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Tu'un Dali

A podcast for Indigenous people by Indigenous people. Our love letter to Oaxacalifornia. Hosted and produced by Luis A. Lopez-Resendiz and Janet Martinez.

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Na Savi en Santa Maria

In this episode we have a conversation with Claudio Hernandez who identifies as a Na Savi (Mixtec) from San Juan Mixtepec that grew up in Santa Maria, California. He shares his experience as a Queer Na Savi in California’s Central Coast and how his identity was shaped in a predominantly Indigenous agriculture town. There is also an excerpt from the Ñuu Savi poet Celerina Sanchez from the FIOB’s Indigenous literature conference in LA. Along with music by the Institute intercultural Calmécac. 


12 May 2019

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La Defensa del Río Yaqui

In this episode Mario Luna Romero, a member of the Yaqui/Yoreme tribe and a spokesperson of the Council of Indigenous Governance (CIG in Mexico) talks about the fight to protect water in Yaqui territory and the challenges they face with the arrival of the new government in Mexico. This episode is in Spanish, enjoy! 


16 Apr 2019

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Deconstructing Oaxacalifornia

Oaxacalifornia is a concept that Oaxacan communities are using to contextualize their stories of migration from Oaxaca, to Baja California and California as well as the political and cultural movements of revindication of who we are as indigenous peoples. Yet, the idea is taking multiple journeys which has created different conversation in various platforms. In this first episode of the second season of Tu’un Dali we are having a conversation of the idea of #Oaxacalifornia, the past, the present and our vision to the future. Join us!


22 Oct 2019

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[PRT 2] Indigenous Mexican Migrants in the U.S

In this part of the book we talk about the new generation of Oaxacalifornians, identity and the vision for this book and work that need to be done. Enjoy! 


20 Mar 2019

Rank #4

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Indigenous Artist: Mare Advertencia Lirika

In our new mini segments, Indigenous Artist/Creators we are sharing our favorite artist with you all. From writers to musicians to theorist, so be on the look out for these segments. For the first installment we will be sharing the music of Mare Advertencia Lirka.


21 May 2019

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Interpretando el Desplazamiento K'iche

A conversation with Policarpo Chaj , a community organizer, K'iche' interpreter and executive director of MayaVision an indigenous Guatemalan organization in Los Angeles. This episode cover an array of topics from the challenges of interpretation to the forced displacement of indigenous communities from Guatemala and the indigenous unaccompanied minors at the US/Mex border. We would like to let our listeners know that there is sensitive issues discussed in this episode. Also this episode is in Spanish. 


9 Jan 2020

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Zapoteca Cultural Organizer in LA

Do you live in Los Angeles? Have you attended  the Guelaguetza or the Calenda organized by the Oaxacan community in the streets of LA? If so, we have a surprise for you, in this episode we invited one of the main organizers of these cultural events to share herstory, Ester Hernandez is a powerful Zapotec mujer chingona who serves her community as a cultural organizer for some of the most important events for the indigenous migrant communities from Oaxaca in LA. If you don’t live in LA we invite you to learn about how these Oaxacan events are reivindicating indigenous migrant identities as well as serving as a political statement of the migration of indigenous Oaxacan communities across borders.  


12 Sep 2019

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Mujeres Indígenas, el Corazón de la Resistencia de los Pueblos

In this episode we have a conversation with Yasnaya Aguila, an Ayuujk writer, researcher, linguist and a water protector. We conversed about gender and women's participation in the organization of celebrations of her town. We also talked about the migration of indigenous Oaxacan communities and the creation of imaginary territories with strong organization beyond borders that allow us to heave deep connections to identities and community. Also this episode is in Spanish. 


6 Feb 2020

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Poesía Ñuu Savi

Hoy (Agosto 9) celebramos el día internacional de los pueblos indígenas y que mejor manera de celebrar este día que hacerlo escuchando una conversación entre mujeres indígenas. Celerina Sanchéz es poeta ñuu savi y nos habla sobre su caminar en la poesía y lo que ha logrado hacer. No olvides quedarte hasta el final de este episodio para escuchar algo de su nuevo CD.


9 Aug 2019

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Na Syika Nda’vi

Na Syika Nda’vi: Los que andan por tierras lejanas, en una conversacion con Laura Velasco tocamos el tema de los migrantes mixtecos en Baja California y California siguiendo la conversación sobre Oaxacalifornia y los procesos organizativos de las organizaciones migrantes indígenas. En este episodio tocamos temas sobre: migración indígena, trabajadores indígenas, la mujer, identidad y la lucha por la representación propia de los pueblos en ambos lados de la frontera. 

1hr 19mins

22 Nov 2019

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