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Introduction to C++ Programming - Winter 2010

Introduction to programming in C++ and object-oriented programming - encapsulation using classes, inheritance, etc.

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Lecture 10-Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

This lecture is an introduction to Object-Oriented programming. We first begin by describing some motivation of objects. Then, we discuss the mechanics of classes, including how they are declared, the various keywords used, etc. We conclude with several implementation details pertaining to how classes are typically split into different files to facilitate separate compilation.

26 Feb 2010

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Lecture 8: Introduction to Value Returning Functions

In this lecture, we introduce the notion of value returning functions in C++ and provide several examples. Value returing functions are quite similar to functions you would, say, see in excel. However, there are some important differences that we will notice between the two later in the course, particularly in respect to parameter passing modes. We cover both using pre-definied functions and creating programmer-defined functions. Lastly, we finish with a brief introduction to separate compilation.

29 Jan 2010

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Lecture 9-Parameter Passing and Void Functions

In this lecture, we mainly discuss function parameter passing modes, namely, the differences between call-by-value and call-by-reference. We then go on to discuss void functions and using arrays as arguments to functions.

4 Feb 2010

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Lecture 15: Final Exam Review and Dynamic Allocation

In this lecture, we review key concepts that will be covered by the final exam. Also, we discuss more details pertaining to dynamic allocations, including motivation, requesting dynamic memory, and releasing dynamic memory, that will not be covered on the final exam.

16 Mar 2010

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Lecture 14: Introduction to Pointers

We discuss the details of pointer values and types in C++ in this lecture. We conclude with a very brief introduction to dynamic allocation and some other motivation behind pointer types in C++.

16 Mar 2010

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