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Class material from Physics 208 "Electrooptics" at San Jose State for Spring 2009. This podcast will mostly contain recorded lectures in m4a format.

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Jones Calculus and Liquid Crystals

We introduce Jones calculus to keep track of polarization direction and use it to describe a number of examples including polarization rotation in a twisted nematic liquid crystal.

1hr 15mins

17 Feb 2009

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Nonlinear optics 1

We introduce non-linear optics and discuss various forms of 3 wave mixing including frequency converters, optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs), optical parametric oscillators (OPOs) and second harmonic generation (SHG)

1hr 13mins

16 Apr 2009

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1D waveguides

We look at both the ray picture and field picture of modes in a 1D waveguide.

1hr 12mins

7 Apr 2009

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Propagation in periodic media

We look at Bloch Wave solutions to propagation in a periodic material using Fourier analysis of the material permittivity.

1hr 5mins

31 Mar 2009

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Faraday Rotators in LIGO

We look at how aspects of this class relate to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) and investigate the design of the LIGO Faraday Isolators


12 Feb 2009

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Optical Activity

We provide a physical description for the origin of optical activity and faraday rotation in a material and useeigenmodes as well as coupled mode analysis to solve for the behavior of fields propagating through an optically active material.

1hr 17mins

10 Feb 2009

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Propagation in Anisotropic Materials

We look at solutions to the wave equation in anisotropic materials and the "normal shells" that describe of those solutions.

1hr 16mins

3 Feb 2009

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Photonic Crystals

We look at the unusual properties of 2d and 3d photonic crystals

1hr 12mins

2 Apr 2009

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Acoustooptic devices

We look at figures of merit for acoustooptic materials and limitation on modulation bandwidth in acoustooptic modulators.


26 Feb 2009

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2D Waveguides

We generalize the expressions for 1D waveguide to 2 dimensions and focus on the calculation of power coupled into a waveguide from a Gaussian beam.

1hr 14mins

14 Apr 2009

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