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Most dental podcasts are dentists talking to dentists about why they are so awesome. That’s gucci, but enough already. Listen to stories about dentists personal and professional lives. Their best day and worst day as a dentist. Their best and worst first date. Their best and worst employee. Always looking to provide some levity in a profession as demanding as dentistry.

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Dental Occlusion with Dr. John Kanca DDS

Our guest this week is Dr. John Kanca. He has published over 50 original articles and abstracts in peer-review journals. He is an active member of the AAED and has lectured in every major meeting in the United States and around the world.


16 May 2018

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Thriving Small Town Practices: The Airborne Dentist

| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. David Hart DDS |   Dr. David Hart DDS is a dentist in Kansas who operates two practices one being in Elk Hart with a population of just under 2,000 residents. As a pilot and airplane owner, David often flys from his main practice in Great Bend to work at his Elk Hart location. Not only does David maintain two thriving practices via aircraft transportation, he’s also a business owner of a Small Cakes Cupcakery and often donates his time to volunteer in South America for those in need of dental care.   Join us in this thrilling episode of Dental Up as we discuss how to maintain thriving dental practices in small communities, the experience of being an airborne dentist, and the satisfaction of helping people in need.    If you’re interested in volunteering as a dentist in Honduras or Nicaragua visit http://www.medico.org/volunteer/ for more information.


18 Aug 2017

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Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Mark Collins DDS, DABDSM is a dental sleep medicine expert. Dr. Collins is a certified Diplomate of American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, has lectured both nationally and internationally on dental implants and removables, published many articles in dental journals, recently published a best selling book and is a certified Forensics Consultant.    As a dentist suffering from sleep apnea, Dr. Mark Collins DDS hated wearing the CPAP mask. Spending close to $16,000, Dr. Collins was determined to find the best solution to his problems but was sadly disappointed. Mark underwent a two-year apprentice program under Dr. Edward Spiegle (one of the pioneers in dental sleep medicine) and many years of extensive research. With this research and background in dental sleep medicine, Dr. Collins lectures worldwide on treating patients just like himself.      Dental Sleep Basics Course Dental Sleep Medicine Basics book


20 Oct 2017

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Revitalize your Health and your Dental Practice in 2020 with Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD

Our guest this week Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and discusses why its crucial that you get to know your patients and their overall habits which helps predict the long term success of any treatment you provide today.  Dr. Odiatu shares a few quick workouts for dentists and their faculty, which will encourage them to move throughout the workday. He also shares a few articles and tips that can help anyone improve their health and overall wellbeing in 2020. You will hear all this and much more on this week’s episode of The Dental Up Podcast. In this Episode you will hear about:-Why it’s important to know your patient’s health history and its impact on your treatment in the near future. -Understanding that investing and adapting to new technology is another way to market yourself indirectly. - Why the quality of sleep impacts your overall mood for the day. - What encouraged Dr. Odiatu to go back to school and becomeTriple Certified as a Personal Trainer. Learn more about Dr. Uche Odiatu, DMD by clicking the links down below:Personal Website and upcoming events: http://www.druche.comGet his latest booksFit for the Love of it: https://amzn.to/2SMoaAZ  The Miracle of Health: https://amzn.to/2QCB3etExercise when Less is More Article: http://bit.ly/2MP0lVI 


2 Jan 2020

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There'll always been another tooth to drill and fill!

Key opinion leaders, Dr. David Hornbrook and Dr. John Comisi talk dental product education and getting out of the culture of mediocrity in your practice.  “The reality is when you skimp , you really lose something down the line. It becomes reflected in the end result a year, two, three years later.” –Dr. John Comisi  Links: http://www.jcomisi.com www.keatingdentalarts.com/newbruxer www.dentalup.xyz


16 Sep 2015

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True Multitasking: VOD 2018 LIVE Interview

Live interview with Dr. Alan Mead, co-host of The Dental Hacks Podcast and host of The Alan Mead Dental Experience recorded at Voices of Dentistry Live Summit 2018. Dr. Alan Mead is one of the founding members of Voices of Dentistry Live Summit. The purpose is to bring your favorite dental podcasts to one central location and have a fun-filled weekend of podcasting, networking, and continued education. Dr. Alan Mead shares why and how he started The Dental Hacks Podcast and tips for starting your very own podcast show on a limited budget. Stay tuned this Thursday, February 8th for an interview with Dr. Bruce Baird founder and owner of Productive Dentist Academy.  http://voicesofdentistry.com/ http://dentalhacks.com/ Audio-Technica Microphone ProductiveDentist.com


5 Feb 2018

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Anterior Composite Restorations with Dr. Dawn Wehking, DDS

This Episode is Sponsored by Spear Education.  Our guest this week Dr. Dawn Wehking, DDS is a graduate of The University Of Central Florida and The University of Maryland Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. She is a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry and an ADA Speaker at Dental Schools across the United States. For more information on Spear Education please visit:  www.speareducation.com


31 May 2018

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Dental Up Podcast Special- The Dental Clone Wars -|Dental Implants|

In this week's podcast, Tom Olson (President and General Manager of Nobel Biocare®  sits down with Dr. Hornbrook to discuss the importance of authenticity when utilizing dental implants. The discussion also rolls in to the Evolution of dental implants over the years and the future of implant dentistry through 2020. An amazing interview that covers Dental Implants from every angle by the most qualified dental implant experts in the world.  http://itunes.com/podcast/dentaluphttp://keatingdentalarts.comhttp://dentalup.xyz


8 Oct 2015

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Leading and Managing your Clinical Team

On this weeks Dental Up podcast, Dr. Hornbrook interviews special guest (Steven J. Anderson) and cover some of the biggest mistakes clinicians make in leading and managing their teams. Also, ways to measure the health of your work environment and finding solutions for efficient positive change. For more 4K ULTRA HD video, podcasts and dental news visit our Media Page: DENTALUP.xyz About our Guest: Steven J. Anderson is the founder and president of the Total Patient Service Institute that specializes in implementing the highest level of patient service, communication and management skills in dental practices.   In 1995, he co-founded the Crown Council®, an international association of leading dentists and dental teams.  Through the Crown Council, he co-founded the Smiles for Life® Foundation, which has raised over $35 million dollars in the last dozen years for children’s charities worldwide.  He has been named the “Dental Businessman of the Year” by Excellence in Dentistry.    Steven is also the author of the recently released book:  The Culture of Success – 10 Natural Laws for Creating the Place Where Everyone Wants to Work.  


30 Jun 2015

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A "Treadmill Podcast" that'll get your your practice running faster than ever.

Download Gary's Free 5 KPI's Video -Key Performance Indicators:   www.bit.ly/KDA5KPIs Dr. Hornbrook and Gary Takacs (@gary_takacs) discuss maximizing your practice's production, the importance of customer service, and getting out from under the thumb of the insurance industry - without forgetting to relive their long-haired 70's heyday.  This week's podcast is a must listen for every practitioner.  Links: www.dentalup.xyz www.keatingdentalarts.com www.takacslearningcenter.com twitter.com/gary_takacs


11 Aug 2015

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The Generational Transition: Millennials in Dentistry with Dr. Elizabeth Minard DDS

On this episode of the Dental Up Podcast, we sat down with Dr. Elizabeth Minard, DDS and chatted about the Generational Transition and the introduction of Millennial Dentists in the Dental Community. In this episode you we talk about: -How the Dental Community is changing. -Differences in work ethic/life between generations -The adaptation of social media. -How Dr. Minard began her career and what inspired her. -How she promoted herself in a new region when looking for an associate position.  For more information on Dr. Minard, please visit: https://www.broomfielddentistry.com Follow Dr. Minard on Instagram by clicking here 


23 Jan 2019

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Life after Dental School, The next step in your Dental Journey with Dr. Trent McCord DDS

Our guest this week Dr. Trent McCord, DDS sits down with Shaun Keating and shares his experience on what a recent dental graduate goes through that is normally overlooked by students pursuing a Dental Career. He also shares some tips and advice on how to prepare yourself before you purchase your first practice. You will hear all this and more on this week’s episode of The Dental Up Podcast.  Things you will hear about on this episode:-The importance of understanding the sacrifices and struggles you might face after graduating Dental School -LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! and why it matters. -Research, the fundamental key to success before buying a practice. -How Dr. McCord utilizes Dental Town and other online resources to learn and sharpen his Dental Skills. For more information on Dr. Trent McCord and his practice feel free to reach out by clicking the links the below. Check out his website at: https://mintdentalar.com or you can reach out directly to Dr. McCord at trentmccord@gmail.com 


11 Jul 2019

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Productive Dentist Academy

This week’s featured guest, Dr. Bruce Baird DDS is a nationally renowned premier cosmetic dentist and has been named one of the nation’s most productive dentists. His expertise as an implant dentist has afforded him the skill to perform dental implant surgery and restorations since the mid-1980s. His outstanding work in dental implant surgery and restoration is well-known in the field of cosmetic dentistry and has been published in a number of technical journals. He is the president and founder of Productive Dentist Academy, a dental consulting, continuing education and full-service marketing company that has helped thousands of dentists across the United States build better practices and take better care of their patients. Learn how to increase your productivity, decrease stress and deliver an outstanding patient experience. https://productivedentist.com/about-us/https://www.granburydentalcenter.com DentalUp.xyz 


8 Feb 2018

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Career Development and the Importance of Mentorships with Dr. David Doan, DDS

Our guest this week is Dr. David Doan, DDS He received his undergraduate degree from UC Irvine and a DDS Degree from the University of California of San Francisco.  He also completed a one year residency program at McCallen Air Force Base in Sacramento.


2 Aug 2018

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Navy Dental Corps

Practicing dentistry for over 32 years, Dr. Keith de Windt DDS gained experience serving in the U.S. Navy directly out of dental school. Leaving as a Lieutenant Commander, Dr. de Windt had extensive training and mentorship in dental surgery. Shortly after Keith was able to start his own private practice in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1984. Keith uses state-of-the-art equipment and the latest dental techniques to provide exceptional dental care with minimal discomfort. Currently, he is the department head of the staff oral surgery department at the Naval Training Center in Orlando, Florida   http://www.dewindtdentistry.com/dewindt-dentistry-staff/


21 Dec 2017

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Understanding Biomimetic Dentistry In Today’s Dental Industry With Dr. Lauren Becker, DDS

Our guest this week Dr. Lauren Becker, DDS sits down with our host Brandon Fetters and shares her experience on being a Dentist in a very over saturated location, New York City. She explains how she established her brand over the years, which helped her stand out and attract the right patients.You will hear all this and more on this week’s episode of The Dental Up Podcast On this Episode you will hear about:-Don’t sign any contracts without an actual dental attorney. -Experience in being a dentist in an over saturated market especially in NY -Attentive focus on Customer Experience -What encouraged her to practice Biomimetic Dentistry? For more information on Dr. Becker and her practice, feel free to visit the links provided down below. Instagram: http://bit.ly/2MLLc7Y Website: http://bit.ly/2N80oet 


24 Oct 2019

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Living the American Dream, A young man’s journey into Dentistry with Dr. Francisco Darquea, DDS

Our guest this week is Dr. Francisco Darquea, DDS who is a graduate from Brigham Young University with a degree in Bioinformatics. He obtained a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry. He completed an Advance Education in General Dentistry at Idaho State University and advanced his training in oral surgery, implant placement and restoration, IV Sedation, Oral Conscious sedation, cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation.


16 Aug 2018

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Digital Dentistry Duo

| Shaun Keating CDT + Dr. Gary and Steven Davidowitz | This week we are featuring a digital cosmetic dental duo, a father and son practicing and operation a dental business called Luxury Dentistry NYC. Dr. Gary and Steven Davidowitz were one of the first dentists to start using digital impression systems for implant and cosmetic cases. Gary and Steven discuss the evolution of digital systems and the benefits of this powerful dental tool in the specialties of orthodontics, cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Gary Davidowitz explains, “A modern dental office without an optical scanner is like a baseball player without a bat”. Dr. Gary Davidowitz is a true smile expert. He is a native New Yorker and has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in New York City since 1978 when he received his DDS degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. He has lectured nationally and internationally and has written numerous articles on smile makeovers and esthetic minor tooth movement that have been published in accredited dental magazines and international journals. He has also lectured at the Greater New York Dental Meeting – the world's largest gathering of dentists – on his minimally-invasive aesthetic techniques. His son, Dr. Steven Davidowitz, also known as "Dr. D" by his patients, is one of the Upper East Side of Manhattan’s leading cosmetic dentists in designing and maintaining beautiful smiles. Dr. Steven is among the world’s most prominent cosmetic, implant, Invisalign, TMJ/Facial Pain and dental sleep appliance providers. Luxury Dentistry NYC Learn more about digital dentistry Howard Farran MBA in a Day Friday, October 13th


28 Sep 2017

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Establishing Independence and Maintaining a Positive Outlook with Dr. Jennifer McClanahan, DMD

Our guest this week is Dr. Jennifer McClanahan, DMD. She is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care by keeping up to date with the latest research, technologies, and advancements in dentistry. She is a graduate from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where she received her Bachelor of Science in Biology and her Doctor of Dental Medicine. Dr.McClanahan currently practices from Reno, Nevada You can visit their website for more information at www.divinedentalsmile.com


20 Sep 2018

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The Doctor as a Friend (The Importance of Establishing Strong Patient Relationships.)

This week we had the opportunity to interview Dr.Richard L. Brown. He is an avid proponent of establishing strong relationships with everyone involved with your practice, from fellow Doctors, to his faculty and Laboratories he works with. He explains how establishing those relationships help create business and becomes a strong foundation in your marketing formula. “The patient is the most important person ever in the office” is a sign that Dr.Brown has hanging in his office and lives by every day.


22 Mar 2018

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