny and Mel Blanc Ooop Shoop - Gosprom La Cumparsita - Carlos Molina Yarn Bombing: Yarn Bombing Images (Google Image Search) Giant Knitting (Art): Rachel John's Art Installation Video Article Rachel John's Website Freeform Crochet/Knitting: Freeform Crochet Examples Freeform Crochet and Beyond by Renate Kirkpatrick. FiberCamp Boston 2011: What is an Unconference? FiberCamp Homepage Ravelry Thread Session Page 2011 - you must request access to view. Yarn Lust Confessions: Elann.com's LE Milano Artfibers Anime Yarn - inspired by Miyazaki Film: The Illusionist - Animated Film (2010) My Scrumble (Freeform Crochet)


6 Feb 2011

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Episode 17 - Adventures in Felting and Dreams of Somewhere Warmer

On/Off the needles: Kiri Shawl (.pdf) Yarnbowl on Etsy (I think she has more) The Episode of Murder Most Horrid We All Hate Granny. (she survives by wearing layers of knitted garments)- warning, the humor is slightly dark. I think you can find the episodes on YouTube. Tweed Beret Tweed Baby Blanket Addi cro-needle Pin for Ruffled & Ruched Scarf was from Briar Rose Fibers booth at Sock Summit French Press Felted Slippers Felting: Felting Article from Knitty Music Featured this Episode: South American Way - Carmen Miranda Chica Chica Boom Chic - Xavier Cugat V.V. & O Processo  -  BNegão & Seletores de Freqüência


25 Nov 2010

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Episode 9: It's Sock Knitting Season!

Rachel shares her sock knitting secrets, and she's finally finished with her Log Cabin Noro blanket! Natalie obsesses over two very large bumps of red wool. Oh dear! Rachel's Chat on the Fine Art of Knitting Socks Top downsources for good design: Cookie A's Sock Innovation and Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks, Folk Socks, Knitting on the RoadToe up short row toes and heels Judy's Magic Cast on for toe up socks Sources for good design: Wendy D. Johnson and Chrissy Gardiner Knitty article on starting to knit toe up Two at a Time/Magic Loop Nifty tutorial on cuff down from Knitting Giraffe Toe up 2x a time Tutorial from Come t Silver - love this one (Natalie) Great divide: double pointed needles or circular needles!! Why I like dpns Complicated patterns that need a lot of counting Some yarns don't do well with the pulling of cables Looks complicated and bad ass to have 4-5 needles going at once. Easier to work the gusset with more room on the needles to spread out  Why I like circular needles Very difficult to lose your needle Two socks at one time on one LONG circular needle Feels faster than shuffling needles Tools I like Dpn holder from Knitzi Pointy Knit Picks fixed circular needles (Nice flexible cables, too.) Tom Bihn Stuff Sacks On/Off Our Needles Cavern Cardigan Panda Bamboo (discontinued :(!) Black Sheep Gathering Knit n' Walk Bags - from Knit Purl Sew What? Tussah Silk Verb for Keeping Warm Sodera Socks Child's First Socks in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks Montego Bay Scarf  - IK Link (Interweave Knits Summer 2007)   Ashland, Oregon Shakespearean Festival Hip Hop Hamlet Lovely yarnstore in Ashland, OR - Websters Log Cabin Blanket - Cool little blogpost and photos from January One Great American Afghan - the one with the crab pattern square Nautie the Nautillus Futurarma Dr. Zoidberg Bender the "Naughty Robot" BTW - I could not validate the legend or tradition of giving away opals as 'spiteful' gifts. But I did find out that apparently Sir Walter Scott started a rumor/superstition that it was bad luck to give Opals to people who were not born in October... Sir Walter, really? But Queen Victoria luckily dispelled the rumour by giving them away as gifts. (She probably had stock in Australian Opal mines).   How to get a hold of us.... visit our blog/podcast site at http://nkilkenny.libsyn.com or use our gmail cloudychancefiber@gmail.com Music and Audio Selections: Ode to my socks- poem by Pablo Neruda Rain Improvisation Roy Trumbull- Shakespeare's Gems from Shakespeare (Hamlet Instructs the Actors)  Logan White Hurst - A Matter of Twine. Check out Logan's many other entertaining ditties on iTune s on Goodbye my 4-Track


25 Jul 2010

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Episode 8 - Riverside Knitter

It's time for you Northwesters to stretch your geography muscles. I was at a particular riverside setting. Can you guess where I was? Harvey Pekar - the mind behind the comic "American Splendor." Learn more about Harvey at the Pekar Project. Everyday Inspired Knits: Pear Apple Cozy by Susan B. Anderson Wishy Washy Fishy Tawashi by Rhonda White Tribble by Abigail - 1870pearl Felted Moebius Basket by Cat Bordhi My apologies to Rhonda White for mentioning Knitting Nonsense which is the place where the pattern is published and to Abigale - 1870pearl for not catching your entire Ravelry handle. Crocheted Steampunk Gloves - a 3 hour class at the Naked Sheep Knitshop in North Portland, OR - Saturday (August 14) 1:00-4:00pm Remember students receive 10% OFF all purchases one week before class begins through the last day of class Yarns Used - Cascade Heritage Sock & Collinette Sock Yarn Fedora Primo - great little hat shop in Santa Monica, CA Contest #1 for Northwest Natives - Prize = Shetland handspun made by me in a natural fawn brown. Please note where this is. What river am I on? What's the name of the park where we're at?   Contest #2 for Everyone Else - Prize = 300 yards of Yarnia - bamboo yarn (DK weight) What is making the sounds at the end of the podcast?? For both contests note in the comments 1.) The contest number 2.) Your location 3.) Your guess As I noted you have until 8/15 to respond to the comments. I'll announce the winners in our next podcast after that date. If you want to send us your answers... e-mail us at cloudychancefiber@gmail.com Here's the photo for contest #1 (Hint there's a bridge in the distance) Clue # 2 This was the view on the way there... Music Selections this Podcast: Waterbound - Shake that Little Foot Rabbits Never Get Married - Hank Penny Everyday - Buddy Holly


14 Jul 2010

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Episode 4: The Dye Job

Welcome the episode all about Dyeing yarn. We explore the idea of re-purposing yarn through dyeing as well as focusing on old unattended projects. It's all about appreciating what you've got and maybe giving it a 'brand new frock.' :) Dyeing technique & materials: We used both Country Classic and Jacquard Dyes Dharma Trading is a great resource for dyeing supplies and tutorials. This is where I got the "spongy paintbrushes" and Synthropol.   Dye Instructions (Knitting by Zen) - including how to set in the Microwave Elann Yarns used - (currently not an open product page on the Elann site because they're out of stock but you can search for the yarns under these names in Ravelry if you have an account): Elann Undyed Superwash Merino and Silk Elann Undyed Soybean Forgot to add - Creatively Dyed Yarns (some gorgeous examples of the speckled dye work) Recommended Books and Resources Yarns to Dye For Yarn Lover's Guide to Dyeing Dying to Knit Dyer's Companion Stash Maintenance:  The Naked Sheep Knit Shop Sock yarn Blanket by Shelley Kang (Rav Group)Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf (Rav Link) BBC Comedy Gold: The Good Life (Just a side note - Tom and Barbara already had paid off their house so going self-sufficient might have been more of an option :))On the Needles:  Waving Lace Socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks Saucy Sock (Free pdf) Tangled Yoke Cardigan from Interweave Knits Store Rivendell Socks from the Eclectic Sole or individual download Sock Yarn Blanket (Ravelry Sock Blankie Group)Log Cabin Blanket The Lotrop Bag - Here's blogger who's got a gorgeous example. Sorry I'm a slacker... I have no photo yet but will post my later. Music Featured: Swing 1939 - French Accordion The Best Things in Life are Free - The George Olsen Orchestra Natalie's Noro Silk Garden Rainbow (Buttons from the Button Emporium)* *I improvised the pattern based on your basic bottom-up cardigan.


31 Mar 2010

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Episode 36: Stitching in the New Year

Download Episode 36Music: And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine - Anita O’Day After You've Gone - King Jesters: Links: Happy Knits Madeline Tosh DK at Happy Knits Calendar of Hope: Army of Women Calendar of Hope 2012 Job Hunting for Knitters & Crafters: Crafters searching for work group (Ravelry) Job Market group (Ravelry) Job Hunting Tricks for a Web 2.0 World CGOA: Forum Announcement on Ravelry on Crochet Master's Portfolio Knitchat Updates: Knitchat group on Ravelry Knitalong details (Yummy Mummy) How to use Google + Hangouts Google + Hangout Plug In Scale Mitts & Hanging Out: Scale Mitts Exchanging Fiber Kollage Yarn Review: Milky Whey Yarn Exchanging Fiber Scale Mitt in progress in Malabrigo Rios


1 Jan 2012

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Episode 35: Quick & Expedient Gifts (Jane Austen Mag Review & Regency Period)

Download Episode 35This one is all about Quick Christmas Gifts and the Regency Period. Music Featured:Beethoven's Piano Concerto 15Quick Christmas Gifts Give a Hoot Bunny Nuggets Rebecca Danger's Big Book of Knitted Monsters Incognito (Knitty) Shroom (Knitty) Spiral Cowl Susie's reading mitts Coco Knits Hotwater Bottle Cover Bev Galeska's Felted Hotwater Bottle Cozy Felted SoapsOn/Off the needles Gail aka nightsong Stormy Morningside Neckwarmer Baby Kina Rios Malabrigo Yarn Sublime Extra Fine Luxurious Merino Midnight Comfy Woobie Cowl Debbie Bliss Paloma Celes Shawl/stole Taiyo Yarn Jared Flood Noro Scarf Beyond the Square (Crochet) J'Aime (yarn available from Artfibers) Tea LeavesReviews: Stitch Heaven Video Jane Austen Knits 2011 Jane Austen Knits (Ravelry link w/ pattern info) Regency House Party Mark Twain on Jane Austen 


6 Dec 2011

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Episode 34: Ready, Start Your Engines...

This one gets us ready for the Holiday Knitting Effort. Happy Knits & Melinda Vermeer: Happy Knits Onine Melinda Vermeer’s Website Melinda Vermeer’s Designs in Knit Picks IDP Melinda’s Ravelry Group Holiday Knitting Tips: Koolhas Hat Turn a Square Hat Clapotis Laundry soaps for knitted garments: Soak & Eucalan Burberry Inspired Cowl Comfy Cowl or Woobie Provisional Cast On (Crochet) Video Kitchner Stitch Video Debbie Bliss Paloma Halloween 2011. That’s me in the red deer mask in the back. Sorry the photo of the Owls sweater isn’t that sharp. The Halloween Party Bus theme this year was Red Devils.


14 Nov 2011

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