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A psychedelic podcast where we talk about random words in random ways.

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Podcast 6: The Ego Has Landed

A rambling 13 minute exploration of how we understand personality in a consumer culture. I (Connor) am wondering whether spirituality might offer a way to understand one's "inner world" through a rejection of external forces (ie marketing) and directing all attention inwardly. Podcast episode 6: The Ego Has Landed Link-a-rama (stuff I talked about... online): 1. My article about the "Lets-Destroy-Religion" set 2. Tim Boucher's "Pop Occulture" Blog

17 Apr 2007

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Podcast 4: Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012 Meme

This week we talk about psychedelic author Daniel Pinchbeck and his 2012 meme. Featuring audio clips from Daniel explaining his ideas, interspersed with Chloe and Connor talking about whether the times really are a changin'. Are we heading for an imminent economic and environmental collapse in the West, or will the next five years herald a turning point in human consciousness? Is the 2012 change to be taken literally, or as a metaphorical goal to work towards? Podcast episode 4: Talking about Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012 Meme (Also, keep sending in your views on 2012 and we will feature them on next week's podcast...)

15 Feb 2007

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Podcast 3: Disconnected Egos

Are we really little disconnected egos running around totally independent of the natural world? It's a difficult concept to wrap your head around... What is "I"? Podcast episode 3: Disconnected Egos Fairly shortish show this week with clips from philospher Alan Watts. Also, we talk about www.yourreligionsucks.blogspot.com and their unsubstantiated Buddhist bashing.

8 Feb 2007

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Dictionary Psychedelica - Alcohol

Greetings and salutations (again). This podcast we discuss a distinctly unpsychedelic substance - alcohol. Whether your poison be beer or Bacardi Breezers, we discuss why alcohol is underpinning our entire social structure as we know it and why we may in fact be living in an alcohol cult. Do we permanently see the world through beer goggles? Is ecstacy ten times safer than alcohol? Is vodka the Russian Prozak? Listen in to the Dictionary to find out. Here it is... episode 2 - alcohol!

30 Jan 2007

Rank #4

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Dictionary Psychedelica - Art

Welcome to the first Dictionary Psychedelica Podcast. Greetings and salutations and the whole shindig! So what have we here? The essence of the show is that, each week (or so) we choose a word and discuss it from unexpected angles. Thus, we're creating a psychedelic dictionary - sort of. We may move into more obviously psychedelic matters in later weeks, so if you're more interested in the altered states of awareness angle, stay tuned!The first word is... "art".We look at whether ads are art, whether graphic designers are bad people, whether art stems from repression and the formation of the subconscious etc etc.I think we're getting more snappy as we go along (you should hear our outtakes), so next week there will be distinctly less "ums" and far less "likes". We are a product of the MTV generation, though, so we can't be helped. Hey, at least we don't sound like Paris Hilton... right?Please subscribe by dragging THIS LINK into your iTunes player. Also, if you have any comments, abuse, ideas etc, send them along to us at: dictionarypsychedelica@gmail.comNow get downloading! Click THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD EPISODE 1 - "ART"

27 Jan 2007

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