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Hosted by Kylie Carlson, founder of the Wedding Academy, the Wedding CEO Podcast helps you master the marketing of your wedding business one episode at a time. From mini training sessions to interviews with the experts you'll finish each episode with a plan and strategy so you can implement everything you hear...together we'll take your wedding business to new heights.

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Ways to add Passive Income to Your Wedding Business

The phrase Passive Income deserves to be named phrase of the year for 2020. I’ve lost count of the number of times I heard wedding pros talking about it last year. And with good reason.It took a pandemic for many of us to realise the importance of diversifying and finding additional sources of income. We’ve all heard that saying about putting all your eggs in one basket – well my Mum drilled that into me from a very young age.So in today’s episode we’re talking all things passive income. We’ll look at some ways to help you come up with some viable options for adding new revenue streams to your wedding business. In this episode we'll be covering:Why you need to add passive income to your wedding businessThe digital marketing trends that showcase the rise of DIY WeddingsThe pros and cons of online courses and membershipsThe popularity of live wedding planning workshops for couplesHow to become an affiliate of other people's productsWhy a partner program might be perfect for youSelling templates to couples on your website


26 Feb 2021

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