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Why does coffee taste better when you pay with cash? How did a victim of human trafficking take her knowledge of how the money flows in that world to become a law enforcement consultant? How does an economist think about Bitcoin? There's so much more to money than just investment portfolios.Mostly Money not only teaches you how to take control of your finances, it explores the full world of all things money with expert interviews conducted by Preet Banerjee (former television host for Oprah Winfrey).

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59: Economics 101 with Luke Kawa

Luke Kawa joins the show to explain some economic buzzwords, concepts, and theories such as the difference between fiscal policy and monetary policy. He also grades the Governor of the Bank of Canada, and provides his two cents on housing in Canada. Luke is a reporter at Bloomberg, based in New York. You can follow him on twitter at https://www.twitter.com/ljkawa. If you would like to contribute to the charity mentioned at the end of the podcast, you can find it here: https://www.silvercreekpreschool.ca/donate/Silver Creek has been serving children with physical and developmental challenges since 1975 when local parents petitioned the provincial government for funding and support in starting a program to serve the pre-academic and therapeutic needs of their children.

1hr 2mins

4 Jul 2017

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65: World renown body language expert Mark Bowden (and lots of whisky)

World renown body language expert Mark Bowden gives us a crash course on body language. Why is it so powerful? And how can we use it to increase the effectiveness of communication? We also go through quite a bit of whisky.

1hr 3mins

3 May 2018

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68: 'The Value of Simple' in Investing

John Robertson is on a mission to help Canadians learn how to invest. He has a popular book and online course that lays out the step-by-step process of how to actually get started with a variety of investing service providers like robo-advisors, discount brokerages, and more. You can check out his site here: http://www.valueofsimple.ca/


6 Dec 2018

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66: Ben Rabidoux returns!

This is turning into the Ben Rabidoux podcast. And I'm okay with that. Ben shares his thoughts on housing in Canada so far in 2018 and talks about his $175,000 legal bill incurred battling a real estate industry participant who didn't like the questions he was asking.

1hr 11mins

3 Oct 2018

Rank #4

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77: John De Goey explains how to "Standup to the financial services industry"

John De Goey is back to talk about his new book, "STANDUP to the financial services industry: A practical guide for Canadians". He is a portfolio manager and Certified Financial Planner professional with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth in Toronto. You can learn more about John and his book at https://standup.today/


8 Aug 2019

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63: Cait Flanders and "The Year of Less"

I had a great chat with Cait Flanders about her recently released book, "The Year of Less". The book chronicles 12 months in which she spent almost no money other than on essentials. The book has been garnering international press, including making the front page of the New York Times' website. It is definitely not your average personal finance book - it's quite a bit more than that.


8 Mar 2018

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75: What your handwriting says about your money personality

I had a good friend of mine join me on the podcast in this episode. Jamie Mason Cohen is a certified grapho-therapist and leadership strategist whose TEDx talk on how to spot a leader through their handwriting has been viewed more than 1.6 million times.He previously worked at Saturday Night Live and now is an accomplished keynote speaker and workshop facilitator on leadership. In the show he explains the basics of handwriting analysis and even analyses my chicken scratch as an example. 


24 May 2019

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76: AdvisorSavvy founder Sol Amos

Sol Amos is the founder of AdvisorSavvy.com, a new service for financial consumers and advisors that is designed to help people find better advisors. He joined me to talk about his experience in the industry which led him to start AdvisorSavvy and provides his thoughts on what consumers should look for. (Disclosure: Sol and I have had business dealings in the past when he was working at CIBC.)


24 Jun 2019

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64: Melissa Agnes explains how to be "Crisis Ready"

Melissa Agnes is the author of Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World. She is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection and is an advisor to some of today's leading organizations faced with the greatest risks.We discussed a number of real-world examples of brands handling crises, including how Equifax handled the breach of millions of customers' data.


23 Apr 2018

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71: $5/month to keep your couch potato portfolio on target?

The team from Passiv joined me to explain their DIY helper service for investors. They have two levels of service: 1. A free service that tells you what trades you need to execute on your own, or 2. A premium service for $5/month that will allocate new cash and rebalance your portfolio according to parameters you set. This model could eat a lot of robo-advisors' lunch. You can learn more at http://www.getpassiv.com/


11 Feb 2019

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61: The ins and outs of bankruptcy with Scott Terrio (@BeDebtSavvy)

Scott Terrio is an Estate Manager and President of DebtSavvy.ca Consulting and he joined me to explain the ins and outs of bankruptcies and consumer proposals in Canada. He shares some horror stories, we discuss some of the differences between LITs (licensed insolvency trustees) and credit counsellors, and he explains people's options when their debt loads are starting to become unmanageable.

1hr 48mins

13 Dec 2017

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72: The upside-down world of financial planning for low-income Canadians

As a follow up to the episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin talking about the upside-down world of financial planning for low-income Canadians, I had John Stapleton on the podcast to discuss it in more detail. John has been a tireless advocate for getting the word out on this complex issue and was the person who first brought it to my attention many years ago. 


8 Mar 2019

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70: The Pain of Payment with Dr. Avni Shah

The methods of payment we use can influence how much we spend and how we ultimately feel about our purchases. One of the world's leading experts in this area, Profession Avni Shah, joins me to discuss some of her research in this area. Not only do we discuss day to day implications for people, but we also chat about how the "pain of payment" is related to the financial services, and how embedded compensation, fee-based compensation, and fee-for-service compensation models affect how people feel about the advice provided.  


27 Jan 2019

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74: David Bach on what The Latte Factor is really about

I speak with David Bach about his latest book, The Latte Factor. There are some people who might think that The Latte Factor is about giving up coffee, but it is not. The book is an engaging parable about the financial awakening of a young woman in New York City who learns the timeless rules about money, and priceless rules about living the life she wants and could have if she's willing to take some risk. Not only in her portfolio, but in her life choices as well. It's an enjoyable read and this book is sure to spur many people onto the path of saving more money. You can purchase a copy of the book here: https://amzn.to/2LstHdV (Affiliate link)


9 May 2019

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60: John De Goey discusses "Professional Financial Advisors"

John De Goey, a portfolio manager with Industrial Alliance Securities, is back to talk about the latest edition of his book, The Professional Financial Advisor IV. Topics include: what to look for in a financial advisor, what questions to ask them, should commissions be embedded, and more.

1hr 37mins

27 Aug 2017

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73: How to fight with your financial advisor (productively)

In this episode, I spoke to Dr. Liane Davey about how conflict should be embraced, not avoided, as long as you do it the right way. There are myriad avenues in work and life where this can be applied, but we speak directly about productive conflict with your financial advisor (and vice versa: with your clients if you are are a financial advisor). Liane Davey is a New York Times Bestselling author, keynote speaker, consultant, and regular contributor to Harvard Business Review for her expertise on increasing productivity, enhancing engagement, developing leaders, and as one client put it, “dealing with the damn drama!”"Conflict is unpleasant, but the more you try to avoid it, the worse it becomes. Eventually, unresolved conflict stalls productivity, erodes trust, and causes stress." - Liane Davey


24 Mar 2019

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67: Bitcoin and Blockchain 101

Albert Luk is the CEO of Haxa Blockchain Inc. and he joined me in Toronto to explain the basics of Bitcoin (vs bitcoin - yes, there's a difference) and blockchain technology. This episode's single dram was a 21 year Glenfarclas. 


30 Oct 2018

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69: Happy Go Money with Melissa Leong

Melissa Leong is a personal finance writer, keynote speaker, on-air personality and bestselling author. She appears on CTV’s The Social as its resident money expert and was a staff reporter at the Financial Post. She joins me on the podcast to talk about her brand new book, Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy LifeBuy the book here: https://amzn.to/2LHJW3u (This is an Amazon affiliate link)


1 Jan 2019

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62: @BenRabidoux returns to chat about real estate and credit trends in Canada

The most requested guest on the podcast, Ben Rabidoux, is back to chat about the latest goings on in Canadian real estate and credit. Enjoy!

1hr 12mins

22 Dec 2017

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57: Dan Hallett on Robo-Advisors, Financial Advice, and CRM2

Dan Hallett from HighView Financial Group is back to share some thoughts on world of robo-advisors, what to look for when seeking a financial advisor, and to help breakdown the two new reports many investors will start to receive this year as a result of what's known as CRM2 Phase III. And yes, we'll explain what CRM2 means. We also discuss the idea of "regulatory arbitrage" and how that concept might be used to the advantage of some salespeople (to the disadvantage of financial consumers).

1hr 2mins

8 May 2017

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