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Charles Soule His New Novel Plus Wolverine X-Men Star Wars & Daredevil

Charles is back to promote his debut novel The Oracle Year. A real world look at what happens when an honest to god prophet starts correctly predicting the future and how the reliogious political and social cultures respond .Plus we talk about his hilarious Image Series Curs Words With Ryan Browne .Then its all abut his Marvel takes on Daredevil The X-men's ressurection of Charles Xavier , The Hunt For Wolverine and his star wars books. In in depth discussion of Darth Vader and how the Peo Dameron book is pushing the official star wars saga forward with plots tha happened after the events of The Last Jedi!

2hr 4mins

9 May 2018

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Bendis To DC News With Novelist William Schweigart

The news is out Brian Bendis leaves Marvel after 17 years, and has signed a new deal with DC comics. What will he write? There may be clues in past Bendis Tapes Discussions here in the Word Balloon archives . You'll hear my take as well as initial reactions from The League Of Word Balloon Listeners .Then Novelist Bill Schweigart joins us to discuss his trilogy of Fantasy Action Novels The Beast Of Barcroft , Northwoods and The Devil's Colony. Publishers Weekly says "Readers who appreciate a B-movie sensibility, affable characters, and a sense of fun along with their scares will find much to enjoy." Bill tells us about the books and the twists and turns he experienced bringing the trilogy to life.

1hr 18mins

8 Nov 2017

Rank #2

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Nick Spencer Secret Empire Wrap Up

Nick is back to discuss the event, the controversies, the marvel universe fall out from the event, and what's next.

2hr 5mins

12 Sep 2017

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Dennis O'Neil - The Batman Conversation

An epic discussion with the acclaimed writer of Batman, and so much more. We talk about his early days at Charlton Comics, why did he leave DC for Marvel in the 80s and why did he return to DC in the 90s? We talk about the Knightfall event, the story choices Dc wouldn't allow him to do and a lot more.From his first days at DC, to the Hard Traveling Heroes run of Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and the social justice agenda , The master writer shares many stories from the silver bronze and platinum ages .

2hr 6mins

6 Aug 2018

Rank #4

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Alex Ross On The State Of The Superhero

Alex is the keynote speaker at this weekend's Lake FX Chicago, The region's largest FREE conference for artists, creative professionals and entrepreneurs, April 21-22, Alex will be talking Saturday at 3pm at the Chicago Cultural Center .

1hr 9mins

18 Apr 2017

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Ep 1000 Comic Books After Hours With Tom King

While we're all sitting in our homes, why not spend the time talking to a friend? Tom and I talk about being at the last convention held before the virus C2E2 and our relief that we didn't get cooties from it. Plus old movie and TV talk comic books, creator and celeb encounters and more.

2hr 21mins

17 Mar 2020

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Comic Books The Bendis Tapes Clark Kent Never, Superman Forever?

Where do you stand on secret identities? Necessary ? Old hat? Bendis is making Superman reveal his to the world in December's Superman #18. What does it ,mean for him his friends family and all the citizens bad and good in the DCU?

1hr 49mins

21 Oct 2019

Rank #7

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Comic Books Tom King On Batman New Gods Adam Strange and More

A new King's Speech as we pre pare to do this in front of an audience at Terrificon this Saturday

1hr 54mins

4 Aug 2019

Rank #8

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Justice League Film Review

Joining me to talk about the film are the co-hosts of The Aw Yeah Podcast featuring Art Baltazar Franco! (Tiny Titans Superman Family Adventures and Super Powers) and Scoot McMahon ( Wrapped Up, Sami The Squirel)

1hr 28mins

4 Dec 2017

Rank #9

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Comic Books Matt Fraction Is Torturing Jimmy Olsen

Matt talks about his spin on Jimmy working with Greg Rucka and Brian Bendis in the Superman universe and much more

2hr 23mins

2 Dec 2019

Rank #10

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Jim Zub On Avengers No Surrender and The Business Of Creator Owned Comics

Jim Zub is back to preview Avengers No Surrender the weekly Avengers Event co-written by Mark Waid and Al Ewing. Jim takes us thrugh the process of writing this event.We also discuss his creator owned books Wayward and Glitterbomb. Jim is always willing to share his insight on creating books for Image Comics and how they're doing in the modern comics market which is a bigger world than just the direct market stores. We talk about Jim's creator owned tutorials and his Tumblr account where he takes creator questions and manages to difuse negative insults into positive information on a regular basis.  'Jim's book Glitterbomb has also managed to become even more relevant to today's cultural issues given it's premise of the plight of women in Hollywoood subjected to the real life horrors of sexual abuse. We can't help but discuss the book's ironic timing.

1hr 53mins

22 Nov 2017

Rank #11

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Comic Books The Bendis Tapes q&a Pt1 Superman Legion Leviathan Wonder Comics Jinxworld and More

Brian is back to discuss The aging of Jon Kent and its impact n Super Sons. Tons of facts about his upcoming Legion Of Super Heroes run., Event Leviathan , writing tips and more.

1hr 41mins

24 Jun 2019

Rank #12

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Father Of The Superhero Crossover Gardner Fox With Comic Book Historian Jennifer DeRoss

From The first meeting of The Justice Society, to The Flash Of Two Worlds, To The First Crisis Stories . Gardner Fox wrote them all in addition to classic Green Lantern and Batman tales. From The Golden Age To The Bronze Age Fox helped forge the modern superhero stories . In her new biography of Fox, Historian Jennifer DeRoss's examines the writer's oft forgotten contributions to DC cannon , and beyond.

1hr 4mins

12 Sep 2019

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Comics The Bendis Tapes Covid 19 Edition

Brain Checks in to let us know his situation during the virus but also has a message of creative hope. We also squeeze a few laughs in

1hr 25mins

8 Apr 2020

Rank #14

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Comic Books Bendis Tapes pt 2 Marvel, Kitty Pryde Film, Vertigo and More

Bendis and I continue the Q&A answering tough questions about leaving Marvel, Update On The Kitty Pryde Film, Bendis's audition for Vertigo back in the day, plus more on Leviathan Wonder Comics, Jinxworld, Superman, The Legion and more writing process tips.

1hr 53mins

24 Jun 2019

Rank #15

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comic books Bryan Hitch talks Lex Luthor The Batman's Grave and More

Bryan is back with great observations on Lex, Bruce Alfred and a lot more subjects in this new conversation

2hr 33mins

8 Oct 2019

Rank #16

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First Imressions Brian Michael Bendis Jan 2006

My first interview with Brian from January 2006. We talk about the new direction he too the Avengers in following the events of Avengers Dissassembled. We also talk about wrapping up his run on Daredevil, and handing the book over to Ed Brubaker.We also talk about the debate over decompression, and Brian's attempt to describe his style of writing.You'll hear about Brian's days at Calibre, writing and drawing with David Mack, Mike Oeming, Frank Cho and Michael Gaydos.

1hr 1min

4 May 2018

Rank #17

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Writing Your First Comic Tips From Sam Humphries

The Hammer is back! Sam talks about writing Harley Quinn and Dial H For Hero . We also talk about him co-hosting DC Daily on DC Universe , but Sam has a ton of tips about writing your first comic book .

1hr 38mins

26 May 2020

Rank #18

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Dan Brereton Talks Nocturnals &The Return Of The Bat-Verse Thrillkiller Stories

Word Balloon welcomes artist extraordinaire Dan Brereton. Dan chats about his career from his work creating The Nocturnals series to his spin on the Dick Grayson Barbra Gordon Love Affair Batman : Thrillkiller co created with Howard Chaykin. Think Grayson as Elvis and Barbara Gordon as Ann-Margaret

1hr 48mins

6 Jun 2018

Rank #19

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Chip Zdarsky On Sex Criminals Jughead and Marvel Legacy Plans

Chip's back to talk about where things are in Sex Criminals, His take on Jughead, and lots of Marvel talk about Spider-Man Howard The duck ,and his upcoming Marvel Legacy take on The Thing & Human Torch in Marvel Two In One.

1hr 31mins

21 Sep 2017

Rank #20