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Chapter 3 – Conflict

Nova Squadron struggles with the Tarthet and the loss of one of its own. [ LOG ENTRY ] :“Finally got to meet my new wing commander in person, earlier today. I think I made the right choice bringing his squadron aboard, even though their arrival ruffled some feathers, particularly with Ender squad. Corval’s record suggests […]


31 Jan 2006

Rank #1

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Chapter 4 – Instigation

Vengeance gets underway for home. [LOG ENTRY] : “I wish the old man had warned me about the new wing commander.  Corval seems to be about as cocky as they come, but it’s a just a tad embarrassing for me to completely forget that on this boat he answers to me, not the other way around.  Maybe […]


8 Mar 2006

Rank #2

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Chapter 5 – The Killing Fields

Corval escapes certain death to lead Nova Squadron against a Tarthet strike force. [LOG ENTRY]: “Maybe I’m not seeing the bigger picture here, but what the hell was Kevin thinking?  Did he honestly expect that I’d just leave Redline to drift off after she got hit?  Screw that!  We’ve already sent one of ours on […]


8 Jul 2006

Rank #3

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Chapter 7 – Enemy, Part 2

Captain Corval struggles with exhaustion and his own prejudice to find a common ground with the Tarthet prisoner. New castmember Steve Riekeberg takes the reigns and the bull by the horns as he assumes the character of Captain Michael Hutsford. Salty veteran Jeff Schultz slides over and gives life to Chief Engineer Warren Gregory! Fun […]


30 Jul 2007

Rank #4

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Chapter 9 – Mindgame

New background music makes this show one of the most engaging, exciting episodes yet! Grab your headphones and crank up the bass boost. Some popcorn might be a good idea too, because this chapter ended up being much longer than usual! [LOG ENTRY] : “Just call me ‘Freak Show Corval’.  It still boggles my mind […]

1hr 19mins

11 Feb 2008

Rank #5