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ISDA Podcast: The Expanded IIGC

Discussion with CEO Robert Pickel on the expanded structure and role of the ISDA Industry Governance Committee (IIGC). The new Regulatory Implementation Committees in the IIGC orient the focus to the four key areas of Risk & Margin, Conduct Of Business, Organized Trade Execution and Data & Reporting.


20 Sep 2012

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ISDA Podcast: Market Analysis Discussion

Discussion with ISDA CEO Robert Pickel on the OTC Derivatives Market Analysis, released today. The report shows the impact of clearing, netting, compression and collateral on notional amounts and risk exposures.


6 Jun 2012

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ISDA Podcast: The Electronic Execution Mandate

Chief Executive Officer Conrad Voldstad and Executive Vice Chairman Robert Pickel discuss the CFTC’s Electronic Execution Mandate and ISDA’s new Discussion Paper that assesses the mandate’s costs and benefits.


16 Nov 2011

Rank #3