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114: How to Become a Millionaire by 30

[Previously Aired on May 29, 2014] In this episode, Grant and Jarrod talk about how millennials must focus on earning more and building their incomes incrementally with a strong “Follow The Money” message. Money must NOT be a taboo topic. Millennials must place an importance on money and understand that they can have more money. It is possible. Grant banked 1 million dollars in 9 years by the time he was 30. He explains he built it incrementally and went from 3k to 4k then increased over and over again. Grant and Jarrod share their own personal stories about how they build income by applying 3 critical steps: 1. Follow the Money: get around players who are in businesses experiencing rapid growth. If you are in an organization figure out where the money is. What departments are bringing in money? How can you get involved? Make yourself a valuable resource. 2. Don’t Show Off, Show Up: Focus on effort and productivity not cars and bottles in the VIP, watches and clothes. The biggest money makers know showing off is expensive and cuts into the bigger bottom line, wealth and true freedom. 3. The Only Reason to Save is to Invest. If you’re a millennial ages 18-33 or a parent of one, watch this video to learn from two people who were broke and are building wealth for themselves so you too can get the life you deserve.


3 Mar 2016

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204: Eliminate Procrastination

Are you procrastinating in anything in any area of life? Take action now. It doesn't matter if you do something wrong, you just need to do something. Move in any direction and hit a wall; the sooner you hit a wall the sooner you can move in a different direction. Most people don't need more time to think, and rarely will more time make you more confident. Real confidence comes from doing, so take action today!


18 Jan 2018

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003: What to do when You're the Youngest Person in the Room


7 Nov 2013

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165: Problems vs Opportunities

What are your problems? Problems are money. Every problem ever solved on this planet is an opportunity. The bigger the problem solved, the richer you become. You need to pick your problems rather than get stuck with them. Be the creator of your problems, not the receiver. I always tell people to look at their problems as opportunities because one of the most basic truths in life is that problem-solving is success. If I have problem customers (people who give me a hard time during the buying process), or dissatisfied customers (people I have sold but are unhappy about what they received), then I know this is where I can create the most ardent admirers. If I show that I am willing to go above and beyond where my competitors decide to stop at, my customers will be the people who are more likely to be sold and more likely to buy from me because I have exceeded any and all of their expectations. Obviously, I don’t want every one of my customers to be problematic, but what it comes down to is this: if there’s a problem, my success is reliant on my ability to provide solutions for them. Problems are your opportunities!


3 Mar 2017

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089: Secrets to Closing the Sale

Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt go over the massive topic of closing the sale. You can pitch your product, advertise and spend money on marketing, but there comes a point when the close has to happen. If it doesn’t, the deal isn’t done. Grant personally delivered over 4.5-hours of content on this important topic in a webinar that you can OWN FOREVER. Watch it again and again to get every bit of information from it! Sign up NOW at http://secretstoclosingthesale.com/ Jarrod and Grant address bad advice from other sources, such as: • Trying to close the wrong person • Closing too soon • Don’t twist their arm • Waiting too long to close These are ALL WRONG. Don’t ignore your lines of communication. If you do, you’re abandoning your dreams. Don’t abandon your kids, your parents, your spouse, none of it. Close as soon as you meet the customer, close before you leave. But make sure to know when you need to sell, when you need to listen, and precisely when you need to go for the close. Grant shares a personal story where he got loose, messed up, and lost a $400k deal just because of a very basic mistake. He reminds you to stay on top of your game. Secrets to Closing the Sale, sign up now! http://secretstoclosingthesale.com/


27 Aug 2015

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081: 10X Everything - Part 1

There are 80 million millennials out there and no, not all are lazy and entitled. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9 to 5 grind and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal. Grant Cardone and his millennial protégé, Jarrod Glandt target the under 35 crowd with the tips and insights they need to succeed in any economic climate. Sometimes it’s crazy, but it’s never lazy. Are you getting noticed? Do people know you? “If they don’t know you, they can’t pay you.” – GC The folks at Meerkat have reached at Grant to pilot their new Cameo feature. It is live for you to test and share your streams, flowing power to your fans and prospects alike. Grant will be doing a 3-4 hour webcast at the end of the month on how to 10X Your Life. You pay only $49, you get a 4-page exercise that will by itself rock your life, you get the eBook, AND get access to the LIVE event plus 24/7 access after the live show. The 10X Lifestyle is available to everyone. How to Get Known, the Right Way 1. The hustle vs The Up-and-Down 2. Driven vs the Passenger THE PAYOFF HAS TO BE MASSIVE. Mindset, defined as, “the established set of attitudes held by someone about something.” What’s the difference between someone who is highly successful and someone who just wants it? “Everybody wants to be the boss, and nobody wants to pay the cost.” – GC Listen to the full episode and listen to the podcast over and over to get all of the amazing information from these Young Hustlers.


9 Jul 2015

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069: How to Make a Cold Call

There are 80 million Millennials out there and no, not all are lazy and entitled. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9-to-5 grind and are hungry for mentors. Grant Cardone believes in Millennials. This show is for those of you who have not yet condemned the hustle. Jarrod reminds us that it’s best to learn from people who have lived through the struggle, but you can’t get much from someone that doesn’t grab your attention. How do you stay interesting? How do you set hooks to keep people coming to you or your product? At Grant’s first job he knocked on doors in El Paso, Albuquerque, San Antonio and Fort Lauderdale. He had been using a phone to setup these appointments and realized flying in, renting a car and going door-to-door was less time effective than simply closing the prospects by phone. Visiting a prospect costs up to 8X more than closing them over the phone. “Always leave a voicemail from the phone number you want to be reached at. The voicemail will not be returned, but you must always leave one.” – GC You can make more money on a telephone than any other way. Three Tips: 1. Words matter 2. Time is going to kill you 3. Voice, inflection and tone Cold calls will make or break you in business. If you are going to become a millionaire, guaranteed you will have to use a phone to get there. Check out Alexa, a Grant-fan: http://www.alexasmakinwaves.com/ “You can’t buy your way to success, you have to work your way there.” – GC Listen to the full episode to hear the tips on phones, plus direct responses to callers asking Grant and Jarrod for advice.


23 Apr 2015

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044: The Art of The Pitch

Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer tips on how people can pitch themselves in business so they get attention and more deals. Inspired by the 2014 World Series and the amazing performance by pitcher Madison Bumgarner, Grant wants to make sure you get your business pitch strong. Can you capture someone’s attention and tell them who you are, what you do and what you offer them within seconds? To get ahead of the pack you must know how to master your pitch. In this episode of Young Hustlers Grant and Jarrod take callers and challenge them to give them their best pitch. Grant’s 5 Tips for The Perfect Pitch 1. Clarify your goal. 2. Ask for attention. 3. Make it sticky. 4. Get to the decision maker. 5. Practice! According to Grant a good strong, clear introduction is very important. He also tells people to speak clearly. When you get in front of someone you must be ready. You must practice and prepare. Grant and Jarrod take callers, listen to their pitches and critique them making for an interactive learn by example show. You’ll come away with tips and insights to help you get your pitch on point.


30 Oct 2014

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021: How to Follow Up

In today's episode Grant and Jarrod discuss the important of follow up in business, why its effective and how to do it.


8 May 2014

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101: Hustling 101

For the 101st episode, Jarrod talks about Hustling 101 and discusses his three fundamentals to hustling: 1. Success is hard 2. Find the right vehicle to pour your horsepower in to. 3. Develop skills that you can use Creating a life that you always dreamed of could be the hardest thing you ever do, but achieving your goal and doing so earlier in life is worth the extra hustle. Jarrod also shares his list of practices he ALWAYS exercises that keep his head in the game: 1. Show-up early 2. Stay late 3. Agree with customer 4. Go for production over perfection 5. Learn and grow 6. Stay focused on goals 7. Use two forms of communication 8. Have a great attitude 9. Surround yourself with people who keep you up 10. Be will to do what it takes to be the best


19 Nov 2015

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149: Biggest Closing Mistakes

Today on Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk about why you aren’t closing deals. You must know how to handle objections. In sales you are looking for 1 objection—that’s it. You need to have fun because the customer is already too serious. You need to feel good about yourself, and you have to go into a deal having the confidence you will close. If you don’t have the confidence, it’s because you don’t have the skills. Be in sales to win it. For every objection you hear, you need to listen and acknowledge it. Take full responsibility for it, and then isolate it: “Other than you not being interested, is there any other reason that would keep you from giving me a couple minutes of your time?” This Saturday the 17th Grant will be going over in detail specific objections on his live seminar. Time is running out to register. When you sign up, you’ll get for free: * 15 videos on Exact Handling Objections Scripts * 25-Minute Play by Play Breakdown of me Handling Objections on the Phone * 50+ Page eBook of Brand New Content I put together on Mastering Objections * 200+ Page PDF Rebuttal Book of Never Before Seen Closes


10 Nov 2016

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009: How to Hustle Smart


13 Feb 2014

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123: Get Ruthless or Run Over

On this episode of Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk about the fact of life that you must get ruthless or get run over. Ruthless is having or showing no pity for others. Do I need pity? If something bad happens to Grant don’t show him pity. Why would you need to give others pity? You need to get pity-less. But you need to be 100X ruthless on yourself before being 10X ruthless on the world. Don’t ax someone right away. Handle them first. If I won’t tell a friend the truth, it’s because I haven’t handled me. People say it will hurt their feelings. Bone up—stand up to the people around you. Ruthless is aggressive. You’ve been socialized not to be. They tell you to sit at your school, you can’t be loud or noisy. You are a maniac but people try and tell you that you don’t have the permission to be who you are. The reason Donald Trump wiped out 16 other guys is because he is ruthless. Everyone takes advantage of people who aren’t ruthless. Make a list of things you can tolerate or not tolerate. Find out who is on your side. Who do you need to confront? You must communicate! Don’t put up with those who stand against you and tear you down.


5 May 2016

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174: How to Handle Objections

Remember it takes pressure to create anything valuable. Learn to apply some pressure because you’re the best person to do business with and have the best product in the marketplace. Don’t let stalls end the pitch. Come up with responses to the phrases you hear so you can push past the objections and get sales. The first thing you do when you hear an objection, treat it as a complaint. “I’m with you.” Set the price up front. This way the client can start thinking about the deal with value in mind. If someone says something us too much money, it usually isn’t price, it may be the value they see in their mind, or the fact they feel they won’t use the product, the objection isn’t the money!


25 May 2017

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004: How to Get Rid of Debt


12 Nov 2013

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140: Mastering Objections

Today Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk about objections on Young Hustlers and take callers, even offering help on the objections the callers face. Every sales person has to learn to master objections. You deal with Internal and external objections everyday. Just like in football, some plays are not meant to get a touchdown, they are just meant to advance the ball—and the same is true with closing. You handle objections by also anticipating what the customer is going to say next. “Whoever asks the question, controls the conversation.” Not true, “Whoever gets the answers to questions controls the conversation.” Grant is doing a Webinar on Mastering Objections. It’s time you learn to handle objections, become a better closer, and be a top producer. Great Salespeople know the difference between an objection and a complaint.


1 Sep 2016

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145: Be Obsessed in Sales

Today Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk about obsession and take callers on Young Hustlers. What’s the difference between obsession and indifference? Obsession doesn’t work 9-5, obsession doesn’t make excuses it finds a way, and obsession doesn’t see problems—it sees opportunities. Obsession can’t comprehend impossible because things are only impossible until you do it. How do you take obsession and add it to sales? Michael Bonnett is the top sales guy in Grant’s office this year, he is a pit-bull on the phone on pace for half a million this year. He’s gotten obsessed with sales, obsessed with hard questions and with follow up. There are too many spectators out there watching stuff on Instagram. You must get to work, get obsessed, hustle, and be all in all the time like a maniac. You won’t get rich playing Pokemon. There’s so much average and people just occupying space. The complacency is abundant. If you’re running out of juice, you lack data. You need skills and to become obsessed with being a pro. Get started by getting on Grant’s Playbook today. With the payment plan it costs less than 14 pennies a day.


6 Oct 2016

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200: Get Around the Right People

Get Access to Important People. You don’t meet anyone at home! Get into high-level environments that improve your credibility. You’ll gain the respect of people that have powerful connections. Ask yourself, who don’t you know? Become part of that club. It’s a food chain just like in the ocean. Learn how to move up the scale in increments. Don’t spend money on watches or cars. Invest in opportunities that get you around the right people. You can never have enough connections. Remember, obscurity is your #1 problem.


21 Dec 2017

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202: 4 Easy Steps to Never Quit on Your Goals

How many of you have ever quit on your goals. Right now the gyms are full. Diets are in full swing. But most people will quit or lower their target by the second week of February. What would happen if you never quit again? This episode discusses how you can use four steps to never quit on your goals.


4 Jan 2018

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158: Top 10X Principles

The 10X Rule has been a best seller for over 5 years now because it’s changed lives. Today Jarrod Glandt reveals the top 5 principles from the 10X Rule you need to apply to your life. The 10X Rule is a movement, are you ready to become a part of it? 1.No Shortage of Success—There is so much money on this planet it’s crazy. The stock market could lose a trillion dollars and there would still be an abundance of wealth on this planet. 2.Assume Responsibility for all Results—Taking responsibility for everything in your life is the only way to take control of your life. 3.Take Only Massive Action—When you take massive actions your mind-set will shift and so will your results. You will end up instigating opportunities that you will have to address earlier, later, and in a different way than you would on a “normal” day, so a routine day will become a thing of the past. 4.Fear is an Indicator to Take Action— Getting a handle on fear is not easy, but it is critical to success. Maybe fear held you back you from calling on a client, investing money in your company, or maybe moving to a new city for a great opportunity or taking a great relationship to a more serious level. 5.Criticism is a Sign of Success— Although getting criticized is certainly not the best feeling in the world, I have great news: Receiving criticism is a surefire sign that you are well on your way. Criticism is not something that you want to avoid; rather, it’s what you must expect to come your way once you start hitting it big.


13 Jan 2017

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