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Faster Than Normal: Peter Shankman’s Productivity Hacks

Leverage podcast featuring Peter Shankman, public relations master, best-selling author and host of the #1 ADHD Podcast Faster Than Normal. Peter Shankman lives a faster than normal life and rocks it. He’s an uber-successful entrepreneur, public relations master, best-selling author, host of the #1 ADHD Podcast “Faster Than Normal,” and single-dad to his 5-year old daughter. Not to mention a licensed skydiver, marathon runner, Ironman participant and Peloton junkie. It’s not that he has more time on his hands, he’s learned how to leverage his ADHD and use it as a gift.It all started in the mid-90’s when Peter was in an online chatroom and was encouraged to apply to a newsroom start-up. With minimal experience outside of a journalism degree, Peter helped build the largest digital online newsroom in the world — AOL — in just 3 years.In the wake of the dot-com boom, with the priceless experience gained from AOL, Peter wanted to start a PR firm. The only problem was… he had no money. With the upcoming release of the movie “Titanic,” Peter had the idea to take his rent money and get 500 t-shirts made with the quote “It Sank. Get Over It.” and sell them in Times Square. He sold out in 6 hours.Taking the t-shirts online, he cleared $100,000 in under two months. Enough money to start his PR firm.Peter hasn’t slowed down since. To what does he attribute his success? In his mid-30’s Peter was diagnosed with ADHD, and learning how to “drive” his faster than normal brain has been a game-changer.“When you’re driving a faster brain — just like when you’re driving a Lamborghini — you have to know how to drive it.” Here are 5 productivity hacks that helped Peter leverage his best life:- Discipline- Systems and Processes- Structured Days- Wake-up Early,- Workout Listen in to learn more about Peter’s 5 personal productivity hacks, read the blog post (6 min read) https://blog.getleverage.com/faster-than-normal-peter-shankmans-five-productivity-hacks-efceb7bb32d OR download the episode cheat sheet at podcast.getleverage.com


24 Sep 2018

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Top 5 Tips for Trello: Easy to use project management for business and personal projects

When you’re camping in the forest, you need a walky-talky to communicate with your group, and you need a map to find your way. As we mentioned in our other posts, Slack is the walky-talky. It is a great tool for communications but in addition to the daily comms, your company is going to need its full roadmap…and that is where Trello comes in handy. To boost your productivity, you’ll need these three tools to cut down a large portion of your workload and make your work efforts effective. The three tools are: Properly use email (for external communications only) Use Slack for all internal communications Use Trello (or a similar management tool) for project management — we recommend Trello but others have great success with tools such as Asana. After implementing these tools you will drastically improve your ability to manage your company and your time. We’ve covered Inbox Zero and Slack in our previous posts and today we’ll walk through Trello. Trello is your map Trello shows you what project you’re working on, its stage and status, what steps you need to take to complete the project and who is responsible for next steps. Communication tools are a quick and easy way to share ideas, but if something is a task, project or to-do then it requires a project management tool. The more complex a project is with different stages, the more important it is to use a tool like Trello because all of those different states are hard to track within a communications tool. At Leverage, we use Trello to fit our business and therefore our layout looks slightly different than how it is intended for use. We’ve created a board for each client, and within each client’s board he or she may have several tasks. However, typically speaking, if you’re running a company you could use this on a per project basis such as “Create an IOS App” and then each section would help guide your process of creating the IOS app. In the section below, we’ll walk through examples of creating a wedding to show an easy example of how to set-up a Trello board. 1. Start by creating four categories for your project - Backlog, doing, waiting, done 2. Write each task within each phase of you project Backlog contains items that aren’t a priority yet, such as sending invites and creating seating arrangements. Once you’re ready to start a task you move it to “doing.” If you are waiting for the task to be completed or need info from another source, move it to “waiting.” Once you are finished with the task it can be placed in “done” therefore you always have a list of your completed items. 3. Create and customize the specific details within each card You can make a checklist for each task such as a list of venues that you want to visit in California and New York, then cross each one off as you go. Within each card you can also choose: Due date Color label Assign a member/owner of the task Add other attachments such as receipts, directions, etc. 4. Power it Up! Use Power Ups to make your workflow more efficient. You can include things such as a calendar power up to view a broad scope of your whole project and keep it organized. Other Power Ups like the card repeater can help automate a recurring task. Therefore if you want a new Trello card to pop-up every Monday to remind you to check in with your florist, the card repeater will make that happen. 5. Get familiar with best practices A few extra helpful tricks to organize your workload are: In the “doing section, “ list each task in the order you want to complete them Create a line between a group of cards to create a distinction — or to break your big list up into smaller, sections of lists. If more than one person owns a task, then nobody owns it, (aka you’ll never need more than one member on a card because if the card requires more than one person, most likely it should be split up into two separate tasks.) Plus, if nobody owns the task, there is a greater chance that the work won’t be completed — each person on the card might think the other person is responsible for the task. Having only one owner makes it clear who is responsible for what portion of the project/task. Ready to Join the Community of Business and Productivity Enthusiasts? Start engaging with our network, join our free online Slack community!


4 Jun 2018

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How to DISRUPT Any Industry: A Simple Matrix to Find Hidden Opportunities

Janet spends most of her time writing contracts and business strategies, but her biggest interest lies in first principles — how to find gaps that exist in a specific industry in order to capitalize on opportunities. Her method could’ve saved the taxi industry from being overtaken by Uber and even anticipated the massive success of AirBnB. Big claims, we know. But, if you can find the white space that exists within an industry, you can see where there’s opportunity or where competition might be looming. To start understanding her method, consider this question. Q: How many problems around the world do you think all businesses are solving? Keep in mind they are solving problems we don’t even think are problems during our daily routine like grabbing a bagel, drinking water, brushing teeth, transportation, etc. A: Only six problems. S-I-X! A business is solving 1 (or more) of these six problems: Who, what, where, when, how or why. THE SIX ROOT PROBLEMS These are called the ROOT problems, because every problem can fit into at least one of these archetypes. 1. Who -Related to people. It can solve the problem of identifying someone with certain attributes and skills, or matching two people through a selection process. -Recruitment, performance testing, who business is tinder and the olympic games (either a match or who is the best at something) -The olympics (who is best) and Tinder (who matches with who) are two variations of who companies. 2. What -Relates to facts. It is either solving the problem of a lack of info or info that needs to be interpreted in some way. -Explains what happens now, what happened in the past or what could happened in the future. -An example of a what business is Wikipedia. 3. Where -Questions concerned with locations, venues, markets, or where to go to get what you need or want. -A well known where company is Etsy. 4. When -Deals with issues connected to the aspect of time, therefore clients and customers are curious to when something will take place. -Businesses that revolve around scheduling or calendars, such as the classic TV Guide, where time is the principle problem. 5. Why -Gives understanding of why something happens, such as researching behavior analysis, or telling the story of why someone should do something or why we should take a certain action. -Not many businesses fit within this prototype. 6. How -Provides instructions or practical information in some way. How to do something or how to make something function. -Largely tech or software based. -The largest how organization is the UN — originally created to solve the problem of how to prevent another World War. SOLVING THE SIX ROOT PROBLEMS For the six different problems, a business can provide up to four solutions. These four solutions aren’t a standard, they are simply an umbrella category that all solutions can fall under. FOUR SOLUTIONS Information — this is an exchange of knowledge, not necessarily showing how to fix a problem, rather it could also just explain a problem. It can be written, audio, or other types of info provided on a topic. Help — this solution provides assistance. The business takes care of the problem for the customer bc they either don’t want to or they can’t do it themselves. Services fall within this category. Tools — someone is providing a tangible product. This is the most common solution. Think: consumer goods, food, etc. Platforms — connect people and things together for a specific purpose. It is arguably the most interesting category. Platforms provide a venue (online or in person) for discussing things or selling things. It helps the customer accomplish a different purpose than most of the other solutions. Therefore we have six problems with four solutions. All businesses exist within this matrix. Let’s say that again … ALL businesses exist within the 6X4 matrix. To use the matrix, choose a company or industry. Then choose a vertical that describes the problem of the industry. Once you have the vertical, run through the four solutions to see if there are big players in each of those spaces. If there isn’t a player, then this is white space in the industry and an opportunity for disruption. Example: the travel industry, prior to AirBnB A platform prior to AirBnB didn’t exist, allowing it to fulfill that need within the travel market and completely disrupt the industry…quickly becoming the leader in lodging that it is today. Ready to Join the Community of Productivity Enthusiasts? Click here to be added to our insiders list.


13 Aug 2018

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Process Automation, Call Center Slack Integration, An Immersive Noise Machine, and Shark Tank Prison Style - Episode #39

This episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource features yet another list of links for you to consider to help you do more with the life you have. One of the most important aspects of that for any business owner is the task of process automation and optimization - and you know why, right? There are hundreds of things happening in the average business that are process-oriented and as we often say, many of those can be automated. We found a software service that enables process automation on a new scale, including connections with Zapier - which you know we love. Nick is quickly becoming addicted to this app so find out all about it on this episode.   Do you need an automated call center? Here’s one we’re loving. We’ve tried plenty of call solutions in the past - including Ringcentral and Skype. For everything we tried, they were either too buggy and ineffective or had far too many features, which proved cumbersome for what we needed. But when we came upon a cool new app that integrates with Slack we found exactly what we were looking for. Nick and I talk about how OttSpot works and the ways it’s enabled us to do some process automation in our application systems, on this episode. This thing has heightened our team’s interaction and productivity to an even greater degree - which we like. Lots.   Do you sleep with a white noise generator? This takes it to a whole new level. One of the new devices Nick and I chat about on this episode is called Nightingale - it’s a nighttime noise-maker that is designed by acoustic experts and audio engineers and claims to be the most effective sleep system on the market. When I hear a claim like that I have to ask, “Why?” Here’s what I discovered: Nightingale can be customized to your particular room’s architecture and acoustics by placing a unit on either side of your room - and it’s this two-unit system that makes the difference. They call it a "sound blanket." And besides all that, it’s IoT integrated. Find out more about Nightingale as we talk about it on this episode.   Nick has been busy helping former inmates build businesses. Here’s his experience so far. Lately, Nick has been intrigued by the work of an organization called “Defy Ventures,” and for good reason. The folks at DV “harness the natural talents of currently and formerly incarcerated men, women, and youth and redirect them toward the creation of legal business ventures and careers.” It’s an amazing idea and Nick took part in one of their “shark tank” type events recently as one of the “sharks.” Can you imagine? Anyway, on this episode, he shares the inspiring experience and tells why he’s planning to join the DV team at another event soon. This is good stuff being done that seems to be pretty effective. Take a listen.   Ever been to a 360-degree theater? Now you can make your own 360-degree movie. A new tech item we discuss on this episode is ORBI Prime, which claims to be the first 360° video recording eyewear. So picture this, it’s a pair of glasses you wear that has 1080p cameras integrated into it - even in the back. So you can capture and share 360° videos and images simply by wearing glasses - which you’re likely going to be doing anyway. It’s made from lightweight polycarbonate, is able to record up to 90 minutes of video, has built-in WiFi, is water resistant, and yada, yada, yada. This is a fun sounding toy/tool/tech item you’ll want to know about, so be sure you listen. Featured Links Mentioned On This Episode [0:35] Process Street - a process documentation tool. [6:09] OttSpott - how we use it and how it works. [8:17] The Nightingale (noise machine/sound blanket) [8:55} Aware Air Detection Systems [10:17] The Cinder Grill (Indiegogo campaign) [12:18] The Orbi 360 [13:20] Nick’s experience advising at Defy Ventures   Other Resources Mentioned Text “Leverage” to “444999” to subscribe to the mailing list and get the first chapter of our new book. Process.st - a useful tool for documenting and automating processes within a company. Zapier Trello Skype Ring Central IFTTT SousVide Cooking Device - We are offering a very special membership to our exclusive #LeverageLabs to new listeners who go to our Leverage Podcast or OAO Podcast and subscribe to or download our podcasts, take a photo and send to us via social media. #LeveragePodcast... Send us your photo and we will mention the lucky new members on the podcast each week...  All episodes, show notes, and resources can be found at www.leveragepodcasts.com


19 May 2017

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Leverage Podcast with Lee Brower

In this episode of the podcast, Nick talks with a good friend and mentor, Lee Brower. Lee is the founder of Empowered Wealth and has been an associate coach at Strategic Coach for the last 19 years - but you may also know him from the movie, The Secret. Listen in as they dive into the difference between milestones and goals, how Lee got his start as a coach, and a quick preview of an upcoming workshop that we’ll be hosting together in Utah.


29 Mar 2019

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Enneagram and Leadership: Grow in Your Business Based on Your Type

Leverage Podcast featuring Susan Drumm, Founder and CEO at Meritage Leadership. Susan and her team at Meritage Leadership conduct leadership consulting, coaching, facilitation, strategy and assessment for organizations. One of the tools Susan uses in her leadership development and organization assessments is the Enneagram Type Indicator - a descriptive and intensive personality test based on motivation. There are 9 different Enneagram types, and within each type there are type-subsets for certain strengths. Each type has its own gifts and challenge areas. Throughout your life, you growth within your type and by learning your Enneagram type it can help point you in the direction of growth. Listen in as Susan goes over Nick’s Enneagram results (Type 8 - The Challenger), interpreting some of his behaviors with the motivations linked with this type, and how you can interpret your own results, those of your team and family to build better relationships and team cooperation. Learn more about the Enneagram Type Indicator here: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/ Find out more info about Susan Drumm and Meritage Leadership programs: Website: meritageleadership.com/ Twitter: @drummleadership LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susan-drumm-bb09732


3 Dec 2018

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CRM Showdown: Why Infusionsoft Could Be the Answer to Your CRM and Marketing Problems

Voice-over: On this episode, our guest is Clate Mask, CEO of InfusionSoft, a unique suite of tools that merges marketing strategy, CRM software and the power of automation in one simple package. Designed for small businesses, it’s the perfect marriage of convenience and customization for client communications that can save your business valuable time and money. We recently started the process of becoming an Infusionsoft partner. Even in the very beginning of our application we were pleasantly surprised to see a plethora of information and insights offered about Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its relationship to marketing efforts. Infusionsoft is — at its core — a CRM software. It is built specifically for small businesses to help organize each part of its client communications, in order to deliver better service to leads, prospects and current customers. At the heart of Infusionsoft, it is a CRM system. However, it has layers of aspects intertwined natively into its system to combine the traditional CRM with a full array of small business services. This glorified way of functioning makes it a more efficient tool that has the ability to convert leads without using a large amount of manpower. Traditional CRM vs. Infusionsoft When people think of customer relationship management systems often they think in the traditional sense of what used to be the standard. This means a contact is stored in a database, and every type of interaction with that specific contact is on record. Plus you can add notes, plan meetings, and so forth–all related to one person. Alas, with a traditional CRM many people miss out on the key interactions of a one-to-many model and are limited to the one-to-one interactions. This is limiting due to the fact that you either: a.) Have a few solid, manageable relationships on a one-to-one basis or b.) Speak to everyone as if they are the same person, losing the personalized and “tailored” communications. With Infusionsoft, it combines the aspects of a traditional CRM system to provide organization but also goes light-years beyond to allow the ability to integrate marketing and sales aspects and have the important one-to-one AND one-to-many types of communications. Customer Database + Marketing + Sales + Service (such as eCommerce) = Infusionsoft “The more you get into the power of Infusionsoft, the more you’ll be blown away by what’s possible in creating efficiency and leverage for your customers” -Clate Mask Why Infusionsoft is Different…In a Good Way. Infusionsoft believes marketing and CRM must be integrated. In fact, Clate says it is essential that they work together seamlessly. The other differentiation and benefit of using this tool is its automation capabilities. With Infusionsoft, you can automate and execute different processes. Especially as a small business, this is an important key factor in running your business. From email sequences to drip campaigns that lead to Landing Pages (also created with Infusionsoft), the options are nearly endless. Automation is what really makes Infusionsoft stand out from other CRMs. When clients learn to use automation to their benefit they get more leverage (Ahem, no pun intended) out of their client database. This is For Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs. “95% of Infusionsoft’s customers are small businesses with 25 employees or less.” -Clate Mask Whether you have a 5 person or 25 person company, you need the ability to manage a lead from the time they become a lead throughout their entire life cycle as a client — hopefully for years to come. Infusionsoft offers that unique set-up. Infusionsoft Made Major Changes. Several years ago, customers were confused when using Infusionsoft because it initially came into the market positioning itself as powerhouse CRM system. When the company realized some of its features and options were intimidating to users, it did as any good company would and pivoted. It created a simplified user interface, and improved the user experience, but not to worry it is still a powerhouse of a product if and when you need it to be. Keep in mind, this is a suite of tools. In the long run, using Infusionsoft would make integrated sales and marketing with your CRM simpler and less expensive, since these capabilities are native to its software. Plus, it has an open API so if you want to get really creative, the [Infusionsoft] world is your oyster. Ready to Join the Community of Business and Productivity Enthusiasts? Click here to be added to our insiders list.


9 Jul 2018

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Testament of a True Entrepreneur: How To Master Any Industry PT 1

Part 1 of 2 Leverage Podcast featuring Leverage member, serial entrepreneur and master salesman, Kevin Donahue. Kevin is a testament of a true entrepreneur having mastered a huge array of industries across the US. From a skincare brand to a brain trauma center, YouTube influencers, forensic investigative search engines, and the mental health space. How? He knows his unique ability and has mastered it.  "It's like someone who's a bass guitarist. It doesn't really matter the band they play in, they can play the bass guitar. I know what my skill set is, I know my unique ability, I know my entrepreneurial flow. So I'll partner with businesses, and I'll do what I'm best at, and I'll let them do what they're best at. I'm able to grow businesses across industries without ever having to know the real intricacies of the industry." - Kevin In a nutshell, Kevin helps businesses go from selling Honda’s to Ferrari’s by creating the right conversation around of the product that makes a business stand out. It’s not manipulation, it’s just being accurate and telling the truth in a way that benefits your target audience. “The language in sales is so important, it’s like magic.”  Listen in as Kevin shares his fascinating entrepreneurial journey, insights to entrepreneurial success and how to find your unique ability.


15 Oct 2018

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Step out of Your Comfort Zone With an App - Optimize, Automate, Outsource. - Episode #28

“There’s definitely people on our team that I think this (Steps) will be pretty cool for...This is a pretty good way to get yourself out of your comfort zone.” Time-Stamped Notes 00:03 – Introduction to OAO 00:34 – Ari took his family to Miami for the President’s Break 00:41 – While his family was in Miami, he had to go to Phoenix and Chicago for Entrepreneur’s Organization 01:18 – Nick will be out in Los Angeles for Victoria Labalme’s Rock the Room Live 01:39 – Nick just bought Raden Luggage, which has a built in scale and an app 03:27 – Steps is an iPhone app that beats social anxiety with small challenges 05:49 – Amazon Chime already came out a week ago, which is a competitor of Skype 06:46 – Get Leverage has a big need for a team of people to be able to make calls so Nick has been testing out platforms 07:01 – Ring Central seems to be the best platform so far for Get Leverage as it allows clients to send texts, calls, and you can create phone extensions 09:07 – reMarkable is like a limited feature iPad in some ways 10:19 – Neurologically, people tend to retain notes better by handwriting 10:41 – Ari finds it distracting to type out notes 12:08 – Nick has a bad memory 12:43 – Snappr is an on-demand photography service 14:05 – Mailjoy is like Mailchimp for physical mail 15:43 – Ari was talking to a client and found she was looking to outsource meal prep 16:20 – Nurture Life offers meals for kids 16:23 – One of Get Leverage’s VAs is a nutritionist who gave Nick a comprehensive plan 18:25 – Nick mentions not to drink while eating 19:07 – High amounts of bromelain digestive enzymes will sweeten the taste of semen 19:27 – End of today’s podcast Learn More About OAO Here: www.leveragepodcasts.com


3 Mar 2017

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5 Things That Prevent Companies From Scaling with Alex Charfen

On this episode of the Leverage podcast, Nick sits down with Alex Charfen, a master at helping Entrepreneurs and CEO’s optimize their business practices. Today’s Focus: Learning the 5 most important things that will prevent you from scaling your business. Alex has appeared in almost every major media outlet in print and on TV and is the author of the best-selling book “Entrepreneurial Personality”. Specifically, he helps CEO’s differentiate between and management and leadership. Things You’ll Learn in This Episode: This history of growing a business to $250 million in sales How he overcame extreme burnout at 32 How to grow a business with more work-life balance Why CEO’s have trouble being managers What the difference is between “leaders” and “managers” How his company helps CEO’s to lead their company from a leadership position and avoid the management position What “entrepreneur's dilemma” is 5 things that prevent companies from scaling What the biggest bottleneck is for Entrepreneurs How he’s cut down ⅓ of his meetings


20 Jun 2019

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The Future of Human Health with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

Dr. Jeff Gladden is a leader on disease prevention and human longevity. On this episode, Jeff and I discuss how the Apex program is paving a new path outside of conventional healthcare, Jeff’s view on health trends, and the steps you can take right now to improve your health in 2020.


8 Jan 2020

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Lessons Learned at the Leverage Team Retreat, Inexpensive Dumpsters, 360 Degree Cameras, and more - Episode #42

This episode of OAO is a bit different because we have some observations to share about the lessons we learned at our recent Leverage team retreat. It was great to be eyeball to eyeball with each other. We discovered many things that could make our relationships and workflow better. Now that we’re back we’re seeing great results, already. We hope the insights we learned can help you as you build your own optimized, automated, and outsourced empire.   The power of being “in person” is huge. Don’t underestimate it. Here at Leverage, we pride ourselves on moving quickly. We make fast decisions and take action rapidly. But at our recent team retreat, we saw how much faster things go in-person. Simple things - like the time it takes to give input and receive feedback are dramatically impacted in positive ways when you can be face to face, even for a short amount of time. So yes, you can and should build and effective remote team, but do what you can to get together in person as you are able. You’ll find the benefits are bigger than you think.   The goal of making yourself replaceable can force you to do very good things for your business. Neither Nick or Ari have any intention of building the company so that it can run without them entirely - in other words, they don’t plan on replacing themselves through the automation they’ve put in place. BUT, thinking as if you DO want to replace yourself can help you put some incredible time-saving systems and automation in place that will benefit your company. The guys chat a bit about that concept and how it can improve your workflow and increase effectiveness, on this episode of Optimize, Automate, Outsource.   Need to do some cleanup around your house? Here’s an affordable way to do it. You’ve seen those construction dumpsters outside your local construction site, right? Those are usually expensive and you pay for them according to the time you have them. But there’s a new option that is very inexpensive ($29 each) and you can keep them as long as you like. When you’re ready, you call to have it picked up for a one-time fee. And these bags (yes, bags) are the size of a regular construction dumpster. Seriously. Find out more on this episode.   Need a new eyeglass subscription? There’s an app for that. It was only a matter of time - and it sounds unbelievable, but you can now get your eyes checked via an app, have it write your prescription, and order your glasses. Amazing. You never have to go see the eye Doc if you don’t want to. Surely there are limitations depending on the condition of your eyes but this is truly revolutionary. Find out more about it on this episode.   Featured Links Mentioned On This Episode [0:09] An update on the Leverage team retreat. [7:50] The Yo Sperm Test [8:53] The Bagster - $29 per bag - fill it up - pay a one-time pickup fee. [10:29] Chefd - individual meal service (no subscriptions) [13:09] 360 degree camera from Samsung [15:00] Check your vision and write subscriptions using this app. [16:13] Process Street (use the coupon code 15offLeverage) [16:59] Ari’s new wifi - Netgear Nighthawk Router Other Resources Mentioned Text “Leverage” to “444999” to subscribe to the mailing list and get the first chapter of our new book. Blue Apron Hello Fresh Blade Runner Find out more about what we’re doing at Get Leverage at www.getleverage.com and www.leveragepodcasts.com


9 Jun 2017

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How To Podcast: 4 Hacks from a Pro to Up Your Podcasting Game

Let’s start with the basics. What IS a podcast? Everyone you ask might give a slightly different version of their idea of a podcast, and that is part of the problem. Most people think podcasts are important, or good to do for promoting their skills or business, but don’t know what it really is. According to Paul, “A podcast is simply Audio or Video that is made available Online for easy, on-demand consumption and/or subscription-based delivery.” Some people are so intimidated by the thought of podcasting, that they never even try to start. But chances are, if you are producing any type of consistent media, you are already on your way to forming a podcast. You can turn digital media into a podcast in four easy steps: Create digital media — if you’re new to podcasting, this doesn’t have to be a formal or high-tech endeavor. it can be anything digital, even as simple as recording yourself speaking into your phone. Put it online — no one will benefit from your digital content unless you put it online. The key is to find a host that is prepared for podcast content and always read the fine print to avoid any surprises if your podcast becomes a hit. Make it podcast ready — this step can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. The simplest form of editing a podcast would be cutting out any extra chatter at the beginning and end. In-depth edits could be things like removing “ums” and “ahs”, removing long pauses, creating custom music…and so on. Tell the world — get your podcast in front of as many people as possible. Get it listed in major directories, form and implement a marketing plan, and promote your podcast. Now that you’re ready to start your podcast, use these 4 hacks to get the most out of your time. Hack #1 — Seasons Be strategic, purposeful and seasonal. If your podcast is on say, productivity, follow the Apple trend setters and turn several episodes into one season. Outline 10 episodes Record all of them in one session Give it to your editor and let him or her take it away Now you have a full season of episodes, and listeners can download by season/topic. Hack #2 — Use Libsyn Libsyn is the tried and true podcasting service. They do all the heavy lifting to get your podcast up and running. Hack #3 — Prep for the Future When you assemble your show, don’t assemble it for next week — assemble for next year, or even the next ten years. The goal here is to think big and think long term. You never know when your podcast may inspire Oprah to call or if you’ll receive a Tedx speaker spot, like Grammar Girl. Hack #4 — Outsource Is it impure to outsource your podcast? Short answer: NO. At Leverage, we’re big fans of outsourcing work so that you can focus on the more important parts of your business that support your unique talents. You can continue to be the author and provide the information for your podcast, but handover all the other parts to someone who can do them better or faster than you could. Genius Network calls this “focusing on your unique ability.” If you have–or want to have–a podcast, we would love to hear from you! Leave your questions, comments or other tips below. Ready to Join the Community of Business and Productivity Enthusiasts? Start engaging with our network, join our free online Slack community and visit our website!


11 Jun 2018

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Meditation for the Modern Mind: Meditate for Business Success

DINA’S JOURNEY Before turning to meditation, Dina lived in the opposite world — the whirlwind of founding a tech company which raised $35mm in venture capital money and scaled to offices internationally. The start-up was called blip.tv, a platform for original shows, somewhat similar to an early version of YouTube. Her life quickly became meetings and conferences, hiring and firing and tough decisions about strategy and scaling and managing a P&L. She figured out the “job” part of her job. What she couldn’t figure out was how to be herself in that role…how to stay true to herself, as a feminine founder, in such a male-dominated company and industry. Dina thought she had to act “like a guy” to be as successful as the male entrepreneurs she was meeting at tech events, people like Peter Thiel and Larry and Sergei from Google. She wasn’t even sure how they acted at work but decided they were probably tough and worked around the clock. So she put on a tough exterior, worked constantly, and suppressed her true self completely. Some of this worked. Dina was named a Fortune Most Powerful Women Entrepreneur, one of 10 Women of Web 2.0 by Fast Company, and she was invited to speak at conferences around the world. Life on the outside looked perfect but on the inside, it was a mess. The mess of the dichotomy between her outside world, and what was happening on the inside, led to intense panic attacks for two years, until one day she decided she needed to get healthy again. She abruptly quit her job and left to travel the world for two and a half years, never looking back. Dina reached a pivotal point during a silent retreat in India when she realized she spent her whole life trying to be popular and it wasn’t serving her. During a meditation she realized she had the power to change herself, and to choose to be authentic. In that moment she had a life changing realization — that everyone could benefit from meditation, but meditation retreats didn’t have to be this hard. (She had no soap, no toilet paper, no AC, and it was 120 degrees Fahrenheit!) At that moment, on retreat, a voice came to her and said, “When you come back to the US you’ll start a company to make meditation more mainstream, to be beautiful and full of light. And you’ll call it The Path.” WHAT IS MINDFULNESS? Mindfulness, according to Dina, is about focusing your way. And about paying attention without judgement. It’s not just “clearing your mind” or “thinking of nothing.” It is allowing your thoughts to be there but not judging them. There are Four Main Categories of Meditation Meditation can be for everyone. There are hundreds if not thousands of types of meditations to choose from, however, most fit into these main categories. Mindfulness Meditation. This is the most known in the West. It involves focusing on a single point (such as the breath). Mindfulness benefits include reducing stress and training the mind to focus. Manta Meditation This style is meditating around a “mantra” or a sanskrit word, such as “so hum.” This type of meditation ant is great at increasing creativity and also reducing stress. Energizing Meditation. Meditation can bring natural energy to the body when you incorporate breath work such as alternate nostril breathing or Kundalini work. Goal Based Meditation. Goal based meditations are used when the student wants to invite a certain aspect into his or her life, such as more compassion or gratitude. MEDITATION & BUSINESS GO HAND IN HAND As life becomes more and more stressful, meditation becomes even more important. “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy, then you should sit for an hour.” -Old Zen saying Juggling work and life creates an impact on the mind, body and spirit. Meditation can help balance your business life and provide strategies for coping with the stress of it all. In addition to reducing stress, it can increase focus, happiness and overall health…leading you to show up every day as your best self. Many high-level CEOs discuss the importance of meditating. Leverage co-founder and CEO Nick Sonnenberg tells how it helps increase productivity and aids in managing ADD. While the benefits of meditation are becoming more mainstream, some people are wary of beginning… associating it with “woo-woo” practices instead of an easily accessible part of a daily routine. HOW CAN YOU START? The first step to meditation is to close your eyes, and breathe. It’s that simple. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no “wrong way” to meditate. If you are ready to take the first step with the help of a teacher, you can find a well-known teacher such as Sharon Salzburg or Jon Kabat-Zinn online and view a few of their teachings. If you’re in NY, LA, or San Fran email dina@thepath.com directly and she will help you find a local teacher. There is also the opportunity to join Sharon and Will Kabat-Zinn (Jon’s son!) this June during a meditation retreat (sponsored by The Path) designed specifically for entrepreneurs and creatives. This retreat, MELA takes place in beautiful Sedona with the theme “conscious leadership.” It is open to all levels of meditators from beginners to experienced. You’ll have the chance to unwind, meditate and mingle amongst a group of CEOs, including Leverage’s Nick Sonnenberg. If you have any questions regarding the retreat, email sit@thepath.com. We hope to see you in June! Ready to Join the Community of Productivity Enthusiasts? Click here to be added to our insiders list.


27 Aug 2018

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The Company Manifesto - Optimize, Automate, Outsource. - Episode #31

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24 Mar 2017

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How to Control Your Distraction with Nir Eyal

Feeling distracted? This episode can help.  Nir Eyal is a world expert at understanding distraction. He’s the author of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book Hooked and has just released a new book called Indistractable, a guide that specifically covers how to regain control of your attention and life. In this episode, Nick and Nir talk how technology, company culture, and behavior is all fighting for our attention. Nir’s insights not only will give you the awareness of why your so distracted but steps on how you can make your attention more focused and controlled. Episode Highlights: Why distraction at work is a symptom of sick company culture and how to fix it. What really drives human behavior and why “time management is pain management.” The real reason why kids overuse tech and how to teach them to focus in an increasingly distracting world.  Resources Get Nir’s new book Indistractable The Leverage Podcast is produced by Leverage. Leverage is an outsourcing and productivity platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We offer an in-house, collaborative team of over 300 specialized freelancers who are ready to help you complete your next project! Whether it’s your marketing, web design, social media, ebook, or something else entirely, we have someone with the right experience for the job. Visit getleverage.com to get started. Host: Nick Sonnenberg - Follow on INC - LinkedIn Rate & review our show on iTunes


15 Oct 2019

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How to Become a Prolific Goal Achiever with Jeff Spencer

Leverage Episode #46 Over the last forty years, Jeff has been the coach, mentor, and adviser to some of our generation’s greatest achievers. From Tiger Woods to U2, Bulletproof to Nike, each of his clients has benefited from the culmination of his life’s experiences. What he’s discovered is that success doesn’t come from will, talent, or tactics. The winners know something everyone else doesn’t. What they’ve discovered is that success is both a path and a process. Jeff is now Cornerman to leaders of industry, world-class athletes and iconic performers. He works behind the scenes developing these world-class achievers into superstars in their field. On this week’s episode, Nick dives into Jeff’s background as an olympic cyclist, how that shaped him into working with world class achievers, and his roadmap that can take anyone through the same process he uses for himself and his clients. HIGHLIGHTS: How Jeff was able to take his goal setting method from the Olympics and apply it  into his coaching. Learn who Jeff's mentors and coaches where and how they helped him get to his achievements. The mindset Jeff developed to take himself to the 1% of athletes. Learn some common patterns that Jeff has found between the high level individuals he's worked with. Learn about Jeffs Goal Achievement Roadmap. QUOTES: "Winning big isn't an accident" "You must become a prolific goal achiever" "There’s always room at the top for the best" RESOURCES: Jeff’s Website: CLICK HERE Goal Achievement Roadmap: CLICK HERE  The Leverage Podcast is produced by Leverage. Leverage is an outsourcing and productivity platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We offer an in-house, collaborative team of over 300 specialized freelancers who are ready to help you complete your next project!  Whether it’s your marketing, web design, social media, ebook, or something else entirely, we have someone with the right experience for the job. Visit getleverage.com to get started. Host: Nick Sonnenberg - Follow on INC - LinkedIn Rate & review our show on iTunes


14 Aug 2019

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How to Survive and Thrive in The Future of Work

Episode #44 This episode is from Nicks talk at the Archangel Scale Event. Companies need to see that the future workplace is changing. To de-risk themselves and to foster and retain new talent, updates to current systems and processes has to be a priority if organizations (large or small) want to survive and thrive in the changing future of work. Episode Highlights: Nicks writing a new book "Come Up For Air" Nick tells his journey to becoming an efficiency leader and how he developed his CPR Framework Why you need to document processes Best practices for tools like Slack and Askspoke Quotes: "A company can only scale as fast as knowledge can be transfered" "Remote work is the future and if companies want to survive they need to prepare" The Leverage Podcast is produced by Leverage. Leverage is an outsourcing and productivity platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners. We offer an in-house, collaborative team of over 300 specialized freelancers who are ready to help you complete your next project!  Whether it’s your marketing, web design, social media, ebook, or something else entirely, we have someone with the right experience for the job. Visit getleverage.com to get started. Host: Nick Sonnenberg - Follow on INC - LinkedIn Event: Archangle Scale Event: https://archangelacademy.com/ Rate & review our show on iTunes:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/leverage/id1143922222


31 Jul 2019

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3D Printing to Live Forever - Optimize, Automate, Outsource. - Episode #32

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31 Mar 2017

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Sign Up Now for Our Project Management Software Waitlist! - Optimize, Automate, Outsource. - Episode #36

Go to beta.getleverage.com to sign up for the waitlist of our new project management software! We are offering a very special membership to our exclusive #LeverageLabs to new listeners who go to our Leverage Podcast or OAO Podcast and subscribe to or download our podcasts, take a photo and send to us via social media. #LeveragePodcast... Send us your photo and we will mention the lucky new members on the podcast each week...  All episodes, show notes and resources can be found at www.leveragepodcasts.com


28 Apr 2017

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