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Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are becoming more and more powerful. How do we create great videos, audio and social media content using these amazing tools? This show helps you answer that question. Hear from the experts who create multi-media content on their smartphones, or make content for mobile audiences. If you are interested in mobile journalism, mobile marketing or filmmaking, then this podcast is for you. Mobile specialist, Mark Egan, interviews leaders in their fields. This includes journalists, app developers, marketers and tech experts.

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Getting millions of views on mobile videos with the BBC's Dougal Shaw

In this episode of the Mobile Journalism Show I am joined by Dougal Shaw from the BBC. He talks about how he got into mobile filming, his workflow and what stories appeal to him.  To contact me go to http://www.markeganvideo.com or on social media @markeganvideo  or go to https://www.facebook.com/Mobile-Journalism-Show-250495092060300/ @bbcdougalshaw is Dougal's social handle. 


28 May 2020

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