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PI’s Declassified! lets you listen in as authentic private investigators discuss their real-life cases. Every week, private detectives spill the beans, -- discussing investigator specialties that you wouldn’t even imagine exist! You’ll hear stories about lies and false confessions… tracking down missing persons… forensics… workplace violence… innocent people freed from prison… human trafficking… and other tantalizing cases. Tune in to PI’s Declassified! every Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

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Investigative Research On-Line

Is research a mystery to you? Are you overwhelmed by researching public records or conducting due diligence inquiries? Do you want to learn more about exploring the internet and on-line sources? If so, you do not want to miss this episode. Cynthia Hetherington is a Certified Fraud Examiner and an expert in research, investigation, business backgrounds, and corporate intelligence. Tune it to PI’s Declassified! to hear Cynthia give research tips and the dos and don’ts of accessing on-line sources.


24 Aug 2017

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Encore: Jack Devine: Master Spy

For over thirty years, Jack Devine served under six successive presidents from Nixon to Clinton during his time with the CIA. He ultimately became Acting Deputy Director of Operations and was responsible for all of the CIA’s spying operations in seven countries. Now Jack is an author chronicling his life as a master spy with his recently released book entitled Good Hunting. His story of intrigue is just too good to miss. Tune in to hear Jack discuss a sample of his fascinating experiences.


25 May 2017

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Encore: Developing Interview and Interrogation Skills

Former FBI Agent Charles Williams is an interviewing and interrogation expert. He developed the C.A.R.E. Interviewing system, a process to gain cooperation, control, and to detect deception. C.A.R.E is an acronym for Control, Assessment, Reciprocal Relationship, and Exit. Hear Charles Williams discuss the investigative skills, steps and secrets he believes are essential to take an investigation to a successful conclusion.


29 Oct 2015

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What Not to Say to a Bail Enforcement Agent!

Real life actually is stranger than fiction! Joe Stiles is a Bail Enforcement Agent with many stories to tell after almost thirty years in the bail bond business. Bail Enforcement is a risky business, but nevertheless, leaves room for a laugh now and then. Join Joe Stiles as he tells the tales of his experiences and the crazy thing people do and say to a bail enforcement agent.


16 Oct 2014

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Depositions: Tips for Testimony

Whether you are in a court of law, an administrative hearing or a civil deposition, testifying is not an easy matter. It requires knowledge of your topic at the very least, but it also requires confidence as well as authenticity. Depositions are an integral part of the legal discovery process and are not to be taken lightly. It is the “other side’s” opportunity to gather information and do as much damage to the opponent’s case as possible. Often the success of the case for the prevailing party rises or falls on the results of a deposition. Cincinnati, Ohio Private Investigator, Adam Visnic, is discussing his deposition experiences and share the key elements he uses to make sure his testimony is well received.


19 May 2016

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Criminal Profiling

Criminal Profiler, Brent Turvey, focuses on solving crimes through examining the behavior, personality characteristics and nature of criminals. Brent will discuss this provocative topic and the forensic science processes that are used to analyze the crime scene, the victim and the offender.


18 Aug 2011

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Sociopaths and Psychopaths

Do you know someone you believe is a sociopath? Have you ever met a psychopath? These predators have turned manipulation into an art form. They frequently prey on an unwary individuals needs and are treacherous because they can often seem appealing, flattering and fun. Coupled with violence, this master manipulator becomes a serious threat. Private investigators regularly come in contact with sociopaths and psychopaths and those who are experts in creating a maze of deception and contradiction. Tune in to hear psychotherapist, author and former law enforcement officer, Dr. Dorothy McCoy, address this intriguing topic.


1 Sep 2011

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What Happened To The Most Hated Woman In America

Madalyn Murray O’Hair offended millions when she advocated keeping religion out of the schools in the 60’s. Founder of the American Atheists Association and President from 1963-1986, her law suit, Murray v. Curlett lawsuit led to a landmark Supreme Court ruling ending government sponsored prayer in American public schools. But what happened to her? She vanished in 1995. Private Investigator Tim Young played an integral part in uncovering the facts surrounding O’Hair’s disappearance. Tune in to hear the road Tim traveled to find the truth about what happened to the “most hated woman in America”.


26 May 2011

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P.I.'s Declassified 06/14/18


14 Jun 2018

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P.I.'s Declassified 02/15/18


15 Feb 2018

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P.I.'s Declassified 11/14/19


14 Nov 2019

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P.I.'s Declassified 12/21/17


21 Dec 2017

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Do you know when someone is lying? What are the objective signs? Would you like to develop expertise at analyzing another’s behavior and identifying deception? Greg Hartley, an expert interrogator, is just the instructor to teach you how hone your skills.


28 Apr 2011

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Exonerating the Innocent

Many have said in various ways that it is better to set 10 guilty men free than convict one who is innocent. And even though we collectively cringe every time we learn the details of an individual who has served time in prison for a crime he or she did not commit, we still find ourselves thinking an arrest means that individual is most certainly guilty. The cases of those who are exonerated may have one or more contributing factors and those who staff the innocence projects across the nation have a daunting task. Attorney Michael Semanchik is one who is devoted to the cause. If you are interested in learning more about the workings of a project dedicated to innocence, tune in to hear Michael discuss the process.


12 Dec 2013

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P.I.s Declassified


1 Jun 2017

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P.I.'s Declassified 09/07/17


7 Sep 2017

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Interviewing the Document

Seasoned Journalist Don Ray has spent a life time tracking down a plethora of documents to pursue leads, check for accuracy, gather background information or verify information provided by other means. He has a wealth of knowledge about tracking down source documents and scrutinizing their content that he calls Interviewing the Document. Tune in to hear Don impart critical information needed to search and interpret documents, from gathering background information to conducting genealogical research or working to locate a birth family.


7 Jun 2012

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Is Polygraph a Valuable Tool?

Have you ever been given a polygraph examination? Polygraph, commonly known as a lie detector, is highly controversial. The US military and government agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and Department of Defense all use polygraph examinations for pre-employment screenings, for criminal investigations, and in matters of national security. Conversely, It is allowed for investigating specific crimes in corporate America, yet not allowed to screen civilian candidates for hire. It is often used by the defense to test the credibility of a criminal defendant; yet, it isn’t admissible in most legal proceedings. So, why bother using polygraph, you ask? Renowned expert polygraph examiner and former FBI Special Agent, Jack Trimarco, will address these issues and more.


10 Mar 2011

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The Yuk Factor: Investigating Bestiality and Other Bizarre Acts

Some acts by people are unimaginable, even in the wildest of nightmares. Beastiality is an example. Most investigators never have such a case in a career. Surprisingly, such animal abuse is only a misdemeanor in most jurisdictions. It is only if there are other factors, such as those involving other humans, that beastiality becomes a serious concern in the legal arena. Tune in to hear California Private Investigator, Jan Tucker, share his wacky experiences investigating cases that are almost beyond belief.


23 Aug 2012

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Special Encore Presentation: ADOPTION: Finding Your Birth Family

Are you adopted? Would you like to find your birth family? Do you need to know your family medical history? Have you or a family member put a child up for adoption? Do you have a desire to reconnect with that child? Author and filmmaker, Jean Strauss is an adoptee who found her birth family, a journey that changed her life path. Hear Jean tell her miraculous story. Private Investigator Tamara Thompson is an expert in genealogy research and locating people including birth families. If you have questions about this provocative topic, tune in and Jean and Tamara will offer you valuable tips concerning adoption searches.


26 Apr 2012

Rank #20