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New Republic editor Jamil Smith explores how race, gender, and all the ways we identify ourselves and one another intersect. He brings in journalists, activists, politicians, and everyday folks like you to fuel the conversation.

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Hillary Clinton Gets Intersectional

Take an intersectional look at Hillary Clinton's candidacy and the broader Democratic primary race with guests Michael Eric Dyson, Rebecca Traister, Dorian Warren, and Bryce Covert.


16 Feb 2016

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Fighting for Black Lives, in Flint and Beyond

This Black History Month, we're thinking about racist violence and the people who fight against it. Host Jamil Smith explores three stories, and talks with Rebecca Leber, Chloe Angyal, Lisa Lindquist-Dorr, and Blair LM Kelley.


2 Feb 2016

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Introducing the New Republic’s Next Podcast

This week, Jamil Smith introduces a brand new podcast from the New Republic. Intersection will be back next week with a full episode.


26 Jan 2016

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Body Image from All Angles

Every person has a different set of body image concerns and standards that they bring to the table. We talk to Lindy West, Isaac Fitzgerald, Andia Winslow, and Erika Nicole Kendall about how they feel about their bodies, and how their ideas intersect (or don't) with society's standards of beauty and health.


12 Jan 2016

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Why Is Santa's Helper Wearing Blackface?

Karen Attiah from the Washington Post explains why, in the Netherlands, Santa has a companion in blackface named "Black Pete." Then, we look back at some of our favorite Intersection moments from 2015.


29 Dec 2015

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