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On Learn True Health, Ashley James interviews today's most successful natural healers. Learn True Health was created for YOU, the health enthusiast! If you are passionate about organic living or struggling with health issues and looking to gain your health naturally, our holistic podcast is what you have been looking for! Ashley James interviews Naturopathic Doctors and expert holistic health care practitioners to bring you key holistic health information, results based advice and new natural steps you can take to achieve true health, starting NOW! If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, if you are fed up with prescription drug side effects, if you want to live in optimal health but you don't know where to start, this podcast is for you! If you are looking for ACTIONABLE advice from holistic doctors to get you on your path to healing, you will enjoy the wisdom each episode brings. Each practitioner will leave you with a challenge, something that you can do now, and each day, to measurably improve your health, energy, and vitality. Learn about new healing diet strategies, how to boost your immune system, balance your hormones, increase your energy, what supplements to take and why and how to experience your health and stamina in a new way.

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392 Chef AJ Shares What 32 Holistic Doctors Teach About Losing Weight, Reversing Disease, Getting and Staying Healthy, Why The Vegan Whole Food Plant-Based (WFPB) No Salt, Sugar, Flour, or Oil Diet Is Known For Creating Ultimate Weight Loss

"Eat plants, fit in your pants." Chef AJ lost over 50lbs and has kept it off eating over 2lbs of veggies a day Listen to my first interview with Chef AJ, episode 278: http://learntruehealth.com/food-addiction-2/ Chef AJ's site: EatUnprocessed.com Chef AJ's Books: The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: A Revolutionary Approach to Conquer Cravings, Overcome Food Addiction and Lose Weight Without Going Hungry https://amzn.to/2uSuIS1 Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight https://amzn.to/2JZaGtX   The Ultimate Weight Loss Program https://www.learntruehealth.com/the-ultimate-weight-loss-program The Real Truth About Weight Loss Summit Eating the way your ancestors ate throughout human history You cannot be protein deficient unless you’re calorie deficient Complex carbs and refined carbs Eat until no longer hungry and still full instead of until full Anytime you process a food, you make it calorically rich and nutrient poor The real secret to weight loss and weight maintenance and good health is to eat more vegetables Antioxidants Health At Every Size Metabolic disadvantage concept Health mistakes people make Ultimate Weight Loss Facebook Group Feel Fabulous Over 40 How To Eat Healthfully Anywhere Ultimate Weight Loss Program Weight Loss Wednesday In this episode with Chef AJ, we are going to discuss and share about healthy eating and secrets to weight loss. Find out the real truth about Weight Loss Summit, healthy eating anywhere, the ultimate weight loss program and so much more [00:00:01] Intro: Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of Learn True Health Podcast. I’m really excited for you to hear today’s interview with Chef AJ. When I had her last on the show just over a year ago, I didn’t know that that episode would absolutely changed my life. I adapted her style of eating the whole food plant based no oil, no flour, no processed foods. Just focusing on plants and eating lots of vegetables. And my health has gotten even better this last year. And I should go into that in this interview. We have some really fun things coming up. I want you to be included in them. So to make sure that you stay plugged in, get in our community in the Facebook Group. Go to Facebook and search Learn True Health and join our group. Or you can go to learntruehealth.com/group and join our group. 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And thank you so much for sharing the Learn True Health Podcast with your friends and family so that we can help as many people as possible to learn true health. Welcome to the Learn True Health Podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is Episode 392. I am so excited for today’s guest. We have back on the show Chef AJ. I had her on the show, Episode 278. That was July 26, 2018. Man, has so much happened in the last – almost a-year-and-a-half. And it’s just been a whirlwind. I have become  – since I interviewed you I’ve become a raving fan of yours, Chef AJ. I think every single person on the planet should listen to our first interview and should get your books and should absolutely learn from you. You are a godsend. Thank you so much for the mission that you’re on. You have a big cheerleader over here. [00:04:04] Chef AJ: Thank you so much. I admire your work too. Thank you. [00:04:08] Ashley James: Awesome. Well, yeah. So since July of 2018 having you on the show, I joined your – you have this outstanding Facebook Group as part of your course – one of the courses. You have several online courses that are all community based, which I think is really helpful. And it’s such a thriving community. And what I’m inspired by every week, it’s really emotionally helped me to be in your Facebook Group. Because it’s seeing the success stories of people transforming their lives through using food as medicine, whole food plant based diet. And the things that people are transforming is so beautiful. And every week, there are dozens of stories. It’s a very active group. And to have that level of support in the community and people always are asking questions and always supporting each other. So it’s this beautiful community. But what I see is you foster community wherever you go. And I think that’s really beautiful. Because we’re not alone in this. I love to expose these concepts that we often feel too ashamed to talk about, like addiction, and emotional eating, overeating, binge eating. Things that many, many people do and may not even realize they’re doing because they have emotional issues or maybe they’re eating foods that are so hyperpalatable, they hijack the brain. And what we really want to do is figure out how to use food as medicine. And how to heal our bodies and have optimal health . Ad you teach a wonderful way to do that in a way that’s delicious. So because your name is chef, Chef AJ. So you do teach us how to make delicious food, right? [00:05:50] Chef AJ: I do my best. Absolutely. [00:05:51] Ashley James: Yes, you do. I love every episode of – every episode – every recipe I’ve ever made of yours has been a huge hit. I made your lasagna. Oh my gosh, you mentioned in your book – I think the unprocessed was the book that you – your book unprocessed has the lasagna recipe. And it’s to die for. And I made both versions, one with the noodles and one with the eggplant. And both trays of it, we’re eating that day. And it wasn’t just by me. It was the whole – like I had friends over. But you say in your book, this doesn’t go in the freezer because it there’s never leftovers. [00:06:28] Chef AJ: There’s never any leftovers. That’s why I call it the disappearing lasagna. Because honestly, I don’t even know if it freezes because there’s never been leftovers on that particular recipe. And that is the God’s honest truth. [00:06:38] Ashley James: I took that as a challenge. So I actually took the recipe and times it by four. And I made four times the amount that the recipe calls for. And I have pictures. Four giant trays of lasagna and I baked them all and I had friends over. And they wanted to all take some home. I mean, there was no leftovers.  That lasagna was so good. And I even some zucchini and I added some extra vegetables. Because I was like, “There’s not enough vegetables here. Let’s add more.” And it was so amazing. We had kids over and they were eating it. And this lasagna doesn’t have any dairy. It doesn’t have any meat in. It’s whole food plant based. And it is so delicious. And the kids, which these kids never eat vegetables, were just like, “Can I have another? Can I have another?” So it’s really satisfying when you can make something that’s so delicious and also so wholesome and so healthy. So every recipe I’ve ever made of yours has been outstanding and easy to follow. So anyways, I could praise you for the next two hours but I’m sure we want to start learning from you. So since July of 2018, I know a lot has happened in your life. I’d love to hear the updates what’s been going on? [00:07:52] Chef AJ: So I’ve been busy but in a good way. So one of the things I did is I changed where I live. Because environment to me is critical in any one’s success, whether it’s success trying to lose weight or be happy in life. And I pretty much was born in Chicago. Pretty much I was born in Chicago. But I pretty much was raised in LA from the time that I was 11 until January of this year. And I love LA for so many reasons. But man, it’s just not for me anymore. It’s busy and it’s crowded, and it’s noisy. And I just wanted to live somewhere peaceful. I’m going to be 60. Not that I’m trying to retire. But I wanted to just have a calmer, slower pace of life. So I moved to the desert. I live near Palm Springs now. I have a house instead of an apartment. And it’s just been beautiful. And it’s allowed me to do just more work it with what I love in giving this information to people. And I’ve been doing it through educational programs. I have a partner now and we do these online courses. But one of the things I did that just blew my mind was that I got to host one of those wonderful online summits. And this was called The Real Truth About Weight Loss Summit. This was offered to me, this position. I always wanted to do a summit but not being very tech savvy, I just couldn’t figure out how to do it. Just like you, I’ve always wanted to do a podcast. But man, I can barely turn on my iPhone. So when this opportunity came about, I thought I was just being asked to be a guest interviewed for something called The Real Truth About Weight Loss Summit. When they said, “No. We want you to do the interviews.” It was amazing because I got to handpick the experts. There were a few that were already decided upon. Maybe the people that I didn’t know but they were all great interviews. But I got to really handpick, like, the best of the best and create something that I’m going to forever be proud of. Because it answered the question, “What is the real truth about weight loss?” There’s so much conflicting information and misinformation. And we had 34 experts that pretty much agreed about pretty much everything. There were some nuances, how many nuts should we eat? But for the most part, they all agreed. And it was interesting, actually, because, as you know, when you’re doing this podcast, you’re listening to me but you’re also kind of involved. You have to watch the tech. You have to do things. When I was interviewing them, I couldn’t really pay attention as well as I wanted to because I had to look for bells and whistles on the computer. But then when we ran the summit and I listened again, I’m like, “Oh my god.” We did the summit for free. I mean, people could buy it afterwards for a nominal fee to own the recordings. But I’m like, “This information is like mind blowing. Why are these people on the cover of Time Magazine?” [00:10:23] Ashley James: Well, I definitely want to pique your brain as to what you learned as the interviewer for the series? I watched some of the episodes or the interviews that you did, that you conducted. And I loved it. I love the information. It was very thorough. I will let you know that since starting following your protocol, I’ve lost over 40 pounds and kept it off. I’d been, like, yoyo-ing my entire adult life. The second a diet would end, it was like, poof. It would just all blow up in my face. And with your program, it’s not something you ever end. So it’s something that you just – and you never feel like you’re deprived because of volume metrics. You eat to live. Your plate is full of delicious food. You never go hungry. Through eating how I learned through you and through Dr. Goldhamer and this whole food plant based way, my body is just naturally slowly healthfully shed. I just went last week to my doctor. I go every few months just to my Naturopath to get blood work and check in. And she had a smile on her face from ear to ear. She was so happy with my numbers. She was so happy with my slow and consistent and continual weight loss. Everything is coming into balance. All my numbers are coming just better and better and better. My cholesterol has never looked better. All my inflammatory markers have never looked better. Just everything. All my hormones are even better. I mean, just everything is better and better and better. All I’m doing is just filling my plate with this delicious food that’s whole food plant based. And I’ve been on over 30 diets. And I’ve never been on a diet where I felt completely satisfied, completely nourished, completely taken care of. And also my body was coming to a place of health more and more and more. It really does work. [00:12:26] Chef AJ: That’s amazing. And congratulations. And the thing I want to just say is, you’re not really on a diet, you’re actually just eating the way your ancestors ate throughout human history. The way our species was designed to eat. Because we’ve gotten so far away from that. And most people don’t even eat food anymore. Most people eat something like 70% of their calories from processed food. They think of the way we eat now is restrictive or a diet. Yet this is how humans ate throughout all of human history until just a few hundred years ago, actually. So it’s so true, Ashley, because you mentioned volume metrics. And Dr. Barbara Rolls was one of the only people that I didn’t get to interview for the summit because she had broken her arm. But we are going to rerun the summit next February with some new speakers and she is going to be one of it. Because volume metrics is the ticket. I call it ultimate weight loss. I also call it lose weight with a full plate. But it’s not a diet. Because on diets they asked you to give up certain food groups, like carbs. And they ask you to eat less or weigh and measure your food or count points or things like that. We’re not on a diet. I eat the same way that Dr. Joel Fuhrman eats. He’s never been overweight. We eat huge quantities of delicious whole food. It’s not a diet. [00:13:38] Ashley James: For breakfast this morning, I had the soup. I texted you a picture of the soup my husband I made. We made two giant things of soup. And this soup is like a stew. The soup is so hearty. And there are carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and spices like rosemary time, bailey, the regular stuff you’d put in soup, and legumes, brown lentils. I maybe forgetting a few vegetables. Because we put in a lot of stuff in this thing. And then we just let it simmer for a few hours. We had it yesterday for lunch. We had it for dinner. Then we had it for breakfast. And it tastes different the longer it kind of sits in its own juices. It tastes like a different experience. [Inaudible 00:14:23] turned to me and said, “I could eat this every day for every meal. It’s so good. And so filling.” I just had a soup I had a soup for breakfast and I am so full and I feel – I have so much energy. It’s very low in calories but it’s very dense in nutrition. And I was even tracking my protein because people are freaking out about, “Where do you get your protein from if all you eat are potatoes and vegetables?” On average, I get 50 grams of protein a day from a variety of sources that are obviously not animals. So have you ever seen anyone protein deprived not eating meat? [00:15:00] Chef AJ: Never. That’s called kwashiorkor. And from my understanding, there’s never been a single case of it in reported history with the exception of, maybe, like a child abuse case or an anorexic or somebody actually was calorie deficient. You cannot be protein deficient unless you’re calorie deficient. [00:15:19] Ashley James: So if you fill your plate up with whole foods with plants, basically, you’re good in terms of protein? [00:15:26] Chef AJ: Absolutely. There’s actually more protein per calorie in broccoli than steak. I believe that 100 grams of – broccoli has 11.2 grams of protein and 100 grams of steak – 100 calories – excuse me – 100 calories of steak has something like 5.4 grams of protein. So I mean, think about it. All the large herbivores that have walked this planet for centuries, you know, elephants, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, giraffe, they’re not worrying about where they’re getting their protein. They eat plants. The animals that we eat are the plant eaters. We’re not eating carnivorous animals like the lions and the tigers. Were eating animals that eat the plants. Cut out the middleman, eat the plants. You don’t need to eat animal flesh. There’s a great book about this by Dr. Garth Davis – he’d make a wonderful interview for you – called Proteinaholic. I highly recommend that if people really want to understand this. And of course, The China Study. Think about it, when a human being needs the most protein in their life is when they’re an infant, when they’re growing. Breast milk is less than 10% protein. So why would we have a system that we need more of it when we’re not growing. This is just absurd. This is such absurdity. [00:16:37] Ashley James: Can you share the things that you learned from your summit around carbs versus fat versus protein? Did any of the guests, the experts that helped people with successful weight loss, did any of them cover that? [00:16:50] Chef AJ: They did. One of the things they had covered was that it’s the difference between complex carbs and refined carbs. So in other words, carbs have a bad rep. You know, we shouldn’t eat carbs. Carbs make us fat. But you can’t just say carbs without knowing what the carbs are. Because there are complex carbohydrates that are unrefined, found in nature, like sweet potatoes and winter squashes, and legumes, and whole grains. And then there’s refined and processed carbs, which is what most Americans are eating that make them fat and sick, like flour and sugar and alcohol. So you can’t just lump carbs all together. That’s like saying, you can’t lump people together saying all these kind of people are bad. There’s different kinds of people in all these various groups. Just like there’s different kinds of carbs. And so definitely they explained that when you’re eating the whole plant found in nature, that has the fiber, and the water, and the vitamins, and the minerals, and the phytochemicals, and the micronutrients all intact. That is so different to your body than when you’re stripping the fiber away and having these processed carbs like flour and sugar. Which go through the same refining process, by the way, as drugs and alcohol. And it just makes no sense. How can we now be designed to run on fat or fat and protein when that’s all our ancestors ate throughout history were these unrefined, complex carbohydrates. The longest lived people in the world from of the blue zones. The Okinawans, for example, eat something like more than 70% of their calories from sweet potatoes. Those are carbs. They don’t they’re not overweight or obese. They don’t have heart disease. They don’t have cancer. There’s a book by Dr. Colin Campbell called the Low Carb Fraud. And what’s happened is because of these processed carbs, all carbs have gotten a bad reputation. [00:18:38] Ashley James: Throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I had to really come to terms with that. Because growing up my mother was obsessed with dieting. She was never overweight but she was obsessed with dieting. And so she instilled in me a fear of carbs. I remember her yelling at me once at a restaurant because I ordered the fish. I thought that was going to impress her. I ordered the fish. It’s so healthy. But the fish came with the side of rice. And my mom yelled at me in the restaurant and food shamed me – and I was like 12 or something – because I was going to eat rice. In healing my relationship with my body and with food, I had to also heal  – I don’t want to call it trauma – but the belief system that I had adopted from my mother, which was a fear, a real fear of healthy carbohydrates like whole grains. I am gluten free because my body just does not respond well to gluten, whole grains like brown rice, or even potatoes. My belief system developed because my mother would have me feel shame and guilt for eating those foods. And I just wonder how many people are feeling negative emotions around healthy foods because of the belief system they were raised in? [00:19:57] Chef AJ: Yeah. That’s a good question. And I think if they do an experiment where they maybe given themselves three weeks to eat nothing but these foods and see how their health improves, how they lose weight. It’s absurd to think that these foods make you fat. They don’t make you fat if they’re in their unrefined form. It’s what you put on them. So if for example, it’s the butter that people put on the rice. It’s the butter, and the sour cream, and the cheese, and the bacon that people put on potatoes. If carbs made people fat and sick then how did they end up doing these studies with just potatoes? For example, something called the KON Potato Study – you can Google it – where it healthy young couple who are actually were athletes ate nothing but potatoes for an entire year. This wasn’t a weight loss study. They were trying to show that you would not be any deficient in any nutrient just by eating potatoes. And in one year of eating nothing but potatoes, they didn’t have any nutrient deficiencies. They actually lost too much weight they had to start adding oil to their potatoes in order to get enough calories. There’s a man named Andrew Taylor who lives in Australia, who became well-known as spud, fit for eating nothing but potatoes for an entire year and lost 120 pounds. And reversed his food addiction and his depression. And Chris Voigt of the Washington Potato Commission, several years ago, was very upset that the government would not allow people to use food stamps to buy potatoes. Bbut they could use them to buy Kool Aid and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. And so he basically for 68 days, I think, was something like 20 potatoes a day and he was still eating oil and cheese and animal products. And he still reversed his high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides. Carbs, they’re the fuel that our body is designed for. Just like you wouldn’t put lemonade in your gas tank. Can we run on on fat? Like a keto diet or protein. Yeah, we can. But that’s not what the body was designed to do. That’s like an emergency state that people do called ketosis. That was never what we were supposed to do. And it’s very unsatisfying. It’s funny that you mentioned rice shaming. Because I speak at a lot of spas and cruise ships, they’re not even vegan or plant based just because I’m known as somebody that has helped lots of people lose weight. So they booked me for that. It turns out that my protocol is vegan. But I don’t even have to say it either in my lecture or to get booked because it just so happens that the foods that are the healthiest and also lowest in calorie density but highest nutrient density all happened to be plants. But I remember one of these spas because it’s a weight loss fight. It’s like they weigh and measure your food and you get really sparse portions. And you get literally, like, a-half-a-cup of rice which doesn’t even fit in my hand. I had to actually go to the doctor or the nurse and get a permission slip to get an extra half cup of rice. Now when I eat rice at home, I eat like two to four cups in in a serving. And I’m thinking like, “How does anybody eat a-half-a-cup of rice? That’s like nothing.” I just don’t get it. It’s just it’s sad to me that people feel that that’s what they need to do to lose weight and be healthy. When the exact opposite is true, they need to eat more but of the right foods. But the problem is that they like our system, Ashley, which is ad libitum. where we eat as much as we want to the left of the red line. But they want to include their likely glass of wine or their soda or their Starbucks macchiato or their rich desserts. And unfortunately, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t eat all you want of the nutritious foods and still include the unhealthy foods. If you want to include foods of a higher caloric density or unhealthy foods, you can do it and possibly maintain weight loss. But you’re going to then have to do portion control. And who wants to do that? We aren’t designed for scales. [00:23:45] Ashley James: There’s this book, First Bite: How We Learn To Eat by Bee Wilson. And she said that they did these experiments. Of course, they probably can’t do them nowadays because it would be like child abuse. But they did experiments on orphans. They took a bunch of children, like toddlers, and they put many, many different kinds of foods in front of them. Instead of forcing them like, “Here’s your macaroni and cheese. Or here’s your hot dog. Or here’s your chicken nuggets.” or whatever. They put everything broccoli, beans, carrots. They just put everything out in front of them and let the children choose what they want it to eat. And they then calculated all the nutrients. And they’d figured out that, intuitively, these toddlers who they’re too young to have had societal – I don’t know – norms imposed on them. They’re just listening to the instinct of their body. They kind of looked at a whole week’s snapshot of what they ate all week. So maybe one day they did mono eating. They only ate carrot. So they only ate rice. And of course, as a parent, you’re freaking out thinking, “Okay. This kid is going to be nutrient deficient because they’re only eating this one food.” But by the end of the week, all of the children had a balanced diet of all the nutrients they needed. And their illnesses started to reverse. So they started to notice that over time, letting the children gravitate towards and choose the food. So intuitively, they wanted to eat, like, let’s say, all broccoli that day. And then the next day they want to eat only apples and only bananas. And their bodies just knew to eat what they needed to eat. Children eat until they no longer feel hungry versus adults eat until we feel full. We have to feel the sensation like nothing else can fit inside me. Whereas, children will eat just until hunger goes away and then they’ll go play. And I thought, “Man, that really -” because I was trying to think when I was young – when I was a kid, I was skinny. And food wasn’t even in my mind. I would eat when I was hungry until the hunger went away and then I go and play again. So it’s a real big difference. Something shifts in us. [00:25:55] Chef AJ: [Inaudible 00:25:57] profound. That is really profound. Eat until no longer hungry and still full instead of until full when overly. A lot of people until they’re completely overly stuffed they don’t even know they’re full. And I think part of it has to do with eating processed food and animal products. Because think about it, Ashley, processed food and animal products have a lot in common. And that they aren’t completely devoid of fiber and water. And when you’re eating, most of your calories are from animal products and processed food. Which is what most Americans do, over 92% of calories, in fact. You’re not going to feel full until you’ve over eaten because your stretch receptors aren’t going to be activated by the water and fiber that would be in those whole plant foods that we were designed to eat. [00:26:39] Ashley James: Uh-huh. Right. So if you’re eating a turkey sandwich or something, there’s bread, for example, is dehydrated in a sense that it’s very calorically dense but doesn’t take up a lot of room in the stomach. So you have to eat a lot more before you feel full. But then you’ve eaten hundreds of calories more than you actually needed. [00:27:02] Chef AJ: Absolutely. Because think about it, all whole grains are about 500 calories a pound. When you mill the whole grains into flour to make bread, it’s now 1,500 calories a pound. It’s triple the caloric density. So anytime you process a food, you make it calorically rich and nutrient poor. So you you’re right, to feel full, you have to eat a lot more bread than you do whole grain. And that’s why I wrote my first book on processed because my feeling was, whether you want to be vegan or not, I can’t make you. But we’re still not designed to eat processed foods. Our stomachs are about the size of a cantaloupe. They hold about a liter of food, which is about 4.22 cups. I can easily eat 500 calories of brown rice.  That’s about, let’s say, it’s three cups or something like that. I’ll feel really full because I’ll activate my mechanisms of satiety, my stretch in nutrient and calorie receptors. But if I have to eat that much flour or bread, I won’t feel full because they won’t activate the mechanism stylus Water is so important. I don’t mean just drinking water, which of course we should. Because water in it of itself has no society. It won’t make you feel full. Even if you drink a gallon of water, it will make you feel full for a little bit but it exits the digestive tract too quickly. But when water is bound to the whole natural food, like the fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and legumes, it not only has weight but it creates bulk because it’s attached to the fiber. And that bulk is what creates satiety that allows us to stop eating before we’re overly full. That’s why people mutilate their bodies and have gastric bypass is to make their stomach, which is about 4.22 cups now hold maybe a cup or less so that they will get in touch again with what it feels like to feel full. Whereas, if you just change the composition of what you eat, that’s nature’s gastric bypass. [00:28:53] Ashley James: I love how you have a rule of eating two pounds of vegetables a day at a minimum, right? So it’s a minimum. [00:29:01] Chef AJ: That’s minimum. When I was losing weight, I was eating probably four or maybe more. That’s the minimum that I think everyone should eat just for optimal health. But if you’re trying to lose weight, you want to eat more vegetables. Vegetables are the food that are not only lowest in caloric density but highest in nutrient density. And whenever your diet is nutrient deficient, you’re going to over, over eat on calories looking for nutrients. But you’re looking for them in all the wrong places. Some vegetables are actually considered fruits botanically. So things like zucchini, eggplant, tomato, bell pepper, okra, and cucumber. These are botanically fruits. But we classify them as non-starchy vegetables. There are about 67 calories per pound. For the same amount of calories in one tablespoon of olive oil, you could eat two pounds of zucchini. That’s a lot of food. You can air fry it and make it taste as delicious as you want. But when people really understand calorie density, most people opt in. Because who wants to eat gimbal sized portions of food and be chained to having to weigh and measure their food for the rest of their life? So vegetables are incredible because they fill you up on so few calories. It’s almost as if you burn more calories in chewing and digesting of the vegetables than even in the vegetables. And I think you might have interviewed Dr. Alan Goldhamer. He’s one of my mentors. Well, one of the things he said to me is, “Show me an overweight person. And I’ll show you someone who is unwilling to eat enough raw salad and steamed vegetables.” That really is one of the greatest secrets to weight loss and weight maintenance and good health is to eat more vegetables. And people are like, “I could never eat two pounds.” “Really?” Because they don’t have a problem eating a two pound box See’s Candy. It’s not that much two pounds of vegetables. And that’s true, if you were trying to eat two pounds of raw kale, that would be a lot. But if you cook your vegetables, if you steam them, it reduces the volume. Honestly when I make my balsamic Dijon glazed Brussels sprouts from a pound of Brussels sprouts, it’s like two handfuls of food. It’s not that much food. And because you’ve got the fiber and the water intact, it’s going to be filling. And I don’t want people to just eat vegetables because that wouldn’t be enough calories. They need the starch. The complex carbohydrates that we talked about at the beginning of the show that people are afraid of, the potatoes and sweet potatoes and winter squashes and rice and beans to feel full. But I mean that is really the secret. Every meal you eat, even breakfast, make sure that half of your plate is non-starchy vegetables. You do that your health will soar, your weight will decrease if you need to lose weight, your skin will glow. Like I’m almost 60. And if people watch my YouTube channel, there’s some episodes where I’ve got a lot of makeup on because I play around with makeup. Actually, since I live in the desert, I don’t wear it anymore because it’s just too hot and it will just melt off your face. But I enjoyed in the past wearing makeup. So you’ll see some [inaudible 00:31:46] wears a lot of makeup. But really, most of them now, nothing. No makeup. And people say, “Oh my god, your skin glows.” Well, it’s the vegetables. It’s the fruit and vegetables, the antioxidants. Most Americans are on an antioxidant poor diet. They look for these health creams or these potions to put on their skin with antioxidants. You’ve got to take them internally by eating lots of fruits and vegetables. That really – it seems so simple but yet so few people do it. [00:32:17] Ashley James: I love that you bring up this idea of antioxidants. Actually, that’s something that Eric Thornton, who I told you about has been on the show several times. He says, “You know, humans don’t make their own antioxidants like vitamin C.” And we do make glutathione. It’s very hard for the body to make glutathione. There’s a lot of cool factors. It’s very expensive – I should say – for the body to make glutathione. So that’s our own antioxidant. But our body doesn’t produce vitamin C. For example, cats, and dogs, and goats, and wolves, they make their own vitamin C. So animals that are designed to eat other animals and don’t eat plants need to make vitamin C because they’re not going to eat it. And that’s another argument for why we’re supposed to be plant based. We need to eat the vitamin C. We need to take in the antioxidants from the plants. Because our bodies don’t produce it. So we need to bring it in as much as possible because we’re not going to get it. So like these animals that don’t produce it, get it from their food, get it from the plants. So plant eaters don’t produce the vitamin C. I’m sure a zoologist could correct me if there are any animals that are an exception. But my understanding is that animals that do produce vitamin C almost exclusively eat meat. And animals that don’t produce vitamin C and other antioxidants, don’t do so because they were designed to get it from plants. [00:33:51] Chef AJ: It doesn’t make sense what you’re saying. There’s really nothing you can’t get from a plant based diet that you can get in a better and more utilizable form in an animal based diet. There’s only one exception, vitamin B12. And it’s not because animals contain vitamin B12. It’s because they eat the dirt. Which we have very good hygienic practices now and the soil is depleted. That’s where the vitamin B12 is. People they go, “You need the cow to get the B12.” The cow got it from eating the grass because the dirt is where the B12 was. So that’s really the only thing that people have – if they have to worry – worry about. And the truth is, there are just as many carnivores that are B12 deficient as being. So it’s not even really something to worry about. [00:34:34] Ashley James: Right. You’re saying that people, regardless of what diet they’re on, whether they eat meat or not, there’s a percentage of the population they’re B12 deficient because they don’t get enough of that bacteria, basically. So that’s a good supplement to be on. It’s a really good bioavailable form of B12. Unless, we’re going out in our own garden and picking stuff out of the ground and eating it while the bacteria is still on it. There was a study done on vegans in India versus the same heritage of people eating the same diet in the UK. And they found that those in India were not vitamin B12 deficient and they were vegan. But it was the bacteria that they were getting from the food versus the very sterilized food that they were eating in the UK. And so they were showing that it’s more about the bacteria. And maybe if you’re eating food that’s right out of the ground, really fresh, not sterilized, that you are less likely to be B12 deficient. So it’s nothing to do with meat consumption necessarily. I like that you pointed that out. I started steaming a pound of vegetables for breakfast almost every morning or trying to get it in  as early as possible. But I found that when I do that, my energy goes through the roof. I feel so good. My family has been able to quit caffeine and not even feel a blip. Not even feel caffeine deprived. Some people go, “I could never do a day without.” If I get a pound of vegetables in, in the morning, that’s like my cup of coffee now. [00:36:09] Chef AJ: Yeah. Absolutely. And do you drink the liquid? Because that’s called pot liquor, Ashley. And I love the liquid from the steamed greens. That’s like a turbocharged drink. You don’t need caffeine when you have green, seriously. [00:36:21] Ashley James: That is so funny you mentioned that. So my grandmother was born in 1912 in Toronto. And she was about to die of type 1 diabetes. When insulin was invented and first used in Toronto on the children there, she was one of the first ever to receive insulin. And she lived to be 77 years old. Would have kept living but it was very hard to manage them back in the 80s. It was in 1987. A harder back then to manage type 1 diabetes and so she fell into a coma. And we didn’t catch her in time because she was still living on her own in her own condo. She taught me as a child to steam vegetables and then let the water cool and drink the water. And that was one of the things she did every day and was one of her secrets to her health. So I love that you brought that up. [00:37:04] Chef AJ: Absolutely. And it’s delicious and it tastes different every day depending on what vegetables you use. If you use something like butternut squash, for example, it’s going to be really sweet. But I love pot liquor, it’s the best. I didn’t know it was called that, actually, until I spoke in New Orleans. I just thought it was broth but it’s really good. [00:37:22] Ashley James: So are there actually nutrients? Is there, like, a noticeable amount of nutrients in the water? Or is it just hydrate with flavorful steamed water? [00:37:32] Chef AJ: Yeah. I’m sure that there’s nutrients. They say something like 30% of the vitamins and minerals of vegetables are lost during cooking. But if you’re steaming them and if you drink the water, you’re not missing out on any of them. [00:37:46] Ashley James: How many minutes do you steam your vegetables for? [00:37:51] Chef AJ: So it just depends if I’m doing it on the stove or in the pressure cooker. So if I’m doing it in the pressure cooker, my Instant Pot, and they’re not cut up small, the greens, I might do as much as five minutes. But if it’s a vegetable like zucchini or even broccoli where it’s going to turn to mush, it might be zero to one minute. On the stove, it probably takes a few more minutes. Just until the water boils. [00:38:11] Ashley James: You’ve got some fantastic videos on YouTube. I love all your cooking videos on YouTube. You make it really accessible. I really enjoy that. What other points really stand out in your mind? Did you have any aha moments as you were doing your summit? [00:38:27] Chef AJ: Yeah, so many. I almost wish I could have been a guest on my own summit after the summit just to summarize everything I learned. But one of the things is, there’s a movement called like Health At Every Size. And of course, we should never make fun of people, criticize them, blame them, shame them for having any kind of disability or disease. I think of being overweight or obese as a disability. But what this doctor said that is that, that’s a myth. You really can’t have health at every size. And they explained why medically. Every disease is, you’re so much more susceptible to having these diseases, even cancer and the specific kinds of cancer when you’re overweight. And of course, the more you’re overweight, the more risk. So it’s not just about visually looking a certain way. It’s about that when you have more fat, you have more blood – I’m not going to do it just as the way these doctors explained it medically. But your risk for disease just increases exponentially with every pound. You have to take this seriously. Like 66% more likely to get type 2 diabetes and all the various cancers. Breast cancer, for example, that you’re going to be more prone to with every extra pound of body fat. And I never really looked at it that way, because as a female, you just care about being thin because that’s how you’re raised. It’s better. And you won’t get a date or to go to the prom. I didn’t get asked to my prom. I was the fat kid from age five until age 50. I never really thought about that the health consequences long term or short term of being overweight or obese. But these doctors explained what they were. So that was really, really eye opening because people should accept themselves and love themselves at every weight. But they have to understand that a lot of people – I’ve heard people say, “Well, I’m healthy.” They have a physical or maybe there’s just no markers at that time when they’ve had their blood tested. But if you are overweight or obese, you’re not healthy. You’re certainly not as healthy as you can be. That you are a disease waiting to happen, if you will. And so I think people need to understand that from a health standpoint. And maybe they’ll take better control of their health. And of course, if people would just eat better and eat in a healthful manner, their weight would come off. So people are approaching it backwards. They’re approaching it like, “Well, I have to go on a diet and lose weight.” But they’re not even going on a healthful diet like the one we. They’re going on something that will give them results very quickly like a keto or a paleo. Because when you don’t eat carbs, of course, you’ll lose all that water weight. But you’re not really losing fat. The way we eat, I mean, it took me 27 months to lose 50 pounds. It’s slow weight loss but it’s sustainable. And I kept it off for almost eight years now. So many people are desperate to lose weight that they’re willing to mortgage their health in the short term doing the keto type diet. So you need to look at it like diet – and again, one thing they all agreed on is if you eat or diet for health. If you eat for health, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, a whole food plant based diet, lower in fat, no processed food, no animal products, alcohol, things like that. Then when you eat in this manner for health, the weight ceases to become an issue because it really does fall off. And so people are approaching it backwards. The other thing I learned that I wish I hadn’t learned. And if you’re female, you’re not going to like this. And I’m sorry, but it’s good to know. And this was from Dr. Rosane Oliveira, who is a geneticist at UC Davis, and Dr. Michelle McMacken, a family practice doctor in New York. They both talked about this concept called metabolic disadvantage. And we all know that most people can lose weight. And they have lost weight sometime in their life following whatever dietary style they chose at the time. But most people can’t maintain their weight loss. Something like 98% of people that ever lose weight through a great deal of suffering and deprivation, gain it all back usually within two years. And part of it, I think, is because people look at this as a diet. So they look at eating a certain way to lose weight. And then they go back to the diet that made them fat and sick and think that they’re going to maintain their weight. [00:42:32] Ashley James: Temporarily, yeah. Eat this way temporarily and then it’ll be done. [00:42:37] Chef AJ: Yeah. It’s sort of like an alcoholic saying, “You know what? I’m not going to drink any alcohol until I get sober. But once I’m sober, I’m going to go back to drinking alcohol.” Well, then you’re not going to be sober anymore. It’s sort of the same thing. People understand this with other substances but not so much with food. But what these doctors explained is that – and this is especially important with females because they’re generally the people that really want to lose weight – for example, if you have a woman that is five-foot-five inches tall and weighs 125 pounds, which is probably a pretty good weight for that female. And let’s say this woman has always been that weight as an adult never had weight issues. She needs a certain amount of calories every day just to maintain her 125 pound, five-foot-five inch frame. Let’s say you have another woman that’s five-foot-five inches and weighed 175 pounds or whatever she weighed. And then she lost weight to now weigh her ideal weight of 125 pounds. Well due to this penalty, if you will, a metabolic disadvantage. And the reason Dr. Oliveira knows this is because she has a biologically identical twin sister. And they’ve done all kinds of experiments. Because the sister went on a low carb diet. And Dr. Oliveira eats a low-fat whole food plant based diet. Has never been overweight. The sister was 50 pounds overweight. And eventually lost the weight but it’s been very difficult. Compared to Rosane. Now, is the person that lost weight needs far fewer calories to maintain your 125 pound frame than the person that was never overweight. And this is why it can be so difficult. Because while you’re overweight, you get to eat many more calories than you do once you lose weight. But if you’ve been overweight, it’s like a penalty. And you can’t eat as many calories as somebody who is your exact weight that’s never been overweight. Now, Dr. Oliveira says in a couple of years, if you stick to the program, this often can reverse itself so that you can get more calories. But this is just completely unfair. But people need to know this. And when they know this, if they follow the way of eating I recommend – losing weight with a full plate in accordance with the principles of calorie density – they can still eat large volumes of food. Maybe even more food than they ate before. And still maintain that weight loss without going hungry. But they need to know that they can’t go back to eating the way they were eating before they lost weight. [00:44:51] Ashley James: That’s one thing when I first went this way of eating. I was hungry all the time. And my first thought – and I think I even asked you in our interview or I think asked you may be outside the interview – I can’t remember – but I remember going, “Am I protein deficient?” Because again, I was a newbie. I was eating lots of vegetables and lots of legumes and beans and nuts and seeds and all that. But no meat. And I was hungry 45 minutes after or an hour after eating a meal. And I couldn’t figure out why. And I think you were the one that told me you’re not eating enough. And I was like, “Oh.” Because my plate would be – I’d fill my stomach up. And it would only be like 200 or 300 calories because it’s a potato and some beans and some broccoli. And it was delicious. And maybe put some homemade salsa on it or something. Again, very low calorie, very high dense nutrition wise, lots of fantastic vitamins and minerals, and really great nutrients for the body. But then an hour later, I was hungry. And so I’m thinking, “Is it because my body is missing something? And it’s like, “No. silly. I just didn’t eat enough food. I just need to eat more.” So that’s one thing that happens when people transition into this is that they’re hungrier because they think they just eat a potato and some beans and some spinach. And that’s only like 300 or 400 calories. It’s not what they’re used to. They’re used to like 1,200 calories a meal, right? [00:46:25] Chef AJ: Right. Absolutely. And that’s why it’s really important, in my opinion, to understand calorie density so that you know you have to eat more to weigh less. You have to. Because if you apply the same thinking to your previous dietary failures to this way of eating, you will starve. Because like you say, vegetables are 100 calories a pound, fruit 200 to 300 calories a pound, sweet potatoes, potatoes 400 calories a pound. We need to eat. However, many calories we eat, we need to eat several pounds of food a day in order to feel full. Dr. Barbara Rolls at Penn State University who studies human eating behavior in her laboratory. The author of the book, Volume Metrics, that you had mentioned previously. She discovered that we all eat about three to five pounds of food a day. Now, an Olympic athlete, is going to eat more than a four- foot-ten, 90 year old woman. Of course, not everybody eats the same amount of food. But most of us consistently eat between three to five pounds of food per day. We need to eat that much food in order to feel full. And so when you change the caloric density of your food, if you are eating most of your calories from animal products and processed food, which are of very high caloric density -what I call to the right of the red line – you wouldn’t need as much food. But now, if you’re lowering the caloric density to 600 calories per pound or less – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes – you’re going to need to eat a greater volume of food in order to feel full. And this is a mistake people make. Another mistake they make is they shun the starch. The starch meaning the whole grains, the legumes, the potatoes, and winter squashes. People are still afraid of starch. So they’ll give up the animal products and the oils and the processed food and the alcohol. And they’ll just eat fruits and vegetables, which is very healthy. But it’s a mistake. Because without starch, you won’t have that satiety. That feeling of fullness that tells us to stop eating. No starch, no satiety. Starch is to the hunger drive, what oxygen is to breathing. And that is what’s going to make you satisfied. The fruits and vegetables they fill – think about like you have a box. And if you just filled it with packing peanuts, there’s still be lots of space in the box. And you need to fill the whole box. And your stomach is like that box. So you can you can fill it with the packing peanuts, with the fruits and vegetables. But there’s still a lot of space left over. You need to have the starch. So the starch is going to make you feel satisfied. But the fruits and vegetables are going to make you feel full. So that’s why you want to eat half your plate vegetables, then the other half mostly starch with maybe some fruit. You’ll feel full. You’ll feel satisfied. If you have a lifestyle related disease like heart disease or type 2 diabetes, most people will be able to reverse it. And many people will be able to prevent it by eating the way that our ancestors ate. [00:49:11] Ashley James: I like that you brought up type 2 diabetes. I used to have type 2 diabetes. And I reversed it by shifting my lifestyle and my diet. Originally, when I shifted it, I went low carb. It felt like a long uphill battle with constantly checking my blood sugar. It took a long time to get to a point where I didn’t have diabetes anymore. I noticed I could easily recreate blood sugar imbalance. Going on this diet, I kept hearing all the experts that I’ve interviewed say you can absolutely reverse type 2 diabetes 100%. You can even get type 1 Diabetes to be more efficient. Some people have reported getting on 75% less insulin needed after eating this way. And yet it’s the most carbs they’ve ever eaten in their life. So I was tracking what I was eating and it was over 200 grams of carbohydrates a day eating this way. And this little voice in my head is thinking, “You’re crazy. You’re going to give yourself diabetes.” And of course, most of my brain went, “No. Just listen. Just wait. Wait and see. You’re going to be impressed.” The little critic in my head. And sure enough, like a month after eating this way, I took my blood sugar two hours after a meal and burst into tears. I’d never seen healthier blood sugar in my life eating this way. My blood work I just got back from the doctor – and I haven’t been diabetic for years. But it’s always monitoring it. And my blood work is- my insulin is super healthy. A1C is, like, 4.7. And I’m eating more carbohydrates than I ever have in my life. They’re just the right kind. And so for those diabetics that are listening who are afraid to eat a banana or afraid to eat a potato, why is it that when we cut out the meat and the fat from – the processed fat, like the oil, and we eat a whole food plant based, why is it that bounces blood sugar? Everyone’s blaming the sugar. [00:51:12] Chef AJ: Right. And when the problem is fat. And you know who can answer that question for you beautifully other than Dr. Neal Barnard, is Robby and Cyrus. They have a program called Mastering Diabetes. They are both type 1 diabetics. And they actually have a podcast too. They make great guests individually or together for you. Because they can totally explain why a high carb, low fat diet works beautifully for health, for reversing, and living with diabetes for the people that are type 1. And also just for preventing other common diseases of lifestyle and reversing them like obesity and heart disease. [00:51:47] Ashley James: Yeah. I had one of them on my show. That’s what convinced me. Because they have type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They eat nothing but bananas for the first three days just to kind of reset themselves. And people are freaking out. But then they’re like, “Wow. My blood sugar is coming back into balance. I can’t believe it.” So that’s what had me kind of go, “Wow. This is really real.” And there’s something about fat that clogs up the cells. It seemed totally – I mean, we’re myth busting. But it’s going against the mainstream narrative. The mainstream narrative is diabetics need to cut back. You know, basically diabetics should go on keto is what the mainstream narrative is going towards. And yet, that’s going to create further problems with insulin resistance down the road. [00:52:31] Chef AJ: Absolutely. And the thing is it works. I mean, they get better numbers. But then they’re creating heart disease for themselves. [00:52:39] Ashley James: It only works as long as they’re in ketosis. But then the second they eat even an apple, they’re having problems because it’s actually the fat that’s creating more and more insulin resistance. And it’s the wrong kind of fat. If you eat a handful of walnuts, it’s not going to do it. It’s the processed oils and the meat and the dairy. It’s just amazing looking at the science of food and how we can heal the body. It’s really exciting. And of course, these diseases that are coming back into balance, people even in your Facebook Group are sharing, “You know, I used to have this and now I don’t have it.” What kind of amazing lifestyle diseases have you seen reversed, eating this way? [00:53:19] Chef AJ: Oh my gosh. So many. Just this week when I spoke at a conference, a lady came up to me and she is on the donor list for a kidney. And because of eating this way, it just keeps getting delayed. So I don’t know if she’s still going to need that kidney or not. But the point is, is that she’s not in dire kidney failure anymore. She just keeps getting better. And they’re like, “Oh. We don’t necessarily have to do this now.” I had somebody come up to me once and said, “You know, I didn’t even buy your book. I just watched your YouTube show. And I reversed stage four kidney failure.” I mean, that’s unbelievable, right? I mean, usually by then they’re getting ready for dialysis. So it’s unbelievable what it will do if people will just give it a chance. I mean, heart disease is the one you hear all the time, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, high blood pressure. That, you hear all the time because we know that from Dr. Esselstyn [inaudible 00:54:14] prevent reverse heart disease if  people eat this way. Those things are pretty much guaranteed to improve. But as you said, type 2 diabetes. Type 1, no. I’ve never seen anybody completely reverse it. Like you say, they have lowered their need for insulin dramatically and gained health in other ways. Cancer, I can’t say anybody said. Who knows what they’re preventing with this. But I have never seen anybody just reverse their cancer eating this way. But I’ve seen them improve their health. So that when they have to go through the procedures that they often get with chemotherapy or radiation, their health just improves while they’re doing it I would never say, “Eat this way, you won’t get cancer. You reverse it.” No. But I think you will just greatly improve your health on so many levels that when you’re dealing with any kind of disease, it’s going to be so much easier. Well, of course, obesity. I mean, people have been – as you know, being in the ultimate weight loss group, people have reversed that. We’ve had people lose 300 pounds. That was the most spectacular one. But it’s very common for people to lose 50 and 100. And keep it off. Well, that’s the most important part. [00:55:27] Ashley James: Yeah. But also, I love that the culture of your group encourages people to share the non-scale achievements. The successes that have nothing to do with getting on scale because we can kind of sabotage ourselves by jumping on a scale every day. And so people are sharing like, “I’ve never been able to run around my grandchildren. And I just spent the entire day running around with them.” Or, “I’ve never been able to go hiking with my dogs and now I can.”  Or, “I’m fitting into clothing I have been able to fit into since college.” And they’re sharing these emotional breakthroughs that they’re having incredible energy and vitality. And they’re feeling free of the constraints of this disease that is in part created by, obviously, the food choices but also the hyper palatable foods that contribute to triggering overeating. So some people actually have an addiction, addictive personalities, or they’re looking to food in a way like we would look to drugs or alcohol. But other people don’t necessarily have an emotional eating issue. But food is like a drug. And that hyper palatable food is designed to trigger the brain to want to eat more and more and more of it. It’s like cleansing the palate when we eat the way you teach us to eat. It cleanses the palate and calms the mind. So now the mind is not being hijacked by food anymore. [00:56:55] Chef AJ: Absolutely. We call them non-scale victories, NSV, which is also an acronym for non-starchy vegetables. But yeah, you’re right. Those are so much more meaningful especially that they’re more meaningful than losing the weight. But they’re more immediate in a lot of ways. Because people don’t realize that you don’t lose weight overnight. If you’re a female, you lose about two ounces of fat a day. And that’s why weighing yourself is one of the worst things you can do while you’re losing weight, especially if you weigh yourself every day. Maybe every month. But you can have other things like improvement in your markers, like blood pressure, and all the numbers, like cholesterol and triglycerides, and things like that. Or getting on the floor and playing with your grandchildren. I mean, to me, that’s the reason to do it. [00:57:40] Ashley James: Uh-huh. Absolutely. Any other keys that stick out in your mind that really were big aha moments when you were doing your interviews for your summit? [00:57:51] Chef AJ: Yeah. It’s funny because one of the things Dr. Allen Goldhamer, who I mentioned previously, as my mentor, he has this funny thing where he says, “You know, I assess a person’s intelligence by how much they agree with me.” And I actually spoke very little in the summit. I had about four questions that I asked each guests for the one hour interview. But it was really mostly about the guests. And I was kind of just there to run tech. But I had about four questions that I asked everyone. And what was interesting is that there was something that I had been teaching since day one, when I started coaching people and running the ultimate weight loss program, first in person and then online, was the importance of your environment when you are trying to lose weight or recover from an addiction or just improve your health or lifestyle in any way. And people would always get upset with me. I’m not a doctor. And they would just like, “Well, I can it’s too hard. I live -” all these excuses. Every single person on the summit said how critical the environment was. From Dr. Doug Lisle, who said, we must work harder on the environment than we do ourselves. From Fitness Guru John Pierre, we must sanitize our environment. There was one saying about they have the saying AA – not LA – but maybe in LA at the AA, whereas, if you hang around a barbershop long enough, it’s just a matter of time until you get a haircut. I’ve been saying to people for years that, if it’s in your house, it’s in your mouth. And it’s not a question of if you will eat it only when. But then when we have the co-author of The China Study, Dr. Tom Campbell saying, if you have temptation anywhere in your environment, you will fail. People actually listen because he’s a doctor. So the environment is critical towards your recovery from an addiction of any kind, towards your success for weight loss. We’re not designed to eat these foods. And we’re genetically hardwired to always consume the most concentrated source of calories in our environment. And if it’s in your house, you’re going to eat it. And you might be able to use willpower in the short term. But eventually, you’re going to have a bad day and you’re going to be hungry and there’s going to be sometime in the future or even if it’s not your favorite flavor junk food or whatever, you’re going to eat it. It never fails. And that’s why for an in person client, I will not work with them unless they completely sanitize their environment and I actually see it. But it’s going to be really hard if you’re not willing to clean your environment. A lot of people say, “Well, my husband and kids won’t eat this way.” That’s fine. They can eat however they want out of your house. But you can’t have junk food in your environment if you want to recover. If you’re an alcoholic, you can’t have alcohol for company. You just can’t. And you got to know it’s the same thing with these high fat, high calorie, hyperpalatable foods. So it was really reassuring to hear that I’ve been on the right track for the last 20 years explaining to people the importance of cleaning their environment if they want to affect permanent dietary and lifestyle change. So that was great to have that reinforced. And then the other thing that I also teach after the environment is clean is, you’ve got to have some kind of preparation. You can’t just clean the environment of all the crap and then just have no food in your house. You’ll be like Mother Hubbard with a bare cupboard. You have to have the healthy food there so that that is the default. People say, “Oh, my kids are such picky eaters.” Your kids aren’t picky. They’re just not hungry. And as long as junk food is a choice, instead of cut up vegetables with hummus and guacamole or fresh fruit, they’re always going to pick the junk food. They’re never going to pick the healthy food. But if all you see when you open your refrigerator are beautiful glass jars of cut up fruits and vegetables and cooked sweet potatoes, you will eat them, your family will eat them. So now we got to figure out how to get that food in your house. Preparation always tramps motivation. So if you’re angry, tired, lonely, bored, but that’s all that’s in your house is whole natural food. Guess what? You’re going to eat it. So how do we get the food in there? Well, a lot of people don’t even know how to cook. Believe it or not. I had a client recently with a 44 year old woman. She didn’t even know how to microwave a potato. I’m not kidding you. People eat fast food as their primary source of food these days. So we either have to teach you how to cook. And there’s plenty of programs, mine, there’s other programs, you can take cooking classes online or in person. So we need to teach you some kitchen essentials, like how to use an instant pot, maybe an air fryer. So we either got to teach you how to cook or we got to get the food in there some other way. Like, maybe using one of these whole food delivery services where you can get the food delivered to you, either dehydrated or refrigerated, so that the food is there. Or you got to get somebody else to do it. And it’s not as expensive as you think. So it’s like you need the environment clean but you need the preparation to have the good stuff in the environment. And these sort of go hand in hand. And then I would say, the third leg of – I don’t know how many legs does a stool have, three or four? Well, the third the third leg of the triangle – I’m not sure – I think about it as sort of a three-fold process. You clean the environment of the bad stuff. You learn how to get good stuff in the environment on an ongoing basis. And you find a community to support yourself. Many of the experts said that that was really important. Because no man is an island. And when you’re asking somebody to do something that goes against the norm, that’s completely different, then possibly they’re friends and family. See, it’s great that your family did this as a unit. But not every family will be cooperative. You need to find like-minded people. That’s why we have the Ultimate Weight Loss Facebook Group. I have now one called Feel Fabulous Over 40. But you don’t have to be over 40. You don’t even have to be a female to be in there. Where we provide ongoing education and support so that people don’t feel so alone. And the education is so important, Ashley. Especially when you have all this misinformation out there about keto and paleo and even doctors telling you to do this. If people don’t have some rudimentary answers to give people and they say, “Well, why are you eating vegetables? ” They need some kind of education and support system so that they don’t feel alone. And when you’re with like-minded people and you’re raised up and supported by people that are on the same path as you, that’s really a wonderful thing. [01:03:58] Ashley James: I love it. I love that you said preparation tramps motivation. I feel like I’ve had to learn all this the hard way. Even though I’ve heard it along the way, I feel like I still am one of those people that I just have to do it the hard way. And if there is anything in the house that is a temptation – you’re right – if it’s like I’m tired, it’s dinnertime. I’m going to go for the easiest possible, like, the frozen pizza, right? The easiest possible solution. I’m not going to go for the, “Oh, it’s going to take me a-half-an-hour to cook this. No. I’m going to go for the what can I throw in the oven.” Because when we’re hungry, it’s like all of our goals go out the window. [01:04:36] Chef AJ: Yes. Also, willpower, which you can use for a short period of time. Will power gets depleted easily, especially if you’re tired, especially if you have to make a decision. But you never have to decide to not eat something that isn’t there in the first place. [01:04:53] Ashley James: Exactly. What I do is I go to Costco when they have it. They don’t always have it. But they have a right now at my Costco, at least. And it’s a giant bag of sweet potatoes. There’s probably about ten of them in there. One bag lasts us about three days, I’d say. We also had a farm close by, U-Pick Farm. So we did this all summer long. And it was all organic. And they had two kinds of potatoes. And I would fill up buckets, like giant, giant bins of potatoes. Having a ton of them in the house. And then I bake a bunch. Like I get a huge thing that fills the oven and I bake six to eight big sweet potatoes at a time, 375 or 400 degrees for 90 minutes. I just let them go. And then I peel them. And I have them in the fridge and they’re ready to go cold. Cold as a snack. I’ll have potato is a snack, like, in between interviews. I heard this summer that sweet potatoes gives you energy for nine hours. It take nine hours for the body to digest and absorb all the nutrients from it. So it’s kind of like this slow drip of nine hours of energy from sweet potatoes. My son who’s four and a half love sweet potatoes. And I think, like just last night for dinner, that’s all he ate was a sweet potatoes for dinner. And then we’ll add it to salads cold or we’ll heat it up and make a mash or we’ll make a stew out of it. It’s a great base for a stew. But just basically having a ton of cooked potatoes and cooked sweet potatoes already in the fridge is great. And then I usually have a few pounds of cooked vegetables or steamed or sautéed or baked – and sautéed with no oil, it’s with water – in the fridge just ready to go. And so if I’m really hungry – and I love you’re saying, “If you’re not hungry enough to eat vegetables, you’re not hungry” because that’s become my mantra. I open the fridge and I fill my plate. And there’s that voice that goes, “This isn’t going to be fun. Where’s the fun food?” But the second you start eating it, that voice goes away because the food is delicious. I just have to acknowledge that that there’s that voice that wants to cover it with cheese or ranch dressing or something completely gross and unhealthy but that it’s hyperpalatable. So there’s that little voice in my head that still goes, “This isn’t yummy. Where’s the yummy food? Give me the bad food.” And I just have to tell it to take a hike. And the second that sweet potato or homemade salsa on  some kind of vegetable hits my lips, that voice goes away because the food’s delicious. And it’s very satisfying. So eating foods that are whole food, meaning you know exactly what you’re putting in your body, you know all the ingredients. And then it’s just something amazing happens where my energy, I feel like I’m buzzing. My body just feels like I’m burning clean fuel. Do You know what I mean? It feels so good. [01:07:52] Chef AJ: Absolutely. I could live on sweet potatoes and I practically do. And what’s great about Costco is they’re actually organic. [01:08:00] Ashley James: Oh, yes. I only buy organic as much as possible, as often as possible. And then Whole Foods has lowered their prices since Amazon bought Whole Foods. And so a lot of people who have avoided Whole Foods because of pricing, go back. Go back to Whole Foods. They do have more affordable organic vegetables now. So we do that and we buy in bulk. If you have a large family, there’s ways to get organic for cheap. You can talk to the grocer. And often you can order in bulk, like by the case. And that saves a lot of money. So there’s fun tricks. And then the thing that has really fallen into place for me has been staying on program when I’m leaving the house. Because that’s where it’s like I can clean my environment. I can control my environment in my house. But I can’t control the chaotic world outside. And so I think I’m only leaving the house for one errand and then one leads to another leads to another and now I’m out for the whole day and I’m really hungry. And that’s where it’s like, “Good luck finding really healthy food.” And so I love that you have a technique where you pack food with you wherever you go. Can you share a bit about that? [01:09:07] Chef AJ: Yeah. I actually [inaudible 01:09:09] free webinars. It’s on my YouTube page, How To Eat Healthfully Anywhere. And it’s true. The world is not set up to support us in healthy eating. Your environment is everywhere you go. So you could have a perfectly clean environment at home with delicious food. But you go out and eating unhealthful food, junk food is socially acceptable, readily available, easily affordable. It’s everywhere. You go to the hardware store, you go to the pet store, there’s m&m’s at the counter. Even though dogs aren’t supposed to eat m&m’s. A cooler, I have actually – because I’m female and I don’t mind having a purse. I mean, the gentleman may not want to have a lady’s purse. But if you’re lady that already carries a purse, they make so many beautiful cooler purses. I’ve gotten some from Tupperware. I’ve gotten some on Amazon, Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think my favorite are in my Amazon store. But these look exactly like stylish women’s purses but their coolers. And you can have an ice chip in there so that you can sneak them into the movies or wherever you go. And I always make sure – and it’s not just about fruits or vegetables, but you got to have that [inaudible 01:10:15]. We call it pimping it, P-I-M-P, you know, Potato In My Purse. Always have a cooked potato or sweet potato with you. So that is so, so important to do that. The one day you don’t take the food is the one day you’re not going to be back in an hour. “I’m just going to stroll. I’ll be back in an hour.” And that’s the day that you’re going to get a flat tire. It’s going to be like six hours. So while it’s true that hunger is not an emergency. And I like to teach my people that they can go several hours without food. That you always have it with you. I generally don’t like people to eat dried snacks, dehydrated stuff. They’re not as good for weight loss because the water has been [inaudible 01:10:56]. But there’s certain things that you can get without oil, sugar, or salt, like a [inaudible 01:11:00] or sprouts. It’s just carrots but they’re dried, right? Or just beats. And having those, you won’t need a cooler for those. But those might be some good things to have in your glove apartment or with you if you really feel like you’re going to be starving. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to get a healthy meal at a restaurant that’s completely oil free or salt free. It depends how much you want to reach your goals and why you’re doing this, how strict you want to be. But in general, any food you bring is going to be less expensive. It’s going to be more bountiful. It’s going to be more delicious than anything you can get on the outside. And I’ve traveled everywhere from Canada to Mexico multiple times, across the United States almost every week for many years and I’ve never had a problem. I bring my instant pot with me on the plane. I have the three quart instant pot and I can cook in my room. I have one of these little microwave steamers from Tupperware and Pampered Chef that if I don’t want to bring my Instant Pot, I can easily cook vegetables. Because most hotels now have microwaves. And if they don’t, there’s usually one in the lobby that you can use. But you really have to learn how to have healthful food with you. [01:12:07] Ashley James: I love it. Oh, yes. It’s made such a difference that concept. I make food in bulk. So I cook once, eat four times. They say cook once, eat twice. I like to cook once, eat for a whole week. So I fill the oven with potatoes, for example. Or when I steamed vegetables, I’m steaming close to four pounds of vegetables because I have those bamboo steamers. You stack the bamboo and it’s so great. You can get them in Asian markets you can get them on Amazon. But these bamboo steamers are phenomenal. And that you can stack them. So you could do, like, three layers, three stacks or four stacks and you steam a ton of vegetables. Super delicious. I have food already cooked in the fridge like the beans, and legumes, and the brown rice, and potatoes, and the vegetables. And then if we’re going somewhere, I’m just filling up some glass, whatever Tupperware and throwing it in the cooler. That was, for me the biggest trick. That was, like, the last thing to kind of make everything fall into place. Because if I were to eat out at a restaurant and go eat, even if it’s vegan food, it’s still covered in oil and just filled with salt and sugar and all kinds of stuff. I would feel kind of crappy for a few days after eating that. But then the cravings come back. And then it’s like a mental mind mess for a few days. Because then I’m like, fighting those little voice in my head saying, “Oh, you deserve this.” Or, “You should have this. You feel so deprived.” And then it becomes more of a mental emotional fight. [01:13:40] Chef AJ: It’s so hard. The first bite is the only bite than anybody can refuse. And I just think it’s so much easier to stay on track, at least for me, than to constantly trying to have to get back on track. [01:13:56] Ashley James: So seeing how you do it has really helped. And you talked about taking it into the movie theaters. My friend Naomi, who’s a listener – so she’s listening. Hi, Naomi. Her and my husband and I went to see the premiere of the Game Changers last month. And she brought in her cooler purse, she baked and seasoned chickpeas just like popcorn. So we just popped these wonderfully seasoned chickpeas into our mouth. And then, I think, she had hummus and dip. And then she had baked some kind of zucchini cookies that were – she did some fantastic thing with vegetables and made them into these cookie looking things. And so we just – it was like I didn’t feel deprived at all. I didn’t want that oily salty popcorn. Actually no one in the theater was eating bad food. It was kind of funny because they were all on board already. But yeah, we were sitting there just feeling really satisfied bringing our healthy food into the movie theater. I love that. I love the ability to feel prepared. And it actually gives me a lot of – it gives me a sense of wellbeing to feel prepared no matter what. It feels so good eating this way that I want to stay on this path. It’s obviously working because my Naturopath says that my blood work keeps getting better and better and better every few months that I get it taken. So I’m not deprived at all. I just love it. I love it. It’s kind of like the skeptic wants to ask this question, the skeptic amigos. Has anyone ever gotten unhealthy eating this way? Has anyone ever gone like, “Man, you know, my doctor put me back on steak because this wasn’t working for me.” [01:15:39] Chef AJ: Well, I mean, I haven’t had a client that has happened to that really has followed the program the way it was laid out. But there are people that do their own variations with their own additions of food that don’t necessarily thrive or lose weight the same way. What I’ve seen though when people have been told to go back to meet by the doctors, it’s often the unhealthy vegans that are not following the health promoting diet. That are just vegans for ethical reasons, which is great, because I am as well. But they eat a junk food diet and they get some kind of a disease. And their doctor says, “Oh, well. It’s because you didn’t eat meat.” And I’d have seen people go back to eating meat because it’ll help. But not when following a whole food unprocessed plant based diet with enough calories from delicious fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes. [01:16:28] Ashley James: Yeah, that’s right. I think a lot of people will learn a diet like you learn your lifestyle. And then start to make little alterations. Like start to add in alcohol or the sweets or the oil once in a while. They’re not going to give up the dairy in their coffee or something. They sort of negate those little things and then they start altering it more and more and more and making their own version of it. I’ve seen that happen in many other types of diets. [01:17:00] Chef AJ: And you know, that’s fine. But then they complain that the program didn’t work. And that’s because they weren’t doing the program. It’s like people being vegan for over 42 years and people say, “Oh, I’m vegetarian. I eat chicken and fish occasionally.” Well, you’re not vegetarian. It’s like, “I’m faithful to my wife except when I go on business trips.” This is where the concepts of abstinence comes in. But people don’t like abstinence. It’s hard. It’s not sexy. And it’s not something most people look forward to doing. But I will tell you that complete abstinence is a lot easier than perfect moderation. And that is a direct quote from St. Augustine. [01:17:38] Ashley James: Wow. I like it. It’s awesome. Yeah. So you have so many programs that I want to make sure that my listeners know about all your programs. So you have the website, eatunprocessed.com or chefajwebsite.com. [01:17:58] Chef AJ: Right. They’re both the same website. Absolutely. [01:18:01] Ashley James: Okay. So either. I’ll make sure the links to everything you do is in the show notes of today’s podcast at learntruehealth.com. Now, you have your ultimate weight loss program, which that’s the one I keep referring to this Facebook Group. And that’s part of the – the Facebook Group is part of that. But just let listeners know what is the Ultimate Weight Loss Program. [01:18:23] Chef AJ: So what that is – just so they know so that I don’t want them to think that I’m there every second answering questions. I’m actually not in that group except for twice a month where I do a live q&a based on their questions to all the members, myself, and John Pierre. This is a pure supported group for people that are following the program. But what they get when they join is lots of audios and videos. And just to explain what the program is, this was created before my book came out. So it might just be easier and more cost effective if they just want to pick up like the Kindle version of my book for less than 10 bucks to understand what the program is. But if they need the support, if they want to connect with the tribe of like minded people, then this is why they might want to join the program instead of just reading the book. [01:19:06] Ashley James: It’s worth every penny. Your Facebook Group is worth every penny. And I told my friend this I said, “You know the videos and the audios are great. They’re all great. Of course, you can get it from the book too.” But really it’s worth every penny for the Facebook Group support. I go in that Facebook Group almost every day and get so much information. And I love sharing in that group. I love getting the inspiration from others. And the support is truly a beautiful community. So I highly recommend. That Facebook Group is phenomenal. Yeah. Absolutely. [01:19:43] Chef AJ: Thank you so much. And you know what’s nice is that people get to know each other virtually. And then when we have our annual conference, which next year is moving from Las Vegas to Palm Springs in May, they know that people already. And so it’s like a reunion or old home week or going to camp. So that’s one of the nice things about it that the people have made some really nice connections and forged so many friendships. So That’s pretty cool. And in July, I started a membership website, which is a little bit different way of delivering content. And it’s actually quite affordable if they go in for a whole year. It’s like $12 a month. But what I do is, every single week, Wednesdays at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, we go live where they can ask questions. And not just of me but I have just amazing experts like Dr. Doug Lyle and Dr. Alan Goldhamer that come in and do these classes or do some success stories where we interview people that had that. So we have a weekly interaction for at least an hour. Plus, just meal planning tools. And my partner, Toby, we just built this amazing system where they could go in and search anything that I’ve ever said. Like, if they have a question and it takes it right to the video. Because I’ve done almost 500 YouTube videos now. And it’s kind of hard, like if you have a question like, “Is stevia okay?” I don’t know where it is. But if you’re in the membership area, you just put the word stevia in. And anytime I’ve ever mentioned it in my life, the video will pop up. It’s very, very cool. And there’s a way to get an accountability partner. And we do, like, videos for yoga and Zumba. So it’s kind of cool. It’s just another group for people to have a different way of delivering content. Also, not everybody likes Facebook. And so the Feel Fabulous is not Facebook dependent. There is a group for it. But we interact with the website, which is very nice. [01:21:33] Ashley James: Nice. So that’s feelfabulousoverforty.com? [01:21:37] Chef AJ: Yeah. And if they go to slash register, they can have two weeks for free. So we wanted to do that because we don’t want somebody in there that’s going to be unhappy. So we give everybody two weeks for free. And they can see if they like it. They can print out the recipes. They can create their own customized meal plan. Find an accountability partner. I mean, the longer this goes, the more videos there are. But there’s just tons of these. Not everybody can be with you. live at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. Many people are several hundred are always there on the group videos which we do through WebinarJam. But they can watch these as often as they want. And it’s kind of a really cool website. So check it out. You might like it. [01:22:14] Ashley James: Awesome. Very cool. I love you, Chef AJ. I love what you do. [01:22:19] Chef AJ: Thank you. [01:22:19] Ashley James: And you know, you look like you’re in your 40s. I know that you’re – [01:22:24] Chef AJ: Almost 60. [01:22:25] Ashley James: I know right? And this – if any listener is vain and just really wants to freeze their youth and hold on to their youth as long as possible, you got to eat this way. Because every person I’ve interviewed who eats this way – I feel like even if you listed a dozen people, Dr. Allen Goldhamer, Dr. Esselstyn, you, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and Dr. Joel Khan, and a handful of others, they all look 20 years younger than – and Dr. Bernard, they all look 20 years younger than they are. And they feel it. And it’s amazing that this way of eating prevents disease. Now, some people like to say that the China study is bogus. And vegans don’t live a really long life. It’s complete baloney. That we have to eat meat in order to live a long life. Is there anything that you would like to say to that? I know you’re not a doctor. [01:23:30] Chef AJ: No, I’m not. [01:23:31] Ashley James: But you’ve interviewed a lot of them. You’ve worked with a lot of them. And this has been your passion to teach people how to eat in a way that helps them come back into balance, come back into health. Have you any information around that you can shed light on that – [01:23:50] Chef AJ: Yeah. The China Study, I mean, I would refer your listeners to the book, The China Study, where they found that these people – yes, they ate about something like 10% of their calories from animal products. Not necessarily everybody’s ready to go or willing to go 100% vegan. But my goodness, to think that that’s what you’re supposed to eat and that’s where the majority of your calories are going to come from. Look at the Blue Zones by Dan Buettner. These successful populations, the longest lived people in history, and longest lived people today, it’s the Okinawans in Japan. The people on, I think, [inaudible 01:24:22] Costa Rica. There’s five locations. [01:24:23] Ashley James: Right. [Inaudible 01:24:24], the Georgians – [01:24:26] Chef AJ: They eat primarily – primarily – a plant based diet. We are not carnivores. Think about it, those little teeth that we have in our mouth called canine teeth, do you really think we could bite into flesh and eat it if it wasn’t killed for us and cooked by somebody else? No. [01:24:49] Ashley James: Right. Go chase an elk. [01:24:54] Chef AJ: I remember Harvey Diamond who wrote Fit For Life, who, fortunately, I don’t think is vegan anymore. He wrote a book once and he said, “You know, take a baby and put a carrot and a bunny next to the baby. And if the baby plays with the carrot and eats the bunny, I’ll give you a $10,000.” [01:25:16] Ashley James: Oh, that’s so cute. I love it. [01:25:17] Chef AJ: Is that funny? [01:25:18] Ashley James: Yeah. [01:25:18] Chef AJ: Dr. Michael Greger once said, “I know I’m going to die. I just don’t want it to be my fault.” And so by eating the way that we eat, you really do make yourself bulletproof against so many of these Western diseases that our ancestors never suffered from. And we get to eat a healthy long life without destroying the planet, without harming the animals, and without harming ourselves. [01:25:43] Ashley James: Beautifully said. Do you have any homework that you’d like to give us? [01:25:49] Chef AJ: Maybe. I have a series I do every Wednesday called Weight Loss Wednesday. I think there’s about 150 episodes now. They shouldn’t watch all of them obviously unless they want to. But there’s a couple of them where they could maybe really learn, like, what I eat in a day so they can see. I think it’s Episode 36. So that they can see how much food you really need to eat if you want to eat in accordance with the principles of calorie density. Or Episode 24, I believe it is, the vegetable edition just to see how easy it is to prepare vegetables very easily. Those are the ones I’d recommend. I have a very short YouTube Easy Meals To Make You Thin just to kind of an overview. Or if they really want to know where I came from and how I achieve success, one called From Fat Vegan to Skinny Bitch. I guess my homework would be just to try this for three weeks. There’s a holiday called Lent, where for 42 days people do incredibly difficult things like giving up things they love, like coffee or alcohol. Why not try this for three weeks? Just do an experiment. See how you feel. You can always go back. [01:26:54] Ashley James: Brilliant. I love it. Thank you so much, Chef AJ for coming on. [01:27:00] Chef AJ: My pleasure. [01:27:01] Ashley James: You’re welcome back any time. I love what you do. And I’m so inspired by the work that you do. And I know that my listeners, especially the ones that take you up on your challenge, will also love it. I highly recommend reading your book on processed. And Episode 230 of my podcast is the one I did with Dr. Alan Goldhamer. And that’s when I first learned about his book with Dr. Lyle. [01:27:29] Chef AJ: The pleasure trap. [01:27:31] Ashley James: Yes. Where I learned about the book, The Pleasure Trap, you were the narrator. [01:27:34] Chef AJ: Yeah. That was fun. [01:27:36 ] Ashley James: That was great. I love it. Because I’m really so busy, sometimes I just can’t sit down and read a book. But man, I can definitely listen to one while driving. And what’s extra great is my husband gets to listen with me because we do a lot of driving together. And we both work from home. So when we leave the house, it’s like our quality time together. So we’ll go drive, you know, we’ll be together. Yeah, listening to you it was very pleasurable to listen to The Pleasure Trap. That’s a fantastic book to start with because it’s talking our history, or genealogy, or what we were designed to do. Which you’d mentioned is, we’re designed to seek out the most calorically dense foods possible. And that was fine 200 years ago when there wasn’t really highly, highly processed foods. And flour wasn’t in abundance. And sugar was definitely not an abundance. And so we still wouldn’t eat very unhealthy 200 years ago because we didn’t have access to this incredibly calorically dense food. And even meat wasn’t a daily staple for most people. They couldn’t afford it. Most people that ate meat, it would be something on the farm, right? So if you had to kill a chicken and pluck it and all that stuff, that’s pretty tiresome. That’s something that maybe they would do once a week or that was something like they do on Sunday or on Friday. That wasn’t a daily thing. And now, we’re sort of marketed, too, to expect to eat meat three times a day and have it basically be. And every meal has to include it. And so it’s been all marketed to us, our belief system. That’s why I love the movie, the one that’s about to be on Netflix really soon. [01:29:28] Chef AJ: It’s on now. Are you talking about Game Changers? Because Game Changers is on Netflix and Amazon Prime at least right now. [01:29:34] Ashley James: Is it on right now? Okay.  It’s on Netflix right now. I thought it was on the 26th. So it’s on Netflix right now. So Game Changers is great because it shows us – it kind of exposes – I love this documentary because it doesn’t do fear mongering. It doesn’t sort of make us feel belittled. Some other documentaries kind of beat us up and make us feel bad. This documentary, not at all. It feels really positive. But it does show us and expose how much our choices that we make every day are actually we’ve been programmed. We’ve been brainwashed by years and years and years of marketing. And so looking at that our bodies want to because it’s part of how we survived for however many thousands of years and however many generations.  We’ve looked for the foods that are the most pleasurable. And that’s because the pleasure, The Pleasure Trap, because the pleasurable foods are the high density caloric foods to help us survive famines. And so this whole book – which your audio book is wonderful so listeners can just get it from Amazon and listen to Chef AJ narrate The Pleasure Trap by Dr. Goldhamer and Dr. Lyle – helps us to understand why eating the way you teach us to eat is actually the healthiest for brain and our body and also for our emotional state. So it’s really beautiful because it helps break that addiction. So if someone finds that they’re addicted to drugs or alcohol or food, this is a fantastic book and a fantastic diet as well. So I love that. Thank you so much for that. [01:31:21] Chef AJ: Yeah. Absolutely. I love that book. That book was a game changer for many people. [01:31:27] Ashley James: And I hope I hope this interview and your information will be a game changer for many people as I know it has been for me. Is there anything that you’d like to say to wrap up today’s interview? [01:31:38] Chef AJ: Let’s see, I think I’ve said just about everything. Just eat plants. Eat plants. [01:31:47] Ashley James: I just wanted to make sure I squeezed every drop of wisdom I could get out of you before saying goodbye. So eat plants everyone. [01:31:54] Chef AJ: Eat plants, fit into your pants. That’s what I say. [01:31:55] Ashley James: Eat plants, fit in your pants. Love it. Okay. Fantastic. Awesome. Thank you. [01:32:00] Chef AJ: Thanks, Ashley. Thanks everybody. Take care everyone. [01:32:03] Outro: Hello, true health seeker. Have you ever thought about becoming a health coach? Do you love learning about nutrition? And how we can shift our lifestyle and our diet so that we can gain optimal health and happiness and longevity. Do you love helping your friends and family to solve their health problems and to figure out what they can do to eat healthier? Are you interested in becoming someone who can grow their own business and support people in their success? Do you love helping people? You might be the perfect candidate to become a health coach. I highly recommend checking out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I just spent the last year in their health coaching certification program. And it really blew me away. It was so amazing. I learned over a hundred dietary theories. I learned all about nutrition. But from a standpoint of how we can help people to shift their life and shift their lifestyle to gain true holistic health. I definitely recommend you check them out. You can Google Institute for Integrative Nutrition or IIN and give them a call. Or you can go to learntruehealth.com/coach and you can receive a free module of their training to check it out and see if it’s something that you’d be interested in. Be sure to mention my name Ashley James and the Learn True Health podcast because I made a deal with them that they will give you the best price possible. I highly recommend checking it out. It really changed my life to be in their program. And I’m such a big advocate that I wanted to spread this information. We need more health coaches. In fact, health coaching is the largest growing career right now in the health field. So many health coaches are getting in and helping people because you can work in chiropractic offices, doctors’ offices, you can work in hospitals. You can work online through Skype and help people around the world. You can become an author. You can go into the school system and help your local schools shift their programs to help children be healthier. You can go into senior centers and help them to shift their diet and lifestyle to best support them in their success and their health goals. There are so many different available options for you when you become a certified health coach. So check out IIN. Check out the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Mention my name, get the best deal. Give them a call and they’ll give you lots of free information and help you to see if this is the right move for you. Classes are starting soon. The next round of classes are starting at the end of the month. So you’re going to want to call them now and check it out. And if you know anyone in your life who would be an amazing coach, please tell them about it. Being a health coach is so rewarding and you get to help so many people. Are you looking to get the best supplements at the lowest price? For high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to takeyoursupplements.com and one of our fantastic true health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s takeyoursupplements.com. Takeyoursupplements.com. Be sure to ask about free shipping and our awesome program. Get Connected With Chef AJ: Official Website The Wisdom Course Healing Movement Feel Fabulous Over Forty Books By Chef AJ Unprocessed The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss Check Out Other Episodes With Chef Aj! Episode 278: Food Addiction Overseas by Vlad Gluschenko https://soundcloud.com/vgl9 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: http://bit.ly/oversas Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/YnbgCSf-ANI

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13 Nov 2019

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167 UNDOCTORED, The Diet That Ends Disease, Autoimmune, Grains, Gluten, Sugar, Weight Loss, Detox, Diabetes, Anxiety, Heart Disease, Wheat Belly with Dr. William Davis and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

Eliminating Wheat and Grains For Better Health   http://learntruehealth.com/eliminating-wheat-and-grains/ I’m sure you have heard how grains and sugar are bad for our health. But did you know that wheat is the most dominant and the worst of all grains in particular? Today’s guest, Dr. William Davis, will expound on all the reasons why we should start eliminating wheat and other grains from our diet.    Starting His Crusade   Dr. Davis is a Cardiologist, Author and Health Crusader. His campaign on eliminating wheat and grains started after his mother died of sudden cardiac arrest.    Apparently, so many people have suffered from silent heart disease. It was worse 20 years ago. The only tools we had available for treatment then, were having a low-fat diet and taking Statin drugs.    With the existing medical procedures back then, it failed to prevent the health condition of Dr. Davis’ mother from worsening. Hence, the tragedy jump-started Dr. Davis’ long research on what kind of food makes us sick, as well as exposing the real agenda of pharmaceutical companies.   The Truth About Cholesterol   “Cholesterol is more like an innocent bystander in this process. But it makes a lot of money for the pharmaceutical industry,” Dr. Davis boldly declared.   Surprising, right? There have been numerous studies over the recent years, saying LDL-cholesterol is not as bad as people think.  But because pharmaceutical companies rake in so much profits, they make it appear that cholesterol primarily causes heart disease and cardiovascular mortality.    “They say heart disease is caused by cholesterol. But it’s not entirely accurate. It is simply a crude marker for the particles that cause heart disease,” explained Dr. Davis. Furthermore, Dr. Davis says that LDL-cholesterol is such a crude, unreliable value. He says this is because LDL-cholesterol levels assume that we all eat the same. It assumes that we all have the same triglycerides value. In other words, it makes many crude assumptions that are simply not true.    The Truth About Wheat   And why should we drop all grains and sugar? How bad is it? Dr. Davis explains that with grains, in particular, it exerts all sorts of toxic effects in our gastrointestinal tract.    “Grains also gets into the blood stream. And because grains are highly-inflammatory, many people have an adverse reaction to wheat germ and gluten,” Dr. Davis revealed.   Furthermore, Dr. Davis clarifies that people mistakenly think that gluten is the primary problem. Apparently, it is just one factor in a long list of many other toxic components in grains. Dr. Davis believes that people will start eliminating wheat and avoid grains altogether, once they understand how toxic it can be to our health.   Dr. Davis cannot stress this enough — Grains cause many chronic diseases. Wheat causes inflammatory edema. And what does this inflammation mean? Apparently, inflammation underlies a lot of diseases like cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, dementia, and heartburn.   Personally, I agree with what Dr. Davis said. I had previously had type 2 diabetes but I was able to reverse it ever since I followed a gluten-free, grain-free diet. Finally being able to get rid of chronic adrenal fatigue, I was likewise able to lose 25 pounds of water weight.   Foods To Avoid   There is an extensive list of sugary foods and grains that have proven to be detrimental to our health. However, topping Dr. Davis’ list of foods to avoid are the ones that raise blood sugar. These foods are cornstarch, rice flour, tapioca, starch and potato flour.    Blood sugar levels are measured through a glycemic index chart. And according to Dr. Davis, cornstarch has the highest glycemic index at 100. This index level means it is equivalent to pure glucose, higher than any other food known to man!   Apart from that, cornstarch can cause cataract and hypertension, as well as develop high blood sugar and high insulin. Research also shows that cornstarch triggers the growth of inflammatory fat around our organs, increases heart disease risk, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and cancer.    Foods To Eat   Now that you know more or less what foods to avoid, Dr. Davis however, cautions us on eating the foods that we think are healthy for us.  According to Dr. Davis, eating whole foods is advisable. However, we must avoid eating the seeds of grasses because that’s what grains are.    Other recommended foods to include in our diet are raw nuts, healthy oils, grass-fed meats, real cultured cheeses, and vegetables except for potatoes. Much as fruits are healthier than candies, Dr. Davis suggests limiting fruit intake especially bananas, mangoes, and grapes.   Genetic History   You may wonder why Dr. Davis is adamant in telling people to avoid eating the seeds of grasses. Well, Dr. Davis explains that this is because humans do not have the digestive apparatus to break down the components of grasses.    And did you know that the kind of wheat we know today is different from the wheat that is specified in the Bible? Yes, it’s true that even wheat has evolved over time!   “The genetic distance between the wheat of today and the wheat of the Bible is vast,” said Dr. Davis. “Regardless of race, we all have 46 chromosomes. Modern wheat has 42 chromosomes. Wheat specified in the Bible has 28 chromosomes, and the predecessor of the wheat mentioned in the Bible has 14.”   Furthermore, Dr. Davis said that people developing tooth decay in the ancient times were very rare despite having no toothpaste. It was only when grain was prevalent in people’s diets, that bone diseases and iron deficiencies became common health complaints aside from tooth decay.   “Grain is something you eat to survive another few weeks but pay a long-term health price,” concludes Dr. Davis.   And just like the politics behind pharmaceutical companies and their aggressive campaign for drugs, it’s all about the money. There is simply so much money to be profited from promoting products made from grains or sugar.   Coping With Wheat Withdrawal   First of all, Dr. Davis stresses the need to look deeper into analyzing what we eat. It is important to know if the food we eat has grain components.    Once we are aware of what not to eat, the next big challenge is how to cope with the withdrawal symptoms once you have started eliminating wheat and other grains. People often report having little energy, but there are ways to counter the withdrawal symptoms.  Dr. Davis strongly advises avoiding Statin drugs. In place of that, taking supplements like iodine, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium help get your body on the right track. In addition to that, taking probiotics also addresses constipation, as well as the feeling of being bloated.   Another useful strategy is to consume salt to compensate for salt loss whenever we urinate. Last but not the least, remember to hydrate since eliminating wheat involves fluid loss.    Undoctored   Thinking of how to go about eliminating wheat and grains from your diet for real? Dr. Davis’ website is a gold mine of information!    Aside from having links to his books, recipes and success stories, you can also access Dr. Davis’ blog as well as his Undoctored Inner Circle. Undoctored is a very comprehensive program that can empower you to live a life free from drugs and doctors.   Dr. William Davis is a Cardiologist and a New York Times #1 Best Selling Author. He is also the Medical Director and Founder of the Wheat Belly Lifestyle Institute, as well as the Cureality Program.  Get Connected with Dr. William Davis:  Official Website   Facebook         The Links You Are Looking For: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Become A Health Coach Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: http://geti.in/2cksU87 Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If this episode made a difference in your life, please leave me a tip in the virtual tip jar by giving my podcast a great rating and review in iTunes! http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes Thank you! Ashley James http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoyed this podcast episode? Visit my website Learn True Health with Ashley James so you can gain access to all of my episodes and more! LearnTrueHealth.com http://learntruehealth.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need Help Ordering The Right Supplements For You? Visit TakeYourSupplements.com, and a FREE health coach will help you! http://takeyoursupplements.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health From Naturopathic Doctors! Get Learn True Health's Seven-Day Course For FREE! Visit go.learntruehealth.com http://go.learntruehealth.com/gw-oi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made a low-carb, gluten-free cookbook just for you! Download your FREE copy today! Visit learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook http://learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the Learn True Health podcast on social media! Share with your friends and spread the word! Let's all get healthier & happier together! Learn True Health - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2LearnTrueHealth Learn True Health - Twitter: https://twitter.com/learntruehealth Learn True Health - Medium: https://medium.com/@unstoppable_ashley Learn True Health - Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/healthpodcast Learn True Health - YouTube: http://bit.ly/LTH-YouTube-Subscribe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2LearnTrueHealth Twitter: https://twitter.com/learntruehealth Medium: https://medium.com/@unstoppable_ashley Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/healthpodcast YouTube: http://bit.ly/LTH-YouTube-Subscribe Music: bensound.com SEO and Marketing by BraveSEOMarketing.com

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25 Aug 2017

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56 How To End Binge and Overeating By Gaining Control of Your Body and Mind with Doctor Glenn Livingston and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. is a veteran psychologist and longtime CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry. Dr. Glenn's work, theories, and research have been published in major periodicals like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Sun Times. Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food obsessed individuals, Dr. Glenn Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating via work with his own patients AND a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants. Most important, however, was his own personal journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food. www.NeverBingeAgain.com "If people go to my site and click on the reader bonuses, I will send them the kindle/nook book for free (or a PDF outside the USA), along with a set of Food Plan Starter Templates and a series of MP3 recordings where they can hear me coach people through full sessions using this method." Dr. Glenn shared. In today's interview Dr. Glenn teaches why Binge Eating  and Overeating is such a popular problem. There are two factors which combine to form the perfect storm in our culture and have created a horrendously difficult mountain to climb for anyone who wants to stop overeating. (a) the food industry's billions  and; (b) the addiction treatment industry's message of powerlessness. Dr. Glenn teaches us: How to define your own Food Plan to achieve your particular health and fitness goals How to stop overeating How to never binge again Please share this episode with all of your friends who are struggling with dieting or achieving their health goals. Recommended Reading: FREE BOOK: Never Binge Again by Dr. Glenn Livingston http://neverbingeagain.com/index.php/main/book Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpy http://amzn.to/2cr52Aq Join our Facebook group! A growing community of listeners and expert guests that support each other in learning true health! LearnTrueHealth.com/group To order high-quality supplements: http://takeyoursupplements.com/


12 Sep 2016

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38 TEDx Speaker End Food Addiction and Diet Confusion with Sherry Strong and Ashley James on The Learn True Health Podcast

Sherry is a food philosopher, author, chef, and nutritionist.  In Australia Sherry was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food, Co-Founder of the World Wellness Project, and a TEDxTokyo presenter. Sherry was once twice her size. She practices what she teaches and has obtained amazing health. As founder of the Return to Food Academy, she trains people to become Food Coaches and through her 7 Day Challenge, she helps individuals gain health through learning new ways of eating that are satisfying and healthy. Take Sherry's 7 Day Food Challenge: http://learntruehealth.com/challenge/ Sherry's passion is training food coaches to make a living helping people develop a healthy relationship with food, their body and the planet using the philosophies and strategies that she has developed over the last +30 years. Sherry teaches two lessons from her book during our interview: 1. Nature's Principle - Nutrition that is most present in our life is what we need the most of. Air and water are the most primary life dependent nutrient. Vegetation (vegetables) are the third. Easier to obtain nuts, seeds and berries are next. Fruit and then animal protein is last. In the wild, we would rather find and cook an egg or a fish than kill, bleed, gut and skin or pluck a chicken or lamb. If we had to live in nature we would eat much differently. If we think of the hierarchy of how we would eat if we depended on nature we would eat more of the foods that are easy to obtain and less of the foods that are harder to obtain. 2. The Lethal Recipe - How we are producing our food has to lead to a huge rise in "lifestyle" diseases. These diseases are directly from how we eat.  Many foods in our grocery store are as processed as heroin or cocaine. It's artificial, chemical, toxic and void of nutrition. These foods are refined grains, sugars, oils, salts and chemicals. Also, dairy and soy products are often manipulated until they are unhealthy. Through the process of making these packaged foods, they denature the nutrition, remove minerals and add addictive chemicals. Here’s What You’ll Discover: Why diets don't work Dangers of the cult of thin & fit The Power of Eating Together The most vital nutrient deficiency facing mankind The relationship between food addiction and connection How does Nature tell us what to eat? What is the Consumption Concept and how does that philosophy relate to real life? Health AH-HA Moment: There are just as many skinny people who develop diabetes as obese people. Obesity doesn't cause diabetes, it's the foods we are eating. Processed foods are highly addictive.  Sugar lights up the brain 8x more than cocaine does. Your Challenge:    1 - Take Sherry's 7 Day Food Challenge: http://learntruehealth.com/challenge/ 2 - Start looking at your food and ask yourself "Was this produced out of love or fear?"  "Am I making this choice because I am loving my body or because I am afraid?" Was the food manufactured or grown out of love? Think of the chain of custody from seed to your plate. The farmer, grocer, the company that made it and the person that cooked it. Finally, create an environment where you eat surrounded by those who love each other. Resources: Watch Sherry Strong's TEDx Talk: https://youtu.be/w8u3q8hZtfo Take Sherry's 7 Day Food Challenge: http://learntruehealth.com/challenge/ BOOK - Return to Food: http://amzn.to/1RNZtZe To order high-quality supplements: http://takeyoursupplements.com/

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1 Jun 2016

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250 Autoimmunity and Neurology, Why Your Brain is Affected by Inflammation and What You Can Do About It, Hashimoto's Disease, ALS, Parkinson's, MS, Microbiome Project, Functional Medicine, Dr. Jared Seigler, Ashley James, Learn True Health Podcast

www.becomeproof.com www.30in30.org - a free tool we have created for people to help take ownership of their health. AutoImmunity http://learntruehealth.com/autoimmunity Many people suffer from autoimmunity. But because sometimes the symptoms can be confusing, people fail to seek immediate treatment for autoimmunity. My guest today, Dr. Jared Seigler has an amazing story on how his journey led him to help people address autoimmunity conditions. Stumbled By Accident Dr. Jared Seigler relates that he stumbled into functional medicine by accident. It started when his wife was struggling to conceive for years because she was suffering from PCOS. After almost five years of searching for answers, they were even contemplating on adopting a child. But Dr. Jared Seigler refused to give up mainly since his wife was just 23 years old at the time. He was even subjected to a stool test wherein they found parasites so Dr. Jared Seigler also underwent treatment. After years of searching for answers and countless treatments, the couple was finally blessed with a daughter who is now five years old. Helminth Parasites Helminths are parasitic worms, and parasites are known manipulators of the immune system. The first time Dr. Jared Seigler got exposed to it was six years ago when one of his lupus patients called him. That patient claimed to feel better because of her dog’s licks. She was not taking any drugs nor any supplements.  “What good parasites can do, is act like a probiotic for the parasite. As they manipulate the immune system to hide from it, so the immune system doesn’t attack it, they also suppress the immune system that is causing autoimmunity,” Dr. Jared Seigler said.  He adds, “I’m not anti-parasite. When I look autoimmunity and probiotics research, it’s a hit or miss. There is even research showing that for example, Crohn’s is due to the immune system in some cases, losing tolerance to normal bacteria.” But Dr. Jared Seigler clarifies that when we see someone being given a beneficial parasite consistently, that can take away a lot of autoimmune symptoms. He says dead bacteria behaves utterly different than a live bacteria. Some of the most potent stimulators of inflammation in the gut are dead bacteria that they use in the modern dairy industry.  The Truth About Milk Dr. Jared Seigler believes the gut has to quit getting colostrum from mother’s milk. Hence, a mom has to stop breastfeeding for the gut to grow. “The premise that we need milk for health has been purely built on BS. The research goes the other way,” explains Dr. Jared Seigler. “Technically, when you look at it on a big enough scale, 100% of the world is lactose-intolerant. It takes five gallons of milk a day or a sip to be able to reset intolerance of sugars in the milk.” Understanding Autoimmunity Dr. Jared Seigler readily shares that he has autoimmunity as well as his wife. So, he clearly knows he can’t go back to eating the way he used to eat. Dr. Jared Seigler is also aware that he is not perfect just because he has changed his lifestyle to a healthier one. But he loves being a work in progress. That is why his passion lies in also helping people get their bodies to a place where they can heal. “With the whole premises of autoimmunity, there’s the genetic susceptibility component. I truly don’t believe the immune system makes a mistake with autoimmunity,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “I believe the immune system is being tricked and overwhelmed in that scenario.”  He adds, “Once the immune system recognizes it as a problem, we have to think about what is driving certain things for autoimmunity like molecular mimicry. For molecular mimicry, the immune system initially recognizes something bad like identifying characteristics. Once it progresses, it can start epitope spreading.” Human Microbiome Project The Human Microbiome Project tries to figure out all the bacteria in our gut, and skin, as well as figuring out what all these bacteria do and how they influence our genes. Dr. Jared Seigler says bacteria pitifully outnumber us. “One of the things that the Microbiome Project started to make clearer is that it is really about the diversity of bacteria more than anything,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. Apparently, there about ten times more viruses inside the gut than there are bacteria. So, there’s a whole concept called the microbiome. Plus, there’s a microbiome where we can vividly see worms. “Someone’s microbiome is like a thumbprint. I think a lot of these companies are data-mining people’s microbiomes,” Dr. Jared Seigler said. “They are giving away these costly tests for relatively nothing. For the 23andMe, they were selling people’s genetic data to pharma companies.” Cold Showers Dr. Jared Seigler reveals that he is also a big fan of cold showers. What it does as far as glutathione production, neurotransmitter production, and microbiome change, it that we weren’t designed to be 72 degrees year-round. Just like we weren’t intended to eat the same food. He says taking cold showers changes how mitochondria functions. It also changes antioxidants, changes how our body utilizes and breaks down a lot of things as well as making people warm.  Eating Real Food Dr. Jared Seigler says as far as figuring out the cause of autoimmunity; he never blames food as long as it is real food. He believes that in the long run, probably one of the worse things someone can do is restrict a lot of their food diversity. Dr. Jared Seigler also believes that doing a three-day fast can be beneficial.  And as far as recommending the best prebiotics, he advises thinking of prebiotics as fiber. Think of fiber like fruits and vegetables. Eat different fruits and vegetables if you want different prebiotics. On the other hand, I have had Chinese medicine practitioner Sarica Cernohous on the show who attested to the benefits of eating fermented foods. Shifting her family to eat at least one fermented food a day eventually strengthened their gut. “I would rather somebody eat fermented foods than try to take it in a capsule. Because traditionally, that’s how we would get probiotics from the fermentation process,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “It might not necessarily beat all the bacteria that’s in there, but as the bacteria is eating that food, their poop is what we’re after. They change genetic expression.” Gluten Sensitivity According to Dr. Jared Seigler, gluten sensitivity is the genetic predisposition. That is why we see such a huge correlation between autoimmunity and gluten sensitivity. Dr. Jared Seigler also mentions that he took Dr. Tom O’ Bryan and Dr. Peter Osbone’s gluten certification course. He took the classes after deciding to go gluten-free when his wife was diagnosed with celiac. “My energy and depression got better, and my anxiety and brain fog disappeared. I see people on so many different spectrums. Some people don’t even know what gluten is,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. Dr. Jared Seigler says there are even case studies of ALS being gluten sensitive with a 100% resolution upon going on a gluten-free diet. So, it eliminates the inflammation. We dramatically see that when we start to remove problematic foods. Functional Neurology Dr. Jared Seigler explains that from 0 to 6 years old, brain waves of a child is similar to how we dream or store long-term memories. It is similar to dreaming while they are awake. As soon as it happens inside of a child’s brain, their subconscious now operates on an entirely different level. And this is where you can measure some things like heart rate variability. “I love doing a thing called Functional Neurology. Most people know about functional medicine, but functional neurology is like a personal trainer for your brain. You can exercise different parts of the brain to increase its function,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. The Power Of Thoughts Dr. Jared Seigler explains that we always think food may be poisoning our autoimmune disease. So, if you’re only eating 4 to 5 times a day, you have the potential to poison yourself 4 to 5 times a day. But we have anywhere around 30,000 thoughts a day and only 1% may be bad. That’s still hundreds of times a day we poison ourselves with a thought. Technically, a toxin can be a thought or a relationship. “So, if we know that these bad thoughts have negative effects, you can feel your blood pressure rising,” Dr. Jared Seigler explains. “That’s your stress response shifting into high gear. You change your physiology with thoughts. Generosity and gratitude are the two strongest positive emotions.” A positive mindset is powerful. Dr. Jared Seigler usually advises people suffering from addiction to write on a journal and focus on what they are grateful for. “You can get over addiction by diluting it until it is socially acceptable. With an addiction to food, in particular, we can tell when somebody is ready to make a change to the question they are asking. Ultimately, the brain wants to feel normal,” said Dr. Jared Seigler. “The body has never made a mistake. It is just doing what it can in the environment that it’s in.  Bio Dr. Jared Seigler, Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, practices in West Chester, Ohio. His passion is to help his patients regain their health through Functional and Lifestyle Medicine. This personal quest was sparked by watching the health of his loved ones degrade over time while conventional medicine provided no real answers.  Initially starting as a personal trainer, Dr. Jared Seigler had an insatiable appetite for knowledge on how to better the health of his clients. This hunger for knowledge is his guiding light and has grown into what we offer at the Living Proof Institute.  By helping patients identify the cause of their disease and giving them the tools to regain their health, Dr. Jared Seigler cannot only compliment his patient’s current healthcare but fill the gaps left by conventional medicine.  In his spare time, Dr. Jared Seigler likes to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with his wife and family. Get Connected With Dr. Jared Seigler! Official Website Recommended Readings: Inflammation Mastery by Alex Vasquez   Why Isn’t My Brain Working? by Dr. Datis Kharrazian    Recommended Links: Dr. Tom O’ Bryan Dr. Peter Osborne Episode 119 – Healing Foods – Sarica Cernohous Episode 125 – Metabolic Balance – Sarica Cernohous     The Links You Are Looking For: Support Us on Patreon & Join the Learn True Health Book Club!!! 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15 Apr 2018

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52 Healing Concussions and Other Hard To Heal Injuries with Dr. Joanny Liu and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

An international best-selling author, speaker, physician & brain expert, Dr. Joanny Liu is an international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine & Chinese Sports Psychology. She has appeared FOX TV, NBC, CTV, & Global TV & has been quoted by ABC, CBS, the Boston globe and the Miami Herald. "I was a practicing professional engineer for 24 years before going back to school for a several years to study acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I received my degree in engineering at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1979. I became a Doctor of Acupuncture and TCM in 2007 from the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I've written three books about concussions: Knock Out Concussions, Heal Your Concussion: 21 Days to Brain Health, and my recent best seller, Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game." Complimentary gifts for listeners: 1. For those already suffering from concussion or Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS): http://www.drjoanny.com/concussion-answers 2. For those who feel they've been feeling unwell for a long time for unknown reasons: Perhaps they have a hidden brain injury! http://drjoanny.com/test/9-signs-hidden-brain-injury 3. If help is needed RIGHT now, then create an appointment for an initial consultation: http://www.drjoanny.com/initial-consultation. In this episode, Dr. Liu teaches about concussions and what to do about them! She shares that, "Right now, most neurologists will freely admit that they have NO treatment for concussions. That's why there's all this emphasis on diagnosing it because they're actually veiling that fact and that's why people are scared! It's so untrue. diagnosis of a concussion is a common sense thing and so is treatment. They have all this great research about the brain, but because of the medical paradigm, they don't see the answers that are right in front of them. It's a major disservice to the suffering public."   JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY GROUP! VISIT learntruehealth.com/group    

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26 Aug 2016

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278 Healing The Body With Food, The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: A Revolutionary Approach to Conquer Cravings, Overcome Food Addiction and Lose Weight Without Going Hungry, Cancer, Diabetes, Eating Disorders, Salt, Oil, and Sugar Free, Whole Foods, Pl

Chef AJ's site: EatUnprocessed.com Chef AJ's Books: The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: A Revolutionary Approach to Conquer Cravings, Overcome Food Addiction and Lose Weight Without Going Hungry https://amzn.to/2uSuIS1 Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight https://amzn.to/2JZaGtX   Food Addiction http://learntruehealth.com/food-addiction-2/ A lot of us are guilty of food addiction. We usually either think it’s hard to do or ineffective for achieving weight loss or gaining your health back. But that’s not true.  That’s why I’m so excited to have Chef AJ who’ll teach us some tips and tricks in kicking our food addiction forever. Childhood Years Chef AJ’s eating habits during childhood were the standard Jewish diet. It was high in fat and animal protein. In a way, she describes her environment as belonging to a family of emotional eaters surrounded by food.  As a result, her family members suffered from all sorts of diseases. ” Born in 1960, I became fat at the age of 5. One of every three children under the age of 18 is overweight. It’s never fun being overweight especially as a child,” recalls Chef AJ. “Because it led me to do what I do now. I don’t want people to have to go through the pain shame and humiliation.” Chef AJ had two older brothers who told her back then that guys are not going to date fat girls. And they were right. Because during her senior prom, Chef AJ didn’t have a date. So, thinking about her childhood, it makes Chef AJ sad. Growing Up Years Chef AJ’s family moved back to California from Chicago when she was 11 years old. She was not even 5 feet tall and yet she weighed 160 pounds. That is childhood obesity.  When Chef AJ was in her 20s, she weighed up to 200 pounds. Nobody was offering any suggestions. It took an offhand remark from an uncle who happened to be a doctor for Chef AJ to want to change. Her uncle told Chef AJ she could probably go a week without eating and it wouldn’t hurt her one bit. So, Chef AJ tried not to eat, and she indeed lost weight. But in the next seven years, Chef AJ became anorexic. Putting her health at risk, Chef AJ developed liver damage, then her fingernails and hair fell out. “Anorexia is not sustainable. I don’t recommend it for weight loss or dietary control. Because eventually, you get so hungry,” said Chef AJ. “When you haven’t eaten very much for many years, you end up becoming bulimic like me.”  She adds, “It’s worse in some ways. Because with bulimia, you have the energy to do things. You’re eating, but you’re eating a lot. And getting rid of food by exercising or in my case smoking and purging. I remember getting depressed and even thought of suicide in my 20s.” Chef AJ also recalls that back then, they treat bulimia like a mental disease and lock you up in a psychiatric hospital. The funny thing was, for most of that time, Chef AJ was vegan. She became a vegan at a very young age for ethical reasons at age 17 when she attended the University of Pennsylvania. But Chef AJ was what she calls herself a “fat” vegan. Because she didn’t eat many of the healthy foods that she eats today. She had her food addiction — candies, cakes, cookies and ice cream. Plus, a lot of caffeine and sugar.  Effort To Change By the age of 43 and had eaten almost no fruits and vegetables her entire life, Chef AJ soon found had what books call a pre-cancer stage. It wasn’t until Chef AJ was in her early 40s that she learned food had something to do with how we look, feel or what diseases she could get or reverse. “I always thought it was genetic. Genetics are important to a certain extent. But it’s our diet and lifestyle that pulls the trigger,” said Chef AJ. Optimum Health Insitute It wasn’t long before Chef AJ found this magazine featuring a place near San Diego, California called the Optimum Health Institute. Chef AJ first went there on July 6, 2003, and found that although there were no medical doctors, there were chiropractors, nurses, and health professionals. That was also the first time she ever had a conversation on food and how it affects us. Chef AJ stuck to her prescribed diet for two years. Six months after, she went back to her old doctor who asked Chef AJ if she went to surgery because her colon was now clean. That’s where Chef AJ’s life changed. After The Program After going through her program at the Optimum Health Institute, Chef AJ realized she wasn’t going to be able to stay on this diet unless the food started tasting a lot better. Generally, she believes people can do anything short-term. And the way they teach eating at Optimum is more for healing and detox. There may be people who eat that way long-term, but it’s mostly salad without dressing plus fruit and juices. That’s why Chef AJ enrolled in culinary school and signed up for an intensive 30-day program. But the cooking school they used a lot of sugar, salt, and oil even on raw foods.  So, Chef AJ was on the brink of going back to her old habits. Despite that, it was a great learning experience because Chef AJ learned kitchen confidence. Soon after, she became a professional chef for five years. “I wasn’t consuming caffeine, white sugar or flour so I was doing a lot better. Then I soon got a job as a pastry chef,” Chef AJ said. “Then in 2008, I took a 1-year program called the wisdom course.” The Wisdom course was a lot about play and fun. It was a creative course where Chef AJ was given weekly homework. “So, I decided to go on a diet for a few weeks to change my palate. Filling the ref with fruits and veggies, I initially felt irritable, anxious, shaky, sad in a way. But that was when I became aware that foods for some people have effects,” said Chef AJ. Creating Recipes To help people overcome food addiction and jumpstart their weight loss journey, Chef AJ created some recipes and had some friends sample it.  Her friends found it delicious and encouraged her to share her recipes with people who need help in gaining their health back. One memorable person who greatly benefited from her recipes is former actor Don Grady.  He passed away from bone cancer, but before that, Chef AJ was instrumental in extending his life by five years just by incorporating her recipes into his diet.  Chef AJ’s Books Chef AJ’s road to better health and kicking out food addiction let her write her book called Unprocessed. According to her, processed food is not food. It may be readily available, socially acceptable, easily affordable but it’s not food. She also explains that especially for kids, children have different sensitivities. Chef AJ cites people in prisons, schools, hospitals are fed the worse possible food. She says even the United States Armed forces. “The people that could benefit the most from eating the best nutrition are getting the worse nutrition,” said Chef AJ. Chef AJ’s newest book is called The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss. It’s a new approach to teach you how to overcome food cravings and food addiction aside from losing weight without starving yourself. TV Show Chef AJ hosted a TV show called Healthy Living with Chef AJ which aired on Foody TV. It was a cooking show and a lifestyle show as well because she interviewed some cool people who gave valuable information about food. She’s currently working on the funding to air it for another season hopefully. Food Tips Chef AJ says that people are going to have to learn some basic cooking techniques if they want to be successful or get somebody else to do it for them. But it doesn’t mean you have to go to culinary school. One has to be willing to devote a few hours every week to do some batch cooking. “I have videos on Youtube showing people how to do this. Because if you always have healthy food ready, then it’s not hard to assemble a healthy meal especially if you want to eat more simply,” assures Chef AJ. One of Chef AJ’s favorite quick fix is getting some Japanese sweet potatoes, cut it in half, put some blueberries, fresh mint and fruit flavored balsamic vinegar on top. Other quick fixes can be anything from whole grains, quinoa or beans. She also advises to let children choose their vegetables. Because generally, people love customizing. Another excellent food resource is the products of the Healing Movement. Their products are raw cultured vegetables, which has the richest probiotics in the market. Plus, it’s dairy-free. “It can take a while for food that is less stimulating to taste good. Salt is the hardest. It takes a good 30 days to get through,” said Chef AJ.  She adds, “As for oil, people don’t miss the oil. They may miss the fat. So I recommend the whole food fat over oil. But sugar is a whole another story. If you suffer from food addiction, that might be something you want to cut out no matter what your dietary pattern is.” Kitchen Tools One tool Chef AJ loves in making her food is a pressure cooker. But other tools really can help you get healthy food on the table fast. “There’s nothing magical about oil unless you deep fry. You need a good pan and learn to dry saute, or steam fry the food. You can also add a teaspoon of water or broth,” said Chef AJ. “It does not make the food taste better. Oil coats the food, so you end up having to use more salt.” Clean Environment Chef AJ stresses the importance of cleaning up your environment. Because whatever health, lifestyle or behavioral change you’re trying to make, you have to have your environment support you. “Your environment either supports your food addiction or supports your recovery. It can’t be both,” Chef AJ said. “Your environment is going to be critical to your success, especially your home environment. So control your home environment because it will make a critical difference.” Signs Of Food Addiction Are you now wondering if you have a food addiction? Chef AJ recommends that you ask yourself these questions, which is a quiz in her book: Do you have to consume it daily or several times a day? Do you feel bad when you are unable to get your fix? Do you think about it often and can’t wait until you can consume it again even if you just had it? Is it difficult for you to moderate your use of it? Do you tend to use more of it than you intended to? Do you often feel shamed or regret after consuming it? Do you have physical or emotional withdrawal symptoms when you try to abstain from it? Is it difficult for you to get through even a single day without consuming this substance? Does abstaining result in emotional or physical discomfort? Does the mere thought of abstaining from it bring on strong emotions, like anxiety, sadness, anger or grief? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, Chef AJ says you may indeed be suffering from food addiction. “I want people to know this is a difficult journey. But it is possible and doable. Eventually, they will learn actually to prefer the taste of whole natural food. Any which way they get there, it is possible. It just takes time,” said Chef AJ.  Bio Chef AJ has been devoted to a plant-based diet for almost 40 years. She is the host of the television series Healthy Living with CHEF AJ which airs on Foody TV. With her comedy background, she has made appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman and more.  A chef, culinary instructor and professional speaker, Chef AJ is the author of the popular book Unprocessed: How to Achieve Vibrant Health and Your Ideal Weight, which chronicles her journey from a junk-food vegan faced with a diagnosis of pre-cancerous polyps, to learning how to create foods that nourish and heal the body.  Chef AJ’s new book The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss: A Revolutionary Approach to Conquer Cravings, Overcome Food Addiction and Lose Weight Without Going Hungry has received glowing endorsement by many luminaries in the plant-based movement.  Based in Los Angeles, Chef AJ teaches a monthly sold-out seminar featuring cooking instruction, nutritional science, and song parodies, all delivered with comedic panache. Never content to leave her audience with mere “just do it” advice, she teaches how to create meals to transform their health, how to deal with cravings and food addiction and addresses the emotional side of eating.  Chef AJ is the creator of the Ultimate Weight Loss Program, which has helped hundreds of people achieve the health and the body that they deserve. She was the Executive Pastry Chef at Santé Restaurant in Los Angeles where she was famous for her sugar, oil, salt and gluten-free desserts which use the fruit, the whole fruit and nothing but the whole fruit.  Chef AJ is also the creator of Healthy Taste of LA and the YouTube cooking show The Chef and the Dietitian and is proud to say that her IQ is higher than her cholesterol. She holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and is a member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine. Get Connected With Chef AJ: Official Website The Wisdom Course Healing Movement Books By Chef AJ Unprocessed     The Secrets to Ultimate Weight Loss   If this episode made a difference in your life, please leave me a tip in the virtual tip jar by giving my podcast a great rating and review in iTunes! http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes Thank you! Ashley James http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes ***** Enjoyed this podcast episode? Visit my website Learn True Health with Ashley James so you can gain access to all of my episodes and more! LearnTrueHealth.com http://learntruehealth.com ***** Need Help Ordering The Right Supplements For You? Visit TakeYourSupplements.com, and a FREE health coach will help you! http://takeyoursupplements.com ***** Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health From Naturopathic Doctors! Get Learn True Health's Seven-Day Course For FREE! 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26 Jul 2018

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237 Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? Busting Diet Myths, Vegan vs. Paleo, Keto, Gluten Free, with Dr. Mark Hyman and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

Detailed Show Notes Coming Soon! Dr. Mark Hyman's New Book: http://amzn.to/2Fxp7bd Food: What The Heck Should I Eat? This is the sauna I got and highly recommend! https://www.sunlighten.com/mpulse-infrared-saunas   Diet Myths  http://learntruehealth.com/diet-myths/ Diet myths deter most people from going in the right direction. Whether it be for weight loss or reversing illnesses, knowing what diet myths that aren’t true can ultimately guide us to eating right. Dr. Mark Hyman is a former mentor of mine who will help bust several diet myths in today’s episode. Growing Up Years Dr. Mark Hyman grew up in Spain, and he recalls his mother loved shopping at the market every day for fresh food. His mother also tended her garden at home and always stressed the need to buy fresh and eat fresh. As he grew older, Dr. Mark Hyman chanced upon a book written by Roger Williams called Nutrition Against Disease. That book influenced him to lead a healthy lifestyle until he became a yoga teacher apart from teaching health and becoming a vegetarian. “I’m 58 years old now. I look at my body 30 or 40 years ago when I first became a vegetarian. I was a scrawny thing with no muscle mass,” recalls Dr. Mark Hyman. “And I am now exercising far less. But changing my diet to more high fat, low starch diet, with adequate amounts of good quality protein. And I am far more muscular and fit than when I was 20 years old.” Food As Medicine Dr. Mark Hyman remembers that he got sick from mercury poisoning in China years ago.  He discovered a whole new world in functional medicine because of his illness. Food was the primary medicine to cure his condition. Dr. Mark Hyman food is a drug because it acts faster and cheaper than most drugs. “There have been so many additives added to food over the last hundred years, almost  2,000 additives in our food. Very few have been tested adequately and were passed by the FDA as safe until we learn that they’re not,” said Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Mark Hyman, there’s so many examples of additives like transfat. It is a part of our diet that has never been proven to be safe. “There’s a lot of things in our food that we think is healthy.  A lot of health food store products have thickeners that cause leaky gut, toxic plastic containers, and all kinds of food additives,” Dr. Mark Hyman revealed. “It can cause autism, neurodevelopmental issues, and psychiatric problems. Artificial sweeteners can also cause weight gain, diabetes and damage the gut microbiome.”  Finding The Right Diet I currently practice a keto and paleo diet. This is because my Naturopath found our I had elevated cardiovascular markers and my blood work was not going in the right direction. It’s tricky finding the right diet that works. Dr. Mark Hyman says that lowering meat intake is a great starting point as well as portion control. Busting diet myths has been his expertise for the longest time. Institute For Integrative Nutrition Incidentally, when I was part of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s year-long health coach training program, Dr. Mark Hyman was one of my teachers. To those who want to become a health coach or merely increase your knowledge of health and nutrition, do sign up at IIN. Also, mention Learn True Health to avail of the special student rate. Sunlighten Sauna Like I have mentioned in a past episode, I have been losing weight and getting rid of the toxins in my body by using my Sunlighten sauna. Dr. Mark Hyman is also an owner of a sauna unit and attests to the health benefits of doing saunas every day. I highly recommend the sauna company since they also provide a fantastic financing payment option.  They offer free shipping which is valued at $600, and they also offer $100 discount on sauna accessories. What The Heck Should We Eat Book Dr. Mark Hyman says we have to look more comprehensively at our diet. In his book, Dr. Mark Hyman writes about diet myths and what science shows. Mostly, his book does more than just busting diet myths. It is an eater’s guide to food in the 21st century. The book teaches you how to eat food and what brand is good for your health, planet, climate, economy, helping poverty and violence and providing educational disparity. Dr. Mark Hyman illustrates that food is at the center of all those situations. Statistics Don’t Lie Dr. Mark Hyman explains that a ketogenic diet contains 70 percent fat. It is extremely high fat and very low carb diet. The ketogenic diet reverses diabetes of over 60% of people suffering from the disease, 4% got out of medication and insulin. “My body composition changed when I changed to higher fat diet, and eating lots of protein, vegetables and lots of fat. My muscle mass increased even if I was not exercising as much,” said Dr. Mark Hyman. Effects On the Environment Dr. Mark Hyman says that one of the issues of the environmental movement is to eat less meat. But what meat are we eating? If it is grass-fed meat, Dr. Mark Hyman says it’s a whole different issue. Dr. Mark Hyman also mentions that there’s a book called Kiss the Ground by Josh Tickell. It’s an amazing story all about the soil. Because soil is the key to our health in so many ways.  “The carbon from the environment gets sequestered or held in the soil. Soil erosion and other negative effects on the soil are happening because of how we grow food. Hence, properly grazing animals can help the soil regenerate,” said Dr. Mark Hyman.  Importance Of Fiber Dr. Mark Hyman says fiber is important because it fertilizes the good bacteria in the gut. He also says that our microbiome is essential. “Because when we feed our microbiome junk food, they turn into junky bacteria. They also produce some nasty chemicals. When we feed them a lot of fiber, there’s a huge difference in the health of the microbiome,” said Dr. Mark Hyman. Studies have shown that Americans only eat an average of 8 to 15 grams of fiber a day. Typically, 50 grams is a right amount to target aside from drinking a lot of water. Dangers Of Sugar And Flour Dr. Mark Hyman reveals that half of Americans have pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Currently, 90% are not diagnosed, and 70% of Americans are overweight. “We are biologically designed to crave and love sugar because it helps us store fat for the winter. If we could eat anything that’s starchy, has carbs, sugar or honey, we will put on weight right away. And that’s a good thing from an evolutionary point of view,” said Dr. Mark Hyman.  But he also adds,”Now in our era, we have 152 pounds of sugar and 133 pounds of flour which is worse than sugar. We are actually in a toxic situation. Because Flour has a higher glycemic index than sugar.” Busting More Diet Myths Dr. Mark Hyman says the standard advice of eating less and exercising more to lose weight is the biggest lie. He says it’s about the quality of the calories you eat, not the amount. “If you focus on what you’re eating and not how much, you will naturally do the right thing. So when you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, you have to make sure that you’re eating the right food,” said Dr. Mark Hyman. Dr. Mark Hyman also says that people who eat a high glycemic diet have a higher risk of dementia. So we should all be eating an extremely low glycemic diet. He explains that people who eat gluten do tiny microscopic damage to their gut which leads to inflammation. Ultimately, it breaks the linkages between our cells and our intestines will become loose, also known as leaky gut.  “If you know how to work your biology, you can be fully satisfied, happy and energetic with your diet. You don’t have to deprive yourself. Use science rather than willpower to fix your biology,” said Dr. Mark Hyman. To know more about diet-related topics, I recommend listening to my past episodes with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Jack Wolfson, and Dr. William Davis. Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, believes that we all deserve a life of vitality and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves. That’s why he is dedicated to tackling the causes of chronic disease by harnessing the power of Functional Medicine to transform healthcare. Dr. Mark Hyman and his team work every day to empower people, organizations, and communities to heal their bodies and minds, and improve our social and economic resilience.  Bio Dr. Mark Hyman is a practicing family physician, a ten-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in his field. He is the Director the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. He is also the founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional Medicine, a medical editor of The Huffington Post, and was a regular medical contributor on many television shows including CBS This Morning, Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and The View, Katie and The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Mark Hyman works with individuals and organizations, as well as policymakers and influencers. He has testified before both the White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Senate Working Group on Health Care Reform on Functional Medicine. He has consulted with the Surgeon General on diabetes prevention and participated in the 2009 White House Forum on Prevention and Wellness. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa nominated Dr. Mark Hyman for the President’s Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and Integrative and Public Health. Also, Dr. Hyman has worked with President Clinton, presenting at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters, Achieving Wellness in Every Generation conference and the Clinton Global Initiative, as well as with the World Economic Forum on global health issues. He is the winner of the Linus Pauling Award, The Nantucket Project Award, and was inducted in the Books for Better Life Hall of Fame, and the Christian Book of the Year Award for The Daniel Plan. Get Connected With Dr. Mark Hyman! Official Website Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Books by Dr. Mark Hyman 10-Day Detox Diet     Eat Fat, Get Thin     Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? Recommended Links: Institute For Integrative Nutrition Sunlighten Sauna Dr. Jack Wolfson – Ep 101 Dr. William Davis – Ep 167 Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn – Ep 232   The Links You Are Looking For: Support Us on Patreon & Join the Learn True Health Book Club!!! 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12 Mar 2018

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362 How to Heal Your Brain, Balance Dopamine, GABA and Seratonin, Increase Focus, End ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Brain Fog While Optimizing Memory Using Natural Nootropic Supplements with David Tomen

https://nootropicsexpert.com - A free copy of David Tomen's book "Secrets of the Optimized Brain" by entering your email address and subscribe to the weekly Nootropics Expert newsletter. https://www.youtube.com/c/nootropicsexpert   Nootropics  https://www.learntruehealth.com/nootropics Highlights: David Tomen on discovering Nootropics and becoming a Nootropics expert. Nootropics and smart drugs. What are those? What is the difference between smart drugs and Nootropics? The importance of knowing which supplements to pick. A walkthrough in taking Nootropics and their different effects. Choosing a high-quality supplement. Things to look for to spot a high-quality supplement. Foods that can promote brain health. Intro: Eyeing to optimize your health? Are you looking to get the best supplements at the lowest price? For high-quality supplements and to talk to someone about what supplements are best for you, go to www.takeyoursupplements.com, and one of our fantastic true health coaches will help you pick out the right supplements for you that are the highest quality and the best price. That’s www.takeyoursupplements.com Be sure to ask about free shipping and our awesome referral program. — Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is Episode 362. 0:00:51.5 Ashley James: I’m very excited to have on the show today a Nootropics expert. His website is www.nootropicsexpert.com. His name is David Tomen. David, we’re finally getting you on the show. 0:01:06.6 David Tomen: Finally, hi Ashley. 0:01:08.0 Ashley James: Hi. It’s been quite a ride. David and I have been going back and forth and every time, either he was in a car accident, and then I had some crazy flu, and then something else happened. I don’t know. So we finally have you on the show. I think the universe is conspiring and now is the right time. So I’ve been fascinated and intrigued for months to finally get to talk you about what Nootropics are. We’re definitely getting into that. My very limited understanding is from hearing about certain herbs that will be really good for the brain, or I hear in Silicon Valley how they’ll microdose LSD or mushrooms to try to get the cutting edge on their brain firing and their intelligence and their creativity. So there’s this big weird world out there of neuroscience when it comes to supplements that support the brain. I really enjoyed going to your website, which we’re going to make sure all the links to everything David Tomen does is in the show notes of today’s podcast at www.learntruehealth.com. And your website list about 90 different neuro tropics and how they work, but we’re going to get into the most interesting ones. Before we do and I definitely want to dive into your story. Can you define what Nootropics are? Can you give us an understanding about what they are and then I’d love to go into your story and learn why you became an expert in them. 0:02:56.1 David Tomen: Generally, like the 30,000 Nootropics are a class of substances that improve brain function. That’s the big picture of it, but the term nootropic is relatively new. There’s a Romanian psychologist and chemist named Dr. Cornelio Gurghiu. He synthesized Piracetam back in 1963, and he coined the term nootropic in 1972 after he invented this new class of substances. And the word nootropic is derived from the Greek “nous” for the mind and “tropein” to bend, so to bend the mind. And then Dr. Ghurghiu went on to define what he thought a true nootropic is, and this is what he said, “A nootropic enhances memory and the ability to learn. It assists brain function under disruptive conditions such as the lack of oxygen, and after convulsive shock, it protects the brain from  chemical and physical toxins like anticholinergic drugs and barbiturates, it increases natural cognitive processes, and it must be non-toxic to humans or stimulate or depress the brain.” That’s officially what a nootropic is. Now since then, every person has been calling everything that affects the brain one way or another nootropic. And we make a very strong distinction between Nootropics and smart drugs. To my mind, Nootropics are natural substances, sometimes synthetic but mostly synthetic made from a natural substance. It does not include things like Adderall or Ritalin or Modafinil or microdosing LSD. Those aren’t considered Nootropics in my opinion, but you’ll see headlines every week of somebody referring to something like Ritalin is a nootropic, and it’s not. I consider it a smart drug. A nootropic that you do not need a prescription from your doctor to buy. You can get it at Whole Foods at the vitamin shop or your local vitamin store, but you don’t need a prescription. 0:05:28.6 Ashley James: I really like that the distinction is that it actually protects the brain. 0:05:35.3 David Tomen: Yes. 0:05:36.6 Ashley James: And it doesn’t stimulate, so we’re not talking about caffeine. It doesn’t stimulate or depress the brain. So it’s not affecting the serotonin or dopamine. It’s not causing that kind of shift in the chemistry of the brain. It protects the brain, it doesn’t stimulate or depress, and it helps with memory and learning even in adverse conditions. 0:06:06.1 David Tomen: Well, a lot of these substances though do directly affect things like serotonin and dopamine and norepinephrine and epinephrine, and they help lower things like cortisol and stuff. Because some of these things are actually the precursor to dopamine or the precursor to serotonin or the precursor to melatonin, so I would classify those as Nootropics, so some of them naturally are natural stimulants to the brain. So we take a little bit of license on what Dr. Ghurgiu’s original. He was referring specifically to the Racetams that he was inventing. And so we have taken a little bit of license since then. In a general sense, some of these things do stimulate the brain to a certain degree, or they depress the brain to a certain degree. When you look at the neurochemistry of how something like gabba works. Gabba is an inhibitor, right? So theoretically, it kind of like depresses the brain but it doesn’t depress the brain like an SSRI would or something like that. Does that make sense? 0:07:22.8 Ashley James: So we want the brain to be in balance. 0:07:25.8 David Tomen: That brain has to be in balance, yes. 0:07:28.3 Ashley James: So you’re saying that Nootropics are more like adaptogenic and that they’re not going to over stimulate or under stimulate, but they’re going to help because they’re precursors to these neurochemicals. Are they going to help the brain to be more in balance? Is that correct? 0:07:44.9 David Tomen: That’s correct to a certain degree. Anyone of these substances you can use too much of it or for somebody that shouldn’t be using a particular substance. It could do something bad to their brain. So you’ve gotta use intelligence and wisdom when it comes to using some of these things, or you could really, really mess yourself up. But the bottom line is that the fully optimized brain, the brain that’s firing on all cylinders has got to be in balance. 0:08:12.6 Ashley James: I like that you brought up this warning. Since we can go to Whole Foods or The Vitamin Shop or wherever to buy these substances, people could be misusing them currently. 0:08:24.7 David Tomen: Yes, and that’s the reason why. I think I reviewed 90 individual substances so far somewhere around that, maybe a little bit more, and I’ve include dosage recommendations which are based on clinical studies and user experience. And often the dosages are different than what’s on the bottle from the manufacturer. It also includes side effects, and I tell people what types to buy too because there are oftentimes different forms like when it comes to extracts and stuff. There’s a specific warning, for example, something like St. John’s Wort, do not use St. John’s Wort if you’re on any kind of an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication or you will cause serotonin syndrome that could very likely kill you. 0:09:18.7 Ashley James: Oh my gosh. 0:09:21.7 David Tomen: So yeah. 0:09:23.1 Ashley James: Do you ever contact these manufacturers and let them know about the clinical studies that you’ve found? 0:09:29.9 David Tomen: They know it. The bigger manufacturers, the legitimate ones – the ones that have been around for a long time that really know what they’re doing have got the science to back up their products, and oftentimes they’ll publish it. A lot of the stuff that I’ve been doing is cutting edge research though because I just dug in a lot deeper than even the manufacturers have done. But you’ll oftentimes see warnings on the labels of certain supplements that you pick up. Talk to your doctor before you use this or if you are on any medication, do not use this before you talk to your doctor. 0:10:12.0 Ashley James: But they weren’t really putting it on the doctor to know everything. 0:10:16.4 David Tomen: That’s a problem because most doctors don’t know anything about this stuff. 0:10:21.7 Ashley James: Right. I want to talk to you about this all day. So let’s get into your story. What happened in your life, David Tomen, that made you want to get interested and then eventually become an expert in Nootropics? 0:10:34.8 David Tomen: Like everybody else, I just never ever thought about my brain up until about 12 or 13 years ago and I’ve lived an interesting life. I lived all over the world, I’ve helped run companies, but I always had a problem with focus. Every time I had a management review of whatever country I happened to be living in and what company happened to help to run, I was fantastic as an Executive, as a Manager, I was great with people, but you got to learn how to focus. And so I bought the books, and I thought it was a moral feeling that I couldn’t focus. And then 13 years ago, I met this beautiful girl in North Miami Beach, and we ended up getting married. Within a year of us being together, she noticed what was going on and she suggested that I see a psychiatrist that she really respected up in Palm Beach. So I went in to see this guy, and he sat me down, and within 10 minutes he says, “You’re adult ADD and PTSD.” The PTSD part took me 10 years to figure out where that came from but the adult ADD, he put on Ritalin. As soon as I started taking Ritalin, it was like somebody turned the lights onto my brain. 0:12:03.9 Ashley James: Wow. 0:12:04.9 David Tomen: It was like a miracle, and I went, “Oh wow.” But within a couple of years, I started growing a tolerance to Ritalin, and it wasn’t working as well, and I’m going, “No, this ain’t happening. This was working too well.” So I started researching to find out how it worked and I found out that it was a dopamine reuptake inhibitor which means that it blocks the dopamine transporters in your brain so that theoretically it provides more dopamine in your brain which in the truly clinically ADD or ADHD brain, it helps your brain work better, and you can focus better. So I figured, “Ok, I’m lacking dopamine.” So I’ve discovered L-tyrosine. L-tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine, and I started taking that along with acetyl L-carnitine, L-carnitine which helps in the synthesis of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is necessary for brain cell signaling, and all of a sudden, I wasn’t tolerant to Ritalin anymore. It started working again, and it was working fine. So every day I would take my Ritalin, and I would take L-Tyrosine and acetyl L-carnitine, and it kept on working. Then about 6 years ago or so I got really, really, really sick. My wife took me to the ER. She thought I was having a heart attack, and it turns out my heart was fine, but I was for some reasons severely hypothyroid all of a sudden. And you’ve seen the symptoms of hypothyroidism. It’s 2 columns of symptoms on a page. I had about three-quarters of those symptoms, and one of them was severe brain fog and memory loss. 0:14:04.2 Ashley James: Oh my gosh. 0:14:05.6 David Tomen: Ashley, I mean complete memory loss. I lost my memory. It was so bad that I ended up seeing 2 different neurologists and they tested me for Alzheimer’s, and it turns out, it wasn’t Alzheimer’s, it wasn’t dementia. They couldn’t tell, they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. And it was because I was hypothyroid and my thyroid had stopped working and thyroid hormones which I understand now but at that time they couldn’t help, and I was desperate. I mean, my marriage was falling apart; we were broke because my business was failing. My life which was completely upside down. And I figured if I’m going to survive this, I got to figure something out. One thing I did remember was my experience with Nootropics and Ritalin and AD. So I just started experimenting with different things, and it took me about 2 and a half years to 3 years, and I finally got my brain working again and that it’s working better than it ever has in my adult life. I was desperate. I had to start experimenting with a bunch of different things until I finally found a protocol that worked for me that healed my brain and I got things running again the way they were supposed to be.  0:15:31.9 Ashley James: Did you heal your thyroid? What happened there? 0:15:35.4 David Tomen: Well, I healed my thyroid. You know what, the funny thing about the thyroid is that every endocrinologist look at TSH and started me on Synthroid which is synthetic T4 and it wasn’t working for me. So again, I started doing some research, and I discovered natural desiccated thyroid. My brother’s a doctor up north, and I had him send me some because I couldn’t find anybody around here to prescribe it for me and I started taking it and all of a sudden I started feeling better. And I finally found a naturopath here in North Miami Beach that would prescribe natural desiccated thyroid for me which is what I’ve been using since. And so, I got the thyroid hormones back to the levels within the range of where they’re supposed to be, and I took the right supplements to finally heal my brain. So it was working again. After I started feeling better, I decided to shift my marketing focus so that I was just working on one thing, and I started copywriting, and I started writing for natural health companies. There was a guy in England, and he had a nootropic stack that he wanted me to write some advertorials for him. And when I was researching, I wrote 5 advertorials for him and his company which he thought he loved; he thought they were great. But what I discovered when I was researching for writing that sales copy was that the information for Nootropics was scattered all over the place. There was no one central place that I can go to for information; there were no books on it. The last book that was published on this subject was 1992, and so I thought, “Hah! The world needs an authority for Nootropics.” It needs one place for somebody that’s got any kind of a problem with their brain to be able to, and that was the birth of Nootropics Expert. 0:17:52.3 Ashley James: [Laughter] Awesome. Hearing your story, right when you first told me about being rushed to the hospital, I thought, oh no, all the herbs he was taking caused his hypothyroidism. 0:18:09.0 David Tomen: The only thing I was taking at that time was L-tyrosine and acetyl L-carnitine. 0:18:14.0 Ashley James: Right. I just pulled up my phone then the next thing I thought was, what about Ritalin? And it says that one of the side effects of long-term use of Ritalin can be hypothyroidism. Have you considered that maybe that’s what caused your hypothyroidism to become so severe? 0:18:32.7 David Tomen: No. I didn’t because I did an extensive amount of research on methylphenidate which is the chemical term for Ritalin and they’ve been using it since the 1950s, and I looked at tons of clinical studies, and of all the drugs used to treat ADD and ADHD, it’s the safest one out there. You know it’s neither here nor there. Even if it did cause hypothyroidism, that never occurred to me because it wasn’t significant enough to come up in my research. 0:19:10.8 Ashley James: Right. 0:19:11.2 David Tomen: But it doesn’t matter because I discovered that the only way that my brain can work is with some that kind of help. 0:19:18.9 Ashley James: Oh, absolutely. Right. 0:19:22.0 David Tomen: And it needs that kind of help. It’s my job to be able to support it so that it doesn’t get into any other kind of trouble. 0:19:30.3 Ashley James: Right. No, I’m not questioning your past decisions. My belief is if we can find something natural and that looks even better than drugs, then awesome. But if we come up against something, you know drugs are a tool in our tool belt. 0:19:46.5 David Tomen: Yeah. 0:19:47.8 Ashley James: But there are tools because they’re synthetic, there’s a tool that can have a set of side effects. 0:19:54.5 David Tomen: Absolutely. 0:19:55.0 Ashley James: And so we need to just be really responsible and do our research. Dr. Klinghardt who I interviewed, he’s been an MD for 40 years and really interesting guy. I interviewed him, and he became a surgeon and an MD, he received his training in a part of Germany where all doctors also become homeopaths and acupuncturists at the same time as becoming surgeons. So very different kind of training that we get here and his philosophy has been his whole career that he wants to find an herb or a supplement or some kind of a natural remedy that is even better than a drug and he looks to that but if he can’t then he goes to the drug. So, I’m not questioning that you ever took Ritalin, it’s just more of the – I get curious, and when this body has a symptom, I want to know what happened? So that you can prevent it, right? It’s part of helping your body so I think it’s actually a little comforting to know that the Ritalin might have been the cause of your hypothyroid and that your body left to its own devices without the Ritalin wouldn’t have gone there or wouldn’t have created the hypothyroidism. So I mean just looking at that, but it’s wonderful that the Ritalin helped you find Nootropics so that you could support your brain. And what it actually really was missing along which was dopamine, right? We don’t have a Ritalin deficiency, but it was the gateway that allowed you to discover Nootropics. 0:21:35.4 David Tomen: That’s absolutely true. 0:21:36.5 Ashley James: So we can be grateful for them. But those who have taken ADD medication and have really enjoyed the benefits of it, cannot know that there is a natural way and it’s to help the body have enough dopamine and which is what you were saying. So you just dived into Nootropics, and you became the Nootropics expert. Now, tell me about this thing about drawing a clock. What’s up with that? 0:22:10.6 David Tomen: There’s a couple of different tests they use early on to evaluate to find out if you’ve got Alzheimers or dementia. And one of them is drawing a clock, and then I’m going to give you a time, and I want you to put the time on it, and somebody who has got Alzheimer’s or even early onset Alzheimers has got trouble drawing a clock. They can’t draw the clock properly and can’t put the time in the proper place, but I drew a perfect clock. And then there’s another test that they do; I forgot what the name of the test is called. I think it’s on the website. But they ask you a series of questions, and you have to be able to remember. They test your memory basically, and I came up with top scores on that too. So they knew that it wasn’t Alzheimer’s or dementia. 0:23:14.2 Ashley James: Got it. 0:23:16.7 David Tomen: But it was scary. [Laughter] 0:23:17.9 Ashley James: When you had those symptoms, that was what everyone thought it was going. But because it came so suddenly, dementia doesn’t hit so suddenly. Isn’t it more gradual? 0:23:29.6 David Tomen: Right. 0:23:29.8 Ashley James: Right. 0:23:31.7 David Tomen: I was desperate. I mean, what are you going to do? [Laughter] Your life is completely [inaudible 0:23:38.2] and you’re so, so sick that you can’t make any money to support your family. I mean, you’re desperate. You run to anybody you think of that can help you, and it turns out that nobody could help me. I had to help myself. 0:23:52.8 Ashley James: How did you discover that it was hypothyroidism? Like was it you or did they do tests? 0:23:58.3 David Tomen: In the hospital, they ran a full thyroid lab. 0:24:05.0 Ashley James: And did they go, “Oh, this is what’s causing your memory loss.” Right away or did they just say, “Oh and you have hypothyroidism” then you discovered that hypothyroidism was causing your memory loss? 0:24:19.6 David Tomen: I was the one to discover that. 0:24:22.7 Ashley James: This is what we have to advocate for ourselves, you know? We really need to. Amazing. So what happened then? So there you are, you’re doing copywriting for this man in the UK, and you are really excited about Nootropics, what happened then? 0:24:40.1 David Tomen: I just decided to put up a website and started writing about the stuff that I was learning so that everybody else can learn what I was learning along with me. And I started Nootropics Expert – I don’t know, it was about 3 years ago now. Maybe a little over 3 years ago, 2016 I think the dates on some of the stuff. I didn’t realize that it was that long when I looked and I just started writing and I kept on writing for these companies and doing sales copy for them. I kept on writing this, and one thing just led to another, and I’ve got a YouTube channel now with over 30,000 subscribers and a big email list. I’ve get tens and tens and tens of thousands of people all over the world coming to Nootropics Experts for help. 0:25:32.0 Ashley James: That’s very cool. What do you offer, like you sell them? How do you make money with Nootropics Expert? 0:25:42.8 David Tomen: Good question. I’m an affiliate for some companies. For the guy that I was originally working for, I’m an affiliate for 2 of his lines of supplements, and then I’m an affiliate for other companies for stuff that he doesn’t carry like CBD oil and a couple of other things. I can’t remember right off the top of my head. So I have links on the website, and I get a commission when people buy through the website. I do coaching now, people that can’t figure this stuff out on their own or people that can figure out on their own but they just want help tweaking whatever they’re doing. I offer personal consulting for half an hour or an hour via Skype or phone, depending on where they are in the world. And I have a book, “Head First” that’s been selling really well. I mentioned earlier that the last book on the subject was published in 1992, and it’s called “Smart Drugs II.” That was the last book that was published on Nootropics. 0:26:57.8 Ashley James: Wow. 0:26:58.1 David Tomen: Yeah. So I wrote a book, and it’s almost 600 pages, and I’ve got doctors and naturopaths and nurses and holistic practitioners and all kinds of people including just the [inaudible 0:27:16.8] on the street buying Head First and using it as a guide to help fix whatever their problem is. 0:27:25.4 Ashley James: Now, you had mentioned that your marriage was really upside down during that time when you had dementia and the thyroid. 0:27:32.1 David Tomen: Yeah. 0:27:34.0 Ashley James: Hos is it now? I’m left hanging. How are you guys now? 0:27:39.0 David Tomen: It’s better now. We’re more in love today than we were the day we got married. 0:27:45.8 Ashley James: Did you sneak some kind of Nootropics in her orange juice every morning? [Laughter] 0:27:50.3 David Tomen: No. She’s allergic to this stuff. 0:27:53.3 Ashley James: Oh, that’s funny. 0:27:54.9 David Tomen: I give her a choline supplement and she just goes crazy. So nope. [Laughter] 0:28:02.2 Ashley James: That’s interesting. I have actually had allergic reactions to some adaptogenic herbs. They make my heart race. We have to try it with caution. They can be absolutely amazing. They can be wonderful and life-changing, and we can sometimes have allergic reactions to them, so it’s good to test them a little bit at a time. Maybe you could walk us through some precautions and teach us some of the more common ones and how to take them and what to look for, the ones that people might be accidentally taking because they bought it from Whole Foods, that kind of thing. 0:28:42.6 David Tomen: I get this question often like, what do I do? How do I use Nootropics? And my first question is, what do you wanna fix? Like what’s your problem? Because you’ve got so many options available to you, but unless you can tell me exactly what you’re trying to fix, I can’t really help you. So for example, if you have got a problem with learning and memory, you want to take a look at like Aniracetam and Bacopa Monnieri and CDP choline and L-theanine and DHA. On the other hand if you have a problem with anxiety and depression, you can use some of those same things for anxiety and depression, but you also probably wanna look at things like lithium orotate and sibutramine and Rhodiola Rosea, or if you got a problem with energy and motivation, you wanna look at things like acetyl L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10 and PQQ. So it depends on what you’re trying to fix. That’s the starting point. Another thing that I find out from people is like if you’re dealing with depression, are you on medication? If you are on medication, what are you using, and is it working for you? And if the answer is I’m on SSRI, then we find out exactly what’s the mechanism of action of that SSRI, how exactly does it work in your brain and let’s find a natural substance that does exactly the same thing on your brain. So that people can start lessening their dependence on that prescription drug. The same thing with ADHD and ADD, you don’t have to use stimulants. A lot of people can get away with not using them. I came up with an ADHD protocol, and I actually tested it for a year on myself, not using Ritalin, just using the stack I put together, and it worked. Under normal circumstances, I could’ve just used the things that I’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 things in my stack. I used those for a year, and I was fine, but I found that my workload and at my age, I just found that I couldn’t handle my everyday workload without the help of the stimulants, so I started using Ritalin again, but I still use the stack. I know that there are tens of thousands of people managing their ADHD and ADD just with this protocol I put together. 0:31:36.9 Ashley James: Love it, very cool. I recently saw an article  that said that if someone has been on an antidepressant, that their brain chemistry will never be the same again and that they’ll need to be on it for the rest of their life because it forever alters their brain chemistry. has that happened in your experience or if someone has been on an antidepressant in their past, is there a way through Nootropics to support the brain and having healthy levels of serotonin and dopamine and all those chemicals? 0:32:12.0 David Tomen: Well the thing about antidepressants is most of the time it’s difficult to stop them because these things, a lot of antidepressant drugs and anti-anxiety drugs are more addictive than heroin and cocaine and oxycodone. I mean they’re that addictive, and it’s extremely, extremely difficult to wean yourself off of them, and I’m not an expert on that. One person that is is Dr. Kelly Brogan who helps people wean off of antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs and give them the natural route, but it is a rough, rough road. But there are certain Nootropics that you can use to support some antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, and they help them work better, but they’re very few, and far between because of the time they will cause more problems than they will help. If somebody has got depression for example and their doctor wants to put them on an antidepressant of some kind, but they’re reluctant to do that, and they come to me and say, “I’m dealing with depression, please help me.” We have to start digging in to what’s causing the depression in the first place because what the big pharmaceutical companies tell you is not a lack of serotonin in your brain, it could be a problem with dopamine, it could be a problem with neurogenesis, it could be a problem with stress, it could be a problem with inflammation. For example, the primary neurotransmitters play a role in depression, get this, acetylcholine, dopamine, glutamate, gabba, norepinephrine, and serotonin – where do you start? 0:34:18.4 Ashley James: Right. 0:34:19.3 David Tomen: Right? And so if a person hasn’t got a clue, if they’ve never used any prescription medication before, so they haven’t got anything to kind of like look at saying, “Yeah this kind of worked.” If they’re starting from scratch, I have them go through this list one at a time and try different nootropic supplements until they find something that works. And this can be a long process, but it’s worth it because you’ll finally get or leave. For example, acetylcholine, the precursors to acetylcholine are alpha GPC or CDP choline, so you can try something like CDP choline or acetylcholine for a little while and see if that helps. If that doesn’t help, then let’s move on dopamine. So you try something else – tyrosine, or N-acetyl L-tyrosine and try that for a few days and see if that helps. Well if that didn’t work, then let’s move onto gabba and let’s try supplementing with GABA for a few days and see if that helps. Sooner or later you’re gonna get  through this list. If nothing helps in supporting these neurotransmitters, then we know that it’s not a neurotransmitter problem. Then it could be an inflammation problem, so then we start looking at different things that take care of the inflammation. Things like turmeric or curcumin and there are a few other ones that help tame inflammation – pine bark extract or an antioxidant. So, these are the kinds of approaches that we take. It depends on our starting point and what our knowledge level is and what we know about our own body. And one of the reasons why I’ve consulting business too because you can get stressed out just trying to figure this thing out. 0:36:16.7 Ashley James: Yeah, right. What about this idea like a person has enough GABA but there’s something going on with their receptors. How do we resensitize the receptors to uptake the GABA or the serotonin or dopamine? 0:36:34.5 David Tomen: There are some Nootropics that help repair receptors and help in neurogenesis, aniracetam for example, which is one or the racetams that I use every day and it’s one of my favorites. It helps heal dopamine 2 and dopamine 3 receptors. Pine bark extract helps heal receptors, and it helps with neurogenesis, and it helps with cerebral blood flow. So those are just 2 examples. If somebody is looking for this kind of information, they just go to Nootropics Expert and type into the search bar “synapses” and see what turns up or “receptors” and see what turns up. 0:37:23.1 Ashley James: You mentioned blood flow, and that’s really interesting because they’re finding that dementia is basically caused by the vascular flow being cut off and they’re saying that there’s plaque, but a lot of doctors in the holistic space are saying that it’s basically dysregulated blood sugar over many years. Not enough to be diabetes, but you know the state of American diet is way high in sugar and when we can consume, let’s say we go and have ice cream with our family, we have way more blood sugar than our body knows what to do with and if someone regardless whether they’re diabetic or not diabetic, they have higher blood sugar that’s not healthy and this causes systemic inflammation to the whole circulatory system including the brain and we do that enough and the brain ends up being like Swiss cheese in these brain scans where they’re seeing areas of the brain that have such disruption from the vascular flow being harmed from our diet that eventually the brain becomes like Swiss cheese. And so they’re saying that dementia is like a form of diabetes. And you’re saying that you have Nootropics or these supplements that support the brain that increases vascular flow and the health of our vascular system, the circulatory system to the brain – not that we should take that and go eat ice cream, we have to make sure our diet is healthy for our brain as well. But tell me a bit about these supplements that support the vasculature in the brain. 0:39:11.2 David Tomen: Ok. Let’s just talk about the aging brain in general, and we’ll touch on each of these. We’re talking about prolongs with free radicals in the oxidative stress, and you’re talking about synapses that you already mentioned, and then Alzheimer’s and dementia, and vascular dementia and cerebral circulation and neurotransmitter decline. I actually wrote a post on this that takes a deep dive into how each of these works in the aging brain. What I mean by the aging brain is anybody after 20 has got an aging brain because there are certain neurotransmitters that begin to decline after the age of 20. So everybody can use this help. For example, free radicals in brain aging, free radicals are when your brain is firing, and it’s doing these tens of thousands of times. You got 10,000 oxidative interactions between DNA and free radicals in each one of your brain cells that occur every day and every minute of every day. But if you have an unhealthy diet particularly, these free radicals can get out of hand, and it causes oxidative stress, and your body tries to cope with it because it’s got a built-in anti-oxidant system. So you’ve got things like vitamin C and vitamin E and CoQ10 already naturally in your body, but it hasn’t got enough to be able to cope with the workload. So we can use things like alpha lipoic acid which is a naturally occurring fatty acid that is both fat and water soluble, and it has a unique ability to neutralize free radicals in all cellular environments, and it helps boost the synthesis of acetylcholine, and it increases glucose uptake in brain cells. It also helps regenerate other depleted antioxidants like vitamin C, E, and glutathione and it recycles CoQ10 that’s already in your body, and it gets rid of heavy metals. So you can start supplementing with alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant that’s synthesized in every single cell on your body and your brain, and it helps adenosine triphosphate which is the fuel that the mitochondria use in your brain cells. So we just supplement with extra CoQ10 to help support what’s already gone in our mitochondria. Creatine. People in athletic circles use creatine to help them, but it’s an essential amino acid that’s synthesized in your liver that your body uses to recharge adenosine triphosphate to fuel mitochondria. So we can add creatine to our diet. Creatine that we’re not already getting from food that boosts cellular metabolism and helps protect neurons from damage caused by toxins. And I can go on about just free radicals. And then we get into synapses like we talked about earlier. Ashwagandha is an old ayurvedic remedy that recent researches found regenerates axons and dendrites and it helps reconstruct synapses. Artichoke extract is a natural PDE4 inhibitor which supports the cAMP, which is a secondary messenger, and it stimulates the production of CREB. The CREB is cAMP’s response element-binding protein. It’s a protein needed for new neuron synthesis in synapse growth, and it increases long term potentiation which is needed for encoding long term memories. Berberine is an amazing supplement. It enhances synaptic plasticity, it reduces the aggregation of amyloid B protein that leads to Alzheimer’s, and it helps reduce the protein Tau, which is associated with Alzheimer’s, and it works as in antioxidant. And I use it because my naturopath says I’m insulin resistant. It works as well as metformin, but it doesn’t have the side effects. So I use berberine. So that’s synapses. For cerebral circulation, if you wanna get more blood flow moving in your brain. I find the 2 most effective supplements are one, pine bark extract – it’s used primarily on nootropic circles to increase cerebral blood flow, but we’ve also found that it’s a very, very potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. And the other one that I love is vinpocetine, which is a semi-synthetic derivative of the Lesser Periwinkle plant, and I use that every day. 0:45:00.1 Ashley James: Can you say it again? 0:45:04.3 David Tomen: Vinpocetine. 0:45:04.8 Ashely James: And it’s a semi-synthetic, can you explain what that means? 0:45:09.0 David Tomen: It’s derived from the Lesser Periwinkle plant in the lab. It’s an alkaloid that’s derived from the Lesser Periwinkle plant. It’s used as a prescription drug in a lot of countries, but here you can still get it as a supplement, and I use it just increase blood flow. It’s amazing. 0:45:34.0 Ashley James: In the countries that it is a drug, what is it prescribed for? 0:45:38.3 David Tomen: Blood flow. It’s prescribed for things like Alzheimer’s. 0:45:43.0 Ashley James: Interesting. 0:45:44.4 David Tomen: And stroke patients. 0:45:49.6 Ashley James: Really cool. So you must have a protocol for those who are recovering from stroke? 0:46:01.5 David Tomen: Kind of like what we just talked about because a stroke wreaks havoc on your brain and one of the problems with stroke is that your antioxidant system cannot keep up with the oxidative damage that’s been going on. So some of the stuff that we just talked about and a dozen other supplements that I’ve got in the same list. Somebody that’s dealing with stroke, I had encouraged them to put together at least half a dozen of these and start taking them right away. I also have written about PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and TBI (traumatic brain injury). Treating TBI is like treating stroke because TBI causes the same kind of problems in the brain, and you’re dealing with axon injury, and you’re dealing with problems of the cerebral circulation, glutamate overload, and you’re dealing with glucose and mitochondria getting out of whack and you’re dealing with an NMDA receptors that are not working properly. Then I’ve got a list of about 12 supplements for dealing with concussion or TBI. And I actually wrote this particular post after one of the hurricanes because a lot of people that survive a hurricane or any kind of a natural disaster like that are dealing with PTSD and they don’t even realize it or TBI when they get knocked in the head by something. 0:48:06.9 Ashley James: Absolutely and concussions are so common, and there’s no treatment for them. They just say stay awake and go home and rest. Rest but don’t fall asleep and that’s it. 0:48:18.1 David Tomen: That’s just not true. You can do real things to help your brain, but there are no prescription drugs that I know of that can help heal your brain, but you can use things like creatine and DHA which is an omega 3 and green tea and N-acetyl L-cysteine, or NAC, resveratrol, turmeric, the B vitamins. All of these things can help you recover from that kind of brain injury. 0:48:51.3 Ashley James: What about helping the body heal like a motor neuron lesion or a spinal cord injury? I have a friend in the hospital right now who had an operation from stenosis and now they’re paralyzed, and the doctor believes that they will regain. It will probably take 4 years, but they’ll regain the ability to walk again. How can we support the nervous system in healing from that kind of trauma? 0:49:20.3 David Tomen: Some of the things that I just talked about for concussion and TBI, but I would also use lion’s mane mushroom. Lion’s mane mushroom is an amazing supplement if you’ve ever seen a picture of it, it looks like a lion’s mane. It’s the strangest looking mushroom. But the lion’s mane helps better than anything in neurogenesis, and there was one study done, and I think this study was done in Malaysia where they used lab rats, and they were mean to these rats. They crushed their gluteal nerves so they couldn’t walk which kind of breaks my heart but then the next thing that happened was they gave them lion’s mane laced water to drink. Within 2 weeks, their gluteal nerves have healed, and the rats were walking again. 0:50:19.5 Ashley James: Did they have a group of rats they did not give the lion’s mane too? 0:50:25.5 David Tomen: Yup. 0:50:26.4 Ashley James: Were they able to walk again? 0:50:28.7 David Tomen: No, they weren’t. They are permanently crippled. 0:50:31.9 Ashley James: Amazing. I mean sad for the rats, I don’t like hearing that kind of experiment to any animal but also very amazing that lion’s manes can help people that well. 0:50:44.9 David Tomen: It’s incredible. 0:50:47.3 Ashley James: How much would one need to take? What are the doses of these kinds of things? 0:50:51.1 David Tomen: A lion’s mane is anywhere from 400mg to up to some people take 1200mg a day. Something like that is perfectly safe to take in really, really big doses. You don’t have to worry about overdosing on it. Some of these things, they won’t hurt you other than give you like an upset stomach, if you take too much of it or take too much of it at once. Oftentimes when you’re taking bigger doses of some of these things, it’s better to split your dose into 2 or 3 doses per day. So you take 1 in the morning, 1 at noon, 1 in the afternoon. But yeah lion’s mane, absolutely. 0:51:34.1 Ashley James: Very interesting. I have a friend who was on the street at some point and was addicted to meth, and she has since recovered, but she says that it’s as if there’s no happiness in her life. That’s just in her brain, right? And the only way to get back to normal, or to get back to just like how you and I would feel on an average day – that level of happiness would take meth. Not even to get her to feel high or overly happy, but just to feel normal. 0:52:17.5 David Tomen: I understand. You’re dealing with a TBI, you really are. Now I am no doctor, I don’t even play one on TV, but it’s common sense to me that the same things that work for somebody with a concussion or TBI, somebody in that kind of a situation, I would encourage them to use the same types of supplements, but the thing is there’s no one pill solution. There just isn’t. We’ve been conditioned to think that there’s a one pill solution, but there’s not. It’s gonna take at least a half a dozen supplements and taking it for a long time until you start feeling some relief. Because the brain, how long it’d take to damage the brain – you know it took you years. So, fortunately, it doesn’t take years to help the brain recover. You can do it in a few months, but you’ve got to be diligent and stick to it and religiously take this stuff every single day until you start feeling some relief. 0:53:26.5 Ashley James: What about addiction? What about like someone who is addicted – alcohol, or maybe even food addiction, or porn addiction. Is there a protocol that helps people to balance their brains, so they don’t have the compulsion or that addiction?  0:53:42.8 David Tomen: You know there’s not really a protocol, and I haven’t looked into in that deeply but there are a couple of supplements that I had reviewed that I remember seeing either anecdotal evidence or clinical studies showing that people were not as prone to addiction when they were using it, and I cannot remember off the top of my head what they were. You know what Ashley, I just don’t remember what they are but I know that they exist. It’s not a miracle cure by any stretch, and it’s not gonna make you stop drinking by taking it, but it reduces the tendency to want to do that. I think that possibly Mucuna Pruriens L-dopa may be one of them. 0:54:49.0 Ashley James: And someone could book a consultation with you, and you can go dive into the research? 0:54:55.1 David Tomen: That’s exactly what I do. 0:54:57.9 Ashley James: Right. What about 5 HTP, is that a nootropic? 0:55:04.2 David Tomen: I can say that it’s a nootropic, but you got to be super careful with it. 0:55:07.8 Ashley James: Why is that? 0:55:08.7 David Tomen: Because people take too high overdosing themselves from their trouble. You got to understand the serotonin pathway. It goes L-tryptophan to 5 HTP to serotonin to melatonin. So somebody is depressed, and they feel like they need to boost serotonin, the first thing they do is they grab 5 HTP and 500mg of HTP, and they overdose which is an overdose, and they feel like crap the next day, and they don’t know what went wrong. It’s a lot safer to do something like L-tryptophan and take 500mg or 750mg before you go to sleep and you’ll feel better the next day. 5 HTP you dose like 25mg at a time, but you can’t find a 25mg of 5 HTP supplement. The lowest dose I’ve been able to find is 100mg. 0:56:14.4 Ashley James: Right. Yeah. 0:56:16.4 David Tomen: So what I do is because I use so much to boost dopamine, I have to keep serotonin in balance. I use L-tryptophan before I go to sleep, but during the day I also use 5 HTP, but I get a 100mg lozenge, and I use a pill splitter, and I cut it in quarters. And when I feel like my serotonin is a little bit out of whack compared to dopamine, I just put 25mg under my tongue 0:56:50.0 Ashley James: How does one know? 0:56:52.2 David Tomen: You just feel it 0:56:53.5 Ashley James: How do you feel? Like for someone who has never distinguished what serotonin versus dopamine feels, what are the symptoms of too much serotonin versus too little? 0:57:06.5 David Tomen: I can tell you more with too much dopamine than serotonin. Too much dopamine – because dopamine turns into norepinephrine and turns to epinephrine which is you fight or flight hormone, you get really irritable and sharp with people and antsy, your dopamine system is out of whack. Too much serotonin is you just feel like you’re sick. But it’s unlike sick that I can describe because it’s unlike anything else I’ve ever felt, it just feels really weird. I can’t even describe the feeling, Ashley. I just know that feeling. [Laughter] 0:57:57.2 Ashley James: So how do you bring dopamine down then, if you have too much of it? 0:58:03.9 David Tomen: Boost serotonin. Dopamine and serotonin play off of each other. 0:58:09.9 Ashley James: Got it. 0:58:10.6 David Tomen: They have to be in balance. If dopamine is too high, you suppress serotonin or serotonin is too high. You depress dopamine. 0:58:18.0 Ashley James: So if you’re antsy, irritable, and kind of short-tempered with people then take some l-tryptophan at night and see if that does the job. Taking at night, that does that then help boost serotonin all day long the next day? 0:58:33.5 David Tomen: It does, and it helps you sleep because it eventually turns into melatonin. 0:58:38.4  Ashley James: And is that a supplement that someone can take over the counter? 0:58:41.8 David Tomen: Yes. 0:58:43.2 Ashley James: It’s still available? 0:58:45.5 David Tomen: The L-tryptophan is readily available. 0:58:48.1 Ashley James: Okay, great. I don’t know. I heard something about it being taken off the counter. 0:58:54.1 David Tomen: I heard that too, and I have no idea where people got that information from. 0:59:00.1 Ashley James: But it’s a naturally occurring amino acid in Turkey. 0:59:03.8 David Tomen: Yeah. I know, I looked into this one time when somebody else mentioned that. There was a problem with one particular manufacturer of L-tryptophan. 0:59:15.0 Ashley James: Oh, right. 0:59:17.5 David: They were putting out an adulterated supplement or something. I don’t remember exactly what the story was, but it was a bad batch, and it made headlines, and it was taken off the market, and everybody said L-tryptophan has been taken off the market. That’s not true. It was taken off the market from this one particular manufacturer because they had a bad batch that went out. 0:59:42.0 Ashley James: Ok. 0:59:43.1 David Tomen: And that happened years ago. 0:59:44.6 Ashley James: Yeah a long time ago. 0:59:46.1 David Tomen: And people are still talking about it. It’s amazing. 0:59:48.4 Ashley James: Right. Let’s bust that myth. It’s available. We can get it. You don’t need to get to Turkey to get your L-tryptophan. [Laughter] 0:59:55.6 David Tomen: The last one I got was from Amazon. 0:59:59.3 Ashley James: Interesting. I mean really buy or beware in the supplement space. I know that you are an affiliate of some brands that you like. Do you have any advice for watching out, like what kind of companies shouldn’t one buy from? 1:00:19.0 David Tomen: That’s a really good question. I wrote a post called “7 Tips for Choosing the Highest Quality of Nootropics Supplements,” and I went through how I think about this. The first thing to look for is brand names. And by brand names I don’t mean like Walgreens or CVS or GNC or Target, that’s not what I mean by brand names. By brand names, I mean like Gaia Herbs, Doctor’s Best, Nature’s Way, Irwin Naturals – those kinds of brand names. That’s the first thing that I look at. The next thing I look at is if they’ve got any kind of quality assurance, and the way to find out about this is to go to their website. The first thing you can  find out is if it makes sense. If it’s natural, is it USDA organic, right? Has it got the seal on it? The other thing to look for is the certificate of analysis, and some of these manufacturers will actually put a certificate of analysis for each batch that they put on their website. 1:01:44.7 Ashley James: Nice. 1:01:46.4 David Tomen: So you can use the batch code on the supplement and go to their website and download the certificate of analysis. The certificate of analysis tells you exactly what a third party testing lab found in that capsule or tablet, including how much of the supplement that the manufacturer claimed was there. Is it really in there and is there anything else in there? Are there heavy metals in there? Is there something that’s should not be in there completely? A couple of years ago the New York Attorney General sent letters to places like Target and Walgreens and GNC and some other big retailers that had private label supplements on the shelf that they had tested the supplements for things like ginkgo biloba and Rhodiola and found there was nothing in the capsule but wheatgrass. Right? So that’s why I say, do not buy a private label from any of these retailers, unless they can prove what’s in their capsule or tablet. 1:03:01.3 Ashley James: Right. 1:03:01.7 David Tomen: The other thing to look for is the US Pharmacopeia. If it’s USP verified, that can be good and bad. That can be good because somebody went into that facility and tested their products and verified that what’s in the capsule or tablet is really in there and they have the USP stamp of approval on it. Where this does not help is when it comes to things like vitamins and minerals because you don’t really want a USP Pharmacopoeia stamp of approval on vitamins and minerals because the minerals are ground up rock and something that your body can’t use. NSF International is an independent non-profit organization that provides certification for dietary supplements. You can look for their seal. Lab Door is an international and independent company who buys products off of retail shelves and online, and then they test them for active ingredients and potential contaminants and publish it on their website. Consumer Lab has got a similar kind of deal. It’s an independent subscription-based service that tests dietary supplements to see what’s in the capsule or tablet. But  a word of caution about Consumer Lab, because the company doesn’t disclose the brand names of supplements that fail their testing. 1:04:45.7 Ashley James: Ew. 1:04:46.7 David Tomen: If the manufacturer has paid them their $4,000 yearly fee. 1:04:52.6 Ashley James: Ew. So basically what they publish is safe, but they don’t publish anything that it might not be safe? 1:05:03.8 David Tomen: Right, yeah. I don’t completely trust Consumer Lab. 1:05:11.0 Ashley James: Well, if you can pay them off to have them not be a whistleblower then, yeah. 1:05:17.9 David Tomen: The other thing to look for is therapeutic dosages. The thing is that there is no therapeutic dosage. So if somebody says in their advertising or on the label that this has got a therapeutic dosage in it, for individual dietary supplements, there is no established therapeutic dosage. There is the dosage that we found through clinical studies and actual user experience to find out what works. 1:05:47.2 Ashley James: Right. 1:05:49.4 David Tomen: So it’s [inaudible 1:05:49.2] It is not true. The other thing to look for and this is extremely important, are the other ingredients. If you take a look at the back of a supplement bottle on the bottom of the list of ingredients, there is a thing called “other ingredients.” And under other ingredients are things to help increase shelf life, to bind tablets together, to improve consistency, to improve moisture resistance, to help stabilize ingredients, to add bulk like to fill a capsule, and to add color and flavor – all the stuff that you don’t really need. Right? Some of this stuff could be really bad for you. Cellulose is a binding or a thickening agent that you’ll see on a lot of supplements. It’s cellulose. It doesn’t do anything. It’s not good for you. It’s not bad for you. It just shouldn’t be in there. Magnesium stearate or vegetable stearate or stearic acid is a flow agent or a lubricant that speeds up their manufacturing process. So it stops the ingredients from sticking to the mechanical equipment, and it’s also added to tablets to make it easier to swallow. The problem with magnesium stearate is it suppresses your natural killer T-cells. 1:07:20.7 Ashley James: Oh no. 1:07:24.3 David Tomen: And you can see magnesium stearate in a lot of supplements, even big brand names that you would otherwise trust. Titanium dioxide is a pigment used to provide color. The problem with titanium dioxide is that it leads to mitochondrial dysfunction. It damages astrocyte cells, which leaves them unable to absorb glutamate and it induces potent oxidative stress and mitochondrial damage in luteal cells. Silica is an anti-clumping agent that stops ingredients to mechanical equipment that you see in a lot of supplements. Probably the safest one that you’ll see there is rice flour. It’s used as a filler. I look for supplements that have as few as or no extra ingredients. The companies that I mentioned that I’m an affiliate for on Nootropics Expert – Performance Lab and Mind Lab Pro, there is zero other ingredients in their products. 1:08:31.8 Ashley James: Very cool. 1:08:33.3 David Tomen: Zero. Nothing. Zip. The other thing that you want to look for is bio availability, which is really important when it comes to things like turmeric because turmeric is really poorly absorbed. So you want to find a turmeric supplement that the manufacturer has – you’ll see patented turmeric or curcumin ingredients that manufacturers have found some way to make them more bioavailable. One way to make turmeric more bioavailable is to take with Bioperine or piperine. Clinical studies show that it increases absorption by 2,000%. 1:09:17.1 Ashley James: Wow. 1:09:18.8 David Tomen: Another example is L-tyrosine, which is the amino acid that is directly involved in the synthesis of dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. The problem is that it’s not very bioavailable and it’s not officially absorbed when it’s taken as a nootropic supplement for some people. So to boost the bioavailability of L-tyrosine, they add an acetyl group to it, so it’s called N-acetyl L-tyrosine or NALT. And that seems to boost availability. I find that my body can use either one or the other, but some people can only use L-tyrosine. Some people can only use NALT. You want to make sure they’re in the right form and that when they’re stacked with other ingredients that they’re working synergistically together and not working against each other. And that is a completely other subject, that’s for a whole other podcast because there’s too much to talk about there. But you’ve got have the right ingredients put together and the right dosages for the thing to work. And the last thing is extracts versus the whole herb. Sometimes an extract will work better than a whole herb. Lion’s mane mushroom, for example, some people will argue that the whole fruit works better than an extract, but there are other products were the extract, like an extract of turmeric or curcumin for example that works better for some things. So, just be aware of that. One particular supplement could be more effective if it’s in an extract and another supplement could be more effective if you’re using the whole herb. So, that’s it. I got a little checklist and I kind of like do this automatically while I’m looking. Brand name; quality which includes country of origin and certificate of analysis or certified organic; certification which includes certificate of analysis, bioavailability, other ingredients, and extracts. I go through that in my head before I choose something. 1:11:58.0 Ashley James: Very good. I like that it was thorough. I really like that. 1:12:05.4 David Tomen: Because there’s so much garbage out there. 1:12:07.9 Ashley James: Oh yeah, totally. I had a guy on the show all about mushrooms, and he has been in the mushroom industry for over 30 years. He was a farmer of mushrooms and then got into medicinal mushrooms, and now he has a company that grows them organically in China, and he talked about how most mushrooms, and he talked about the difference between myceliated mushroom and the actual whole mushroom. Micilianated means that the farmer here, let’s say in the U.S., you get this lion’s mane supplement and you’re all excited because it says, “grown organically in the U.S.” And you think, “Excellent, what’s grown in the U.S. must be better than what’s grown in China.” And you take it, and nothing happens because it’s myceliated which means that took a bunch of rice and then they put lion’s mane to grow in it as like a mushroom and the lion’s mane made little sort of mushroom roots, the mycelia. And then they took the entire batch including all mostly rice and grounded up and popped it into a capsule, and then they say, “You know there’s some rice in there for whatever filler.” I don’t even know if they have to declare that the rice is there because it’s part of the farming practice, but that it’s 90% rice and only 10% lion’s mane and you take 2 a day thinking you’re getting 2 full capsules of lion’s mane when you’re not. And he has little experiment; he said go get some iodine which you can get at a drugstore and take it 2 capsules of your mushroom supplement and dump it into a little glass of water and mix it up and then put a few drops of iodine. If it turns black, then it is myceliated. It’s 90% rice or some kind of cornstarch or something – you know if it’s not rice, then it’s corn. But they grow it in basically a grain, and so your mushroom supplement is not pure if the water turns black because iodine reacts to the starch. 1:14:20.9 David Tomen: What color does it turn up, if it’s real mushroom? 1:14:25.4 Ashley James: I think it doesn’t react. It’s just iodine color. 1:14:32.6 David Tomen: What a great idea. 1:14:33.6 Ashley James: Because iodine turns black when exposed to starch. I mean you could take cornstarch and put iodine in it, it’s gonna turn into a really dark color. It’s gonna change color. 1:14:42.5 David Tomen: They used to call it black porridge in Russia. The iodine in potato starch, anyway that’s a whole other story. There’s a supplement company that I just started working with that came over from Kazakhstan that based all of their research off of this guy in Russia who ended up in the goo log and saved the entire goo log from dying of dysentery with black porridge, and it was iodine and potato starch. 1:15:14.2 Ashley James: Very interesting. Yeah, it turned black exactly. So that what happens. You can use iodine to basically test the purity of your mushroom supplement. But just to complement your elaborate checklist of what to go through when looking for quality, it’s not necessarily where a supplement is created. I guess I just had a bit of ignorance around that. I thought if it’s from the U.S. or if it’s from Canada, then it must be the best or much better than if it’s from Asia – it’s just not true. That yes, Asia can have contaminated water, contaminated air just like we can, but that this one man that I had on the show, he said that his mushroom farms are in this part of China that’s on the mountains where the cleaner air and the mountain water and he has all of his stuff tested in China, and then he comes back and has it tested again for heavy metals and all that kind of stuff. We want to go through your checklist to make sure that the lab tests are available or the company is willing to share it  and that it’s off that batch, not just from any batch and that they’re comfortable with things being certified organic and having third-party lab tests to prove that they’re safe. And so, we just want to be diligent when going through these supplements. I really like your tip on taking 750mg of L-tryptophan at night. if someone feels that their serotonin might be low, my naturopath put me on serotonin because I eat a really clean diet and I was noticing that – and what I mean by really clean is no processed sugar, no junk food, plant-based, and I was having these cravings at night and I was feeling sort of a little bit down. I would not say depressed by any means, but just a little bit low, and she thought this might be serotonin. I also told her that I take melatonin at night to fall asleep. So she gave me 100mg of 5 HTP to take in the morning, and I started digging into all the studies and I saw that there were studies were they did 500mg in short term, 2 and 4 week increments and the people that they did it are people who were obese and had cravings and that those people after taking 500mg a day of 5 HTP would naturally just didn’t want to consume as much carbohydrates and so they lost weight. 1:18:17.9 David Tomen: Interesting. 1:18:18.8 Ashley James: Yeah. I thought that was interesting. So I decided to do a plain experiment on myself, and I doubled the those that my naturopath gave me. I did 100 in the morning and 100 at night, and I promptly began to feel horrible and had to run to the bathroom. It actually gave 3 days of diarrhea, that’s the only change I did. And so, of course, I love experimenting on myself. So I did this experiment a few times just to prove that yes, increasing it was not great, but I also noticed that I felt kind of airy like in a really happy way. I mean I don’t drink, but it was almost like my brain just felt a little fuzzy, but in a spacey – I just want to space out and watch cartoons kind of way. So it was definitely doing something, altering my chemistry but in going too far in one direction, I’d say. Actually what’s really interesting I think is that for the first few days of taking 5 HTP, I noticed a huge increase in cravings and I thought, what is going on? [Laughter] I since stopped taking it, but I did take it for a few months, and I feel as though my body then just adapted to it, and I started to feel normal again. And now that I’m off it, I don’t really feel any different. I do have a listener who told me that she found herself one morning inconsolably crying in her kitchen, I think she said. And she couldn’t figure out why she was so depressed until she realized she had ran out of 5 HTP 3 or 4 days prior. So she got back on it and promptly began to feel like her wonderful self again. And so she says anytime she runs out of it she just feels horrible, and when she gets on it, she feels amazing. So for some people, these Nootropics are quite life changing. 1:20:20.5 David Tomen: For a lot of people they’re really life-changing, but every single body is unique and different. And how you react is oftentimes completely different to how I’m gonna react to something. 1:20:37.0 Ashley James: Right. 1:20:38.6 David Tomen: You mentioned too about food and your diet. One of the things that I did when I got really sick about 6 years ago, hypothyroid and stuff, I really cleaned up my diet. But one of the things that I discovered since is that you can clean up your diet so that you’ve got the cleanest diet on earth and you’re eating the best food that man produces on earth, and you’re still lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. You just are, because our food supply cannot provide the nutrients that our body and brain needs to function properly anymore. 1:21:19.9 Ashley James: Yeah, it’s amazing. 1:21:23.6 David Tomen: There was a randomized placebo-controlled trial at North 1:21:28.0?? University with 215 health men aged 30 to 55. These guys were given a multivitamin or a placebo for 33 days. These guys were tested at the beginning of the study and then again at the end of the study for mood, stress, memory, and general health. After 33 days of using a daily multivitamin, the researchers reported a significant improvement in general mental health, reduced stress, increased vigor, and overall improvement in mood. And the men who used multivitamins during the trial also showed improved memory and reduced mental fatigue. The placebo group experienced no significant changes. 1:22:11.7 Ashley James: Amazing. 1:22:13.2 David Tomen: Now, why is this? It’s a problem with our food supply. A lot of the reasons why we’re sick with one thing or another is because we’re not getting the nutrients that we need. There was a study in 2004 on fruits and vegetables, and they found that everything from protein, iron, vitamin C significantly declined since 1950 and they looked at the data for 13 nutrients across 43 vegetable crops. And research of fruits and vegetables show that minerals, vitamins, and protein content has dropped significantly over the last 15 to 70 years. But the problem is not just big agra, right? And problem with the depleting soil, there’s also a problem with our air. There’s a guy named Irakli Loladze who’s a mathematician by training, and he studied nutrient and vitamin levels in plants for 15 years. And Loladze found that the earth’s atmosphere had 200 parts per million of carbon dioxide before the industrial revolution and last year they’re playing across over 400 parts per million for carbon dioxide. Now, that might seem like a good thing because plants thrive on carbon dioxide. Higher  carbon dioxide levels aid in photosynthesis which means that increased plant growth and more food, but the problem is that this increase in rapid growth also leads to plants that are creating more carbohydrates like glucose instead of other nutrients that our bodies and brains need like protein, iron, and zinc. 1:23:58.6 Ashley James: Oh my gosh. 1:24:01.5 David Tomen: Yeah, it’s just the air. And so everybody that I talked to, I say, “Are you using a multivitamin?” Because you have to, it is the simplest, simplest thing that you can do for your health. But the problem also is choosing the wrong multivitamin, because you can go to the drugstore or into your supermarket and you can see Centrum and One a Day, and you look at the label, and you have no idea what you’re looking at. What you’re looking at is you’re looking at vitamin B1 that exist in food in the form of thiamine pyrophosphate, the vitamin B1 in that Centrum multivitamin is thiamine mononitrate which is a coal tar derivative. 1:24:55.9 Ashley James: A coal tar  derivative. 1:24:59.5 David Tomen: Yeah. 1:25:00.2 Ashley James: You’ve got to be kidding me. 1:25:01.6 David Tomen: No. you can go through the whole list of vitamins, and then you go through the list of minerals. And the minerals are basically and literally ground up rock. 1:25:14.7 Ashley James: Well iron, is it like iron oxide or something which is basically rust? 1:25:19.4 David Tomen: No. 1:25:21.0 Ashley James: It’s not bioavailable. 1:25:23.1 David Tomen: Iron is very bioavailable if it comes from a plant. 1:25:26.6 Ashley James: Right. 1:25:28.9 David Tomen: So what you want to do is you want to find a whole food or a raw food multivitamin that has been grown from something like yeast. They grow it from other things like brewer’s yeast that has the same cofactors. It’s exactly the same thing that you get from food. But you gotta be careful because when you’re looking at these labels, if it says, “No USP nutrients” or “100% food” or “No synthetic nutrients,” you know that it’s artificial. 1:26:07.1 Ashley James: Why? 1:26:11.2 David Tomen: 100% food-based vitamins are grown in yeast culture. So you’ll something that has 16 natural capsules, and it says, “Yeast free” that’s a big dangerous signal right there. Because if it says yeast free on the label, you know that it’s synthetic. A really good multivitamin, if you open it up and it smells like yeast – like what you find in the kitchen, it’s good. So Performance Lab, the company that I am an affiliate for came up with a multivitamin that’s got just nutrients, just the vitamins and minerals and nothing else. There’s no other added ingredients or anything, and everything is grown from yeast, and it’s the first time that I’ve actually taken a multivitamin that I actually felt the difference. 1:27:06.6 Ashley James: Very cool. 1:27:09.6 David Tomen: I felt better using this thing. I wrote an article about this, and I’ve got pictures of the labels in this post, about what you typically find on these multivitamins and it’s just scary. It’s scary, and when you see headlines like “Experts say that taking multivitamins a waste of time because all you’re doing is you’re peeing the stuff out.” Well yeah, it’s true you’re peeing it out because it’s inorganic and your body isn’t using it. 1:27:53.3 Ashley James: But also in order for you to even to get to your kidneys, you absorbed it and went into your bloodstream and bathe every cell in your body. 1:28:04.7 David Tomen: Yeah. You did some kind of damage. [Laughter] 1:28:08.9 Ashley James: So are you saying that niacin or the B vitamins that are grown in yeast don’t change the color or urine at all? 1:28:20.1 David Tomen: Yeah, they will. 1:28:21.4 Ashley James: They do change the color of urine? 1:28:24.8 David Tomen: Sure, they can. 1:28:25.6 Ashley James: Right. But when someone starts peeing more fluorescent yellow and then someone says, “Well, you’re just peeing out your vitamins.” So let’s assume that what they took was a healthy multivitamin that was plant-derived, their body absorbed it into their bloodstream and bathe every cell in their body, their cells were able to utilize it and because they’re water soluble the kidneys immediately start to remove any excess but at least it got to every cell in the body and usually what happens between 2 and 4 weeks of taking a really good quality of multivitamin that the color of their urine will go back to normal, also presuming that they’re drinking enough water. The body then becomes better at utilizing all the nutrients that it’s being  given. You brought up Centrum. People don’t even absorb it. There’s a man I met who owns a company in Florida, a porta potty business and there’s a catch that catches things and then when they go to clean them, it catches like it’s associated through a stone in there. The catch would catch these hard objects, so when they’re cleaning them, they can tell you which Centrum the person took because it still says Centrum Silver on it after it’s been sitting in a porta potty. 1:30:01.7 David Tomen: That’s amazing. 1:30:04.1 Ashley James: And gone through someone’s digestive tract. We don’t even digest or absorb these over the counter. 1:30:12.4 David Tomen: And people don’t know. 1:30:13.4 Ashley James: Right. 1:30:15.3 David Tomen: They don’t know that when they take a multivitamin, it should make them feel better. [Laughter] It really should. They should actually feel the difference. 1:30:25.3 Ashley James: Right. Yeah. 1:30:27.1 David Tomen: I do, and I eat well too. 1:30:31.6 Ashley James: Right. And I wanted to ask you what your thoughts were on a healthy diet for the brain. Are there foods that are known to support brain health? Or just a general diet overall, what foods are best for brain health? 1:30:46.9 David Tomen: The nutrients that you get from fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. Healthy fats are really important because you gotta think that your brain is  60% fat, right? Most of that fat in your brain is DHA. So eating good grass-fed meats, for example, or wild seafood like wild salmon – is the best brain health and for overall health, but you still need a multivitamin on top of that. 1:31:32.6 Ashley James: You know I was really sick about 8 years ago. I had type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue, and chronic infections. I was told I’d never have kids since I was 19 seeing an endocrinologist. They told me I’d never have kids and I had polycystic ovarian syndrome and infertility. My husband turned on some random podcast interview. This was 9 years ago with a naturopath who was talking about just like what you’re talking about how as a society we are completely deficient, especially in 60 minerals. But we’re completely deficient because we can. no longer get all the nutrients, all the 16 vitamins, the 12 amino acids, the 2 fatty acids, the 60 minerals – we can’t them in the quantities we need anymore for multiple reasons like you’ve mentioned – the higher levels of carbon dioxide. If that’s higher, then the plant is just gonna grab it more which is we want plants to do that to filter the air, but it’s gonna end up creating more sugar, more carbohydrates, and less of everything else in each plant. So even if we’re just eating a vegan diet, we’re still not getting what we got 100 years ago. But the farming practices in the last 150 years, the farmers have not re-mineralized their soil, they only put an NPK back in, and if you go to an organic farm, they put compost in, but we’re not re-mineralizing soil. And so if spinach isn’t grown in iron-rich soil, it’s not going to be a good source of spinach. I love it when people say, “I eat 3 Brazil nuts a day for my selenium.” And my question to them is how do you know they were grown in selenium-rich soil because plants do not make minerals. And so this naturopath was going on about this, and by the end of the interview I called him up because I was so intrigued. My husband actually urged me, too; please call this guy. We were suffering. We got to do something about this. I switched my diet around; within days, I started to feel better. I could not believe. Actually, within 24 hours, my constant hunger went away because I had these horrible blood sugar swings. Within 5 days, my energy came back, it’s like I got my brain back, and within 3 months, I was no longer diabetic. My chronic adrenal fatigue subsided. it took us just a few years, but we conceived naturally without doing anything else other than cleaning our diet and taking supplements. 1:34:25.6 David Tomen: Isn’t it amazing? 1:34:26.1 Ashley James: Yeah and we have a healthy, wonderful 4-year-old boy and none of these would have been possible had it not been for hearing a naturopath. See, the things you’re saying today which is we need these nutrients. Now, maybe someone’s motivation is they want Nootropics because they need to be sharper at work or they’re sick of being tired and unmotivated or depressed or whatever’s going on or they want to prevent dementia because it’s in their family history. So these are all great motivations to explore Nootropics and what I’m hearing you say is that you can’t just take a Nootropic and go to McDonalds and not take a multivitamin. We need to do everything. We need to have a healthy lifestyle. And in the Nootropics with our healthy lifestyle is going to support us overall. 1:35:22.9 David Tomen: Another example is L-tyrosine will not turn into dopamine without the B vitamins. It just won’t. 1:35:38.2 Ashley James: Right. So it’s cofactors. The body needs everything so we gotta do it. You mentioned some foods that are really good. What foods are really bad for brain health? 1:35:50.7 David Tomen: Processed food because the junk in processed food and the way it’s processed just causes so much inflammation that things are breaking down in your brain and in your body. 1:36:02.9 Ashley James: Right. There’s one naturopath that says that oil in a bottle, any kind of oil – cooking oil, don’t do it. It damages the circulatory system. He says don’t eat nitrates or nitrites which are in a lot of deli meats. Now you can get at Applegate organic, no nitrates or nitrites. This naturopath was a pathologist before he became a naturopath, so he had an intimate understanding of how this stuff works. Nitrates and nitrites will cross the blood-brain barrier and damage it and get clogged there, and they also will clog the kidneys and further exacerbate kidney damage. He takes people who are on dialysis and gets them off of these processed food and off of deli meats and of course get some multivitamin and minerals, but their kidney function improved greatly and even to the point of getting off of dialysis, but that they can seriously damage their kidneys by eating bacon for example, or deli meats with nitrates and nitrites. I thought that was fascinating. Then he also talked about foods that are burnt and fried cause [inaudible 1:37:23.0] which again cause oxidative damage to the circulation, the circulatory system of the brain. So inflammation in the brain like you talked about. Yeah, pretty much if we avoid processed foods or avoiding all the foods that he warns people against. If we lived a lifestyle to make our brain healthy, then everything else seems to fall in place, doesn’t it? 1:37:53.6 David Tomen: That’s the reason why I called my book “Head First,” because if you take care of your head first, then other things seem to fall into place. 1:38:03.6 Ashley James: I love it. Do you have any stories of success after publish your book and people reading it and applying everything you teach to their life, do you have any stories success or memorable that you’d like to share? 1:38:18.1 David Tomen: Nothing that I really can share because if somebody can take a look at the comments section on Nootropics Expert and look at the testimonials, and if somebody published their name, then I generally don’t talk about stuff like that because you’re talking about stuff that I treat as confidential. I know that sounds like I’m skirting around it, but that’s just kind of like the way I look at this. This is other people’s business if they want to tell their story. They do tell their stories in the comments section because I see over and over again, “Thank you, David, so much for providing this information. You changed my life.” But there’s nothing that I would want to broadcast in a podcast necessarily. 1:39:14.3 Ashley James: Ok. Awesome. This has been really informative, and I definitely want to have you on the show to dive deeper because there’s so much more that we can explore. 1:39:30.1 David Tomen: We can dive into depression, anxiety, ADHD, anti-aging, TBI, PTSD. 1:39:44.0 Ashley James: I’ll leave it up to the listeners. So after I post this episode, I’ll ask our Facebook group. Those who are listening can go to www.learntruehalth.com/Group or search Learn True Health on Facebook and join the group and comment. I’ll make a post that’s an announcement and comment on it what you would like David to elaborate on or explore, what additional questions you have for him and we’ll make sure we cover those in our next interview with him. Well, thank you so much, David for coming on the show. Is there anything left unsaid? Is there anything that you’d like to say to wrap up today’s interview 1:40:19.3 David Tomen: If you have an issue with your brain, please go to www.nootropicsexpert.com And to get you started, there’s a free book that you can download called “Secrets of the Optimized Brain.” It’s about 75 pages and all it is, is page after page of nootropic supplements, it gives you a brief explanation of that, and how much to take. Then there’s my book “Head First” which is nearly 600 pages, and that’s like a manual on your brain. The first chapter is kind of like my story. The second chapter is how your brain works, which kind of like supports everything that I talk about and then the bulk of the book is individual supplements that I reviewed – what they are, where they come from, why we use them, how much to take effect, and the types to buy. And then the last 2 chapters are suggested stacks, best Nootropics for ADHD, depression, anxiety, learning, and memory that kind of thing. So you can get that at Nootropics Expert. I’ve also got close to a hundred videos now on the YouTube channel that’s turned out to be very, very popular. So please visit me on YouTube and just please visit Nootropics Expert, I’d love to help you out if I can. 1:41:44.3 Ashley James: Absolutely. I’m curious. So far it sounds like everything’s for adults, do you have any information for children or teenagers, is the dosing different or have you looked into sort of the pediatric application? 1:41:58.6 David Tomen: I’m starting to take a deep dive into the pediatric thing for a client in India, but there are some things that I just warn people don’t use if you’re a teenager or younger than 21 and other things, just be careful of the dosage. But I’m doing a deep-dive now into pediatric, and I should have more in the next month or two. 1:42:25.9 Ashley James: Very cool. Excellent. Thank you so much, David Tomen. It’s been wonderful having you on the show. Can’t wait to have you back. 1:42:31.7 David Tomen: Absolutely, my pleasure. Ashley, thank you for having me. — Outro: Hello, true health seeker. Have you ever thought about becoming a health coach? Do you love learning about nutrition and how we can shift our lifestyle and our diet so that we can gain optimal health and happiness and longevity? Do you love helping your friends and family to solve their health problems and to figure out what they can do to eat healthier? Are you interested in becoming someone who can grow their own business, support people in their success? Do you love helping people? You might be the perfect candidate to become a health coach. I highly recommend checking out The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I just spent the last year in their health coaching certification program, and it really blew me away. It was so amazing. I learned over a hundred dietary theories. I learned all about nutrition, but from a standpoint of how we can help people to shift their lives and shift their lifestyle to gain true holistic health, I definitely recommend you check them out. 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19 Jun 2019

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118 Heal Your Hunger - Emotional Eating, Food Addiction and Overeating - with Tricia Nelson and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

The Underlying Cause of Emotional Eating http://learntruehealth.com/emotional-eating-tricia-nelson Emotional Eating is common especially when you are stressed.  However, most people do not realize this leads to very serious health disorders. American Psychological Association (APA) reports that majority of American adults are overweight or obese. Hence, the risk for Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease is increased. Furthermore, the research reveals a connection between stress and emotional eating. Bodies store more fat than when people are stressed.  In addition to that, cravings are usually for sweet and fatty foods.  As a result, people feel lazy or sluggish. Thirty-eight percent of adults say they have overeaten or eaten unhealthy foods in the past month because of stress. Half of these adults report engaging in these behaviors weekly or more. Thirty-three percent of adults blame it on stress while twenty-seven percent say they eat to manage stress. On the other hand, thirty-four percent say this behavior is a habit. Causes of Emotional Eating Tricia Nelson, an emotional eating expert says, "Emotional eating is not only about overeating. It has a lot to do with the food you're drawn do as well."  She adds, " People know what excess food is doing to them. Unfortunately, people don't think about what it's doing for them." Doctors have identified that some common causes of emotional eating are: Anxiety Childhood Obesity Depression Fatigue "People think emotional eating is about food and weight. But the emotional part has everything to do with it. We eat because we get stressed out. We get to that tipping point where we just can't take it anymore. And we reach for food," Nelson explains. "That tipping point happens when we're filled with so much stress and anxiety that we bust out basically."  Tricia's Story Tricia Nelson has been battling emotional eating since her early 20s. After years of experimentation with 12-step programs, therapy, and self-help books, Tricia finally hit a spiritual and emotional bottom. None of the diets seemed to work for her. "I've been an emotional eater my entire life. Basically, I love food. Sugar, fat, and starch. Those were my food groups," says Nelson. "I ended up going to therapy." Tricia attended Amherst College and began her career working at the Seattle Art Museum. While in Seattle she began working with a spiritual healer, Roy Nelson who would later become her husband. Roy helped her recognize and heal the root causes of her addictions. By creating a positive lifestyle, Tricia was able to stop drinking and emotional eating. She has maintained a fifty-pound weight loss for close to 30 years now. Ways to Curb Emotional Eating When you look at holistic medicine, true health is emotional, mental and spiritual. If you have an imbalance in one you have an imbalance in all because it's all inter-connected. WebMD comprises a team of medical doctors specializing in various fields.  Here are some of their recommendations to help you get your mind off emotional eating: Talk to a friend. Read a book or magazine, or listen to music. Go for a walk or jog. Meditate or do deep breathing exercises. Play a game. Do housework, laundry, or yard work. Write an email. Doctors also suggest keeping a food diary. It is a good idea to jot down your food intake and the time of your meal. You can also add the thoughts or emotions you have at each meal or snack. You may find patterns. For instance, you might notice that you eat for social reasons, such as when other people encourage you to eat or to fit in with a group. You may also want to work with a counselor in "talk therapy." It's a good place to plan other ways to handle your emotions and how you relate to food. Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now Tricia's book is set to come out this April.  It will be available through Amazon.com, Goodreads, Booksamillion and other fine retailers. "I caught the emotional eating personality. In the book, there's a chapter on the anatomy of an emotional eater. What is does is it explains a whole lot about personality traits that make up the emotional eater personality composite," Nelson explains. Nelson also says emotional eaters are a breed of their own, "Not all people are equal. And that's why I have the emotional eating quiz because there's a spectrum. Personally, I think we're all in the spectrum. We're all emotional eaters." "Food is too tantalizing. Everybody falls prey into it. It's just a matter of where you fall in the spectrum of severity and severity of consequences," Nelson says. "When you really do have the problem and you've been trying different things to overcome it, it's important to know that, if the things you tried haven't worked, it's because you're missing a vital information about the emotional eating personality." In the book, Tricia shares specific steps to help you get to the heart of why you overeat and how to stop. By identifying the underlying causes of emotional eating, Nelson says you can finally understand and heal your hunger.  Eventually, this will enable you to enjoy a life of total health and freedom. For added reading, her husband Roy also has a book called Love Notes from Heal.  The book is about addictions and the addictive personality. Tricia Nelson is an internationally acclaimed author, transformational speaker, and emotional eating expert. She has been featured on dozens of radio and television networks, including FOX, NBC, CBS, KTLA, and Discovery Health.  Together with husband Roy, they spent the past three decades studying the addictive personality. Nelson shares her findings in workshops and retreats both in person and online. Many doctors, psychologists, and other health practitioners benefit from her insight about what drives people to overeat and how to stop. Get connected with Tricia Nelson! Official Website Facebook  Twitter Book by Tricia Nelson Heal Your Hunger: 7 Simple Steps To End Emotional Eating Now Recommended Reading by Tricia Nelson Love Notes From Hell by Roy Nelson   The Links You Are Looking For: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Become A Health Coach Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: http://geti.in/2cksU87 Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If this episode made a difference in your life, please leave me a tip in the virtual tip jar by giving my podcast a great rating and review in iTunes! http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes Thank you! 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230 Why Fasting Can Cure Disease, Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Autoimmune, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Juicing, Plant Based, Whole Foods Diet, Leptin, Insulin Resistance, iThrive, True North Health Center, Dr. Alan Goldhamer and Ashley James on the

https://learntruehealth.com/ithrive to get the docuseries for free!   Fasting For Healing   http://learntruehealth.com/fasting-for-healing Fasting is a fantastic way to heal naturally from several health conditions. According to my guest today, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, fasting is safe and effective when done right. So read on to learn everything you need to know about this healing method.    Discovering Fasting   Dr. Alan Goldhamer recalls that when he was in 4th grade, his best friend Doug always beat him in basketball.  He wanted to get healthier to beat his best friend, and he happened to find a book about fasting by Herbert Shelton.   Herbert Shelton was  American author, naturopath, alternative medicine advocate, pacifist, and vegetarian. He was also a supporter of and fasting. But Dr. Alan Goldhamer still failed in beating Doug despite his efforts to fast and adopt a plant-based diet. Because apparently, his best friend Doug took the same program.  Pursuing A Medical Degree   As Dr. Alan Goldhamer got older, he met a chiropractor when he was 16 years old. That chiropractor said he had the best job in the world. He further explained that it's because the body did all the healing, the patient did all the work, and all he had to do was take credit for the good results. Since then, Dr. Alan Goldhamer decided that pursuing a medical degree was his calling.   Dr. Alan Goldhamer eventually went to a chiropractic school in Oregon. But he says it didn't give him the background that he wanted, which was to be able to take on certain kinds of treatments and specific conditions.    Due to his desire to learn more, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, later on, went to Pacific College of Osteopathic Medicine in Australia. He did his residency there and worked with hundreds of patients who kept getting well.   TrueNorth Health Center   In 1984, Dr. Alan Goldhamer felt it was time to go back to the United States with his wife who is also a doctor. Together they opened the TrueNorth Health Center. Fast forward today, it's been 33 years since they have been helping people recover their health using diet and lifestyle modification.    He shares that usually when people have diabetes, heart conditions or autoimmune disease, their physician will usually recommend taking 1 to 5 drugs. If you do exactly as you were told, Dr. Alan Goldhamer says those doctors will guarantee you'll never get well. According to him, that's the promise of conventional treatments for health conditions.   Track Record   "We have a program that ends the disease. But only if you also eat well, exercise and go to bed on time," said Dr. Alan Goldhamer. "Our alternative approach can get you healthy enough to eliminate the need for medications."   Most of Dr. Alan Goldhamer's patients were entirely able to remove medications by eliminating the reason why they needed the medication. Dr. Alan Goldhamer says it's really because of a management strategy towards healthy living.   Dr. Alan Goldhamer's patients who have diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, obesity and metabolic syndrome have benefited from fasting. The TrueNorth Health Center has also dealt with patients suffering from kidney diseases, although their fasting program is modified.   Furthermore, Dr. Alan Goldhamer also reveals that his team has done a fasting safety study. Hence, they assure everyone that fasting is safe as long as you follow the appropriate protocols.    In Dr. Alan Goldhamer's center, patients are appropriately screened and then undergo a physical exam, lab assessment, and monitoring. The center's patients are also seen twice a day by the center's staff of doctors wherein they evaluate every patient's clinical presentation.   "We had 174 consecutive patients who underwent fasting, and we have seen a wide variety of conditions," said Dr. Alan Goldhamer.   What Is Fasting?   Dr. Alan Goldhamer says that fasting has been around for a long time. Virtually most religious traditions recognize it as an essential component for a good reason.    "Fasting is a biological adaptation. If it weren't for fasting and the ability to fast, our species could not have done what we have done, which is wandering away from the tropics," Dr. Alan Goldhamer said.   Dr. Alan Goldhamer also reveals that because of the biological adaptation of fasting, human beings can go up to 70 days without eating. This is because our brain has changed from burning glucose to fat. So if you didn't burn fat, we would have to break our proteins down to provide glucose. And after a period, we would eventually die.   "We are capable of doing fasting. And at our TrueNorth Health Center, we have water fasting programs from 5 to 40 days. But we do not make our patients do fasting any longer than necessary to get the problem solved," said Dr. Alan Goldhamer.   The Truth About Salt   Dr. Alan Goldhamer says sodium is an essential nutrient without which we die. He says it is such a critical nutrient that our body is designed to detect it in minimal quantities. In fact, when you can taste natural sodium, you know that particular food is healthy for you.   "Salt tells you vegetables are good. But when you concentrate it, it artificially stimulates the dopamine production in the brain, and that leads to overeating. That's why people are fat and sick cause they eat salt or sugar," explains Dr. Alan Goldhamer.   Furthermore, Dr. Alan Goldhamer says salt has a whole bunch of problems when it is introduced in high concentration. Typically we'd be getting about have a milligram of sodium per calorie. But Dr. Alan Goldhamer says people in our culture are often eating 2 to 5 milligrams of sodium per calorie or even more.    "When we put salt in the food, the body has to hold fluid to neutralize and compensate for it. That's why blood pressure goes up. And it is also why many people aged 65 or older have hypertension," said Dr. Alan Goldhamer.   Dr. Alan Goldhamer also shares that salt also helps us get fat. Salt makes us eat more before we feel satisfied. And there's a lot of physiological consequences of excess sodium.    Among the physical effects of salt include:   Fluid retention Joint pains Edema Swelling Non-healing of wounds  Congestive heart failure Respiratory issues  "Avoid added salt. Get all the salt you need by eating whole plant foods, seeds, nuts, and fruits. You don't have to add highly processed foods which are full of chemicals," said Dr. Alan Goldhamer.   GMO   In episode 133 of the Learn True Health, Jeffrey Smith was my guest.  He is the creator of anti-GMO documentaries and GMO awareness.    Jeffery Smith discussed that there was a study in Canada. The study found that eating GMO foods, specifically B2 corn, created the B2 toxin which explodes the stomach of insects. They discovered that when we eat that type of corn, GMO genes get into the bacteria of the gut.    Over time, the gut started creating the B2 toxin inside of people. Even if they no longer eat corn, their body was still very concentrated with the B2 toxin.    "We have to figure out how to make plants more resistant to chemicals produced by companies. A great way to reset is through fasting and whole foods plant diet. Only then will clinical symptoms begin to improve," Dr. Alan Goldhamer said.   Dr. Alan Goldhamer also shares that his team just completed a study with their colleague, Luigi Fontana at Washington University. For the first time, they looked at the microbiome before and after fasting. They are already done with sample collection and data is currently being processed.   Dr. Alan Goldhamer's Diet   Dr. Alan Goldhamer usually eats any of the following for breakfast: fresh fruit, leafy greens like lettuce, cucumber, and celery. Sometimes he alternates between oatmeal, cornmeal, nuts or seeds.    For lunch or dinner, he usually indulges in large salads and steamed vegetables. He pairs it with a serving of complex carbohydrates like potatoes, rice beans, sweet potato, and squash. If he goes hungry between mealtimes, he usually satisfies his hunger pangs with another salad.   Ideally, the diet has to be very nutrient-rich and low density. Dr. Alan Goldhamer stresses that whether raw or cooked, he is more concerned about what his patients are eating rather than how they are preparing it.    Best Diet Choices   Dr. Alan Goldhamer believes that raw foods and vegetables are not always possible to get enough total calories in, without overdoing the sugar or the fat. He says that it is vital to see sufficient calories in the diet which is 10 to 12% of calories from protein, 5 to 18% from fat, and the balance of complex carbohydrates.  As far as juicing is concerned, Dr. Alan Goldhamer believes that it is indeed suitable for people who can't eat whole foods. But he says the best solution to gain optimal health is to eat whole foods.   "We're advocating a whole plant food diet with limited amounts of concentrated high-fat foods," said Dr. Alan Goldhamer. "You also have to eliminate foods like meat, fried foods, eggs, salt, oil, and sugar. It's not about changing the food that you have to worry about but rather changing the palate."   Bio Dr. Alan Goldhamer is a graduate of Western States Chiropractic College and the Pacific College of Osteopathic Medicine and for 34 years has been the director of the TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa CA. TrueNorth is the largest facility in the world specializing in medically supervised water-only fasting. He is the author of the Health Promoting Cookbook and the co-author of The Pleasure Trap.   Dr. Alan Goldhamer is the principal investigator in numerous studies involving fasting that have been published in the peer-reviewed medical literature.   Get To Know Dr. Alan Goldhamer!   Official Website Books by Dr. Alan Goldhamer The Health Promoting Cookbook The Pleasure Trap  Recommended Link:  Learn True Health - Episode 133   The Links You Are Looking For: Support Us on Patreon & Join the Learn True Health Book Club!!! 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294 The Amazing Benefits of Transdermal Magnesium to Help Hormone Health, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune, Seizures, Blood Pressure, Detoxification, Restless Legs, Anxiety, Cortisol, Sleep and Fatigue, Living The Good Life Naturally, Kristen Bowen, Ashley James,

www.livingthegoodlifenaturally.com Use coupon code LTH for 10% off! Magnesium Foot Soak http://learntruehealth.com/magnesium-foot-soak I have been raving about my guest’s magnesium foot soak for some time now. Magnesium has proven to be such an important component of health. But a magnesium foot soak is much more effective in getting it into our body. To further explain the benefits of a magnesium foot soak, I’m thrilled to have Kristen Bowen on the show. Health Issues Kristen Bowen said she had health issues even as a little girl. But rather than digging into the cause, her parents kept putting band-aids on it. During her teenage years, Kristen Bowen grew out of her health issues. But reaching her early 20s the autoimmune issues started to kick in. The big crash happened in 2003. Kristen Bowen says that time, she had a baby and was having some bladder issues as well as leaking. Upon the advice of her sisters, Kristen Bowen went to an OB-gyne to get her bladder tied up. Seizures During Kristen Bowen’s gallbladder surgery, her heart kept stopping. After surgery, she started having seizures, and her body just started crashing. In the course of three and a half years, she ended up in a wheelchair. However, Kristen Bowen’s husband never gave up. Being 36 years old at that time, a good day for her was opening her eyes on the couch. It also affected her six children. Two kids were newly adopted at the time, and her health issues were added stress on any child. As much they wanted to be smooth and strong for the kids, no doctors could do anything. Ray Of Hope One day, Kristen Bowen and her husband happened to listen to a radio show and heard a physician’s assistant talking about out of the box solutions. They felt a ray of hope that someone will finally listen to them. They finally went to see that doctor who indeed listened to them. Although he was clueless about Kristen Bowen’s condition, he wanted to do some research. After a month, they met up again. The doctor found something that he was interested in and asked Kristen Bowen if she was willing to try it out. “And what he found was, people with autoimmune who went into surgery had a reaction to the metal in the titanium. Even though the thinking at the time was that titanium was inert. He suggested to redo the bladder tie up and take the titanium out. That was a huge decision to make,” recalls Kristen Bowen. During surgery, the doctor found that Kristen Bowen’s cadaver graft did not have a tracking number. Hence, the assumption was that her cadaver graft was bought on the black market and it had molds on it.  “The molds shut my body down. Even moments after that surgery, I knew something was better. Because I could think and process. At that point we knew we made the right decision,” said Kristen Bowen. “But it left me with all sort of issues. The quality of my life was low, so I searched out of the box solutions.”  Building A Strong Foundation It was about twelve to fourteen weeks when Kristen Bowen’s seizures completely stopped and went away. She now teaches clients not to chase symptoms and build a strong foundation instead. “Chasing symptoms is expensive, and it leaves you with a cupboardful of supplements that you quit using because it doesn’t work,” said Kristen Bowen. “Magnesium is that foundation and doing a magnesium foot soak gets you that cell saturation. You can’t get it orally with oral magnesium.”  Magnesium Foot Soak The first time Kristen Bowen heard of a magnesium foot soak was when a lady suggested it to her. When it successfully helped her recover her health, Kristen Bowen vowed to share the magnesium foot soak with other people. “My company is about helping people and making a difference. It is showing information and education so that people can make the best decisions for the journey of where they are at,” said Kristen Bowen. Describing what a magnesium foot soak feels like, Kristen Bowen says it was like a sponge soaking up needed nutrition. She saw results for a year and a half when suddenly it quit working. “They changed where they got it from and the FDA the way it’s written; you don’t have to tell people if you put water and magnesium because it already has water in it. And they diluted it,” Kristen Bowen reveals.  She adds, “So, we had it tested. I don’t go for what a company says, and I test in an independent lab. It is imported from the cleanest source and contains undiluted pure magnesium from the Zechstein Sea in the Netherlands because magnesium from Russia is high in heavy metals.”  Thermal Imaging Testing Other companies dilute their magnesium soaks. And through a thermal imaging testing, Kristen Bowen proved that her 64-ounce bottle of Living the Good Life Naturally Magnesium contains 403 grams of magnesium chloride. An adult requires a quarter cup which is 24.42 grams of magnesium or 24.424 milligrams. When you do a magnesium foot soak for 20 minutes, the thermal imaging testing showed that the body absorbs 80% of that. After 45 minutes, the body absorbs 98% of the magnesium. Then some remain on skin as residue. 30-Day Challenge Kristen Bowen says our grandparents did not have to worry about magnesium because they were getting it from their food. On the other hand, we have to be current and understand what we need to focus on to build optimal health. Nowadays, we can’t get magnesium from our food, because of lifestyle, EMF, food, sugar, and stress. The 30-day challenge requires doing a magnesium foot soak every day for 30 days. And Kristen Bowen attests to the fact that a lot of people’s health improved significantly. Shame Cortisol There was also a number who initially failed to benefit from the magnesium foot soak. Kristen Bowen said she looked into the cases of those thirteen women and discovered something valuable. “What I learned rocked my world personally. I discovered that when there is rage cortisol, shame is quiet. It is internal and cannot be seen externally. That shame cortisol is so detrimental to healing. All these women have been tapped in to shame for years,” explains Kristen Bowen.  She adds, “And because they have lived with high cortisol levels, their bodies were not absorbing that magnesium. Because when cortisol levels go up, magnesium gets pushed out through the urine.” Because of that incident, Kristen Bowen wanted to help people understand how detrimental shame is. We must learn to understand the process of shame, what it feels like when you’re standing in shame and understand the connection that you’re walking away from your health at that point. So, in the case of those thirteen women, it has more to do with internal healing and creating a stronger mind-body connection. It took those women three months to utilize tools to work on the process of shame. Tools included journaling and energy work like emotional freedom techniques.  Magnesium Red Blood Cell Test The magnesium red blood cell test has two kinds of tests you can take to test your magnesium. One is a magnesium blood serum test. Magnesium is so important to your body to keep your blood at 1% saturation. And if that blood serum test shows you have a problem, you’re in massive crisis. Furthermore, Kristen Bowen says the magnesium red blood cell test tests the magnesium around each red blood cell. It gives a more intimate, accurate picture of how you are utilizing that magnesium that you are soaking in. And the optimal numbers are 6.3 to 7. For anyone who would want to avail of any lab testing, Kristen Bowen recommends Walk-In Lab.  The magnesium red blood cell test, in particular, is around $47 to 49 dollars, and there’s usually a coupon code online to avail of a discount. Gut Health According to Kristen Bowen, magnesium is also connected to the gut health and peristaltic action. They don’t work at that chronic constipation as a magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is also essential for the adrenals, and Kristen Bowen considers the adrenals the holding point for your health. “On the other hand, DHEA levels tell the hormones were to show up and where to go. Magnesium self-balances that. And not that magnesium is going to cure every hormone, but it’s going to build a good foundation for your hormones to start functioning and interacting better with each other,” said Kristen Bowen. Thyroid Health Kristen Bowen says magnesium is so vital to thyroid health and that conversion of t4 to t3. If you’re not converting from t4 to t3, your energy is going down. And then after the energy starts to sink, you start to put a spare tire around your waist of weight. That’s a t4 – t3 conversion issue and your body need magnesium to make that happen. “Some people’s bodies are excited to pick up that magnesium and they drop the potassium. Hence, they feel horrible,” said Kristen Bowen.  She adds, “Have half a teaspoon of baking soda, a half cup of water and drink that. That alkalinity will help bring balance back into the body. You can also drink some coconut water that’s rich in potassium.” Long-Term Benefits Kristen Bowen believes that oral magnesium will give you some short-term benefit. It also decreases peristaltic action. Furthermore, it slows that down in your digestive system, and it decreases your body’s ability to uptake nutrients from food. And she’s not willing to hand those long-term benefits for the short-term solutions. “The soak will get you the cell saturation. And the muscle cream is a great way to load up on magnesium in between your soaking and using it for spot treatments. As you feel a little bit better, you can add the B vitamins then boron or taurine,” Kristen Bowen said.   Giveaway As a bonus, Kristen Bowen is giving away two bottles of magnesium foot soak and magnesium cream. So, do join the Learn True Health Facebook group for more details. For those who want to purchase on her online store, there’s a generous discount as well. Just input coupon code LTH upon checkout. Sitting in a wheelchair, having daily seizures, losing her hair and being fed through tubes was finally enough to wake Kristen Bowen up to make some changes in her life. She wakes up every morning grinning because her clients are crushing it at a pace that blows her mind.  It helps her remember that everything that happened to her now serves as her greatest gift to help people tap into their health with ease and grace. This is more than a job to Kristen Bowen. It is her mission to touch as many people as she can to cut the overwhelm we all experience when it comes to creating the very best day we have ever lived. Get Connected with Kristen Bowen: Official Website Facebook Facebook – Living the Good Life Naturally Instagram – Kristen Bowen Instagram – Living the Good Life Naturally Recommended Reading by Kristen Bowen Healing Is Voltage by Jerry L. Tennant  ***** Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health From Naturopathic Doctors! Get Learn True Health's Seven-Day Course For FREE! Visit go.learntruehealth.com http://go.learntruehealth.com/gw-oi ***** Become A Health Coach-Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: https://bit.ly/2wgkLOU Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ***** Do You Have Anxiety? End Anxiety Now! Learn Two Powerful Mind Tricks for Removing Anxiety, Ending Worry, & Controlling Fear So It Stops Controlling You! Attend my FREE Webinar that Will Teach You How! Click Here! http://FreeYourAnxiety.com/webinar ***** Need Help Ordering The Right Supplements For You? Visit TakeYourSupplements.com, and a FREE health coach will help you! http://takeyoursupplements.com Do you have a blood sugar issue? I can help you achieve healthy, normal and balanced blood sugar naturally! ***** Visit BloodSugarCoach.com for your free 30min coaching call with Ashley James! http://www.BloodSugarCoach.com ***** I made a low-carb, gluten-free cookbook just for you! Download your FREE copy today! Visit learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook http://learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook ***** Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! ***** If this episode made a difference in your life, please leave me a tip in the virtual tip jar by giving my podcast a great rating and review in iTunes! http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes Thank you! Ashley James http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes ***** Enjoyed this podcast episode? 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234 The Worlds Most Powerful Superfood For Healing, Detoxification, and Energy, IBS, Chrons Disease, Algae, Chlorella, Spirulina, Cancer, Heavy Metals, with the Founder of EnergyBits Catharine Arnston and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

Detailed Show Notes Coming Soon! For Learn True Health Listeners: Get 20% off EnergyBits by using coupon code: LTH  Visit EnergyBits.com http://EnergyBits.com   Algae  http://learntruehealth.com/algae/ Algae is considered a superfood because it is not processed and is packed with minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.  It also has antioxidants which are why my guest today, Catharine Arnston is such a strong advocate for educating people about the benefits of algae. Discovering Algae Catharine Arnston is Canadian but currently lives in the United States. She discovered the benefits of algae when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago. Upon the advice of her sister’s oncologist, Catharine Arnston’s sister had to change to an alkaline diet to help her healing. So her diet was primarily green tea, green vegetables and had to eliminate acidic foods. Fast forward a decade later, Catharine Arnston’s sister celebrated ten years free of cancer this year. This whole experience made Catharine Arnston decide to give up her corporate career of 25 years to help people. Making A Difference Catharine Arnston eventually pursued further studies at the Institute For Integrative Nutrition. After graduation, she put up a nutrition counseling company wherein she offered a curriculum teaching people how to eat healthy greens. Catharine Arnston also gave free workshops for corporations and hospitals for almost a year, trying to convince people to eat more greens. Catharine Arnston primary goal was to find a hassle-free way for people to digest more greens. During her research in 2010, she suddenly thought of algae tablets. Surveys showed that her friends were willing to take algae tablets, so the venture looked very promising.  Origin Of Algae According to Catharine Arnston, algae has been used for hundreds of years. Documented for approximately the past 50 years, it is the most studied food in the world and has been known to improve health aspects of mental acuity and athletic performance. “Algae is the very first plant life on earth three and a half billion years ago and they have fossils to prove it. It has been around three or four years longer than we have,” said Catharine Arnston. “So there’s got to be something special about something on earth that has existed four times longer than we have. That’s why I feel blessed to be to one to explain to people the importance of algae.” Quality Of Products The algae that Catharine Arnston uses for her products is grown in Taiwan. Taiwan is world-renowned to have the highest quality algae and the highest quality controls in place because it is such a significant crop. All the other algae are grown in Japan, China, India, and a small amount in Hawaii. Apparently, algae have different attributes, flavors, and components like wine. Catharine Arnston says that the water they use for their products comes from a mountain. She also assures that their water is very clean since it is triple-filtered. “The company that is growing algae for us has been growing algae for 50 years. They have a GMP certification, an ISO 9000 certification, and is certified organic,” said Catharine Arnston. “The company has an Asian certification. Getting U.S. certification is complicated because it is not in America. We also have a 3rd party FDA lab here in the United States, where we test every batch.” Catharine Arnston proudly adds that they are by far, the only algae in America that are endorsed by doctors. Laboratory tests that show there is no metal and pesticides in Catharine Arnston’s ENERGYbits products. They are also the only company wherein the Chlorella products contain no lead. Competitive Industry Catharine Arnston attests that algae products are a multi-billion dollar industry in Asia. She says it is almost as big as the beef industry in the United States. But in making algae products mainstream, people have misconceptions about what algae are. “Nobody knows about it because it is food. It’s no different than broccoli. Biotech and pharma companies were interested in promoting algae because there’s no patent. You can’t patent broccoli or algae because it is just a vegetable,” said Catharine Arnston. Catharine Arnston further reveals that the companies selling algae in the United States tend to be just the same as the companies selling algae in Asia. Apparently, only the packaging is different. “Most of the product comes from China, and there’s insufficient quality control. So nobody knew for sure what they’re putting in their bodies. And to think they’re supposed to be taking this to improve their health,” Catharine Arnston said.  She adds,”Most chlorella products contain lead but not ours. There’s great uncertainty on who to trust. I had to be sure ours is the highest quality. So I started this journey after helping my sister.” Catharine Arnston also shares that the statistics of cancer and heart disease show that 98% of chronic illnesses are lifestyle and diet-related. That is why she is trying to help people understand how to be healthy, using the gifts from Mother Nature. Catharine Arnston’s goal is also to teach people how to differentiate the different kinds of algae, which ones are good for us and which algae to use for different purposes. Spirulina Algae There are about 15 strains of algae, and it is part of the seaweed family. But seaweed is grown in the ocean and does not have the same nutrients. In a category called algae, the only two that are produced as crops are spirulina and chlorella. Spirulina is known as the earth’s very first plant life. It is a blue-green algae wherein the blue color comes from a pigment called phycocyanin. “The blue pigment has incredible healing properties. One of which is that it stops cancer. It stops the growth of blood vessels to tumors or cancers and is called anti-angiogenesis,” explains Catharine Arnston. “Angiogenesis is when blood vessels are grown to support a tumor or cancer.” She adds,”There are certain foods and different things that have anti-angiogenesis properties that stop the growth of blood vessels. And the blue phycocyanin in spirulina is one of those things.”  Benefits Of Spirulina Catharine Arnston says we 99.9% can get all the protein within 15 minutes and literally within seconds if we chew spirulina. This is because all the protein in Spirulina is already in an amino acid form. And because there is nothing left for our body to break it down, it is instantly absorbable because it is technically a bacteria. “Spirulina is not a detoxifier. It is a cleanser. In Japan, when babies are born, they cannot digest mothers milk and would die otherwise. The only thing that keeps them alive is spirulina in water,” shares Catharine Arnston. “During my research, I looked at the nutrient profile and the amino acid profile of mother’s milk colostrum. It has the same nutrient profile as spirulina.” Chlorella On the other hand, chlorella does not have the blue pigment. It is a plant that contains the highest chlorophyll in the world. Chlorophyll is good for cleansing and it is also very healing.  “Most pigments and antioxidants are water-based. Chlorophyll is one of the few fat-based pigments and antioxidants,” Catharine Arnston said. “Our cells need fat. That’s what Omega 3 does. It helps heal the cell. So now, nutrients can easily flow into the cell, and toxins can easily flow out of the cell. That’s one of the benefits of chlorophyll.”  She adds, “It aids the health of the cell. If the cell wall and cells are healthy, the immune system will be healthy, and the mitochondria will be healthy. Everything will work a lot better.” Catharine Arnston also says only 10% chlorophyll gets absorbed in the stomach. The rest of the Chlorophyll stays in our gut and moves into our entire digestive tract, through the liver, and down our colon. It cleans up garbage in our body as it goes along and heals all the cell walls. Importance of Vitamin K2 Most heart attacks and heart diseases are not caused by cholesterol. According to Catharine Arnston, it is caused by inflammation and hardening of the arteries because of too much calcium in arteries. “The arteries become brittle and not flexible. In effect, blood can’t flow and can cause high blood pressure. And the only thing that pulls this excess calcium out is vitamin K2,” said Catharine Arnston. “The only place you can get vitamin k2 is either grass-fed animal protein, fermented foods, and chlorella. If you take vitamin K2, your body will take out all that excess calcium that’s hardening your arteries and moves into your bones or teeth.” I can vouch for what Catharine Arnston said. I had Dr. Carolyn Dean on episode 227 of my show recently, and she said that our body does need vitamin K2 and magnesium. This is to help deposit calcium and other minerals into our bones. Another excellent reference was Dr. Weston A. Price’s discovery a long time ago. In his research, Dr. Weston A. Price discovered indigenous cultures had great teeth good healthy bacteria in their mouths because vitamin K2 was plentiful in their gut and diet. For added reference on chlorella, I’m inviting my listeners to check out my interview with Dr. Dietrich Kinghardt on episode 218.  Energybits Products Catharine Arnston has a fantastic line of products called ENERGYbits, RECOVERYbits, SKINNYbits, and VITALITYbits. All her products are 100% organically grown, non-GMO spirulina and chlorella algae tablets. “These are complete food-based replacements for multivitamins. They are eco-friendly and a natural source of omega food,” assures Catharine Arnston. To celebrate the second anniversary of the Learn True Health, we have a special treat for all the listeners to Learn True Health.  Upon ordering any of the products on Catharine Arnston’s website, don’t forget to enter the LTH coupon code to avail of the 20% discount upon checkout. Bio Catharine Arnston has a thirty-year career as an international Attache for the Canadian and British Governments, publisher of an international magazine and Founder of three startups. But in 2009 when her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and advised by her oncologist to change her diet to an alkaline one because it would help her heal, Catharine Arnston put her career on hold to help her sister.  In the process, she discovered algae, the most alkaline, nutrient-dense plant in the world that no one seemed to know about. Catharine Arnston knew algae would be a game changer for the world if she could just help Americans understand it. Because of that, ENERGYbits was born. Get Connected With Catharine Arnston: Official Website Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Recommended Books By Catharine Arnston Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis   Grain Brain by Dr. David Perlmutter   Recommended Links: Learn True Health – Episode 218 Learn True Health – Episode 227     The Links You Are Looking For: Support Us on Patreon & Join the Learn True Health Book Club!!! 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2 Mar 2018

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247 Resolving Gut Issues, Depression, Fatigue, and Anxiety with Functional Medicine, IBS, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue, Parasites, Candida, SIBO, Evan Brand and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

Evanbrand.com   Gut Issues  http://learntruehealth.com/gut-issues/ A lot of people suffer from gut issues. But most of them mistake the symptoms of gut issues for some other disease, so they end up not addressing the cause.  Evan Brand is a fellow podcaster who has gone down that road, so I’m excited that he’s sharing his insights on how to solve gut issues.  Growing Up Years Evan Brand is a survivor of several health conditions. Growing up, he had to deal with things like parasite infections, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), H pylori, candida overgrowth, adrenal fatigue and many other health conditions. He also battled with depression, anxiety, fatigue and IBS for so many years. Initially, he consulted with conventional doctors, but nobody gave him a long-term solution.  This led him to research and go the alternative medicine route. Dangers of EMF During Evan Brand’s research, he found that electromagnetic fields or EMF are a factor in causing leaky gut. He believes that if EMF can affect hormones, it can also affect the gut area. Evan Brand shares that in one of his past episodes, he had GE’s former senior scientist Dr. Richard Hansler on the show. Dr. Richard Hansler thoroughly explained that the modern light bulb is harmful because it negatively affects our melatonin production. Hence, we end up having a hard time to sleep. Because of that, Dr. Richard Hansler founded Lighting Lighting Innovations Institute. He also co-founded Low Blue Lights, which sells advanced lighting products.  Dangers Of 5G Evan Brand also shares that another past guest, Dr. Jack Kruse was instrumental in influencing him to move out of the city to try to get away from cellphone towers. Dr. Jack Kruse is a known neurosurgeon in the industry. “They say 5G is a nightmare. Just because of the small cells. The 5G is the new generation of cell phone technology so that we can transmit and have a million people download YouTube videos all in a second from their smartphones,” Evan Brand explains.  He adds, “There’s going to be these small cells the size of a watermelon. A giant router that transmits cellular data but they’re going to be on every three to four houses. So your risk of wireless pollution is going to go up so much.” Optimized Life Dr. Jack Kruse is also the CEO of Optimized Life. Optimized Life is a health and wellness company aiming to help people avoid the healthcare burdens we usually encounter as we grow older.  Dr. Jack Kruse currently in practices in the Gulf South. “We just saw the first study tested on rats last March 22, that proved cellphone tower radiation can cause cancer,” said Evan Brand. “The Ramazzini Institute Study: Animal Study On Base Station/Cell Tower Radiofrequency Radiation. Dr. Kruse told me this six years ago, and now it is finally coming out that it is true.” I also heard of so many studies coming out detailing the dangers of 5G. The findings state that 5G causes dangerous health conditions like migraines and brain tumors. “The rollout of these technologies is going to happen at a much slower rate if you are in a rural area. Because the population is low and there is less need for a million 5G towers out here,” Evan Brand explained. “EMF is the new smoking. You can’t see it or smoke it, but it’s there.” Evan Brand says plans are already in place to erect those towers in Austin, Texas, Seattle, Washington, Miami, Florida, Atlanta, Georgia, New York, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles either this year or next year. Unfortunately, we can’t stop those plans so Evan Brand advises the need to be aware of protecting our health in the best way we can. Dealing With Candida Candida is a pathogenic yeast that can cause gut issues and symptoms like joint pains, fatigue, and gas. Evan Brand was able to talk with Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman, whose interview about candida will be featured at the upcoming Candida Summit this July.  “I had many different species of bacterial infection and dealt with candida overgrowth. My gut was a mess,” said Evan Brand. “I also had bad acne. It wasn’t a deficiency of pharmaceuticals. Plus, they are giving away antibiotics now like candy for acne. To think antibiotics cause DNA damage and other issues.” Parasite Issues Evan Brand recalls that when he was in college, he always needed to check where the nearest bathroom was. After several consultations with the doctor, he found out that he was dealing with a couple of parasites—giardia and cryptosporidium. Giardia is a parasite that is commonly known to cause diarrhea called giardiasis. It is regarded as a water-borne parasite. Cryptosporidium is also a water-borne parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis. It affects the small intestine and can affect the respiratory tract. “Even if you do get a referral to a gastroenterologist, they are using a type of testing that is 20 years old. You’re going to get a false negative; then doctors send you to a psychiatrist. But through functional testing, you can find it,” said Evan Brand. Evan Brand did functional testing, and it showed all the gut bugs. So with some help from his friends and colleagues, he created an herbal protocol. Six weeks later, Evan Brand was no longer rapidly losing weight, and his depression and anxiety disappeared. A lot of people either shrug off depression and anxiety, or they fail to recognize it. You’d be surprised how it is linked to a lot of other health conditions.  Like my past guestJohann Hari explained, depression and anxiety can be very destabilizing. Link Between Diet And Gut Evan Brand shares that he had his first panic attack when he had gut bugs. Initially, he thought he had a heart attack. Apparently, the bugs were releasing several endotoxins into the bloodstream, so Evan Brand had to work on his liver through a nutrient-dense diet. But Evan Brand was quick to clarify that just because you’ve fixed your diet, doesn’t mean the parasites will disappear. He advises that it is still best to get tested to get an accurate assessment of your health condition. “Gut issues are the biggest puzzle piece. Nutrition is a big piece, but I did all the diets. I pulled out gluten, dairy, grain. But you’re not going to eradicate gut bugs just by going on a gluten-free diet,” said Evan Brand. He adds, “Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt said, if you don’t address the gut issues or these infections, viruses, parasites or EMF, dieting alone can’t solve the problem.”  Aura Roots Aura Roots uses organic herbs for their products. Evan Brand says that they have a modest line of herbal antibiotics and herbal anti-parasitic, but they can also do custom formulations. Evan Brand says one of the products that he uses a lot is called Microbiome Support 1, 2 and 3. I believe Evan Brand’s product line can give a lot of health benefits just like my past guest, Catharine Arnston who is the founder of ENERGYbits. I am satisfied with her chlorella product because just like Aura Roots, it is made organically grown and non-GMO. SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) Evan Brand cites a 2013 study where they found out the use of proton-pump inhibitors is a factor for bacterial and fungal overgrowth. It is also linked to gastrointestinal symptoms. Proton-pump inhibitors are drugs that supposedly reduce stomach acid production. “CDC is now admitting that we have a massive antibiotic resistant problem. We also have an anti-fungal resistant problem. That is why Diflucan doesn’t work,” said Evan Brand. “CDC has a special program called emerging infections program. They can’t keep up because bacteria and fungi are changing and modifying.” Evan Brand, therefore, advises people to increase their vitamin C dosage to be able to poop twice a day and make sure our lymphatic system is working fine. We have to shift our focus on adrenal, gallbladder and detox support. Heavy Metals Toxicity Evan Brand says he saw heavy metal symptoms when he was working on improving his gut health. Initially, he noticed things did get a little crazy like pent-up anxiety. But once the gut work was done, Evan Brand eventually found this new sense of calm. I have heard the benefits of taking carbon supplements, but just like me, Evan Brand also goes to the sauna regularly to sweat out the heavy metal toxins from the body. The duration in the sauna is different for everyone, but according to my past guest Connie Zack, the owner of Sunlighten Sauna, it is best to listen to your body. As for Evan Brand, he usually stays in the sauna for 20 minutes at 125 degrees. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt says that we usually sweat out heavy metals during the first five minutes in the sauna.  But if you are like Evan Brand who doesn’t sweat out quickly, you may try exercising first or taking an Epson salt bath or elevating your legs while lying down. You may also want to take an adrenal core test to figure out why it takes time for you to sweat. Evan Brand says he still has to figure out how he can sweat easily so basically, being in tip-top shape entails constant learning and research. “Don’t give up. We got a lot that we’re up against. I understand how people want to shut down. Wherever you are at in your journey, there is something you can do,” said Evan Brand.  Bio Evan Brand is an Author, Podcast Host and a Louisville, Kentucky-based Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist. He is passionate about healing the chronic fatigue, obesity, and depression epidemics after solving his own IBS and depression issues. Evan Brand uses at-home lab testing and customized supplement programs to find and fix the cause of a wide range of health symptoms. His Evan Brand Podcast has over 6 million downloads and counting. Evan Brand is the author of Stress Solutions, REM Rehab and The Everything Guide to Nootropics. He offers free 15-minute functional medicine phone consultations at his site EvanBrand.com. Get Connected with Evan Brand! Official Website Aura Roots Facebook Instagram YouTube Books by Evan Brand: Stress Solutions     The Everything Guide To Nootropics   Rem Rehab Sleep Recovery Ebook    Recommended Readings by Evan Brand Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You Recommended Links: Ramazzini Institute Study Low Blue Lights Episode 218 – Heavy Metals Detox – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt Episode 234 – Algae – Catharine Arnston Episode 240 – Understanding Addiction – Johann Hari Episode 245 – Sunlighten Saunas – Connie Zack     The Links You Are Looking For: Support Us on Patreon & Join the Learn True Health Book Club!!! 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9 Apr 2018

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200 Mastering Nutrition, MTHFR, Methylation, Epigenetics, Westin A. Price, Digestion, Insomnia, ADHD, Mental Health, Prevent Birth Defects and Cancer with Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences Chris Masterjohn and Ashley James on the Learn True Health Podcast

  Methylation http://learntruehealth.com/methylation/ Methylation And Its Importance   Methylation is something that not many people are knowledgeable about. It is a scientific process wherein it affects our mental health, immunity, and inflammation. To educate us more about this, Nutritional Sciences expert Chris Masterjohn will thoroughly expound on why we should take methylation seriously.    Early Years   Chris Masterjohn’s interest in pursuing a career in Nutrition goes way back during his teenage years.  Witnessing how his mother suffered from fibromyalgia, she often experienced chronic pain.    Diving into multi-level marketing for herbal products and water filters during his late teenage years, it was also around this time that Chris Masterjohn got interested in the Zone diet.  From then on, his diet primarily consisted of 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 30% fat, low omega 6 and high omega 3.   “I was into radical politics, and I wanted to liberate everyone including the animals. That got me into veganism. When I was vegan, I got interested in the Zone diet and ate a lot of soy to get my protein up to 30% of my calories,” recalls Chris Masterjohn.   However, Chris Masterjohn encountered several problems while he was on a diet.  He had a weak digestion and was often in pain due to small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, overproduction of gas, vulnerable to tooth decay and prone to anxiety.    Weston A. Price   When Chris Masterjohn went on to college, he was working part-time at the campus dining hall. One day, his boss, Wayne, gave him a pamphlet about raw milk. That brochure also mentioned the work of Weston A. Price.   In the 1930s, Weston A. Price cited several causes of tooth decay. Decided on collecting more data to support the link between nutrition and tooth decay, Weston A. Price left his laboratory job.   Travelling far and wide in search of populations that had less tooth decay, Weston A. Price soon discovered the adverse effects of flour.  He was one of the first experts to study traditional diets and lifestyles of people from all walks of life. That led him to write a book about nutrition and physical degeneration, leading him to be known as the pioneer of nutritional anthropology.    “Weston A. Price said that people with less tooth decay didn’t eat refined foods but rather focused on consuming nutrient-dense foods,” shares Chris Masterjohn. “Because of the book, I learned how to help myself. When I got better, I wanted to pay it forward. That is why I went on to medical school and studied chemistry.”   What are Methylation and Demethylation   One of Chris Masterjohn’s field of expertise is studying about methylation. In a nutshell, methylation involves one carbon and three hydrogen atoms combining to form another molecule. Demethylation, on the other hand, means the removal of the carbon and atoms.    How the molecules work in our body is called methylation and demethylation. When a methylation cycle is not working well, we could get sick.  Consequently, if our methylation is imbalanced, it causes a lot of autoimmune conditions.   “Methylation plays the same role in mental health in anyone. Every piece of Biology is all based on carbon. Our body is primarily composed of carbon and hydrogen with a few other things thrown in,” said Chris Masterjohn. “Methylation in the scientific literature is often referred to as one-carbon metabolism.”   How Methylation Works   Chris Masterjohn says methylation controls the levels of dopamine in our brain.  Methylation influences how ‘sticky’ our brain is versus to how fluid it is. Essentially, our primary goal is to have a nice balance. Because if our brain is too fluid, we can’t focus on anything. However, if our brain is too rigid, we tend to focus on all the wrong things.    “Methylation inside the brain has a very powerful influence on the ‘stickiness’ of your mind. If you’re afraid of something, that fearful thought enters your mind. If your mind is not too ‘sticky,’ it’s pretty easy for you to let it go through,” Chris Masterjohn explains. He adds, “In cognitive therapy, if your mind is too ‘sticky,’ thoughts are lodged in the brain. Consequently, it takes a lot of mental effort to reorganize how you think about an idea.”   Mental Effort   The brain is a very powerful and sensitive part of our well-being. Hence, it is important to make sure our mental health is in tiptop shape.     Take for example a panic attack. Chris Masterjohn says that a panic attack ultimately means panicking about panicking. The increase in panic reinforces our belief that our world is about to fall apart. As a result, we panic more about the rise in panic.    “You have to have a pathologically ‘sticky’ brain for even the thought of panic to just stay at the center of your brain and nucleate this crystallization of the increase in panic,” Chris Masterjohn said. Furthermore, he says, “You can break that reinforcement by reformulating how you think about the panic you feel. However, if you just nutritionally modulate how ‘sticky’ your brain is, the panic doesn’t get stuck in the brain.  Hence, you don’t have to do as much cognitive work to free yourself.”   Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR)   Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase Deficiency or MTHFR is a gene mutation which apparently is the cause of motor and developmental deficiencies. Chris Masterjohn explains that methylations impact throughout the body, particularly the brain. The process also involves the enzyme from the MTHFR gene. Hence, if one has an MTHFR gene mutation, the body tends to have a hard time expelling toxins from the body.   “When you have lower MTHFR activity, methylfolate is your off-switch for the glycine buffer system.  That is why we tend to waste glycine and pee it out. When that happens, it means you need to put more emphasis on dietary glycine,” said Chris Masterjohn.  Correlation of Methylation and Creatine   So what do you do with methylation? Well, 45% of our methylation is used to synthesize creatine. For those who are unfamiliar, creatine is what athletes take to either improve sports performance or build more muscle.   However, what most people don’t realize is that all of us need to have two to three grams of creatine which is usually found in meat products. But most of us do not eat one to two pounds of meat per day; we need to make the rest of the creatine that our body needs. And one way to make it is through methylation.   “Creatine is not just in our muscles. It is essential for the secretion of stomach acids. If our creatine levels go down, we would have digestive problems because we’re not making enough stomach acids,” explains Chris Masterjohn. Chris Masterjohn cites another example — when a sound comes into our ear; these little hairlike projections transmit the sound. Through the nerves, it goes to the brain to make the hearing. And that’s an energy-intensive process.    So consequently, one of the things that make creatine great at energy supply is that it moves fast. Plus, there’s substantial evidence that creatine plays a significant role in protecting against depression.    Importance of Nutrition   Now that we know how vital the methylation process is, it is imperative that we properly nourish ourselves to ensure that the significant methylation components — choline, creatine and glycine supply are sufficient.    Chris Masterjohn suggests that bone broth or bone stock can be an entryway to getting more glycine in particular. Eating soft bones is also another way. On the other hand, getting enough methylfolate can help prevent the glycine wasting. This can be done by eating folate-rich foods like legumes, liver, and leafy greens like broccoli.   Chris Masterjohn stressed the need to make sure you consume at least the daily recommended intake of folate from foods. Apparently, most people don’t even get the U.S. recommended dietary allowance for folate, pregnant or lactating women in particular.  Consequently, this is why there is a policy in the United States to give prenatal vitamins that have synthetic folic acid in them.    “When you eat a molecule of folate, it goes into your cell and stays there for 180 days. Everyday, it gets re-methylated from your amino acid supply 18,000 times,” Chris Masterjohn said. “Supplementing with creatine is a very underappreciated way to try to help conserve the methylfolate supply that you’re taking.”   In Retrospect   Looking back, Chris Masterjohn says what happened to him was wholly physiological and zero percent psychological.  Once he fixed everything physiologically, it eventually translated into a psychological belief that he had in fact cured himself.   “That gave me a level of confidence. I was biased towards never worrying about any of those anxieties because I believed that they were gone,” Chris Masterjohn surmises. Further Learning   To know more about methylation and gene expression, I suggest checking out Chris Masterjohn’s Masterclass. It is a comprehensive program where you will learn everything you need to know about the science behind nutrition and its effects on our health. He also has a fantastic podcast called Mastering Nutrition, available on iTunes.    Chris Masterjohn earned his Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences in 2012 from the University of Connecticut at Storrs, served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 2012 to 2014, and served as Assistant Professor of Health and Nutrition Sciences at Brooklyn College from 2014 to 2016.    He now works independently in health and nutrition research, education, and consulting. Chris Masterjohn has authored or co-authored ten peer-reviewed publications. His podcast, Mastering Nutrition, his two video series, Chris Masterjohn Lite and Masterclass With Masterjohn, and his blog can all be found on his website at chrismasterjohnphd.com.   Get Connected With Chris Masterjohn:   Official Website Mastering Nutrition Podcast Facebook Twitter Instagram   Youtube  Recommended Reading by Chris Masterjohn The Paleo Cure – Chris Kesser  The Links You Are Looking For: Become A Health Coach Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: http://geti.in/2cksU87 Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you have a blood sugar issue? I can help you achieve healthy, normal and balanced blood sugar naturally! Visit BloodSugarCoach.com for your free 30min coaching call with Ashley James! http://www.BloodSugarCoach.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If this episode made a difference in your life, please leave me a tip in the virtual tip jar by giving my podcast a great rating and review in iTunes! http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes Thank you! Ashley James http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoyed this podcast episode? Visit my website Learn True Health with Ashley James so you can gain access to all of my episodes and more! LearnTrueHealth.com http://learntruehealth.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need Help Ordering The Right Supplements For You? 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17 Nov 2017

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316 How To Detox the Brain, Liver, Gallbladder, Colon, Thyroid, Kidneys and Lymph System to Improve Immune Function, Remove Heavy Metals, Toxins and Parasites using Coffee Enemas, Iodine, Carbon, Herbs, Mimosa Pudica Seed, and Fulvic Acid, Dr. Jay Davidso

http://learntruehealth.com/cleanse Dr. Jay Davidson's supplements: Learntruehealth.com/cleanse   LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE! Join My New Year's Health Transformation Workshop Now: http://learntruehealth.com/yes   BioActive Carbon http://learntruehealth.com/bioactive-carbon BioActive carbon has proven to help repair the body and restore it to optimal health. Recognizing the need to address different health issues, Microbe Formulas have produced natural supplements as a protocol for better health.  The co-founder, Dr. Jay Davidson is a returning guest who has extensively shared ways on how to detox parasites in a previous episode. Phase One In teaching us the entire protocol for better health, Dr. Jay Davidson initially explains that phase one is focused on drainage. It is also to prepare the body and minimize symptoms as you move forward.  “As we get more people to follow this protocol, we realize that there are some added things that we needed in here. Primarily the drainage support is what changes everything,” said Dr. Jay Davidson. “When we’re looking at drainage and how to repair the body, you want to look at what are all the drainage pathways.” Dr. Jay Davidson says that ideally, two or more bowel movements a day is needed to heal the body. Because when you start moving into supporting the immune system, going after pathogens, detoxing and pulling the chemicals out, it’s a lot easier for those pathways to get clogged up. As soon as those pathways get clogged up, that’s when symptoms happen. “Phase one we look at supporting the intestinal tract, liver bile duct, and kidneys. If the colon backs up, it backs everything up. If the liver bile duct is backed up, then it backs up what’s above that,” Dr. Jay Davidson explains. “What’s above that is the lymphatic system, and then we look at organs and tissues. And one of the important organs is the brain.” Listening To Symptoms I have always stressed in past episodes that it is vital to listen to our body. Symptoms are there to give clues on what is going in. Dr. Jay Davidson says that for example, headaches, brain fog, cognitive type issues, and insomnia can signify that something is amiss.  “We know there’s usually something backed up in the chain of drainage. Whether it’s the colon, liver bile duct, lymphatic system or all of the above for it to clog up,” Dr. Jay Davidson said.  He adds, “The liver bile duct is one of the most important that I see what holds people back from getting well clinically. And the more attention you give to the liver bile duct, the better off we’re going to be.”  BioActive Carbon Products Dr. Jay Davidson mentioned that a product in phase one is BioActive Carbon Foundation. It is there to support quite a bit of thing. The BioActive Carbon always get their attention for binding. But more importantly, the BioActive Carbons help to give carbon and hydrogen to the body and oxygen as well. “So, if you look at how the body is made, 96% is carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Under 4% is minerals,” said Dr. Jay Davidson. “The BioActive Carbon is giving the base bone of our body support. It is also doing other things like binding and detoxing the pathways.” Activated Charcoal If we go out and buy activated charcoal or an activated carbon charcoal type supplement, Dr. Jay Davidson says it could come from a lot of different sources. Incidentally, activated charcoal is a long chain carbon and there are different chains of carbon. “In the BioActive Carbon, we have small, medium and long. The long sit inside the GI tract. So, the liver processes toxins.  Phase one and phase two detox is how it processes chemicals. Phase 3 is drainage,” Dr. Jay Davidson explains.  He adds, “The healthy way is that these by-products then get dumped into the bile. Bile holds on to toxins and pathogens live in there as well. It causes stagnation and causes things to get thick and affects our GI.” BioActive Carbon Iodine When bile is recycled, Dr. Jay Davidson says it will bring along that by-product of the chemicals and toxins with it. Activated charcoal has been known to help bind on to the bile. It is a long chain carbon. When activated charcoal binds on to the bile, the body then eliminates it through the feces. “We utilize BioActive Carbons in many instances. And we modify the molecule based on what the needs are,” said Dr. Jay Davidson. “Bioactive Carbon Iodine is a new product of ours, designed to bind on to bad halogens like chlorine or bromine specifically. It grabs on to those halogens that typically displace iodine.” Dr. Jay Davidson also explains that if you take a lot of iodine, it can cause a thyroid storm. Because the iodine will turn the thyroid on. It’s needed to heal the thyroid. But if you have strong autoimmunity, you want to balance the minerals out. Understanding Mitochondria A lot of people do not know how mitochondria affect our overall health. Dr. Jay Davidson says mitochondria has been talked about a lot. But it’s rare to find stuff that works to open that up. “When you look at mitochondria, they produce ATP in the cells. And when the mitochondria are blown out, we don’t get the cellular energy,” Dr. Jay Davidson said.  He adds, “Until we get the cellular energy up above where the chronic infection and toxicity is, we’re not going to re-establish that. As soon as you stop detoxing, it’s going to start creeping back up. You have to re-establish cellular energy, so you don’t have to take stuff forever.” Biomolecular Oxygen According to Dr. Jay Davidson, biomolecular oxygen is stabilized oxygen. Dr. Jay Davidson has been using it whenever he does coffee enemas once a week. “I put a tablespoon of molasses in there to hold it in easier. Then I add the BioActive Carbon minerals and biomolecular oxygen. Ten drops of each. You can nebulize it if you have lung issues,” suggests Dr. Jay Davidson. Fulvic Acid Dr. Jay Davidson also claims that his team has been able to stabilize the oxygen inside the fulvic acid or extracts of the fulvic acid molecule. So, not only is it delivered in the body, but it also sustains. “Another thing you can look at is perfusion index percentage. It is a better marker to look at overall health. That’s the health of your arteries and the ability for the blood to penetrate the tissues and get absorbed,” Dr. Jay Davidson said.  He adds, “If a protocol will help those who are chronically ill, a protocol also takes your health to a whole new level even if you’re not in the chronic illness side.” Coffee Enema To those who want to try a coffee enema, Dr. Jay Davidson recommends getting organic, non-pesticide sprayed coffee beans. Light or air roasted coffee is best. “It’s not green coffee, but it’s not a medium or dark roast. We go for light or air-roasted because it has more things we want health-wise, especially that the liver will benefit from,” reveals Dr. Jay Davidson. “It increases detoxification, raises glutathione, increases bile production of the liver and increases purging of the bile.” Here are the steps on how to do a coffee enema: Put a tablespoon of ground coffee per cup of water. If you do a 4-cup solution, put four tablespoons of ground coffee in water. You can add essential oils or molasses — the reason why Dr. Jay Davidson adds the molasses in his coffee enema is actually to make it easier to hold it in. Boil coffee on the stove for 20 minutes and hold the enema for 15 minutes. “When you hold coffee in, it speeds up the blood flow. Blood usually goes through the liver every six minutes. When you do a coffee enema, that shrinks to 3 minutes,” Dr. Jay Davidson said. BioActive Carbon BioTox BioActive Carbon BioTox is for ammonia, mold, fungus, and candida.  Dr. Jay Davidson says it helps to regulate oxygenation up. It is also a perfect supportive formula for cellular energy. “You can take BioActive Carbon Biotox and BioActive Carbon Foundation before and after a coffee enema. The BioTox not only is in phase two but can also be in phase zero or the energy booster pack because it helps the mitochondria,” said Dr. Jay Davidson. Gallbladder Flush To restore health, Dr. Jay Davidson gave these simple protocol: Don’t eat fat for the day. Stop eating at 2 pm. Drink some Epson salt around 6 pm and 8 pm. It’s going to cause diarrhea, and it will clear the intestines and move stuff quick. Take some olive oil and fresh grapefruit. Mix and drink it. Lie down and fall asleep. Olive oil causes the bile and gallbladder to purge. Start drinking Epson salt in the morning as well to flush colon.  Eating Right Dr. Jay Davidson is no different from the other experts we had on the show as far as food is concerned. He says good diet is essential. Because it is the foundation. “You can’t out supplement a bad diet. Make sure you are eating clean and healthy,” said Dr. Jay Davidson. “Beyond that, you can look at the supplements and what you can do to help support the liver.  He adds, “We have a formula called Kidney Liver Detox. But a lot of supplement companies have kidney formulas and gallbladder bile duct type formulas as well. Apart from that, also eat food with bitters in them.” Phase Two Dr. Jay Davidson says phase two is necessary because the big toxicity epidemic has created an environment to attract the body to parasites. He believes that the idea wherein we are going to be sterile from parasites is not reality. Because we’re not eliminating every single critter in the body or parasite. “Parasites will absorb toxins and heavy metals. So, when you’re doing as a parasite-type cleanse, I recommend at least 90 days,” said Dr. Jay Davidson.  He adds, “People with chronic illness or health issues could be much longer. Bottom line, when it comes to cleansing, persistence, and consistency is the name of the game. Also, do a longer initial cleanse and then modify the maintenance.” Mimosa Pudica Seed Mimosa Pudica Seed is one of the products under the Microbe Formulas label. Dr. Jay Davidson says it is the formula one, followed by the BioActive Carbon BioTox. Dr. Jay Davidson also clarifies that BioTox could be in phase zero or energy booster pack. It is an organic ingredient and they have a special way to grind it down that is effective. It is also a great gut grabber and gut scrubber. “We know we can’t be all things to everybody. But the things we up out with, we want to be able to make changes in people’s lives and come out with the best stuff,” Dr. Jay Davidson said.   Bio Dr. Jay Davidson D.C., PSc.D. completed his undergraduate studies at University Wisconsin La Crosse Majoring in Biology with biomedical concentration and chemistry minor. He received his doctorate of chiropractic degree at Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Minnesota.  Dr. Jay Davidson focuses on functional, natural medicine. He is a husband and a father. He is also a popular speaker and a two-time #1 internationally best-selling author. He was the host of the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #1 and Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2. He was also the host of the Parasite Summit and a co-host of The Detox Project, which had over 50,000 participants.  Dr. Jay Davidson is admired for his ability to bridge the gap between the scientific health community and the layperson. His holistic approach encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. He works with his clients to formulate a simple, straightforward plan for restoring health. This has gained him tremendous respect among the Lyme community and his colleagues.  Dr. Jay Davidson is an ambitious researcher and clinician in the health world. He and his team of well-trained doctors work with clients virtually around the world! He is also the Cofounder of Microbe Formulas, the premier parasite supplement company at MicrobeFormulas.com. Get Connected With Dr. Jay Davidson! Facebook Official Website Microbe Formulas Parasite Group Coffee Enema Course Books by Dr. Jay Davidson How To Fix Lyme Disease 5 Steps To Restoring Health Protocol   Recommended Reading by Dr. Jay Davidson 4 Hour Workweek  by Timothy Ferriss     Recommended Links: Episode 210 – Lyme Disease ***** Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health From Naturopathic Doctors! Get Learn True Health's Seven-Day Course For FREE! Visit go.learntruehealth.com http://go.learntruehealth.com/gw-oi ***** Become A Health Coach-Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: https://bit.ly/2wgkLOU Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ***** Do You Have Anxiety? End Anxiety Now! Learn Two Powerful Mind Tricks for Removing Anxiety, Ending Worry, & Controlling Fear So It Stops Controlling You! Attend my FREE Webinar that Will Teach You How! Click Here! http://FreeYourAnxiety.com/webinar ***** Need Help Ordering The Right Supplements For You? Visit TakeYourSupplements.com, and a FREE health coach will help you! http://takeyoursupplements.com Do you have a blood sugar issue? I can help you achieve healthy, normal and balanced blood sugar naturally! ***** Visit BloodSugarCoach.com for your free 30min coaching call with Ashley James! http://www.BloodSugarCoach.com ***** I made a low-carb, gluten-free cookbook just for you! Download your FREE copy today! Visit learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook http://learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook ***** Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! ***** If this episode made a difference in your life, please leave me a tip in the virtual tip jar by giving my podcast a great rating and review in iTunes! http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes Thank you! Ashley James http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes ***** Enjoyed this podcast episode? 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17 Dec 2018

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401 This One Plant Is Doubling Healing Time of The Gut, Relieving Symptoms and Ending Acid Reflux, IBS, GERD, Crones, Type Two Diabetes, Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis with Dr. Michael Haley

Check out the great offer Dr. Haley is giving Learn True Health Listeners: https://www.learntruehealth.com/aloe And be sure to use coupon code LTH for an additional discount! Music "Uniq - Japan" is under a Royalty Free license. Photo of the license: http://bit.ly/2sTETUQ Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: https://youtu.be/MAiHpRUbc0k   The Benefits of Taking Aloe Vera Gel https://www.learntruehealth.com/the-benefits-of-taking-aloe-vera-gel Highlights: Benefits of ingesting Aloe Vera gel Elimination diet to determine the good and bad foods for you Aloe’s outer leaf acts as a laxative Filtered vs. Unfiltered Aloe Vera gel Look at what’s in the food Always ask: Did that food exist 100 years ago? Grow your own food What the GAPS diet is Powdered foods vs. whole foods Heal from the inside out with the help of Aloe Aloe is not a magic bullet, sometimes medicine is needed but Aloe speeds up healing Gut people: keep it simple on everything Nowadays, Aloe Vera has become a popular hit because of the benefits it can give especially when it comes to beauty. But did you know that Aloe Vera also contains medicinal properties as it contains powerful antioxidants? In today’s episode, let us all listen as Dr. Michael Haley how to heal the body from the inside out with the help of Aloe. [0:00] Intro: Hello true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of Learn True Health podcast. This interview blew my mind. I’ve really been looking forward to publishing this episode with Dr. Michael Haley who stumbled upon this one plant, this one plant that studies are showing doubles healing time, doubles healing time. Can you think of anything on the market, drug or natural that offers that kind of amazing support when it comes to healing? They’re seeing that it doubles the healing time of the digestive tract, that is also helping with skin and there are people with cancer for whom it is helping, acne, eczema, their type 2 diabetes that are seeing fantastic result. So you’re going to love learning more about this great plant from Dr. Michael Haley today. I want to let you know that he is offering us a fantastic discount. I love asking my guests for great specials for you guys. I love you guys and I want you to get the best deal possible because we’re all going to be trying his amazing juice. I am absolutely sure of it. I love it. I was able to get some from him and it really does live up to its name. So enjoy today’s interview to get all this great information. Then when you’re ready to check out his offer, he’s actually giving us something for free as well. You can go to learntruehealth.com/aloe. That’s learntruehealth.com/aloe. He’s giving us a free cream that is very healing as well as his particular juice and he explains the difference between his and others. I highly agree, everything he says has been my experience as well. Use the coupon code LTH for an additional discount for the Learn True Health listeners. So go to learntruehealth.com/aloe and use the coupon code LTH. Excellent. Enjoy today’s interview and please, share it with those you love who want to heal their gut and no longer have heartburn. Welcome to the Learn True Health podcast. I’m your host, Ashley James. This is episode 401. [0:02:33] Ashley James: I am so excited for today’s guest. We have on the show with us Dr. Michael Haley, who is an expert in many things, in healing the gut and in Aloe Vera. I am really intrigued about this topic. I actually use Aloe Vera in my early 20s to heal a persistent GERD. I had really bad heartburn. I couldn’t figure out how to heal and I healed it by drinking Aloe Vera juice every day. Ever since then I’ve been such a huge fan. So when I saw that there’s an expert out there in Aloe Vera I said, “Man, we have to get him on the show.” Welcome to the show. [0:03:10] Dr. Michael Haley: Ashley James, thank you so much for having me. I am just finding this out for the first time that you had GERD. [0:03:17] Ashley James: Yeah. Way back in my early 20s. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship. I just lost my mother to cancer. I was incredibly stressed out. I was eating the standard Canadian diet which is similar to the standard American diet. My health was just spinning out of control. I had tons of inflammation. I obviously was eating foods that my body was reacting to negatively. I was taking over the counter little purple pills to just make the heartburn go away then one day a naturopath was on the TV sharing ways to heal GERD, heal acid reflux naturally. I thought, “Oh my gosh. That makes so much sense.” I threw those little purple pills right into the trash and started chugging the Aloe Vera every day and apple cider vinegar, I did that a few times. Aloe Vera was really what did it for me. I was so impressed. Obviously I needed to get out of the abusive relationship and heal the emotional stress that I was going through and also correct my diet. There were many steps along that journey. One of my first steps into holistic health in my 20s was the results I got from drinking Aloe Vera. [0:04:41] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. Wonderful. I’m glad to hear this from you because what you just described is probably one of the most common health conditions, not GERD specifically. That’s just part of the digestive tract that you experienced your symptoms in. But people make wrong choices. You’re not hiding that from your listeners. You’re open about that. You started out your life eating pretty well. You then kind of threw caution to the wind and enjoyed the pleasures of life when it comes to the foods that are available to us thinking they are foods because everyone else doing it and they’re still alive, right? It’s not killing them, right? It is. You start realizing. It’s like, “Okay. I’m starting to look more and more like them as I’m making the same dietary decisions. Something’s not right here. My skin doesn’t look healthy anymore. My gut’s not healthy anymore.” More and more, as people are eating this, they call it food, it’s not food. It’s not. They think it’s food but it’s not. Real food is real food. It grows on trees and we pull them out of the ground. There’s real food and there’s things that people think are food but they’re filled with chemicals that are killing the digestive tract. Some people experience up on the front end and we call it acid reflux, GERD, heartburn as we start getting a little deeper, bacterial overgrowth as we getting to the back end we start calling it things like colitis or if it’s all systemic all over the place irritable bowel disease. There’s a hundred names for it. You called yours GERD because your symptoms was more on the front end. [0:06:48] Ashley James: Right. The same damage if it’s experienced lower in the gut is going to just be called a different thing but you’re saying the location the damage determines the diagnosis but it’s all the same cause, the same damage, the same root cause. [0:07:05] Dr. Michael Haley: Exactly. It’s funny because what you just said, that right there, let’s lock in on that for a minute. We call it something different, why? Because we need a medical diagnosis so that we can treat it when we’re a physician, right? Then we have our treatment protocols. But if you think about it it’s all inflammatory, irritable bowels. It’s all inflamed intestines somewhere between the mouth and the anus. Now, the reality is we have all these different diagnosis depending on where it is and what we think caused it. For instance, if we think it was caused by gluten we might call it this name and if we think it was caused by eating too much Mexican food we might call it that. You eat you’re too much Mexican and you have this heartburn, right? We call it heartburn. You eat too much wheat and we call it, is that celiac with the wheat and the dairy? So all these different names but what is the one cure for all of them? Well, the cure is in the prevention. First, don’t get it to begin with. It’s easier to prevent than it is to cure. But once you have these, it doesn’t matter if it’s acid reflux or Crohn’s. It doesn’t matter which end it’s on or what the cause was. The cure is the same. Stop eating the things that are killing you. Start eating the things that are good for you. [0:08:41] Ashley James: That’s such a tricky wicket though because something that is good for you may not be good for you, cooked a certain way or not cooked a certain way when you have inflammation. So for example kale, such a great superfood but if someone with inflammation in the gut eats a raw kale salad that’s just going to tear right through them because it’s already inflamed. I was telling a client this just the other day that the gut when someone has all that inflammation, imagine you have sunburn or you’ve been burnt in a fire. If you put vinegar on that burn or salt in that wound basically it really hurts. When you’re arm, let’s say the skin in your arm is intact and it’s totally healthy and you put some vinegar on your skin or some salt in your skin, you don’t feel anything. We can’t see our digestive tract and how angry it is but imagine we have a sunburn, a really really bad sunburn with blisters on our arm or on our skin, that’s how angry the digestive tract is when we’re constantly eating foods that are harming it. So then, when someone is transitioning to eating foods that heal the gut, they have to pick the foods that are healing for the gut now and then as their gut is healed then they can eat foods that are in a sense of prevention. Does that make sense? [0:10:11] Dr. Michael Haley: Absolutely. One of the greatest things that I learned along the same lines of what you’re just saying is from Dr. Natasha McBride. She has this concept that helping people identify the foods that are right for them because everybody is different. One of the things she’ll do is an elimination diet. Then you start with foods that are probably good for most people, adding them one at a time and seeing what happens. Now, if you add one of those good foods that’s good for most people and it doesn’t work for you, well you take it back out. In this process, there’s this journal. Imagine three columns. On the first column is date and time stamp, the second column would be what you ate and the third column is how you feel. Now, you don’t always need a “what you ate in the” entry. You don’t always need a how you feel in the entry. You might just do an entry and this is just a how you feel entry. “I didn’t eat anything but for some reason, I’m just bubbling with energy. I’m thinking clearly. My thoughts are just firing like, the synapses are there.” Well, if they’re not normally like that then maybe you’re eating things that are fogging you. What did you eat? What was your last meal? What have you been eating up to this point that’s giving you all this energy, making things fire properly? That’s probably a good food for you. “I feel strong. I feel weak. I’m fatigued.” What foods did you eat? The last time you ate that food, look back in the journal. When you follow it in the journal and you look at your symptoms do you see fatigue about those same number of hours after you ate it? We’re now developing a pattern when you eat this starchy food: the potatoes, the pasta or whatever it is and a couple of hours later or an hour later or a half-hour later, again everyone’s different, you crash. That’s probably not a good food for you. [0:12:33] Ashley James: I love that you are teaching this in such a straightforward, succinct manner. The food-mood journal is one of the best tools that we can use. But how long should people wait before they start judging foods? Because my understanding is if let’s say someone is allergic to dairy and they’ve just recently eliminated it. Doesn’t it take like a month for the body to really recover from that inflammation before they can really start to decipher what foods are helping and what foods are not helping? Is there a certain period of time of an elimination diet that one must complete before the food mood journal is more accurate tool? [0:13:15] Dr. Michael Haley: You know what, Dr. Natasha McBride, let’s go back to her. Since she’s the one that came up with this concept. I don’t know if she invented it but she sure is teaching it to thousands of practitioners around the world right now. Her concept of elimination diet is going to something so basic and simple that what most people can consume and meet most of their needs with one food. For her that would be bone stock soup. How long are you on that? Until your body stabilizes. Is it a day, is it three days, is it a week? I don’t know but conceptually there’s enough healthy fats and healthy amino acids and everything that you need to sustain you for that period of time until you figure that out. Then once you stabilize, now we’re going to start building on that diet and adding one thing at a time. Working from her list she has groups of foods. This is the first food group that you’re going to play in as we build your diet and then we’re going to go to these foods, you can start working from this list after that but that first list is the things that most people can tolerate. I wouldn’t say it’s a time period because everybody is different. I do know this, there’s foods that will make me crash. They could be pretty healthy foods for most people. I’ll notice that I’ll crash maybe 45 minutes after eating them and then about an hour later I’ll be fine. So for me to get over that crash from that food that I ate, it’s about an hour. [0:15:02] Ashley James: Have you gotten testing and saw that you have like an immunoglobulin response to those foods? I mean, is there something you can see in blood work to confirm, “Oh yeah. My body, my immune system is reacting in a negative way.” Is this something that no blood test can pick up and really it’s about listening to your body? [0:15:20] Dr. Michael Haley: I did get the blood testing years ago and it wasn’t necessarily matching up with me symptomatically. This is one of the problems I have with it. I think it’s beneficial information but I don’t think it’s a 100. Think about allergy testing. Think about egg albumin as an example. Are eggs good for you? Forget about what you think from a diet perspective and the general health belief system that you have. That’s commonly tested as an allergen. Well, where did you get that albumin from? What kind of eggs did it come from? Was it grass and insect truly pastured hens or were they fed chicken meal from a bag of wheat and corn, which is inflammatory? I don’t know. So the material that you’re using for the allergy test that you’re testing it against, where did it come from? We don’t know. It’s just called albumin. [0:16:32] Ashley James: So you’re saying that some people who have egg allergies may not react to eggs if they’re fresh off of a farm that’s pasture-raised but they will have allergy to eggs that are factory farmed? [0:16:44] Dr. Michael Haley: I’m suggesting that it’s possible. That’s something that I just kind of made up as a possibility. The point being is that the eggs are definitely different. I remember the first time we ran out of eggs from our backyard and I did my best. I ran to the store and studied all the labels and came home with the best organic pastured eggs I could find. I remember cracking them in the pan in front of my kids. I remember their reactions because one of them especially went, “Eww,” based on sight, “what is that?” Because he never saw a pale yellow yolk before. When they were eating them they go, “Oh. These are disgusting.” Because it was this maybe similar texture but it had no flavor because the flavor comes from the nutrients and it was missing the nutrients. So the eggs were definitely different than what they were used to. Our chickens, we did not feed them period, ever because if we did, they’d get lazy and they’d forget how to survive. They need to know how to survive and eat what they’re supposed to. So their eggs were absolutely amazing. What was their diet? Insects, grass, lizards. If they caught a lizard, it was on. It was a fight for that steak. Contrast that to what you see on the TV. You’ll see such and such farms, “Our hens are fed a vegan diet of corn, soy and marigold.” Well, let me tell you something. Chickens aren’t vegans. [0:18:37] Ashley James: Also, even if they say the chickens are pasture-raised it actually means that they’re in a giant football stadium-sized indoor building with a tiny porch basically that’s only 50 chickens can fit out on the porch that’s all caged in. There’s 20,000 chickens inside this giant container and there’s no room for them or the regular factory-farmed chickens are born and raised in cages with no room to move. We’re not feeding them the nutrients they need but we’re also torturing them and giving them a horrible existence. All that energy, that suffering goes into their meat and goes into their egg versus if you eat something like you said you’re backyard eggs. Just even the energy, the vibration of that food is displayed in the happiness and the whole life that that animal’s been given. We have to look at the quality of everything that goes into our food. Imagine all the people that touch our food. I’ve often thought about this. When I eat, I often think about the farmers, the pickers who are out there really early in the morning sometimes really bad weather. They spend their entire day bent over, picking that food for me so that I can eat it and thinking about the quality of all the lives of all the people that touch our food. I like to support farms that treat their workers well that all the people were happy who touched my food. If a farmer really really loves what they do like they’re doing biodynamic farming, organic farming, they’re putting so much of their energy into making sure that soil is healthy, that their animals are healthy, that the workers are happy and taken care of. Even that energy I feel goes into the food and I feel better for it versus going to a restaurant where you know that they’re cutting corners to save money and they’re going to buy ingredients that are the lowest quality possible so that they can make the biggest profit possible. Getting back to talking about healing the gut. I love to know what happened along your journey as a doctor that made you really excited about healing the gut because you didn’t start off as wanting to be a gut expert. What happened? [0:21:18] Dr. Michael Haley: Oh my goodness. My journey is not based on personal tragedy. I don’t say that to boast. Certainly it would’ve been a lot easier to learn it if I had to but I was forced into it. It’s a unique set of circumstances. You know, since we’re touching on this, can I talk about one thing real quick? Right now, we’re talking about eggs. I’ll be honest, half of the healthcare professionals will say eggs are a healthy food and half of them will say they’re not. There’s a difference in belief systems and if somebody’s hearing me talk about eggs right now and they’re uncomfortable with that, I do want to address this. Why do we have different belief systems about what a healthy diet looks like? You don’t have to have the right answer to this. I think I know what the answer is and I want to address that because it does lead into why I help people get well. [0:22:17] Ashley James: Right. Let’s address it. Why is it that we have so many conflicting diet dogmas out there? [0:22:26] Dr. Michael Haley: Let’s look at it from the dogma of someone who’s trying to help heal guts and contrast that with someone who’s trying to heal cancer. You see, in a gut-healing diet, I want growth and repair foods but in an anti-cancer diet, if I give you growth and repair I might actually be supporting your tumor. So these diets are going to be different. If I was coaching someone to play the line in the NFL and I want them to have maximum power and strength, which is different than say being a safety that needs to be able to fly up and down the field like a gazelle just incredible speed and light on his feet and be able to jump up to stop a pass. The lineman might be more of a, well both of these would be a type of survival diet. Survival of the fittest out in the wild. You might have to fight off a lion. That’s different than a detoxing, cleansing diet to get well from cancer. So, as we’re talking about gut-healing foods and to the raw vegan, don’t look at it like you’re raw vegan perspective is based on cleansing and detox. So understand there’s a place for those things and we’re not contrasting, we’re not saying that you don’t have a healthy diet. We’re just saying it’s a different purpose than what we’re talking about here. [0:24:19] Ashley James: Right. Also healing the heart. If you have a patient with heart disease with clogged arteries in the heart you want them on a cleansing and detoxing diet to help the body heal the heart versus if you have someone with an inflamed and angry gut. You’re not going to put them on a raw vegan diet because raw vegan diet is really really really nutrient-packed but it’s really not appropriate for a gut that’s inflamed and angry. So you’re really looking at food as medicine and what’s the medicine that person needs and understanding that through our life. We should change our diets based on our needs. [0:24:59] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. Absolutely. Well, you said something interesting before and you were talking about sunburns. Aloe Vera is tremendous on sunburns. I like something like a friend of mine, Robert Scott Bell, talks about the tube, the digestive tube between the mouth and the anus. This epithelial tissue, which is the same kind of tissue that your skin is. As we’re formed in embryology, we start out as ball of cells. Essentially, it’s like it gets pushed in from two sides and it meets in the middle and there’s now a tube running through the ball of cells. It’s kind of the same tissue that’s originally on the outside of that ball of cells. It’s almost as if that’s really the same organ, the skin and the gut. When you’re in that gut, when you’re in that tube, you’re actually really in a protected environment inside the body but it’s really still outside of the body. Because when you eat stuff it actually has to pass through that later to really get inside the body where the body can use it. You see, this epithelial tissue, the gut, eats and drinks just like the skin. People say, “Well, your skin doesn’t eat and drink.” Yeah. That’s why doctors will actually give drug patches, pain patches and hormone patches and help you quit smoking patches. They put these on your skin because your skin will absorb and it goes into the bloodstream and it actually eats and drinks through your skin and your skin excretes waste just like your gut. So, we start thinking about this more of the same organ, which is important because as we talk about healing the gut, we actually do have a somewhat of a visual look at what your gut might look like. The gut’s much more mucosal and probably a lot more angry than what you actually see on your skin. So the changes might be subtle on the skin but they’re there. You just have to know to look for them and say, “How’s my skin doing? I think my gut’s actually getting better,” or “this doesn’t look good. I wonder what’s going on inside?” Well, Rodney Stockton – ah, going back to the Aloe. Aloe helps heal the sunburn. You have a sunburn, you put it on there. If you put a handprint of Aloe and take your hand off, the next day you notice where your hand was it’s all of a sudden white while it’s still red around on the outside. [0:27:40] Ashley James: That’s so cool. [0:27:41] Dr. Michael Haley: Well, it heals things faster. It’s scientifically proven to cut the healing time of burns in half. Now, if it does that on the skin and the gut is the same organ, can that do it inside? We’ve never actually done that kind of science to know for sure but a lot of people will say, “Absolutely. I’ve had this problem. I drink Aloe. You said it and things did better.” Well, I hear it all the time. I talked to someone on the phone earlier today, one of our customers, and GERD was her complaint. She placed her first order a month ago and went through two half gallons of our Aloe and she was calling to reorder because ever since she’s been drinking the Aloe she hasn’t had to take her, I forgot what’s the color of the pills were that she said but she said hasn’t had to take them anymore to control her GERD. Well, this guy Rodney Stockton came into my office. I’m a chiropractor and he used to take this Aloe door-to-door in South Florida. He ships some to New York because he had friends there but it was kind of a small business and he insisted that I put all my patients on it, which I did not. But when I destroyed my hands as a chiropractor. Accidentally I got some bad burns on them by accident. He gave me this Aloe cream to on them and that’s when I said, “Oh my goodness. My hands look better now after three days of using this Aloe cream than they did before the injuries. What is this stuff?” That’s what got my attention. Well, my family was using it. The topically and internally and at some point I had my first patient that had cancer drinking it. Rodney used to tell everyone, “Cancer. It’s like a common cold. Just drink three glasses of Aloe a day. A couple of weeks it will be gone.” It’s kind of funny. That’s how he actually really talked. I don’t talk like that. I think that it could be helpful and beneficial and part of an anti-cancer healing plan but and yes he did get some kind of results. Well, I did have one of my patients on it that got well from a very serious cancer. To me it was like, “Wow, there’s something to this.” Well, Rodney had died and I realized how important his product was and all of a sudden my supply was going, it was going away. The company was crumbling without Rodney. So I stepped in and took over. Now, this is a long answer to a real short question. The question was about gut-healing and where did this come from? I realized that people needed this Aloe Vera. My customer base of a company that stepped in to save was people that either have or once had cancer and swear that Aloe was the only thing that got them well. In my research I realized that it was accepted for people that have gut conditions medically, FDA. I’m not going to get in trouble talking about it for the gut. I knew that I had to save the product for the people that knew they needed it regardless of what their condition was. I just knew I couldn’t talk about this one condition but I could keep it alive by helping people that have another condition that needed it. So, that’s kind of how I got so familiar with all of the digestive problems and what was causing them because if you have irritable bowel, Aloe Vera is not the cure. It’s a Band-Aid. It’s like a drug if you’re just taking it to get well because as soon as you stop, you’re problems going to come back if you haven’t made any changes. [0:32:00] Ashley James: It’s like taking, like you said, drugs. Drugs were created 100 – 150 years ago. They were created at first out of a need to patent natural medicine. “Oh. See that plant over there in that field that helps XYZ problem? Well, how can we molecularly make a compound so that we can administer this as a pill? When we go back and we say, “Well, now we have to reverse engineer.” We go, “Okay. You want this pharmaceutical,” well, over the counter let’s say pharmaceutical. Well, what’s the natural alternative that it came from originally? So why don’t we go use that instead? [0:32:47] Dr. Michael Haley: I agree. I completely agree. The nutrition, the medicine is in all the things that are growing around us but what I want and if anyone hears us and thinks, “Oh. I can get well by drinking Aloe.” If you have inflammatory bowel conditions, you could probably get symptom-free drinking the Aloe because what we’ve done is increase the speed of healing and now you’re healing faster than the new damage you’re creating. So it’s no different than a medical mindset because you’re taking it for a desired effect. The people have to really realize, if that’s their mindset, I’m sure your listeners have a different mindset but the people that have that mindset, what you really have to do is say, “Wait a second, how did I get this to begin with? Because I fix it but don’t change the cause it’s coming right back.” [0:33:55] Ashley James: So how long have you been using Aloe Vera in your practice and with clients and also helping this company? How long have you been diving into the world of Aloe Vera? [0:34:07] Dr. Michael Haley: You know, Rodney Stockton first came to me and I want to say it was 1996 as a patient. He brought a half-gallon of Aloe with him. He said, “You got to start drinking this. Recommend it to all your patients.” At first I thought he was crazy. I hadn’t quite evolved yet. I’m still evolving, we all still are but at that point in time, to me it seemed crazy. I was at that point in my life where I thought I could eat anything and just exercise into good health. When I had that experience, the injury to my hands I realized the power of the Aloe and started recommending it and seeing it work in people’s lives. My family and I have been consuming it since about 2000 so about almost 20 years now. We use a lot of it. We really use a lot of it. I think it’s neat. I remember Rodney and he was so proud of how he looked in his 80s, “Can you believe I’m only 87 years old?” [0:35:22] Ashley James: I’m really glad you say that because you said he died. I’m like, “Oh God. What if he died of a heart attack at 40 or something?” This doesn’t really play really well for a great health story like, “Hey. Drink this guy’s Aloe Vera. He dropped dead at age 40.” So he was like he lived a very long and healthy life, right? [0:35:38] Dr. Michael Haley: Well, sort of. Yes. It’s interesting. I have a picture of him in the newspaper in 1958. The newspaper stamp 1958. This was shortly after he discovered Aloe and he’s in the Aloe field and he’s researching it and making it his life mission to make this available to everyone throughout the world. Well, I’m looking at him and I’m thinking, “Wow. You look old in 1958.” So he obviously didn’t do that well up to that point when he discovered Aloe. Now, here I am. He’s in my office in the later 90’s not looking much different than that newspaper. Now, he still was TV dinners, fast food, French fries, cheeseburgers. He still did not eat healthy. He did drink one glass of Aloe Vera every day. Now, when he was in the, he did die of a heart attack. He was 96 years old and I remember going to see him in the hospital when he was in all the machines keeping his body alive but his brain was gone. I remember looking at his legs. I was squeezing kind of his lower you know where his shins are and stuff. No pitting edema, plump white skin. You know how most people of that age they have like black and blue at the further parts away from their hear down near the wrists and forearms and their ankles. He had this amazing plump, white, healthy skin that just blew me away. That’s one of those things that I’ll never forget. He did not live a healthy lifestyle. He did drink one glass of Aloe every day. Our new customers say, “How much Aloe should I drink?” I say, “Well, our smallest order’s at two-pack. Get the two-pack. Make sure you drink that whole first bottle in the first week and then look in the mirror.” I told you about the woman I spoke to earlier who had GERD today. It’s funny, she was talking about skin conditions. I said, “Actually, you might see a difference in your skin.” She was only drinking three ounces a day for the last month.” She said, “It’s funny now that you say that people have been telling me I look really good lately. How can that be I’m so sick but yes, they keep telling me I look good.” Aloe Vera as your gut gets better, she’s the one that hasn’t had any GERD problems hasn’t needed the medicine, when your gut is getting better, your skin looks better. It’s an external picture of the inside. [0:38:33] Ashley James: Yeah. There’s a direct link between skin health and gut health. Absolutely. On so many levels and the fact that the microbiome which is keeping us alive is in there and that the inflammation, the leaky gut, the immune system is all around the gut. The gut converts 25% of our T3, it makes our serotonin but also if we’re not digesting and absorbing nutrition we’re going to see that on the skin. We’re just going to look pale. We’re not going to have that glow. Some people look grey in the skin or have dark circles into the eyes. We can really tell. I think unconsciously, we can pick up a lot by looking at someone’s face in terms of their health. It really does show. I love that you’re saying that within days of someone focusing on healing their gut that it starts to become noticeable in their face. I have a friend who has been coming to me for some health advice. I kind of  have that reputation with my friends as being the one to go to. After talking to her, I see in one of her children, I can see in his face he’s allergic to dairy. It’s just so obvious when I look at his face. It looks like he has lupus. His body is very inflamed and his cheeks are red like lupus red. I talked to her. I had a very gentle conversation about doing an elimination diet and eliminating wheat, sorry, gluten grains and dairy and just doing an experiment with her family. They did it for one week and I didn’t know that they were choosing to do it that particular week. I saw her and I said, “What has changed? Your face looks something looks so good. Something looks so different.” I was like, “Did you get new glasses? Did you get a haircut?” I couldn’t figure it out but she looked so good. Then she finally said, “It’s because we tried going dairy and gluten-free for a week.” I could tell her her son also didn’t have any of that redness like they’re really really – the rosacea in his cheeks are completely gone. It’s interesting that quickly that within a week of cutting out barley, wheat, rye and cow dairy that you could see it on their face. But not only that, they could feel it. They were both having some success already in their physical symptoms. So, yeah. You’ve been drinking Aloe Vera, you and your family, for 20 years now. You’re seeing it yourself. I want to dive into the science a bit and understand why is it that Aloe Vera has this ability to speed up healing and decrease inflammation? What is it about it? Also, I’d like you to differentiate between whole Aloe Vera and just the gel because I know there’s a big difference in the juice. Should one drink a whole Aloe Vera plant versus drinking just the gel of the plant? [0:41:47] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. If I was to take a leaf and shove it in the blender and turn it on high and pour it into the glass, we would probably call that Aloe Vera juice but Aloe Vera juice is also if you buy a juice like a fruit juice with sugar in it that has Aloe in it. So, that term is used kind of loosely and be careful when you see Aloe Vera juice. It may or may not be beneficial for you. Whole leaf is generally considered juice. Now, I personally don’t like the outer leaf. Why is it used medicinally? Well, it has laxative properties. [0:42:32] Ashley James: To put it nicely. [0:42:35] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. And we are in a backed-up nation which because people are clogged, their intestine are clogged, I don’t think adding drain-all is the solution. What we need to do is get our diets right so our intestines work like they’re supposed to. But Aloe Vera has that bowel-loosening, the outer leaf part, the Aloe and the yellow, the bitter stuff, it’s absolutely disgusting. So what they’ve done medicinally is put in the capsules and people would take that as a laxative. Well, eventually the NIH and the FDA kind of teamed up and did a little research on Aloe Vera extract which is the outer leaf stuff and they gave it to rats until the rats got cancer, which is another interesting topic here because what’s cancer? Well, in the case of the rats, the cells of the intestines that make mucus grew so that they could make more mucous because they were being fed this continuous flow of irritant because they got the extract without the gel which was the opposite, healing part of the plant. Well, in other words for the rats it was actually an adaptive protective change that we call cancer, which cancer’s often an adaptive change. All right, rabbit trail here but those are the different parts of the plant and I don’t think we should be using the outer leaf. I think we should fix our diet. The inner leaf, that’s the part where if you put it on a sunburn it calms it down and heals it faster. We are confident based on all the clinical case studies where people get well. Anyone I’ve given it to where they had bleeding bowel movements within three days the bleeding has stopped regardless how many days, months or years they’ve been bleeding. That’s what I have seen. So somehow what it’s doing on the skin on burns it’s also doing on the inside and I don’t know why. I can’t tell you why that happens. I don’t know. I can’t tell you why it heals sunburns. I can’t tell you why it heals the intestines but we’ve definitely seen it happen. [0:44:54] Ashley James: Well, I mean it’s known. It’s just absolutely known. Ever since I was a kid we’d be down at Mexico, I’d get a sunburn and there’d be this giant Aloe Vera plant. My mom would crack it open and squeeze out the gel and rub my body with it and the next day I was good to go. I mean, it’s just known that it heals the skin. Very interesting about the irritant that if someone were to drink the whole plant, the juice of the whole plant, that the rodents would eventually develop cancer. Like you said it is an irritant so it’s forcing the body to have diarrhea or it’s the laxative effects. I remember doing that once buying the wrong kind of Aloe Vera at the store and suffering for it. It’s not a pleasant experience but if you drink the gel, the pure gel of Aloe Vera it is an enjoyable experience. What’s the difference between your company and the ones that are sold like at Whole Foods or at other health markets? I won’t name names but there’s a variety of them. Some of them, many of them have sugar. Many of them do but there are a few that don’t. So what’s the difference in quality between yours and those other brands out there? [0:46:19] Dr. Michael Haley: Okay. I’m going to give you a short answer on this and then tells you a story that explains it. You can apply this, don’t just apply this to Aloe Vera. Take this in for anything that you might purchase that is like a juice beverage because this is what happens in the juice industry. Imagine that I was to purchase orange juice and I went to the store and there’s all these different labels. Lots of those different labels actually all come from the same farm. It doesn’t mean that they’re all the same though because we have big companies in the United States that will purchase up big 55 gallon drums from main farms, from maybe one or two main farm sources. Then sell those barrels to the various companies throughout the United States that reprocess them. There’s a good chance, well those barrels have been pasteurized and they probably have chemical preservatives in them. But the companies that buy the big drums then reprocess and they might add new preservatives. Those are the preservatives that you’re actually going to see on the label. They might add flavors, they might add water, they might add other juices. They do what they want to make it their own. They might add thickeners. In the case of Aloe Vera, because it’s no longer Aloe Vera because it’s been filtered down so much and changed so much they actually might add thickeners to thicken it up like guar gum or something like that or a carrageenan so that you think that it’s actually Aloe Vera gel. If you read the labels you will see these things and it will say carrageenan as a thickening agent. This is what happens in the industry. There’s various levels of filtering and there’s various levels of adding things in. Now, let’s focus just on Aloe for a second. Not just all juice products but in the case of Aloe Vera, there’s unfiltered which is what we are and there’s ultra-filtered which is what another brand is that tastes like water. I promise you, if you find a brand that you can pick up and shake and it splashes and it sounds like water and you drink it. If you give it to someone with a blindfold on, they will tell you it’s water. You cannot taste the difference between that and water. It’s very filtered. Is it Aloe? Yeah. 100% comes from the Aloe plant. But you can take something and filter it so much that the only thing you have, you can purify it to the point where it’s only water. I don’t know that that’s what’s happening in this case but it’s super filtered. Everything else is somewhere between what we have and what that is. Our brand is the only one that I’m aware of that is not pasteurized. It’s not filtered. How do we do it? How do we not filter? People say, “How do you take the Aloe in? What’s the outer one? That’s the very bitter stuff.” Well, we never let it in to begin with. Our aloes are hand-cut, hand-filleted. We bleed out the Aloe in and then we skin it. Then that gel, that inner fillet runs through a grinder, runs through a chiller, goes into the containers that goes into the freezer. We freeze it. We don’t filter it. We don’t pasteurize it. We don’t add preservatives. We don’t add thickeners. We don’t do anything. The only thing that’s in there is the ground up fillet from the Aloe plant. So that is kind of the difference. Now, you had a similar experience as one of my patients. This was actually an employee of mine. She came to me on her second day on the job, came in sad. I said, “What’s wrong?” She said, “Well, I found out that I probably have breast cancer again.” I said, “Okay. Don’t freak out. We know how to fix this. We’re going to make a lot of changes but the first thing I want you to do is start drinking this.” I gave her two bottles of our Aloe gel and I said, “I want you to start drinking three full glasses every day.” I was going to continue to make other changes in her diet and take things away from her. Well, the next day, she was literally in the bathroom half of the day. After I think it was the second day of being in the bathroom all day long she came to me and said, “Dr. Haley, is it possible the Aloe is running right through me?” I said, “Not a chance.” Well, I shouldn’t say that. I said, “If you got Aloe Vera from Whole Foods, yeah but not what I gave you.” She said, “Oh.” I said, “What do you mean oh?” She said, “Well, before drinking the Aloe that you gave me I thought I would drink Richard’s. He’s drinking it for his diabetes.” That is her husband. I said, “Oh no.” She said, “Yeah. I got it from Whole Foods.” “Oh no. How much were you drinking?” She said, “I couldn’t drink three glasses a day. I could only do two.” To which I respond, “Thank God. Three could have killed you.” Meaning, she was getting so much of that outer leaf. See, that particular brand that she was drinking had so much outer leaf that the serving size is a tablespoon not a glassful. Its intention is to loosen the bowels when you have constipation, lower and stabilize blood sugar levels. Those kinds of things. It still has those properties but I wanted her to drink a whole bunch because I wanted her to have the extra anti-cancer benefits. It could’ve literally depleted her of all of her electrolyte minerals and dehydrated her. She was in the bathroom all that whole time because she was drinking another brand using this serving size recommendation based on ours. I learned that people might do that. I’ve never made that mistake again. I never said, “Oh, yeah. Just go drink a glass of Aloe every day.” No. Only if it’s our brand. Every bottle is different. Every company has their own purpose for what they’re putting in their bottle. Gut health is one thing I’m talking a little bit about anti-cancer. Can I do that? Can you talk about Aloe Vera and anti-cancer properties? Yeah. I’m not saying we’re curing cancer but I will tell you some science to why someone with cancer should have it. One of the neat things is – well, let me give you a whole bunch of them actually. I’ll build-up to the bigger ones. There was a study done at Hippocrates Health Institute. They gave one group Aloe Vera with their supplements and the other group didn’t get the Aloe. When they tested their blood, the group that got the Aloe Vera with their supplements, their blood tested higher for every single nutrient that was tested. So, conclusion was, well, people that are using Aloe Vera they’re gut must work better and absorb more nutrients from the food. That’s a good thing. We also know it helps make the gut healthy which is where the immune system is and helps heal guts. It also helps lower and stabilize blood sugar levels in people that have diabetes. Well, cancer is an obligatory glucose metabolizer and if you’re lowering blood sugar levels that could be a really good thing. Well, there’s also something in Aloe Vera called acemannan. This nutrient is known to cause the macrophages of the immune system to secrete three very important factors. I’m only going to talk about one. It’s my favorite just because of the name. It’s called tumor necrosis factor, TNF. What does that do? Tumor necrosis factor, tumor = cancer, necrosis = death two. It’s the factor that causes death to cancer. What it actually does is helps the immune system to see the cancer cells so that it knows to kill them. But, there’s still an even more exciting thing in Aloe. Those slimy mucopolysaccharides. What’s a polysaccharides? Well, you have sugars. Join them together you have carbohydrates. Join those together you have complex carbohydrates. Join those together and make them really big and bulky we have mucopolysaccharides. The mucopolysaccharides in Aloe Vera is made up of a sugar molecule called mannose, which is the one sugar molecule that we know to be toxic to cancer cells. It’s kind of like the cancer cell locks on to it because it wants to eat the sugar molecule but it can’t. So now, it can’t eat anything else because it’s like got its mouth stuck with mannose but it can’t eat the mannose. So it essentially starves itself by holding on to the mannose and not being able to eat it. [0:56:08] Ashley James: Cool. That’s so cool. Tell us more. I love this stuff. I’m totally geeking out on this fun little science things. You said you’re only going to tell us one of the three but can you tell us more? [0:56:24] Dr. Michael Haley: Well, that was a whole bunch of them right there meaning making the gut healthy which is where the immune system is, lowering the blood sugar levels, causing your got to absorb more nutrients. The tumor necrosis factor interferons and interleukins were the other factors that increase with the Aloe Vera. Then the fifth one was the mannose being that thing that the cancer cells can’t eat because it can lock on to them but it can’t actually consume them. That research was actually done by a, if I understand it my impression of it was that it was done by a company that is manufacturing a chemotherapy because there conclusion was consume mannose with the chemotherapy. I think they said that the mannose stops the cancer from growing and the chemotherapy kills the cancer. That was their conclusion. [0:57:27] Ashley James: What about helping people with dysbiosis or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? Does it have any anti-parasitic properties or help to starve the candida or starve the bad bacteria or feed the good bacteria? Is there anything around those lines? [0:57:50] Dr. Michael Haley: Good question. We’re going to go into some stuff that I don’t know all about but I’ll tell you what I do know that makes sense to me. Aloe Vera is a food and bacteria can grow in it but it’s not bacteriostatic. It doesn’t stop the growth of bacteria but they grow very slowly in it compared to other foods. Kind of like honey is a food. Honey can sit in your cabinet for a very long time. That’s more bacteriostatic compared to Aloe Vera versus table sugar that can ferment into alcohol very quickly. So, different things are more of a food source for bacteria than others. In the case of Aloe Vera and I think that’s related to that mannose sugar molecule that some things just don’t really love. So, it can be a food item. I cannot tell you that it won’t feed candida. I don’t know that. What I do know is that there’s lots of good fiber in it that could be prebiotic in nature. I know that it helps heal the gut and people that have either too loose of bowels or too stiff of bowels it seems to normalize both ends to the more normal perspective. I know that people who had bacterial overgrowth, some of them their bowels are moving too fast some are moving too slow. Probably more often too slow which kind of gives bacteria more time to multiply and overtake the intestines. It seems those slow-moving bowels, sometimes the bad bacteria can work its way up towards the front in a sense. Now, why do I say all that? I don’t always think that the bacterial overgrowth is a diet problem. It could be a slow-moving gut which might be a neurological problem. Possibly you need chiropractic massage, yoga, acupuncture something to destress the spine where the nerves go to the intestines and get things functioning more like they’re supposed to. When we talk about a condition like that, Aloe Vera is not the cure, it might be part of the diet plan to help the plan get better but we have to step back and look at the big picture and say, “Okay. Let’s look at this from the nutrition, exercise, rest, mental well-being.” You know how the mind controls the chemistry of the body? You’ve alluded to that earlier with toxic relationships. So you really have to step back and say, “Okay. Is Aloe going to help this?” I don’t know. It might but we got to really look at the big picture here. [1:00:54] Ashley James: Can you tell us some stories in your last 20 years with experiencing the healing benefits of Aloe Vera that were just mind-blowing. You’ve mentioned some common things that Aloe helps with but what’s some really far out there like, “Wow. I never thought it would help with that,” kind of stories that you could share with us? [1:01:14] Dr. Michael Haley: I hear that stuff all the time from healing people’s gums to headed for dialysis and God lead me to consume Aloe Vera and from 30% to now 68% kidney function and the only change I made was Aloe Vera. Well, that’s pretty cool. We’ve heard everything from decreased pain, which I think when people have less pain, I think it’s because their pain is probably auto-immune related. By healing the gut we’re calming down the immune system that’s causing the inflammatory response that causes the pain because other people with pain don’t notice any difference. When you heal the gut, it can affect everything. So we’ve heard every condition under the sun people saying that they got well from it. I don’t think it’s a cure for every condition under the sun. I think it could help the gut get well and I think that it’s important for most people. Ultimately, again, I always tell people that you got to look at the other side of the equation. You got to look at what’s in the food. The food is full of antibiotics and drugs if you’re eating animal foods and pesticides and preservatives and artificial flavors and colors and sweeteners and trans fats and they’re partially hydrogenated and they’re GMOs and we got chlorinated watering, there’s mercury in the fish. There is so much crap in the foods that’s killing us and we have to stop consuming it. You got to look at the other side of the equation. I’ve seen a stage for pancreatic patients get well and stay well for ten years. How does that happen? We didn’t just give her Aloe. We said, “You can’t eat sugars anymore. We want you to juicing fruits and vegetables and growing sprouts.” We changed her lifestyle and she ended up losing weight and at first feeling she was going to die of starvation but eventually getting her energy back and feeling better than ever before. That was my first significant patient that I recommended three glasses of Aloe a day for. It just so happens that she got well from stage 4, worst kind of cancer you could have. Did the Aloe cure her? No. I think her lifestyle change cured her and I think Aloe Vera was one of her things in her lifestyle change. [1:04:30] Ashley James: Well, you said that it’s been proven that Aloe speeds up healing by 50%. So if you could take anything to speed up healing while you’re on a healing protocol I mean that just makes sense. [1:04:43] Dr. Michael Haley: Absolutely. Yeah. [1:04:46] Ashley James: I interviewed one of your mentors, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, episode 385. She has an amazing story. She helps to reverse autism. She’s made a link between the GAPS diet being the gut and the psychology diet linking that there is a direct link between gut health and psychology and to brain health and showing that if she can get children before the age of five on the GAPS diet who are on the autism spectrum or displaying symptoms of autism that they will no longer be autistic. She makes that bold claim based on her clinical experience over the last 24 years where she has seen thousands of children to reverse autism. She says if it’s caught after the age of five they still have some quirks but go from low-functioning to high-functioning basically. That was a really interesting interview. So you stumbled upon her work in an effort to find tools in your tool belt to help people with healing the gut. What have you seen in terms of psychology, in terms of mental health and emotional health? How have you seen Aloe Vera help in that aspect? [1:06:07] Dr. Michael Haley: I’m going to tell you about a friend’s child that has autism. He as an older teenager struggling to maintain his job because of his emotional outbursts, having meltdowns in the home and talking to the mother. I remember the conversation quite well because sometimes people can look at you like you’ve got three heads because of what you say. “Yeah. You shouldn’t be drinking Coca Cola.” Really? They look at you like you have three heads. “No. That’s not going to be good for someone that has autism.” It’s not going to be good for really anybody. The point being is I gave her a whole diet plan that included Aloe Vera and eliminated a lot of stuff. He had the absolute best week of his life with very normal functioning. But he had a meltdown. I said, “What happened?” She said, “He couldn’t do it anymore. He had to have his sodas again.” He went back to his soda. Had a meltdown that day on the job, lost his job. It’s funny. He went from having the best week, most normal week of his life with normal functioning in society to “I can’t do this. I need my sugar fix, my caffeinated sugar fix.” We’ve seen it with kids. You give the kids sugar and they get all crazy. What you eat changes the way you act, the way you feel. It changes you. I can give a grown adult a couple shots of whiskey and within minutes he had changed. What goes in your mouth affects the way your body works. [1:08:23] Ashley James: I love that you’re bringing this up. I actually have a study, I have two studies right here printed out. Parasites, nutrition, immune responses and biology of metabolic tissues and the other one is Signaling in Parasitic Nematodes: Physicochemical Communication Between Host and Parasite and Endogenous Molecular Transduction Pathways Governing Worm Development and Survival. Basically these two and there’s a ton more studies about the connection between what is living in our gut and what our cravings. They’re showing that parasites and it doesn’t have to be like a giant tapeworm. Whenever someone says parasites that’s all I think about is these Dune like the giant worms from Dune. I’m just imagining them. Most parasites are microscopic, one cell or a few cells, candida, yeast. This dysbiosis basically they’re finding now that let’s say you have a dysbiosis or you have these parasites, you have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or whatever it is that basically things are living in your gut that shouldn’t be there and the things that should be living in your gut are not in a healthy proportion. It’s kind of like the gangs have moved into the neighborhood and your gut. These entities, these creatures, when you stop feeding them the sugary beverages for example that this person you’re talking about was craving, which is the food that they live on. So the donuts and the pizza or whatever it is. The food, the simple carbohydrates that they live on. If you stop eating the foods they live on, you start to starve them. When you start to starve them, they will actually produce a chemical. It’s been proven in these studies. They will produce a chemical that is absorbed into your bloodstream, go straight to your brain and takes over your brain and makes you crave the foods that feed them. So how much of our cravings and our control over our own behavior and our mind is us versus the parasites? Who’s controlling this body? Is it the parasite controlling us? They’re showing now that there’s a direct link. So when you go on a detox, when you go on a cleansing diet or a cleansing protocol or a negative parasite killing protocol, you will have cravings and those cravings are not you. You’re body’s not saying, “I really want a brownie and I really need a brownie right now.” No. That is the bugs in your gut trying to hi-jack your brain. Luckily we have the ability to overcome those cravings. We can go for a walk, drink some water, do some deep breathing. We can overcome. It takes a few days to let it pass but just sharing what you’re sharing is that the Aloe Vera and the change in the diet helped him gain control over his psychology and then he gave in to those little worms or whatever, those little parasites were starving so they hi-jacked his brain. We also know that sugar is addictive and we do go through a withdrawal from caffeine and from sugar. So it’s kind of a one-two punch. We’re sort of up against it when we’re looking to make changes like that and cut out sugar. It’s also helpful to know that this craving isn’t what my body actually needs even though my body is telling me it needs it. If you’re cravings foods that are full of sugar and full of chemicals and are highly processed or baked goods or whatever. If we’re craving something from a package or a can, it’s not in our highest interest. When we shift our diet and we start craving kale and carrots and zucchini, we start actually craving our apples, we start craving whole foods, that when we know that the good bacteria is replenishing itself because it’s starting to send signals to the brain., “Hey, give me more of that pineapple. Give me more of that leafy green salad you had the other day. That really fulfilled us. Give me more of that Aloe juice. I really love those polysaccharides in the Aloe juice. I want some more of that to feed us.” So the good bacteria, the good microbiome can also communicate with us and help our body to feel really high in a good sense on those foods. I have a friend who gets high off of kale smoothies now. Her body just buzzes and she’s like, “It’s like my drug. I get high off of it.” So it’s fun when we shift our diet we could start to get really high off of these whole foods. That’s our bodies saying, “Yes. We’re feeding the good bacteria, everything’s healing. The nutrition is being absorbed and utilized. All the 37.2 trillion cells in the body are being bathed with this green, gorgeous nutrients and all the toxins are being pulled away. Everything is just running on the right path.” That’s how we want to feel every day. If we’re not waking up in the morning and bouncing out of bed full of energy and full of life and then having good stamina throughout the day and never a dull moment. Never like we’re at 3 PM and we’re kind of like, “I need a coffee,” or “I need a whatever.” If we can just go all day feeling great, having mental clarity and then our body around 9 PM goes, “Okay. It’s time to wind down. All right. I feel like reading a book in bed. This is good.” That’s health right there. So I just look at the quality of the day-to-day. What’s the body giving me? The day to day quality of how it feels. Instead of medicating, self-medicating with sugar and caffeine and stimulate that little pleasure response temporarily, right? Because those forms of self-medication mean that we’re really masking the body’s language which the body is telling us, “I’m sick. We’re going the wrong direction. You’re not feeding me the nutrient it needs.” Did your friend’s son ever get back on track? I feel for him. [1:14:55] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. Not something that I followed too much. I know overall and it was a few years ago, overall he’s definitely doing better now so something’s different that I do know. [1:15:10] Ashley James: I’ve seen that before. I have a friend with autistic twins. He went totally clean diet and then he went to a friend’s house and we watched him jump into a bag of Pringles and proceed to kick holes through the walls. Time and time again, if he eats what he’s allergic too there’s just almost an immediate violent, he just gets very violent. It’s hard though to tell a teenager, “Don’t eat the foods that your friends are eating.” [1:15:42] Dr. Michael Haley: Or don’t eat the stuff that your friends are eating because it’s really not food. [1:15:46] Ashley James: It’s not food. It’s not food. Don’t eat the chemical bag filled with crap. Yeah. Exactly. [1:15:54] Dr. Michael Haley: The GMOs, do people really understand what GMOs are? Do they really understand how many chemicals are in that? The modifications really means round-up ready or pesticide manufacturing? I don’t think people have any clue how many chemicals. Do people realize, I love this, Ashley, what is, don’t answer though, what is the purpose of a preservative? I have asked this question so many times and the answer I always get is to make the food last longer. That is not true. The purpose of the preservative is to kill mold, yeast, fungus, and bacteria. [1:16:50] Ashley James: Right. [1:16:53] Dr. Michael Haley: When you eat it does it know to stop killing? When we manufacture products, we add preservatives, we add chemicals to it and we measure the logarithmic reduction of the bacteria so we can measure its killing potential because that’s its purpose. The foods are filled with chemicals that are designed to kill. Why do they put chlorine in the water? To kill. That’s the purpose of it. We got to wake up and realize what’s really in the food. They give an antibiotics to animals. I’d like the way Jordan Rubin put it. He said – because we don’t take antibiotics. When we get sick we don’t take antibiotics. Do we eat conventional food? You’re eating antibiotics. Jordan Rubin said, “People think that they treat animals with antibiotics. He said they don’t treat them with antibiotics. They give them antibiotics so they can mistreat them.” Let’s just include it in their food to continuously try to kill off these infections. Guess what, that becomes a part of them. Another thing he said that was wise, when it comes to animal foods he said, “You heard it well said that you are what you eat but I say when it comes to animal foods, you are what they ate.” [1:18:28] Ashley James: And what drugs they were given. [1:18:30] Dr. Michael Haley: Exactly. [1:18:32] Ashley James: I did an interview on GMOs with Jeffrey Smith. [1:18:38] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. I love Jeff. [1:18:40] Ashley James: Yes. I recommend everyone listen and learn more from Jeffrey Smith. He has a course you can take on his website that teaches you how to become a GMO educator. It’s just fascinating. So great episode. It’s 133 of Learn True Health Podcast. He would talk about how the Bt toxin, what they found is that in this GMOs, one of the GMOs are designed for the Bt toxin to be produced in the plant. But when we eat that plant the Bt toxin then actually the genes of it get into the bacteria. They hi-jack the bacteria in our gut and our bacteria in our gut starts producing the Bt toxin. [1:19:23] Dr. Michael Haley: AKA the sharp protein because its purpose is to essentially explode the guts of the bacteria. [1:19:32] Ashley James: Why is it that all of a sudden, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and now small intestinal fungal overgrowth is a thing? I had a doctor on the show who discovered small intestinal fungal overgrowth. He is a very allopathic mainstream doctor. He’s a PhD, he’s a professor, teaches at a teaching hospital. He is well-educated. Just the credentials are coming out of just like they’re a mile long. The thing is he’s now being rejected by the mainstream medical system, the same system that he comes from and he embraces. He’s not a holistic doctor whatsoever. But because he is saying, this is what he’s saying is that small intestinal fungal overgrowth is a thing. He has discovered it and he says it’s a 100% man-made because of the medical procedures we are now doing, because of the amount of antibiotics we’re giving people, because of the standard diet, because of everything basically. But he said 20 years ago this didn’t exist. And now it’s rampant and he’s seeing it everywhere. I thought that was really interesting that he’s actually trying to make a change in the medical system and the medical system is trying to silence him, which is really interesting. They just don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to hear that there’s small intestinal fungal overgrowth that’s rampant in patients and that’s totally man-made because the system is broken. [1:20:59] Dr. Michael Haley: You know, I think I misspoke on something. I think I said that the Bt toxin was exploding the guts of the bacteria. I mean the insects that ate the plant food that has the Bt toxin in it, which you got to think if it can damage those little insects guts what can it do to ours? If it’s exploding theirs, we’re thicker, it might not explode them but it’s got to be jabbing them. Is it possible that that’s why so many inflammatory bowel conditions are existing today? It’s not exploding the bacteria, it’s exploding the insects that eat the Bt toxin, the sharp protein. [1:21:40] Ashley James: Yeah. Jeffrey talks about a study in Canada where they found that after eating GMO, the Bt toxin GMO plants, the bacteria in the person who ate it then their gut basically started to reproduce Bt toxin. So it hi-jacked the genes, the genes of the GMO hi-jacked the gut biome. [1:22:05] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. I would see it as now having this little tiny daggers that are continuously in you. You have this thick intestinal wall but a bunch of tiny little daggers just kind of jabbing at it, gradually irritating it more and more and more. It’s definitely a problem. That’s what’s happening and you got Bt toxin in your gut not only do you want to be consuming the Bt toxin but if you’re manufacturing it, we got to reprogram that gut flora quick. [1:22:43] Ashley James: So, for those who are listening who decided to join us and listen to this because they have gut issues to heal. You mentioned IBS, Crohn’s, colitis, GERD. Can you imagine that we’re sitting there with you as your patient or in a lecture, you’re educating us on what we can do. What steps can we take to heal our gut? [1:23:10] Dr. Michael Haley: Let’s throw a wind with that because we just named a bunch of gut conditions. Let’s throw in all of those skin conditions, auto-immune skin conditions from the psoriasis, eczema or whatever it is because it’s all the same. What actionable steps, acne, what actionable steps can we take to start healing the skin and the gut because we’re looking at that as one organ? Obviously, number one stop eating the chemicals, the inflammatory foods. Inflammatory foods are one thing and then chemicals are another. Sometimes they are the same food, you’re getting a double whammy. The preservatives, the things that are killing your gut flora. The genetically modified foods. The unfiltered water filled with chlorine. The animal foods that have antibiotics in them or that are fed inflammatory foods. If you’re eating beef and it’s not grass-finished it’s going to be inflammatory. It’s different. It’s a different kind of meat. All the artificial flavors and sweeteners. You see in the ingredients red and yellow and blue number this and that, it’s not real. Partially hydrogenated foods or things that we know have been radiated and killed off. If it’s not food, let’s stir away from those things and get back to the real foods. Then the other side is when we’re looking at real foods, what are the real foods that are real good for me? Now, we talked earlier about the diet log, the mood log or symptom log the what you eat and how you feel log. This is another one that I got from Dr. Natasha McBride. The skin test, back in the day they didn’t take blood and work from the blood. They would actually maybe scratch your back and then put an antigen on it and then if you got a little bump there we knew you were allergic to it. You can do that at home yourself. Whether or not you choose to scratch yourself, that’s up to you. You’d probably get a better response but you can actually take the foods that you’re eating and put it right on maybe the thin part of your wrist there and make a little paste out of it or whatever and leave it on there for an hour or so. Then wash it off if it leave you a red spot. If it did, you probably have an allergy to it. It’s probably inflammatory for you. Maybe stay away from that food. Then we start consuming more gut-healing foods that make sense. Bone stock makes sense. Aloe Vera makes sense. Both of those make sense if you don’t have allergies to them. Fermented foods probably makes sense. It’s funny when you think fermented foods people say, “Yeah. I’ll just get a bottle of wine.” Rethink that one unless it’s natural wine, homemade wine. Did you buy raw grape juice and it fermented and it became effervescent by itself? Well, then it’s probably truly probiotic. But if it’s a bottle of wine where they fermented it and then they added sulfites as a preservative to stop that fermentation so they can stop the flavor where it is right there and then, it’s probably not really a live beverage. Maybe try something more simple like sauerkraut, homemade sauerkraut if you can find it or you can have a – [1:27:19] Ashley James: Make it yourself. [1:27:21] Dr. Michael Haley: Absolutely. Or if you have a source at a farmers’ market where someone’s making it and it’s not pasteurized, does not have chemical preservatives but it’s actually a live culture. When it comes to dairy, we can get in trouble talking about this because some people think dairy is the devil, but there is different kinds of dairy. You can have cultured whey which is if you ever eat yogurt you don’t finish it all and then you go back the next day and you see that liquid there, that’s the whey where it’s separated. It could be very good, very probiotic and it could be well-fermented where a lot of the things that might cause problems that you have your allergies to are already consumed by the bacteria. Cultured dairy, especially if it’s from the right kind of cows or goat milk, can be very probiotic and very beneficial for some people, not for everybody. But it could work. So, as we start getting back to our roots eating – I like this one question too. When you’re thinking, “What about this? Should I eat this?” Did that exist 100 years ago? [1:28:53] Ashley James: Right or 500 years ago. I think they had Coca Cola I don’t know. They had something like that 100 years ago. It did have like cocaine in it so it was a little different. [1:29:08] Dr. Michael Haley: It was probably better for you. [1:29:14] Ashley James: That’s really funny. [1:29:16] Dr. Michael Haley: That’s also a trick question too though. “Well, yeah. This is a hamburger. That existed 100 years ago.” Let’s dig in a little deeper. What did they feed the cows 100 years ago? Where did the cows live 100 years ago? In the fields eating grass. So you might have to dig a little deeper to understand if it really exists at 100 years ago. How was it processed? Get as close to the real food as possible. Grow your own food for heaven’s sakes. If you really want to understand food, grow your own and start learning. “Oh. Wow. I treat my soil good and make it more nutritious and it becomes this wet, moist, microbiome of its own. I get some really good fruits and vegetables. Isn’t that amazing?” [1:30:17] Ashley James: There’s a free documentary on YouTube I highly recommend watching that teaches you basically you can turn your backyard into a thriving garden. It’s called Back to Eden Gardening. It’s a man who moved here 30 years ago into Sequim, Washington on the banana belt. So we get a lot of sunshine, a lot of rain. He bought this big property. He basically want to make a homestead and live off a land and never go to a grocery store again. Dug a well and there is so low pressure that he just started crying and he said, “Why God? Why?” He spent his whole life savings to buy this beautiful property. He thought this was it. This is where he was going to live. He is a very religious man and a very spiritual man and he prayed. He got a message from God who said, “Go into the forest and see how the forest can be lush and beautiful after 60 days with no rain.” Because that’s often what happens here in the summer, we get 60 or 90 days with no rain. It’s sunny and hot every day. The forest looks beautiful. It’s pristine. So he goes into the forest and he looks up and he sees all the trees with all their leaves are doing well and all the bushes are doing well. What’s going on? They didn’t need any water but certainly I need water to water my crops every day. I’m going to need that much and my well won’t provide it for me so what am I going to do? He starts digging in the mulch which is very dry. Two, three, four inches down, down to like nine inches down of mulch, it’s moist. It’s so moist it’s like it just rained. Then the light bulb went on that he was going to recreate how nature grows in his garden. So there’s no-till. No upturning of the soil, no-till whatsoever which means that he’s not disrupting the microbiome. He uses wood chips, which you can get for free and he teaches you how to do that. So he covered a few acres, if you have a backyard whatever the size of your backyard you could do a 5×5 space, it doesn’t have to be acres. He covers it with inches of wood chips and then manure which he gets from farms nearby. Find some people with horses basically. Then he got some chickens and uses their chicken manure also. Because he’s trying to mimic nature he planted a bunch of apple trees about 10 – 15 feet away from each other. His squash will actually grow because he plants everything really close together. Relatively you can still walk around little plants. There’s’ no weeds. So the squash will climb up the apple trees and it looks like he has a squash plant. Like butternut squashes are hanging down from the apple tree. He does free tours in the summer and you can come and spend two hours with him on a Saturday or Sunday and eat from his garden. He says he hasn’t been to a grocery store in 12 years. All he eats is what he grows and what he produces on his homestead. He doesn’t have a computer or internet so I wrote him a letter old school and he called me back. We had a nice like 90-minute conversation. He’s really nice. People are recreating how he does it and how he teaches it. I did it in our backyard with a 50×25 foot pot. I couldn’t believe it. The food we grew, oh my gosh. You get a high off of gardening when you can just- you’re hungry you walk into your backyard, pick a few things, come into the kitchen and I didn’t have to drive anywhere. The food is so mineral-rich. The enzymes are still alive. I mean, eating live food, there’s nothing like it on the planet. You feel so good after eating something that’s live. I love the advice that you’re giving. That’s really awesome. Now, in terms of healing the gut and the skin conditions, do you have any books you can recommend or resources you recommend? I know you like Jordan Rubin’s The Maker’s Diet and of course Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, her book The GAPS Diet. Are there any resources that you’d recommend beyond that? [1:34:43] Dr. Michael Haley: Those are two of my favorite resources. Those are probably the two that had the largest impact on me personally. I also love YouTube. I love my friend Chris Wark at chrisbeatcancer.com. Wonderful resource when it comes to healing the gut and strengthening against cancer as well. You mentioned Jeff Smith. He’s got a lot of great content that helps you understand how we got in this problem to begin with. There’s guys like Sean Croxton who focuses on gut health. There’s so many resources. I loved a lot of the work that Ty Bollinger has been doing in – well, Truth About Cancer was a big start that really launched him into that health and healing. Again, he’s always a part of the big health how do we live to maximize our lives? That always involves gut health. There’s just so many resources. When it comes to the books my favorite are Jordan Rubin’s who really has probably 30 books or more now. They all talk about gut health because that was his big issue. The GAPS diet is one of those things where it’s not the most exciting read but the further you get into the more it makes sense. It just really help shape my understanding. How about yourself? I bet you have a couple as well. [1:36:48] Ashley James: When it comes to healing the gut, I’m such a believer in eliminating the foods that are harming it. I learned from Dr. Joel Wallach who’s a naturopathic physician. He’s been preaching for almost 20 years now going gluten-free: barley, wheat, rye and oats because oats contain gliadin. He thinks 100% of the population should be without because he says it’s not that it’s an immune issue it’s a mechanical issue. Mechanical you’re not designed to fully break down the proteins so they end up causing damage to the microvilli as they go through. Now some people have an immune component in addition to that and it’s more obvious but he sees that when he gets 100% of people off of barley, wheat, rye and oats that he sees improvement in digestion. He believes in making sure that we are minerally rich. He thinks that all of our food supplies void of minerals because of the last 100 years of farming practices that have led to depleting the soil. It’s very rare that you can find foods that are grown in minerally rich soil. So he’s a big believer in making sure we’re taking supplements to fill in those gaps. I’ve seen a lot of results from following that. I mean, it’s undeniable the GAPS diet although it’s very strict and hard to follow, the results are undeniable, which is amazing, right? Now, what about powders and stuff? This day and age people are – now we’re seeing everything’s powdered and packaged and you can buy bone broth powder versus the actual bone broth. I’m imagining someone’s invented Aloe Vera powder out there. What’s the difference? Is it one-to-one? Could you really get the same healing benefits from powdered bone broth versus making it yourself in the Instant Pot or on the stove? The same with Aloe Vera, once it’s powdered. Aren’t there some components removed, some of this components removed when it’s been powdered? [1:39:18] Dr. Michael Haley: You know, oddly I’m going to give you the answer that you’re probably not expecting. [1:39:22] Ashley James: I’m ready. [1:39:23] Dr. Michael Haley: We’ve seen people get amazing results with powdered foods. To me, it’s not the best solution. Real food is real food. Powders are a convenience and sometimes they help us get well because it’s just more convenient and easier. If that’s what’s going to take to get you well, okay. If harvesting your own Aloe Vera and filleting your own leaves isn’t something you’re up for and ordering raw or frozen Aloe Vera is too expensive or you live in a part of the world that you don’t have access to it, well guess what? Powdered Aloe could definitely be a benefit to you. In the same way powdered greens. If you’re not getting your ten servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Is a scoop of powdered greens bad? No. It’s probably going to really help you get a lot of nutrients that you’re missing because you’re not getting ten servings of fruits and vegetables representing all the colors every day. So these powdered foods can certainly be a lot more convenient and help you get the nutrition that you should be getting from your food. [1:40:42] Ashley James: I like it. So it’s better than not doing it at all. If someone’s like, “I am too busy.” Or maybe they’re too tired or too sick or maybe they’re just starting off and really instead of juicing their own juices or making their own smoothies, if we could just have them throw some of these dehydrated vegetables and fruits into a blender then just have them drink it, that’s better than nothing. That’s better than not doing it at all. You are seeing good results. That’s good. I like it because you prefer whole foods in their unadulterated state but you’re saying that a powder is an option if it’s the difference is not doing it and doing it. [1:41:25] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. Absolutely. Juicing isn’t a whole food. Juicing has its benefits of being able to get a whole bunch of nutrients in your body quicker and faster which could be beneficial. When you juice your fruits and vegetables, you’re getting rid of the fiber that your gut can use for good health unless you’re not tolerating the fiber at the moment because you have an issue there. You’re also missing the beginning of digestion which is mastication which infuses the nutrients that you’re consuming with the digestive enzyme initiation, that whole process. It’s part of digestion and you’re skipping it because you’re running your fruits and vegetables through a juicer and you’re drinking it. Now, I still juice. Is it a bad thing? Well, I eat a lot of really good food too and I chew my food 50 times like Jordan Rubin told me. Not always but we try to chew our food better and do things right. A lot of times, if we juice the fruits and vegetables we’ll actually take the pulp and make crackers out of them. So we’re still getting that benefit in an enjoyable way. But remember, the best thing is probably if you can do it a lifestyle that includes eating real food. Most of the time. Most of the time or all the time if possible. [1:42:57] Ashley James: Let’s get into dosages of your, let’s just assume that everyone’s really excited and they want to try your frozen Aloe gel that’s been unadulterated and it’s the closest thing to them actually just being out in the Aloe field, cracking open an Aloe leaf and sucking out the gel themselves. That’s the closest thing they can get to that freshness. Tell us about the dosages and tell us how to take it because this is like a gel. So what am I, how am I drinking this? [1:43:28] Dr. Michael Haley: Okay. Hold your nose, tilt your head back. No. [1:43:34] Ashley James: Like an oyster? Just let it slide down your throat. [1:43:39] Dr. Michael Haley: I actually can say that with a little humor because the reality is it could be like that for some people that aren’t used to the texture or the taste. Now, our Aloe Vera doesn’t have much taste to it because we’ve done a good job at eliminating the outer leaf. If you have ever made your own Aloe gel and you just got a little dab of that yellow sap on the tip of your tongue, it’s like eating a raw garlic clove and you just taste it on your tongue for the rest of the day. It doesn’t go away. So that’s how Aloe Vera can be. Ours happens to do a really good job at eliminating more than 99% of that so you can barely taste it but it does have that little bit of a taste. Healthy people generally say, “Oh. This tastes good,” or “doesn’t taste like anything at all.” People that don’t have much concept of what healthy foods are say, “Oh. I could never drink that.” But the easiest way is to just drink it. You don’t have to mix it with anything. Just drink it. As far as the serving size, I recommend all of our new customers drink a full 8-ounce glass every day for the first week and then look in the mirror. Pay attention and say, “what’s different?” Not everyone notices a difference. Most people seem to actually do notice a difference. It’s like, “Wow. I really really look different. My skin is really doing better. My heels aren’t as cracked and dry. My skin looks better. People are telling me I’m glowing and ask me what I’m doing.” Okay. Something’s changing on the inside then. For some people, if you’re having real serious problems like bleeding bowel movements, I’m going to probably tell them drink three full glasses a day for a few days. Put the fire out. Front end load. How much can you drink a day? Don’t do that with other brands by the way because if it has the outer leaf in it you’re going to have problems. How much of our brand can you drink? Ours is this thick, mucousy kind of, you know, it’s right from the plant. It is thick. How much of ours can you drink? When I’m in the Dominican Republic supervising the harvest, I have eight checkpoints. I drink eight ounces at each checkpoint. I’m drinking a half gallon a day. There’s a point of diminishing returns. If you drink twice as much, you’re not getting twice the benefit. But you’re not going to overdose on our brand. If you’re drinking one that has the outer leaf in it, yes you can. Be careful. So, hope that makes sense and it depends on the problem why you’re drinking. Lower and stabilizing blood sugar levels. You know, have an ounce two or three times a day and measure your blood sugar for the next couple of weeks and see what happens. [1:46:50] Ashley James: Can I add it to a smoothie or can I water it down? Can I add some lime or lemon juice to it? I mean are there any other ways of taking it? [1:47:00] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. But it doesn’t seem to be the most pleasant thing for a lot of people. As you’re adding things to it you’re just increasing the amount of something you don’t like. No. Something like myself, I kind of like it now. I didn’t always like it. So if I juice my carrots and celery and maybe a little apple and lemon or whatever and pour a few ounces of Aloe in it, to me it just adds some texture and thickness. I like it because it makes it for me more satisfying. [1:47:37] Ashley James: Yeah. I like the flavor. I especially like it with a little bit of lemon or lime. That’s me. I like it cool. Like I like it over ice or something if it isn’t – with yours it’s already frozen then we thaw it. Do we just put it in the fridge and let it thaw there or how long until we can drink it from frozen? [1:48:01] Dr. Michael Haley: Yeah. Just leave it out of the refrigerator for about six or seven hours. Give it a shake, pour your glass and then keep it in the refrigerator the rest of the time. I would say up to a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. If you’re not going to consume it within a couple of weeks, as soon as you melt that whole bottle pour some in the smaller containers and refreeze them. [1:48:21] Ashley James: Got it. Got it. Very cool. There’s no diminishing of the health benefits because it was frozen? [1:48:31] Dr. Michael Haley: The only thing I’ve ever measured was the acemannan content and we did not see a diminish in that. What we do know is it’s viscous and we know it’s not filtered. So it’s probably way more nutritious than those that have been filtered. Why do they filter? Because they have too much outer leaf and they have to take out the irritant. So how do you do that? You use diatomaceous earth and activated carbon. Stir it into this big slurry and then you push it through a filter and this clear, thin liquid comes out. The question I have is, “Okay. Does carbon know what the difference is between the good nutrients and the sucker you’re trying to take out? Of course not. So what you’re getting is a diluted product. You’re getting less nutrients. If ours does diminish, I’m certain it’s better than having them filtered, pasteurized and preserved. The ultimate would be hand-fillet a fresh Aloe leaf. What’s that? What’s a fresh Aloe leaf? It’s not one you buy at the grocery store. By the time you see it in the grocery store, there’s a video on my website actually. On my YouTube channel, rather, that shows that it’s probably already a month old. It gives three reasons why. How I came with that I think is pretty accurate. A fresh Aloe leaf. Grow your own Aloe plant. Take one off, hand fillet it, run it through a grinder and drink it down. That would be the best. I think the next best option to that is raw frozen Aloe that someone else did that for you. The freezing is really the only way we know how to truly preserve it in its natural form. [1:50:26] Ashley James: Very cool. Now, you’ve seen people reverse psoriasis and other skin conditions drinking Aloe. Of course making lifestyle changes, we’ve already discussed that. Let’s say they’ve already made the life choices, I know so many people who have these skin problems and the itching and the bleeding and the cracking. They’ve changed their diet but inflammation’s a tricky thing. It’s this domino effect. There needs to be a break state. There needs to be something that comes in because sometimes it can kind of be in a vicious loop. Even things like stress or no sleep can set it off so people might have already made lifestyle and diet changes and then they bring in your Aloe Vera gel. Now they’re speeding up the healing and decreasing inflammation and they start to see results. They’re drinking it. They’re not applying it on their skin directly or are they doing both? [1:51:20] Dr. Michael Haley: No. Well, some people would definitely use Aloe Vera externally but it’s so much better if it works from the inside out. Yeah. You got a burn and you want some relief, go ahead put some Aloe on it. You got a cut or a scrape and you want some maybe scar prevention, go ahead put some Aloe on it. But you got a chronic condition, okay if you need a little bit of relief with your eczema or your psoriasis, go ahead put some Aloe on it but heal it from the inside out. [1:51:55] Ashley James: That’s where it started and that’s what’s  having it continue. [1:52:01] Dr. Michael Haley: Now, with that, there is a time for medicine. I’ll give you an example that most people could probably relate to. If we look at a common skin condition cracked feet, cracked dry feet. Dr. Natasha had always talked about parasites entering through the feet, through cracks in the feet. Once they get in one now you got something else to deal with. A lot of people will have fungus infections, athlete’s foot in these deep cracks. It’s not like you can moisten the feet enough with Aloe Vera, you get a pedicure and file the hard stuff off and keep on treating it. You’re not necessarily getting rid of the fungus infection. There is a time where you might use a medicated cream or maybe an Aloe with some anti-fungal essential oils. [1:53:07] Ashley James: Like tea tree oil. [1:53:09] Dr. Michael Haley: Yes. You might actually medicinally in a sense treat that fungus infection with something natural or medicated. Whatever you choose to do. It’s not always just, there’s not a magic bullet. “Oh. Let me just drink Aloe. Let me just put Aloe on it.” [1:53:28] Ashley James: Or using as a tool to speed up healing and decrease inflammation. Like the five things you said: helps blood sugar, it’s helping feed the good gut bacteria, I love the fact that it speeds up healing because if we’re doing everything else right then why not just get in a time where Aloe Vera is like a time machine. Let’s just get in the time machine and get some faster results. In order to get those faster results we have to change, we also want to do stuff at the root level: change the diet, change the lifestyle. I’m actually really excited for my listeners to try your Aloe Vera because this is the best brand that’s the best quality. Like you said, we can grow our own Aloe plants. Not in all climates, maybe indoors. Spend the time growing them and then squeezing, bleeding the stuff out and then squeezing the gel out ourselves, which we wouldn’t be drinking the amounts that are going to be part of a healing routine. That just needs really cumbersome. So getting your Aloe seems like absolutely the best way to go and I’m really looking forward to hearing from my listeners how implementing your Aloe has helped them. Now, you’re giving us a special bonus. Listeners can go to learntruehealth.com/aloe and with their order they’re going to get your Aloe cream as well which sounds wonderful. That’s made with your special Aloe gel right? [1:55:01] Dr. Michael Haley: Yes. Absolutely. In fact, 70% of what is in the tube is our Aloe Vera. I didn’t tell you. We’re doing this with a sunscreen that’s coming out soon. It’s going to be a natural formula. I did not know this that pretty much all of your sun protections are mostly water. Ours is going to be zero water. Everywhere water would go we’re putting Aloe. [1:55:33] Ashley James: That is so cool. The fact that it’s an all-natural. Right now we’re getting into the season where people are flying down south for winter break or spring break. So even though it’s winter up here, so people aren’t necessarily thinking about wearing sunscreen on a day-to-day basis. Many people go down to a tropical area, more sunny area over the holidays. We can all buy your sunscreen especially for when springtime comes. I am very picky when it comes to sunscreen because of how much heavy metals and chemicals and cancer-causing chemicals and also environmentally. There’s some sunscreens that harm the environment as well and kill the coral reef which was just a shock to hear about. So you have an all-natural sunscreen coming out that is healthy for the body, healthy for the environment and contains Aloe instead of water so it’s medicinal sunscreen. I’m very excited about that. Now you’re giving our listeners a 10% off coupon. That’s coupon code: LTH. That’s for all of your wonderful products. Your flagship is the Aloe gel that we drink but you have these other products. Tell us a bit about the other products so we know. I know you have some CBD. Tell us about your other Aloe products. [1:57:01] Dr. Michael Haley: Well, the Aloe products pretty much two skin formula right now until we have the sunscreen as well. The one is the Youth-Derm Aloe Cream which is your plain formula which I recommend for most of our customers. It’s actually the better value. You get a lot more for less money. What’s the other one and why is it so much more expensive for half the amount? It’s more of an anti-aging product with things that I’ll call synergistic ultra-healing ingredients. So we call it the Ultra Healing Youth-Derm Aloe Cream. What do I mean synergistic ultra-healing ingredients? Things like tremella mushroom and shea butter and lavender essential oil and manuka honey with bee venom and propolis. It’s the exquisite formula that people are using for anti-aging. For our customers, if you are someone with a gut problem and maybe have more sensitivities, go with the plain formula. Keep it simple. You want less things. Even though it’s filled with natural things like the lavender essential oil is organic. Well, that’s just one more thing that you might be sensitive to. So I always want our gut people to know keep it simple on everything. Those are our two main skin formulas. We have other things. The CBD oil we’re not manufacturing. Again, there’s thousands of brands but only a few really good manufacturers. What we have found in our research is that most of these products don’t work. That bothered me. In fact I was completely down on the industry until I found out the why to that and found out about the differences based on laboratory testing. Even now, if you’ve been watching the news you realize that lots of the CBD products out there not only don’t have the amounts of CBD in them that’s contained on the label but some don’t have any at all. I actually went and visited the factory in Colorado and got the tour, saw this massive bales coming in which just blew me away. Incredible experience. A robot and the – it was just neat. Well, the final products were very different color, much darker than things I have seen in the past which okay, that color is nutrients, aroma is nutrients. It’s part of a plant. I gave some to my wife. Actually, a sample at the factory. Gave it to my wife and by that night she was saying that her sciatica pain was gone that she has struggled with for so long. I said, “No way,” because I’m still skeptical. There’s no way because everything we’ve tried in the past didn’t do anything. There’s no way or maybe we really landed on something here. Well, we had them made one that was twice as potent as the one that she had taken at the factory. The results we’ve been getting have been freaky. So how come we were getting no results with trying all these different brands? I understand. I get it. These other ones were very weak. There was not much CBD in them that’s why they didn’t taste like anything, didn’t smell like anything. Here we’re actually getting results. People sleeping better. I actually injured my shoulder and after two weeks I was screaming. I remember leaving the office one day. I said, my exact words which this is not like me to say something like this. I said, “I’m going home before I shoot myself.” For some reason I thought about it, “wait a second.” I took a dropper-full of the CBD and then I squirt some on my hand from the same bottle and rubbed it on my shoulder. I woke up that night after sleeping for about five hours straight, which was a record in a couple of weeks, I woke up sleeping on the shoulder that hurts so much. I could not have done that. I was struggling to get a comfortable position for two weeks and I woke up and I thought, “Wow. I barely feel it.” Of course that next day when I went to work, I had another dropper-full because I still only had a tiny tiny bit of pain, never had it again. So this is doing something. The difference is in the quality of the manufacturing what’s really in it and what the lab reports are showing is really in it. CBD works. If you’re trying one and it’s not working, you just don’t have the right product or it’s not the solution to your problem. But we are seeing some amazing results. [2:02:23] Ashley James: It really is you get what you pay for. Buying CBD at the drugstore because it’s now just everywhere. It’s good and bad, right? People say, “Well, why isn’t the supplement industry regulated?” You don’t want it regulated because then the pharmaceutical companies would take over. It is the Wild West, it is buyer beware but that’s really to our advantage if we are smart about it. So we have to hunt for the companies that produce quality and sounds like you found one. [2:02:56] Dr. Michael Haley: If you’re getting CBD 1000, 1500 or more mg per bottle, understand the difference per bottle. If you got a bottle that says 200 mg you might get confused because you might buy a bottle of ibuprofen that says 200 mg. Guess what, ibuprofen that’s 200 mg per capsule. CBD it’s 200 mg per bottle. “Oh. How many servings are in there?” Well, 30 droppers full and a serving is a whole dropper full. 200 divided by 30 servings, that’s what you’re getting each serving size. Or your issue, okay one option is take five servings at a time then. So you get the serving size that you would if it was a 1000 mg bottle. [2:03:52] Ashley James: So one problem is the concentration but also the quality because of how the plant I mean it depends on the strain. It depends on how it was grown. Was it indoor? Was it outdoor? Do they use chemicals or natural fertilizer? Was it grown in hydroponics or in soil? All of that plays a role in the medicinal qualities. [2:04:16] Dr. Michael Haley: How did you take out the THC to make it legal and what else did you take out with it when you did that process? [2:04:23] Ashley James: Or whether it was hemp or cannabis? Is it whole plant extract like you said? Yeah. There’s so many variation that goes into the quality of the medicine. The more process the more likely we are going to remove things that are medicinal. It’s just the beginning. It’s the Wild West. We’re just at the beginning. It’s very very exciting. It should never have been illegal in the first place. This medicine. It’s all political. So it’s very cool that now hemp is coming back because we can use it for building supplies, food, textiles. It’s so good for the environment and it’s so good for our bodies. I love hemp hearts. I eat them weekly. I cook with them and eat them over salads and smoothies. [2:05:21] Dr. Michael Haley: They’re delicious. [2:05:22] Ashley James: Yeah. Full of omegas. So good. I have episodes, we have several episodes just on the endocannabinoid system of the body and understanding that there are receptors in the body for CBD that our body actually makes it. When we’re deficient and healthy fats our body can’t make it enough of it. That’s why people such good benefits from taking it externally because it’s a nutrient the body is deficient in and that blew my mind. Yeah. It’s wonderful. I’m really glad that you found a quality source of CBD. So you sell the tinctures, you sell any creams or salves? How does that work? [2:06:01] Dr. Michael Haley: No. we just have the ingestible in the dropper. Why? Well, my experience I realized that we don’t have to make it in a wonderful cream because you can use it topically or ingest it. You know what I mean? It’s the same thing either way. What is it when we make it a topical? Well we use the same stuff and we just mix it with other things which really dilutes it. [2:06:26] Ashley James: No need to. [2:06:27] Dr. Michael Haley: To me it’s pointless. If you want to use it topically just use it topically. [2:06:32] Ashley James: Right and we could take your Aloe Vera cream which is 70% Aloe Vera gel and mix it in with the CBD and rub it somewhere if we wanted to or just ingest it. Very cool. I love it. Is there anything else we should know about the products that you sell or about being a customer? The experience being a customer with you that we should know about. [2:06:53] Dr. Michael Haley: I am available to answer questions. We have a wonderful staff that answers most questions. When it gets in the medical questions they put it through to me. You’re listeners, you have access to get your medical questions answered. What products you should use and how much and things like that. Feel free to call. [2:07:18] Ashley James: Awesome. Awesome. The listeners can go to learntruehealth.com/aloe to get the special gift that you’re giving Learn True Health listeners. Thank you so much for that. Use the coupon code: LTH for 10% off for your first purchase. I greatly appreciate your generosity today both of your time and also the discount and the free gift that you’re giving us. Dr. Haley, is there anything else that you’d like to say to wrap up today’s interview? [2:07:43] Dr. Michael Haley: I want to thank you for all that you are doing because your listeners are getting a wealth of information. I can’t believe who you have interviewed in the past and how much quality content is there on your channel. So thank you for everything that you are doing. [2:08:01] Outro: I hope you enjoyed today’s interview as much as I did. Go to learntruehealth.com/aloe. That’s learntruehealth.com/aloe. He’s giving us a free cream that is very healing as well as his particular juice. Use the coupon code: LTH for an additional discount for the Learn True Health listeners. So go to learntruehealth.com/aloe and use the coupon code LTH. Thank you so much for being a wonderful listener. Be sure to join the Facebook group if you haven’t already. We have over 3500 excellent, wonderful, amazing Learn True Health followers, true health seekers. Together we create a beautiful community that is very supportive and loving. So coming into 2020, launching your health to a whole new level. If you want a wonderfully supportive community, come join us. Learn True Health on Facebook. Join the group and ask questions and join the discussion. I’d love to see you there. Have a fantastic rest of your day.   Get Connected with Dr. Michael Haley! Haley Nutrition Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Recommended Readings by Dr. Michael Haley The Maker’s Diet  by Jordan Rubin The GAPS Diet by Dr. Natasha Campbell – McBride

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17 Why The Weight Loss Industry Is Failing Us with Steve Flansbaum and Ashley James on The Learn True Health Podcast

Steve Flansbaum is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has earned his MS in Professional Counseling and Theory.He offers a workshop called "Thinking Your Way Into a Thinner Body" so if you would like to attend his workshop for free, or work with him one-on-one, please contact him by visiting: http://www.steveflansbaum.com/new-page/In this interview, Steve shares his deep insights around what is not working in the $60 billion dollars a year weight loss industry and what he is doing that is effectively helping his clients get to the root cause of their weight issues.In the weight loss industry, Steve shares, there are $60 billion dollars being spent each year and yet only a 3% to 5% success rate!  Steve has a 20% success rate with his clients but for those who stick with the program he has a 100% success rate. It’s all about sticking with it.I asked Steve what the difference was between those who stick with it and successfully achieve their weight goals and those who drop off and do not. The difference is humility. It’s willingness to see there is a problem, to face it and ask for help and support.Steve agrees that nutrition, diet, and exercise play a big role in achieving a healthy weight however it is our mindset, our beliefs, the lifestyle we have created for ourselves and the environment we have chosen to live in that steer our habits. Our habits are our continuous behaviors that result in our health.  If we want to make permanent health changes we need to start from within so we can affect our environment and our habits to align with our health goals.Steve shares that this isn’t about beating yourself up or killing ourselves at the gym. Having understanding, compassion and love for yourself is one of his first steps.If we would look at how we treat ourselves like how two people treat each other we would realize that we are in an abusive relationship with ourselves!  Here’s What You’ll Discover: What is really driving the problem with our weight. Steve shares stories of success and why they succeeded where others have not. How to begin to shift your mindset towards achieving your weight loss goals. Health AH-HA Moment:Weight is a result of a symptom. The symptom is the habits. The habits associated with diet, nutrition and exercise have to do with how our life is set up, meaning our internal and external environment.Our internal environment is made up of our beliefs about ourselves and our life, our mindset and emotions. My habits are a direct response to my environment. To change habits, change the environment so I am not automatically responding in that way.Your Challenge:Check out Steve’s website and give him a call. He can do Skype consultations and help you shift your internal and external environment to be in alignment with your health goals.Resource:http://www.steveflansbaum.com/      


8 Apr 2016

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326 The Hormone Fix: Naturally Burn Fat, Boost Energy, Sleep Better, and Stop Hot Flashes, the Keto-Green Way and How to Breeze Through Menopause, Bioidentical Hormones, Foods To Balance Women's Hormones, PMS, Fertility, and Cravings, Dr. Anna Cabeca

FREE - The Hormone Fix BOOK: http://learntruehealth.com/fix The Hormone Fix BOOK FREE - The Breeze Through Menopause Masterclass: http://learntruehealth.com/breeze The Breeze Through Menopause Masterclass   The Hormone Fix http://learntruehealth.com/hormone-fix The Hormone Fix book is an excellent resource for those who want to learn to balance their hormones. Men need it as well, but for this episode, we’ll dive into the contents of The Hormone Fix by focusing on women. No less than the author of The Hormone Fix, Dr. Anna Cabeca, is going to cover all that in this episode. Tumultuous Journey At the young age of 16, Dr. Anna Cabeca saw her then 52-year old mother has diabetes. She had cardiac bypass surgery after being diabetic for 15 years. Her mom passed away when Dr. Anna Cabeca was 29. That time in her life motivated her to research, and eventually, Dr. Anna Cabeca became a women’s health advocate. Dr. Anna Cabeca soon fell in love with functional medicine. From college, she researched a lot and went to osteopathic medical school. At 38, Dr. Anna Cabeca struggled with her health. She was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure and early menopause. Another Child During her health crisis, Dr. Anna Cabeca was told she would never have another child, and that was devastating. She was on the road to diabetes. But when Dr. Anna Cabeca went on a healing journey around the world, she found natural solutions. Eventually, Dr. Anna Cabeca recovered became pregnant and delivered her youngest child at 41 years old. From her experience, Dr. Anna Cabeca realized that for one to gain health back, it’s 90% lifestyle and nutrition.  Maca When Dr. Anna Cabeca became well enough, she wanted to empower women naturally via a hormone fix through natural supplements and hormones to heal their body. Dr. Anna Cabeca recalled the time when she was diagnosed with her health issues and told that it’s unlikely to be irreversible as well as infertile. That time, someone advised her to take Maca. Maca grows above 11,000 feet in Peru. It contains a type of protein that is not found in any other plant. And Maca is an alkalinizing cruciferous vegetable and also good for breast health. “Maca is rich in arginine. Arginine increases nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is exactly how Viagra works. It increases blood flow. It’s a fascinating root,” said Dr. Anna Cabeca.  But because Dr. Anna Cabeca hated the taste of Maca, she made some taste combinations like adding fruit or greens. Maca is an adrenal adaptogen. And so Dr. Anna Cabeca added some adaptogenic components like turmeric to her formula.  Hence, her product Mightly Maca was born. Role Of Cortisol Dr. Anna Cabeca went from breastfeeding to completely never having a drop of breast milk after her health trauma. If she intellectualized the physiology of her experience, she says she can recognize complete neuroendocrine access system breakdown. And it’s what people experience with PTSD. “And to a certain level, adverse childhood experiences. These tend to rear their ugly little head in the perimenopause period when our neuroprotective hormones such as progesterone are dropping,” Dr. Anna Cabeca said. When we are under stress, we get an outpouring of cortisol. So, our adrenal glands predominantly produce our cortisol. When cortisol goes up, our hormone oxytocin goes down eventually. And when cortisol is going up, progesterone levels are going down. Furthermore, progesterone starts to decline in our mid-30s. It is also the precursor to the production of cortisol. “When cortisol is being poured out, that’s your fight or flight responder. It’s the natural rescue hormone. So, we need it in times of crisis. It keeps us on higher alert, but it burns out our system over the long haul,” explains Dr. Anna Cabeca. She adds, “Everything you do that brings you joy increases oxytocin. It puts cortisol back in balance. Like sex, intimacy, orgasm, laughing, dancing, and hugs. Oxytocin is also the anti-aging hormone.” Causes of Low Progesterone Dr. Anna Cabeca says that if you have low progesterone, we experience estrogen dominance. Symptoms include PMS, hot flashes, irregular period, and irritability. We can get this experience of estrogen dominance because we have so many estrogen disruptors. “We need to do two things when we have low progesterone. First, clear out the excess estrogen. Then empower our body to have a healthy balance of progesterone naturally,” Dr. Anna Cabeca said. “We experience low progesterone naturally just with aging. When our ovarian function declines in our 30s, it also happens because of stress and toxins.” She adds, “Difficulty sleeping, irritability, waking up in the middle of the night, and PMS are also associated with low progesterone.” Effects of Sugar Regarding detoxification, Dr. Anna Cabeca believes it’s about improving nutrition in our diet. We can do this by removing toxins from our body, from alcohol, sugars, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and even chemicals in our skin care products. “Sugar increases blood glucose, and that’s going to increase our insulin which can further disrupt progesterone and other hormones,” said Dr. Anna Cabeca. “I’m a fan of getting our body into ketosis so having intermittent fasting, having very low carbohydrates. But healthy low carbs, leafy greens, cruciferous veggie are my carbs of choice.” Dr. Anna Cabeca also advises eliminating many fruits we eat. Because fruit is sugar, too. We need a steady state blood sugar control. And the more glucose, the more insulin in the body, that’s where some people start to suffer from hypoglycemia and low blood sugar reaction.  Hormone Fix Women generally in need of a hormone fix are confused about what’s happening to our body and are just in a state of confusion pre-menopause. Moods are all over the place. Hence, Dr. Anna Cabeca says this clarity is getting into the keto green state, heightens awareness. That is the state you don’t want to leave. On the other hand, when women have fatty liver disease, one of the best types of hormone fix that we can do is intermittent fasting. Dr. Anna Cabeca advises giving your body time to rest and restore. But approach getting alkaline. Start checking urinary PH to get alkaline. And support phase one and phase two liver detox. Doing a Detox When we have elevated liver enzymes, Dr. Anna Cabeca says we have to support this detox process. Many people are aware of methylation. And we need to support methylation. “Because that’s one way our body takes toxic compounds and makes them less toxic. So that they can be removed safely from our body,” Dr. Anna Cabeca said. “Dark leafy veggies, cruciferous veggies, eggs, healthy proteins, and fats can help that process. Supplementation also helps.” Going Deeper One product Dr. Anna Cabeca recommends for women with gallbladder disease, or those who had their gallbladder removed is LV-GB complex. A company called Designs for Health produces it. Another key to gaining optimal health is making sure you get an excellent laboratory to administer your tests. Lab tests dig deeper. Look for essential lab markers like your vitamin D level. DHEA The DHEA hormone in men and women spike in our 20s. Then it goes downhill from there. But the healthier optimal number for women is over 100 and 200. For men, it should ideally be over 300. It depends on your lab results. Urinary PH and ketone testing are also important because we see how our lifestyle affects us. The hot flashes eventually go away, but many women suffer for five to ten years. “Insulin resistance is one of the reasons why women suffer. My program helps eliminate it. But vaginal dryness continues as well as loss of lubrication, discomfort, and urinary leaking,” said Dr. Anna Cabeca. She adds, “So that’s where I add in DHEA and natural moisturizer in a topical form. I created Julva, anti-aging topical cream for the vulva. Plant stem cells also add to the anti-aging benefits.” Progesterone and Estrogen According to Dr. Anna Cabeca, progesterone as we age, when we’re ovulating, should ideally be around above 10 or 20. It declines in the mid-30s. For 70 to 80-year-olds, she recommends using bioidentical topical progesterone cream as a hormone fix.  Ultimately, there are a lot of factors why our hormones are not balanced. That’s why we need hormone replacements. “Testosterone levels should also be in check. If a woman is post-menopausal, I avoid oral hormones especially oral estrogens. For those over 56 years old, I get them on oral estrogens to a transdermal estrogen, which is a topical estrogen formulation,” Dr. Anna Cabeca said. She adds, “Estrogen is important for brain health. It is important for hormone receptor status and balance with progesterone. Transdermal estrogen is safer than oral estrogen especially over the age of 56.” Typical Meal Dr. Anna Cabeca shares that a great example of a keto green breakfast is smoked salmon with capers, tomatoes, onions with steamed spinach. And drizzle it olive oil. It’s less than five grams of carbs and keeps blood sugar healthy for five hours or so. For lunch, Dr. Anna Cabeca likes a salad based on arugula, cilantro, and mint. Then add curry chicken salad on top of it. It’s chunk chicken with mayo, extra olive oil with turmeric or curry seasoning, and cut onions with sprouts. Then drizzle with olive oil and olive oil vinaigrette. An ideal dinner would be bone broth. Dr. Anna Cabeca usually has a tabouli salad with lots of parsley. You could also use cauliflower rice, but Dr. Anna Cabeca likes using broccoli sprouts for that extra crunch. Then add some cut tomatoes and onions with lemon juice, olive oil, and some dressing. Dealing With Cravings Dr. Anna Cabeca says when it comes to cravings, physiology drives behavior. It’s about willpower and physiological factors. We have to empower our physiology to improve our willpower. To enable yourself to say yes when you need to and no when you don’t. “Start the morning doing the right steps. Do it by working with digestive juices in the morning. Start with healthy fats. And fast between 12 to 15 hours,” advises Dr. Anna Cabeca. As for chocolate cravings, opt for dark chocolate. But periodically detox from sweeteners. Instead of stevia, Dr. Anna Cabeca suggests trying vanilla extract. Then blend with cinnamon. Weight Struggles Dr. Anna Cabeca is no different from most of us. She also struggled with weight her entire life. And she struggled with cravings. She realizes that part of that was due to food sensitivity. She knew keto was good for weight loss. There are even studies that show improved ketone secretion in the combination of adding alkaline components in the animal study model. Dr. Anna Cabeca also believes that there’s also a spiritual clarity that comes with fasting. That’s what we can also experience doing this keto green lifestyle. “No matter what you are doing, there’s hope. The more we take care of ourselves, better care we can take of everyone else. Put yourself on your priority list,” said Dr. Anna Cabeca.  Bio Dr. Anna Cabeca, an Emory University trained gynecologist and women’s health expert was diagnosed with early menopause at age 38 y.o. Devastated she went around the world looking for answers and healing and found it. She is now a triple board-certified, menopause and hormone expert. She is internationally acclaimed for her work in gynecology and obstetrics, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine.  Dr. Anna Cabeca has changed the lives of thousands of women across the globe, connecting to others through humor, honesty, and passion. Her book “The Hormone Fix” and other empowering transformation programs have helped women of all ages become their best selves again. Her successful line of all-natural products features the alkaline superfoods drink Mighty Maca® PLUS and the rejuvenating vulvar cream Julva®.  Recently, Dr. Anna Cabeca was named “2018 Innovator of the Year” by Mindshare Collaborative, the premier community for health and wellness influencers and entrepreneurs. In 2017, the Age Management Medicine Group presented her the prestigious Alan P. Mintz Award for Clinical Excellence. Get Connected With Dr. Anna Cabeca! Facebook YouTube Instagram Twitter Pinterest Books by Dr. Anna Cabeca What’s Happening To My Hormones (Free E-book) Coming soon on Feb: The Hormone Fix (For pre-orders) Recommended Links Breeze Through Menopause Masterclass (Free class by Dr. Anna Cabeca)

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127 Powerful Tools To Eliminate Negative Emotions, Decrease Stress and Increase Motivation and Joy with Ashley James and Justin Stenstrom on the Learn True Health Podcast

How To Get Rid Of Anxiety http://learntruehealth.com/how-to-get-rid-of-anxiety/ Learning How To Get Rid Of Anxiety Eleven years ago, I learned a technique which is a nuclear bomb how to get rid of anxiety. It completely blows up if you do it.  Everyone has anxiety at one point in their life. But this technique will help get rid of anxiety and re-wire your brain for success. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) I did it with one of my first clients. As a result, she went off medication when she used this technique. NLP created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1960s. It is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. Furthermore, NLP helps you shift into the life you want. Consequently, we are only conscious of a little part of our bodies. In addition to that, filters in our bodies are limiting decisions and aspects of our life. Time Line Therapy (TLT) Time Line Therapy (TLT) on the other hand, is developed by Tad James, Ph.D. in the 1980s. Evolving from hypnosis and NLP, it is a powerful therapeutic process. How we store our memories in a linear manner is part of the therapeutic process. TLT eliminates painful emotions attached to memories or past events.  It is one of the most powerful processes and techniques for personal change and growth. Furthermore, it also focuses on what we can learn from those events.  This is by using what we learn as a resource for the future.  Time Line Therapy techniques produce quicker and long-lasting transformation with a minimum of discomfort to the client. TLT also enables you to clear limiting beliefs that can leave you stuck in the past.  It stops you from creating what you want in your life. Negative emotions and what we believe in influence every area of our lives. Tad James hired me as sales manager after I took his course. Hence, I moved from Canada to the U.S. He's smart and her he studied NLP, too. Working With Clients I love working with entrepreneurs and business owners. Because they are highly motivated to get to the root cause, get rid of anxiety and go become successful. Those are my favorite kind of clients. One memorable client was this sales manager of an electronics store in Quebec. I sat down with him and his team to coach them. I asked each one of them individually on what they feel is holding them back from being better at sales. The sales manager said he can't connect with his customers. It turned out at age 3, he witnessed his grandmother burn to death and felt that being sad was his way of honoring her. I was able to help him reverse that emotion and is now a changed man. Sitting with someone for a day had such a profound impact. Eventually, he also transferred to a workplace closer to home.  This enabled him to spend more time with family. Understanding Emotions There is a way to get to the roots cause of negative emotions and resolve it. Furthermore, emotions are negative when we hold on to unresolved emotions from the past. Consequently, it affects our biochemistry and clouds our judgment. Rapport is incredibly important. First of all, we have to be able to connect with people. We have to feel that emotional connection. Ask The Right Questions NLP is all about asking the right questions.  But you have to make sure the person you are helping is committed to the program. I also do phone coaching. Things like tone of voice and body movements are important considerations to make the program work. To help identify the root cause of anxiety, ask yourself these questions: What triggered that? Why did they do that? What am I getting out of it? What is it costing me? These will help you understand the problem more. Simple Techniques Anxiety is a unique emotion. Our body cannot tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. Furthermore, we have a big physiological response to imagined fears. Hence, when we are prone to anxiety, our body will be wired to it. Some simple techniques on how to get rid of anxiety: Close your eyes. Float out of your body and try to see the situation in its entirety. Prepare and go on. Types Of Trance There are different levels of trance: Self-hypnosis - light state of trance Deep trance- somebody has to do it with you because the conscious mind is out Personally, I prefer the self-hypnosis because I believe that one needs to have a conscious mind to take responsibility for the change.  Therefore, getting rid of anxiety is really a doable process.  You have look for areas in your life that you need to forgive yourself for.  Once you get to the root cause of what is causing your anxiety, it is easier to take steps to maintain a positive outlook.  Finally, acknowledge how great you are and everything else follows from there. Justin Stenstrom is a nationally-acclaimed life coach, author, entrepreneur, and speaker. He is the founder of EliteManMagazine.com and the host of the Elite Man Podcast on iTunes. Once anxious, insecure, depressed, and unhappy, Justin's overcome many of life's greatest obstacles and loves nothing more than helping others do the same! Get Connected with Justin Stenstrom! Elite Man Magazine Facebook Twitter Linkedin The Justin Stenstrom Show on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-justin-stenstrom-show/id1183170702?mt=2 Recommended Reading by Justin Stenstrom The 4-Hour Workweek Interview first aired on the EliteManMagazine.com Podcast with Justin Stenstrom The Links You Are Looking For: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Become A Health Coach Learn More About The Institute for Integrative Nutrition's Health Coaching Certification Program by checking out these four resources: 1) Integrative Nutrition's Curriculum Guide: http://geti.in/2cmUMxb 2) The IIN Curriculum Syllabus: http://geti.in/2miXTej 3) Module One of the IIN curriculum: http://geti.in/2cmWPl8 4) Get three free chapters of Joshua Rosenthal's book: http://geti.in/2cksU87 Watch my little video on how to become a Certified Health Coach! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDnofnSldI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If this episode made a difference in your life, please leave me a tip in the virtual tip jar by giving my podcast a great rating and review in iTunes! http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes Thank you! Ashley James http://bit.ly/learntruehealth-itunes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoyed this podcast episode? Visit my website Learn True Health with Ashley James so you can gain access to all of my episodes and more! LearnTrueHealth.com http://learntruehealth.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need Help Ordering The Right Supplements For You? Visit TakeYourSupplements.com, and a FREE health coach will help you! http://takeyoursupplements.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Learn How To Achieve Optimal Health for From Naturopathic Doctors! Get Learn True Health's Seven-Day Course For FREE! Visit go.learntruehealth.com http://go.learntruehealth.com/gw-oi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I made a low-carb, gluten-free cookbook just for you! Download your FREE copy today! Visit learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook http://learntruehealth.com/free-health-cookbook ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join Learn True Health's Facebook community group! Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/LearnTrueHealth or search Learn True Health on Facebook! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the Learn True Health podcast on social media! Share with your friends and spread the word! Let's all get healthier & happier together! Learn True Health - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2LearnTrueHealth Learn True Health - Twitter: https://twitter.com/learntruehealth Learn True Health - Medium: https://medium.com/@unstoppable_ashley Learn True Health - Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/healthpodcast Learn True Health - YouTube: http://bit.ly/LTH-YouTube-Subscribe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2LearnTrueHealth Twitter: https://twitter.com/learntruehealth Medium: https://medium.com/@unstoppable_ashley Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/healthpodcast YouTube: http://bit.ly/LTH-YouTube-Subscribe Music: http://bensound.com


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